Must Watch: First Teaser Trailer for the Coen Bros' True Grit!

September 27, 2010
Source: Apple

True Grit Trailer

Oh hell yes! Paramount has debuted the first badass teaser trailer for the Coen Brothers' True Grit over on Apple and it's awesome! True Grit is a new remake/re-adaptation of an old John Wayne western which was based on a Charles Portis novel. Jeff Bridges stars along with Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, Barry Pepper and newcomer Hailee Steinfeld as well as many more! I've been wondering when we'd actually get a first look at this, as some say it has the potential to be a huge Oscar contender, and I definitely think it does. But can westerns still do well nowadays? I love the Coen Bros' trailers and this is yet another amazing one. Enjoy!

Watch the first teaser trailer for the Coen Bros' True Grit:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the first True Grit teaser trailer in High Definition on Apple

The Coen Brothers' True Grit, which is apparently a more faithful take on the Portis novel, is about a young girl (Steinfeld) who's father is murdered. Determined to bring the killer to justice, Mattie enlists the help of a hard-drinking U.S. Marshal (Bridges) to track down the killer before a Texas Ranger (Damon) does. As a big fan of the Coen Brothers and someone who can still appreciate a good western here or there, this is one movie I'm certainly looking forward to, at the least because we get to see Jeff Bridges kickin' ass! Paramount has already scheduled True Grit for release on Christmas Day, December 25th, later this year. Look good?

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WOW! I knew this would be good , but HOLY CRAP! this looks AMAZING. I don't even like Westerns much, but I will see anything that involves the Coen brothers and I really dugg No Counrty For Old Men and even Burn After Reading. Damn we have so many awesome looking movies coming out this December.

wrongturn687 on Sep 27, 2010


I hate to see it look so good, as I already have a special place in my heart for the John Wayne classic, but damn....that was great.

Al on Sep 27, 2010


they had me at jeff bridges' eye-patch

Janny on Sep 27, 2010


Glad you put this up Alex. I wasn't sure what to think when I found it and didn't see it posted on here. It looks absolutely amazing!

Randol on Sep 27, 2010


Um...SOLD!!!!!!!! Looks downright amazing. I think Westerns can still sell in the US, All of Europe, and the rest of the world...hopefully True Grit will bring about the second age of Western Epics! Was Barry Pepper even in the trailer!?

Xerxex on Sep 27, 2010


It's gonna be so bizarre to see Bridges in Tron and this in the same month, talk about two contrasting pieces of cinema.

peloquin on Sep 27, 2010


BRILLIANT!!! The golden Jews do it again!!!

jeffrey Lamar on Sep 27, 2010


this looks great, anyway why the hell Warner Bros never hire the Coen Bros to do Jonah Hex i mean come on look at that trailer it looks freaking amazing if Jonah Hex was like that it would of have a better chance

tazz on Sep 27, 2010


@Peloquin It just shows that Bridges is one of the worlds greatest actors out there today, he is vastly underrated and deserves far more recognition that what he currently has.

Xerxex on Sep 27, 2010



florian on Sep 27, 2010


Looks stunning on every level. Casting, Script, Score, cinematography........ I hope the movie lives up to it's promise.

cinemabandit on Sep 27, 2010


Amen, Xerxex.

Forget It on Sep 27, 2010


@Xerxex like that Oscar he just got?

travis on Sep 27, 2010


Defo watching. Never watched the original as I dislike John Wayne, but anything Coen is worth it.

Crapola on Sep 27, 2010


@Travis That Oscar he won for Crazy Heart was great to see...but he deserves more!

Xerxex on Sep 27, 2010


um, that was the greatest effin trailer I've seen all year hands down. I love westerns and in fact, just got finished watching Ron Howard's The Missing. It was a bit misguided in some areas but back to the point. This looks amazing and I'm so glad I'm seeing these all too familiar faces in a setting that hollywood seems to have abandon. Go Bridges, Damon and even that new girl.

