Must Watch: First Sneak Peek at Robert Rodriguez' Predators

March 12, 2010
Source: Official Website

Predators Footage

Earlier tonight at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, TX, Robert Rodriguez and his cohorts debuted a first look at Predators, his new reboot/remake of the action classic. In addition to that event, Fox has unveiled a first look sneak peek at Predators on the official website, with plenty of great footage and a narration from Rodriguez. After waiting months and months, we finally get our first official look at the movie and I've got to say, this looks awesome, totally respectful to the original. There's even a first-look at a "Predator Hound" in the gallery on the site as well, whatever the hell that is. I think I've said enough, just fire this up and enjoy!

Watch the first sneak peek at Robert Rodriguez' Predators:

[flv: 598 336]

Predators is being directed by Nimród Antal, of Kontroll, Vacancy, and Armored previously. The screenplay was co-written by newcomers Michael Finch and Alex Litvak and is based on early draft written years ago by producer Robert Rodriguez, who also worked with them on the script. We're not exactly sure what the story in this is about, but that sneak peek should have given you a good idea of where it's headed. The website also says that the actual trailer will be arriving on March 18th next week, so check back then to watch that next. 20th Century Fox is bringing Predators to theaters everywhere on July 7th this summer. You in or not?

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Wow. Not what I expected. Looks very promising.

champcheyne on Mar 12, 2010


Too early to tell... Being a huge fan of the original since I was a young lad, I sincerely hope it's awesome!

Jonathan on Mar 12, 2010


This looks really badass. Love how each character could have his own movie. Decision to put Brody in the lead role was genius. And the predators look more awesome than ever! Definitely call me excited!

gamus on Mar 12, 2010


Looks awesome

Dan @ MovieViral on Mar 12, 2010


Looks awesome, I really hope its rated R though.

Cody w on Mar 12, 2010


Nice! wayyy better than expected.

movie mike on Mar 12, 2010


I'm with #5, that's what will really set it apart. Predator does not have to change, but if you take away the R and dumb it down, then you lose what the Predator really is. Holding out hope it is R cause I'm sure they'll be a shit more awesome ass things. Ya, I said awesome ass.

Matthew on Mar 12, 2010


I'm with the R-rated camp. If they make it PG-13, this franchise is over.

DC on Mar 12, 2010


What's up with the website? I have to refresh the page several times in order to get the page complete.... Anyway, the movie looks amazing! Count me in!

Haz on Mar 12, 2010


It's got to be Rated R! Where's Danny Trejo?

People's Champ on Mar 12, 2010


This looks much better than I expected. I guess I really shouldn't have doubted Mr. Rodriguez.

Craig on Mar 12, 2010


I love the trend of really great actors being action films. Thank God for Matt Damon being Jason Bourne for starting it all.

John on Mar 12, 2010


It will be rated R, and for the record, im diggin the predator dog looking thing, they show concept art at 1.17, and a movie segment of it at 1.30, I must say its looking good!

bo on Mar 12, 2010


Wow, this is looking promising.

Shane on Mar 12, 2010


Look at that They actually tried and it looks like it may succeed!

Xerxex on Mar 12, 2010


I Love that Brody is the lead! He may be a tall skinny pole of a man, but put an assault rifle in his hands and he's a badass!

Xerxex on Mar 12, 2010


Anyone else catch the "Anytime ..." Throwbacks to the first movie incoming.

Kit on Mar 12, 2010


Thats actually an auto shotgun xerx, which makes its even better. I kinda thought the idea of hound sounded dumb when Alex said it but the concept art changed my mind.

Cody w on Mar 12, 2010


wanted to hate this really bad when I first read about it but it actually looks AWESOME!!! What a cast and sooo cool that he's taking it back to the roots while still giving it a new twist. Thumbs up.

Mau-Dee on Mar 12, 2010


Meh, I doubt it will be that great. I have a talent for seeing through the fanciness the trailers provide, and seeing what's really going on with the footage provided. I suspect that this will be just a B movie at best. While this movie will probably be entertaining, this won't be the movie to get the Predator franchise back on the right track. At least they're not trying to pull that 3D BS on this one, or at least up to this point.

Gex on Mar 12, 2010


Holy crap is that an AA-12 in Brody's hand?