Eli on Sep 27, 2010


Screw it, I'll say it, Best Picture. Its gonna be tough with Social Network, but the whole "saving the western" story can do a lot. Also, its just gonna be all around beautiful.

Al on Sep 27, 2010


@Xerxex, yes I believe Mr. Pepper was in the scene with the three at the table - can't be certain. I say yeah, he can do back to back best actor awards withn this performance. DTM

Dan the Man on Sep 27, 2010


The music was a tad off-putting, but i looks very good. I need to see more though.

movie mike on Sep 27, 2010


Jeff Bridges is one of the greatest actors that has ever lived. His resume is incredibly diverse. He's been nominated for an Oscar 5 times in his career that began with The Last Picture Show in 1971 up to his current win in 2009, which included his role in the Sci-Fi Starman in 1984 that I feel shows his range to truly speak without words. His ability to immerse himself in a character is work of a true craftsman, and when I watch any of his films I forget about 2 minutes in I'm watching Jeff Bridges. That guy is an American masterpiece and I feel priveleged to have lived during his time in the film industry. Now, I'll try to tuck my Jeff Bridges boner between my legs and get back to reality. Oh, and this film looks great.

ModernAmericanMan on Sep 27, 2010


Great trailer!!! Too bad there is a strong chance this movie will rock, but also will have some shitty-mind-fuck-lack-of-any-sense ending, like 90% of the Coens films...

leinergroove on Sep 27, 2010


"but also will have some shitty-mind-fuck-lack-of-any-sense ending, like 90% of the Coens films…" I don't think you've seen most of the Coen brothers' film outside of No country for Old Men.

SkaOreo on Sep 27, 2010


Dan what's up man!? Yeah that scene was pretty quick...I cannot be certain either, which sucks because Pepper is a big name!

Xerxex on Sep 27, 2010


Like the fact the Coen brothers have obviously watched a lot of the classic Westerns. Love seeing John Ford shots, as they're stunning and effective. Can't wait for it!

Julian on Sep 27, 2010


im not the type to even leave the house on xmas, let alone go to the movies, but for a coens western with jeff bridges and a great story like true grit, i am there, is there a midnight showing? screw midnight mass, ill be at the movies and goddamnit lets bring back some real westerns hollywood, give the genre a gritty reboot and start pumping out atleast one per year if for nothing else than a popcorn flick

harrison on Sep 27, 2010


@14 crapola no fan of waynes either but the original true grit is indeed a true classic worth seeing

harrison on Sep 27, 2010


I am a major John Wayne, but I've never considered True Grit to be one his best movies. One of his better roles, maybe, though his best is in The Searchers, but it's a bit too silly and the girl is annoying. The Coens are probably the best directors currently working, though, so I am looking forward to this a bunch. Interesting thing is how much this looks like the original movie: The tone seems significantly different, which is a good thing, but the girl's lines are straight out of the original (and presumably the book). The shot of looking down from a cliff at riders below is also right out of the old one, and falling down the crevasse. The shot that most surprised me, though, was the one of Jeff Bridges on horseback with two guns in hand, and reins in his mouth. That is one of the most iconic shot's of the Duke's career, and I wouldn't have expected them to use it here. But apparently this is going to have quite a lot of homage to the original movie. Interesting. "Fill your hands, you son of a bitch!"--Rooster Cogburn

Stephen on Sep 27, 2010


@xerxex Pepper is supremely underrated as well as Jeff. This movie is going to rock! I am a super huge fan of brolin as well. Damon in there to finish the mix. I think that has a great potential this Xmas and I cannot wait! DTM

Dan the Man on Sep 27, 2010


Roger Deakins.

sumonesumtime on Sep 27, 2010


NOW THAT IS WHAT I CALL A PROPER TRAILER! Next to Tron Legacy I haven't seen as good of a trailer until now. Too many trailers have been showing you the entire movie, key shots, simply taking the fun out of it. This well, was breath taking, man I can't wait.