Jimd on Mar 12, 2010


^^ O yes what a glorious weapon right?

Cody w on Mar 12, 2010


I didn't notice the AA-12, thanks Cody w!

Xerxex on Mar 12, 2010


it's Rodriguez, it will be R rated. This one aint for kids.

Bryanmakeup on Mar 12, 2010


I for some reason can't stand Adrien least Morpheus is in it

Colt on Mar 12, 2010


Man you have got to sort your website out. I have to refresh the screen over and over again before I can look at anything. However this looks awesome.

sonnychiba1 on Mar 12, 2010


^^ Agreed, it's a constant refresh button to view this site now a days.. 🙁

Brandon on Mar 12, 2010


#26 - Yes, we know about the problem, but we have no clue what's causing it or how to fix it. I've been talking to numerous programmers and we don't know WHY it's doing that. It only happens to some people. Try updating your browser and Flash plugins and using something like Firefox instead.

Alex Billington on Mar 13, 2010


@ Gex I think you have a talent for finding fault where none exists. That's a sneak peek FFS, not even a trailer or TV spot and you're moaning about how it looks! Some people...

Big John on Mar 13, 2010


^^ He thought Leap year looked great.

Frightened Inmate #2 on Mar 13, 2010


#20 The original Predator is B movie. A great one, yes but a B movie nonetheless. You want an art house Predator? Don't hire RR. Get Bong Joon-Ho or Park Chan Wook. Or Ang Lee. You know, an Asian dude.

Sweetcalves on Mar 13, 2010


So far, so good. @31 The original Predator was not a B-movie. Just because they are Asian does not mean they are good directors. Those choices, however, are good, directors I would have chosen over RR.

Film-Book dot Com on Mar 13, 2010


this movie is a fail, because no one is getting into the CHOOPPPAAAA!

L1A on Mar 13, 2010


Des anyone else get a Lost world Jurassic Park vibe from this? I have a lot of faith in Robert Rodriguez but I am not too struck on the director, I hated Vacancy and Armored was OK at best. I hope this delivers especially considering AVP Requiem still owes me 90 minutes of my life and £7

Link1983 on Mar 13, 2010


#20 "I have a talent for seeing through the fanciness the trailers" Wow could you sound more smug!? This looks pretty good, but nobody will no for sure till they actually see the movie. I really hope it proves to be as good as the sneak peak looks however.

aaron mitchell on Mar 13, 2010


I'm not so fond of this one, but maybe some more/other footage can change my mind.

Robbie on Mar 13, 2010


I totally agree with movie mike...totally better than expected. I will definitely check it out.

Fisherr on Mar 13, 2010


Looks okay. It better not be in 3D.

Hey Wowza on Mar 13, 2010


In next week we should get full Trailer about RR and nimrod antal... well, desperado and planet terror are one of the most incredible movies I've ever seen (same as ''Kontroll'' directed by Nimród Antal) and I love both predator's movies. This should be decent at least and at least better then avp movies, so its all good right?

GOD on Mar 13, 2010


Dude. This looks like it could very well amaze. Can't wait to see it in full. One of the original "JASON"s is playing one of the Predators. Er, vag-mouths.

Django on Mar 13, 2010


Looks great...Rodriguez is a fan and that is good for em cause he loves this saga. but the predators hound idea...dunno...looks like hellboy´s first movie creature... well we have to see it .. Brody looks Baddass and Morfeo...(Fishburne) too.

Sakyo on Mar 13, 2010


#13 That's based off a alien already in the comics. Not that I care they don't use an original creature, just hope they use it right.

tra la la la la di da on Mar 13, 2010


This looks like one to see, I didnt hear a mention of 3d? Could it be possible? A big movie not in 3d?

Nyarl on Mar 13, 2010


I love it how Nimród Antal directed this movie and yet hes not shown in any fottage or interviewed at all. Maybe he was massing it up and RR just took the rains lol, watch that be the case. Poor Nimrod.

movie mike on Mar 13, 2010


#20 A "B" movie you say. Oh shit well there goes my oscar predictions. HEY EVERYONE, DONT COUNT ON THIS MOVIE WINNING ANY AWARDS. It's just going to be a B movie. Oh how I wish I could tell A movies from B movies. Now tell me, what are your thoughts on Clash of The Titans?

El Guapo on Mar 13, 2010


Predator Hound mofos. I hope its not hell crappy lookin CGI. Sounds angry

Excuse Me Guv, Me Got Scurvy on Mar 13, 2010


This looks lame.....Predators evolution - blah. Perfect example of Hollywood rehashing classic shit. Predator hound is fun idea, but looks awful.

Conrad on Mar 13, 2010


Sick! I like the direction he's taking it!!

Nick Sears on Mar 13, 2010


Sorry man...but I'm still not convinced this can be as good or superior to Predator 1. I know Rodriguez said he wants to do something totally different than Predator 1, but that's always going to be the high bar that's set as the standard. Yeah, everything looks new, updated, and cool...but I saw nothing here that convinced me that this is even better than the poorly written films AvP 1 & 2. Please don't get me wrong, I love the Predator concept and I so dearly want this to be exciting and enjoyable, but it comes down to how great the characters are. Predator 1 had such a bad ass character set that the viewer really cared for them and wanted them all to make it out alive, possibly the most badass elite military squad on screen. The flaw of Predators is that the entire cast are mercenaries and assassins, individuals who don't know how to work as a team, and some of which are not likable from the instant that we're introduced to them. I'm pretty sure that there will be a couple of characters that will be non-cooperative and be against Brody, which will result in the viewer not really caring for them and expecting those characters to die first. Typical. Yeah, Predator 1 had a bit of that, but after the shooting began everyone worked together. I don't want to see a power struggle, and then people going their own way and then being picked off, which will probably happen. In Predator 1, everyone stayed together for the most part. I'll definitely pay money for this, but I'm expecting nothing better than AvP, which are pretty low standards.



looks good, dunno about this predator hound?

harrison on Mar 13, 2010


Fucking A Bubba!

Hattori Hanzo on Mar 13, 2010


I secretly hope danny Trejo is a predator.

Dan on Mar 13, 2010


adrien brody looks awesome in this, great acting

yo on Mar 13, 2010


What made the first Predator so good was the suspense of being as clueless as the spec-ops team being hunted in the jungle. They had no idea what they were up against, and neither did the audience. As the film went on we got more and more clues about how deadly/cunning the predator really was, as he methodically picked off the team. It wasn't until the last 30 minutes or so that we actually saw what the predator even looked like. Every movie since just feels like an action film staring the predators, but there's not much left to our imagination. There's no suspense, the audience just has to guess who's gonna die next. I was always a huge fan of the original Aliens vs. Predator comic, mostly because it started to look at the Predators as a culture. There was a nod to this at the end of Predator 2 and poorly implemented in AVP. To me this trailer just looks like more alien/action porn with better actors. Call me skeptical but I don't think the suspense of the first film can be reproduced and that's what's missing most from every film since.

Oldschool on Mar 13, 2010


@52 lol me too looks pretty cool. But I don't care if it's PG. I'm going to see this.

Daniel Felts on Mar 13, 2010


Looks like this will be the closest we've ever gotten to having a new Predator movie that lives up to the original. Won't be able to tell until I see the movie in its entirety, but it looks promising so far!

Dan Geer on Mar 13, 2010


What the hell was that picture of a Predator when he was talking about having the original predator in the film and a new one? Was that the new one he's talking about or was the person who made this sneak peek horrible misinformed at what the original Predator looked like???

Dan W on Mar 13, 2010


Predator only works with ONE Predator. Having a whole host of them going up against mere humans loses the hook and the appeal. HH

Have Hope on Mar 13, 2010


@Old Scool: It would seem that they're returning to examining the Predator Culture , as Rodgriquez describes rival tribes of predators in the battle arena this time (as opposed to - all predators are friends & when pitted against aliens - friends of humans, too. A la AvP). Part of the suspense of the predator was slowly revealing it's true face throughout the first movie. Just like ALIEN, in that respect. I'm not expecting oscar winning performances from this, but what I do see is that they're categorically ignoring AvP & tapping into the roots - the Predators as actual characters & the humans' reflection on their own characters, when faced w/ Predators. Really, if I'm thinking this much based on 2 minutes of non-footage: I JUST NEED SOME COFFEE.