Matthew on Sep 27, 2010


I'm..... I'm speechless.

Chazzy on Sep 27, 2010


Soooo excited.

Mark on Sep 27, 2010


Really? What was so good about this trailer? It looks awful. Im sure the movie will be great, the coens haven't made a bad movie yet, but there was literally nothing in this trailer. A girl wants to find her dads killer and Jeff bridges with an eye patch, thats all i got.

Gmorra on Sep 27, 2010


The music was so uneasy that it built a perfect tension for the visuals. Honestly I have always liked the idea of Westerns like the old classics, but there just hasn't been a film that inspires m enough like the old ones. I think the Coen Brothers are a unique enough team to actually do this right. Honestly after seeing this trailer I can barely believe it but I think Westerns are BACK.

Guy on Sep 28, 2010


Dan best cast ever, can we agree?

Xerxex on Sep 28, 2010


Im so in this looks amazing

DoomCanoe on Sep 28, 2010


From this trailer alone I want to see this

IsaidBooUrns on Sep 28, 2010


@26 Cheers Harrison, I think maybe I should give the original a go, sitting with my father-in-law on the many occasions a John Wayne film would come on, he always says 'we should watch True Grit, it's a classic', but usually we will already have watched 5 WW2 films and 6 westerns so I make a run for it!

Crapola on Sep 28, 2010


Did anyone else totally not see that coming? I knew it would be awesome but Im completely blown away.

Cody w on Sep 28, 2010


Love Bridges and you can always count on him in whatever role he's in to give the character a life thats memorable and timeless. Great cast and the music in the trailer catches you and makes you want more. Can't wait to see this.

arjones on Sep 28, 2010


movie event of the year. And strait up best picture of the year. I'm calling it right now!

indyjack86 on Sep 28, 2010


Looks great, but Matt Damon?!?! Come on already!! A cowboy with a cheap New Jersey accent, wonderful.

Ned Schneebly on Sep 28, 2010


One word awesomeness

Moon on Sep 28, 2010


HOLY CRAP, This looks FANTASTIC. I don't even need to see another trailer. I'm sold.

MMH on Sep 28, 2010


@Xerxex Oh HELL YEAH! We agree - strong strong cast - that's for certain. multi-gun, hands off the reigns Bridges is going to rock! DTM

Dan the Man on Sep 28, 2010


Can't wait. This looks fantastic.

Risk on Sep 28, 2010


@#22. ah, what can I say, i exaggerated. But still, i'm all pissed off for The man who wasn't there, No country for old men, A serious man, and Burn after reading... it's not a 90% but a solid 26%

leinergroove on Sep 28, 2010


@ 39. Exactly how I felt. I knew the movie was gonna be really good. But like you said, I was blown away by what I was given so far. #1 most anticipated movie for the rest of the year.

Chazzy on Sep 28, 2010


Damon! Brolin! Bridges! Sold. Winner.

Wes on Sep 28, 2010


Admit it, like Pacino , Wayne's Oscar was for his body of work in film making. It wasn't for True Grit! This movie looks amazing!

dee on Sep 28, 2010


That was a fantastic trailer, love the casting for this.

somedude on Sep 28, 2010


Revenge is for stupids!

John on Sep 29, 2010


No Country was one of my favs by the Coens. this will be next in line.

wm on Oct 1, 2010


Does anyone know the artist or title of song in the trailer?

sam bryant on Oct 4, 2010


euhm?! doesn't having only one functioning eye affect your depth perception and thus aim??

jarno on Oct 6, 2010


@27 Stephen If you read the book (and you should; the book is fantastic), you will see that the reins-in-mouth, two-guns-blazing is a significant plot element that is the ultimate symbol of Rooster Cogburn's "true grit." You can't make a movie based on the book without that shot. Looking forward to this - I think it's going to be amazing (and dare I say much better than the John Wayne version).

kiko on Nov 29, 2010

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