Jarvis 3000 on Mar 13, 2010


ill have a few drinks and enjoy it 🙂

DaftPUNKFAN on Mar 13, 2010


This is gonna be so F***ING GOOD!

sumonesumtime on Mar 13, 2010



stemm on Mar 14, 2010


ooooohhhh goosebumps, awesome cast and it looks real authentic, interested to see how this will turn out

Jasveet on Mar 14, 2010


Another B-movie... This series was tired after the second one 20 YEARS AGO. And they are still trying to churn out sequels to a classic original that will never be topped. Sad.

dug in like an alabama tick on Mar 14, 2010


Fuck predators. ALIENS RULE!!!!!

Exile on Mar 14, 2010


This could be promising yes! Whomsoever said B movie - the original? Well let's start with Carl Weathers - he had already made a mark with Rocky 2, Bill Duke - Director of several movies up to 1987, acted in several top films. Arnold - had done his Terminator and Commando gigs by that I really cant say that this film is a B movie! "I aint got time to bleed!" - Jesse Ventura, Predator 1987

Dan the Man on Mar 14, 2010


..Also the Predator Hound looks like the hound in 'Avahdar' (a la Arnold)........what you think Xerxex?

Dan the Man on Mar 14, 2010


@67 - Well, a "B-movie" is generally a low-budget flick, and $18 million budget bucks for the original sci-fi action classic makes it a major studio release of the day. And Schwarzenegger was the biggest movie star at the time, so Predator (1987) is leagues ahead of these lame sequels.

you got time to duck? on Mar 14, 2010


i just pooped.

sickdoghats on Mar 14, 2010


@68 Dan the Man they do look a little similar, but I give props to the Predator Hound looks more badass!

Xerxex on Mar 14, 2010


The first impressions do look okay imo. Hope the final movie will turn out good.

cine_phil on Mar 14, 2010


Loved the first one,the rest sucked ! But this Looks awesome. I am in !

Carlos Banditos on Mar 14, 2010


I dont think they look like the avatar hounds at all, those ones didnt have giant spikes springing from there back or face.

Cody w on Mar 14, 2010


Did anyone else notice that there was a predator chained to that massive bronze spike?? i realy like what i saw, but im interested about that. Have the humans caught a predator!! in a predator film!! not sure about that!! but the rest looks awsome!!!

nick o'malley on Mar 14, 2010


i cant believe im saying this but adrian brody actually looks pretty fucking badass in this movie.

matthew on Mar 14, 2010


@75, I noticed that, but since that was raw footage it is too early to speculate on what was going on there. I personally thought the predator was clinging onto the spike and that the ropes would be removed in post production. And now for my favorite line of Predator 2: Birds! I hate birds! -D. Glover

Cmurder on Mar 14, 2010


@75, okay, after looking at the footage again, I see now I was talking about a different part than you were. Maybe that predator was chained there in some ritual???I'm really interested in the part too now!

Cmurder on Mar 14, 2010


Suddenly this is on my radar. More promising than I had thought.

Mark D on Mar 14, 2010


I don't get what all the oohs and ahhhs are about? It looks like the first Predator movie, just with different actors? I mean, I hope it's a good movie, but, all I'm seeing so far is the same old thing we've already seen.

Mega Jet Jaguar on Mar 14, 2010


#31 The thing about some B movies in the 80s is that many people today worship them as A movies, because they are every bit as entertaining as A movies, entertaining enough to own. When I say a movie looks like a B movie, that has nothing to do with Oscar material. It has to do with entertainment value. And I'm predicting that this movie won't only not be as good as the first Predator, but that it will just be mediocre at best, just another movie that many will eventually forget about in a year or two. But I could be wrong. The cast, however isn't raising my hopes. I mean, come on, do they really look and talk like badasses to you guys? They're not doing it for me. #45 Certainly expecting Clash of the Titans to be better than this movie, though I won't be seeing it in 3D. Avatar was enough for me. #47 Oh yeah, the predator hound. Another reason why I doubt it's entertainment value, at least for fans of the original Predator movie(s). And for the record, I plan on seeing this movie, though it's going to take a trailer that can put the film in a more appealing light to make me see it in theaters.

Gex on Mar 14, 2010


hey have you seen the pictuers its rated R its going to be bloody .

daniel on Mar 14, 2010


When is this scheduled to come out? Looks like they're almost done with it - I hope they can maintain a degree of suspense before it opens. How 'bout some bloody posters w/ just the wrist-knives in closeup covered in blood? The poster that's going around makes it look like cover to GQ: The Predator Interview.

Jarvis 3000 on Mar 15, 2010


hold 3 days on comment's.... People loved the franchise. Will be great, but like Rodriguez say: "Without a Schwarzenegger". I'm in

D. on Mar 15, 2010


Ok, so I'm in. I loved Predator 1. (And possibly loved 2 more, does that make me a bad person?) And I'm not too ashamed to admit that I loved the last 1/3 or so of AvP for the team up. (This I'm sure also makes me a bad person and reflects badly on my character in addition to movie taste.) Haven't seen AvP Requiem though I liked the "no peace on earth" Christmas tv spot. I'm sure it was terribad. The idea of the Predators having hunting dog-creatures is somehow more hilarious when I imagine the AVP universe as a World of Warcraft-type MMO. "Predator playable classes include warrior, hunter, rogue and shaman." "Alien classes include warrior, death knight, egglayer and brewmaster."

Lana on Mar 15, 2010


Wow whee!

Eric on Mar 15, 2010


Honestly I think it looks pretty decent. Usually I am against remakes/reboots but this has some great actors on board (original didnt), got RR helping with it, so it has a lot going for it. The Predator series has never really been good sure the first one was an awesome mindless action film but other than that it sucked. And Clash of The Titans will probably blow, Sam Worthington...really? But it MIGHT be entertaining.

Jacob Crim on Mar 16, 2010


Was that Topher Grace I saw in the background? Looked like it. If it is, I predict he'll die a gruesome predator death. I liked the first look of this and I'll definitely see this. I'm usually against remakes so it better be as good or better than the originally.

arjones on Mar 16, 2010


To be honest as much as this could go wrong, and it really is one of those franchises with such a huge fan base and there is so much pressure for a director to get it right and keep everyone happy. IM not too familiar with the director, but im glad rodriguez is involved he seems like he is on the right level for this film. BUT DONT FAIL US! is the chance to redeem the awsome might of predator after them awful films, I mean what was reqiuem all about? the title is aliens vs predator and there is a love interest sub plot involving a pizza boy!. get rid of the cliche ideas and give me aliens vs predator in space with loads of space marines! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!

Herezjonny on Mar 16, 2010


I must agree with the last commnet. I hope that the pressure for director will be huge 🙂 and the Predators will be a minimum GREAT movie. Or else...

ebeba on Mar 16, 2010


looks very good can't fucking wait.

DEADPOOL 72 on Mar 16, 2010


*tears of joy*

Nick S. on Mar 16, 2010


sooooooooooooo... i gather these guys (and gals) were selected/randomly chosen to be kidnapped and hunted on a predator "game reserve" planet. i got that sight. looks very promising-can't wait for this!

Nick S. on Mar 16, 2010


why does everyone think this is a remake? did the officials state that this was a remake? because im under the impression that its the third movie in the series. as for the hound well, i think its pretty normal for their planet to have some wild life, i mean cant preds have pets or creatures to hunt that arent human?

Shyguy on Mar 17, 2010


This is Nimrod Antal's Predators, he's the director.

SlashBeast on Mar 17, 2010


i don't know - doesn't grab me. When is someone gonna make Ordinary People 2 - now that was a good film

rod on Mar 17, 2010


i hope he shows how the preds.capture each of these misfits?the ninja does not need to see u to kill you he is all cunning like the predator.he would be a most honorable trophy because his skills with weapons would be unmatched to any human and could kill a predator with out seeing him.he can smell u, he can see you,and he can hear you pred.that would be a movie in itself ,sick!!!oh well hope this movie delivers but i doubt it?avp and avpr trailers look great too but they sucked!prove me wrong rodriguez?!

the atomicpunk on Mar 18, 2010


I just can't watch this. Sam Worthington is not in it. Or is he....?

Steven on Mar 18, 2010


holy shit..i in all the way...and as a military man myself, the auto-shotgun makes it all the much sweeter!!!

NY til I die on Mar 19, 2010


the movie just came out today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kool on Jul 9, 2010

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