Must Watch: First Trailer for Dowdle Brothers' Thriller Devil

July 13, 2010
Source: Apple

Devil Trailer

Step aside Buried, it's time for M. Night Shyamalan to try his hand at a stuck-in-one-room thriller. Apple has debuted the first official trailer for Devil, directed by the Dowdle Brothers (of Quarantine). Devil is the first movie in Shyamlan's The Night Chronicles, which is a series of three films where he comes up with the idea and hands it off other filmmakers to complete. The concept in this is that a group of people end up trapped in a elevator learn that the devil is among them. I love the way this starts, and the whole trailer is just Twilight Zone-esque, with some extra intensity and lots more. Definitely a must watch - check it out!

Watch the first official trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's Devil:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the first official Devil trailer in High Definition on Apple

Devil is directed by Minnesota-born filmmakers/brothers Drew and John Eric Dowdle, of The Poughkeepsie Tapes and Quarantine, the remake of [Rec], previously. The screenplay for this was written by Brian Nelson, of both David Slade's Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night previously, and is based on a story conceived by M. Night Shyamalan, who also produced the film. This is the first in Shyamalan's The Night Chronicles series of thrillers. The second film in the series will be called Twelve Strangers. Universal Pictures is bringing Devil to theaters starting on September 17th this fall. What did you think of that trailer? Is it worth seeing?

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So who will guess the twist? I'm guessing there isn't a single devil, but rather they are ALL devils. Not devils in the literal sense of supernatural demons, but a side that every person has deep inside of themselves. Of course the trailer does seem to suggest that there really is something supernatural, but I'm not putting anything past Sham-Wow.

Chris H. on Jul 13, 2010


Thank God Thank God Thank God Shamalyan isn't behind the camera. I usually don't like too many twilight zone esqe films but this completely caught my interest.

Eli on Jul 13, 2010


Maybe Shyamalan has figured out that he should let somebody else write and direct his ideas from now on. Plus Hollywood has had good luck with Minnesotan filmmaking brothers. 🙂

Alex C. on Jul 13, 2010



Felt Daniels on Jul 13, 2010


looks like a movie I'd enjoy watching. nothing to fancy, just a good flick

dove89 on Jul 13, 2010


looks intense..........i'll see it.

beavis on Jul 13, 2010


and by the way: does anyone know what happened to "the Poughkeepsie Tapes " coming to dvd?

beavis on Jul 13, 2010


Looks awesome. But so did every other shyamalan project...

Gary M on Jul 13, 2010


I'd like to roll an insight check please.

LW on Jul 13, 2010


@ #1 idk i froze it at 2:21 and there's def a image of some demon of sorts that look male, however it is in a mirror

T on Jul 13, 2010


Looks promising....

Ells on Jul 13, 2010


shyamalan's trailers always get me interested.....could this break his run of crap films.......meh, maybe i guess

ozziememz on Jul 13, 2010


I really hope it's better than his last 2. I was hoping Avatar would break that curse, but nae.

Crapola on Jul 13, 2010


Let's hope the problem with Shyamalan occurs when he is directing anything, i mean, right now the guy is poison for critics and box offices alike. If he is just the one with the idea and the producer of the film, maybe things turn out fine!

leinergroove on Jul 13, 2010


Anyone else feel like half that trailer was a little like the end of Quarantine with the whole, we can hear but we can't see thing going on?

Wideguy on Jul 13, 2010


he should of passed the idea of directing the last airbender to someone else

Zade on Jul 13, 2010


These snozzberries taste like snozzberries. I'll see this movie just to watch the guy with long hair.

Eric on Jul 13, 2010


i wonder if one still wants shyamalans name attached to a movie at this point... could result in a "i wait for it on DVD" reaction.

mike on Jul 13, 2010


didn't even finish the trailer. PASS. (this might just be because i hated quarantine.)

crumb on Jul 13, 2010


looks like interesting and creepy.

Left hook on Jul 13, 2010


yeah i don't care

DoomCanoe on Jul 13, 2010


around 1:35, when the video starts to flicker you can catch an image of a face...

Castro on Jul 14, 2010


neat character study idea, and great director(s), should be "fun," for those of us that think of mind f#$@s as fun:) and @#7 (beavis) i still haven't seen poughkeepsie tapes available on dvd anywhere, but somehow megavideo has a good version of it online if you can't wait for them to find a distributor.

seanathan on Jul 14, 2010


It's a great idea for a movie, and the trailer looks promising. Coming up with a good idea and handing it over to competent filmmakers might just be the strategy that saves Shyamalan's career.

Craig on Jul 14, 2010


why does anyone still give shyamalan movies a chance? hes like a bitchy ex-gf, you guys keep going back thinking shes changed... well guess what, she hasn't.

Ace on Jul 14, 2010


Why not? Looks interesting enough.

terenced on Jul 14, 2010


@7 beavis yeah...whatever happen to the "the Poughkeepsie Tapes"

chilin on Jul 14, 2010


it's probably the black guy.

Liam on Jul 14, 2010


Been looking forward to this ever since hearing about it a while ago. On this site actually.

Delvis on Jul 14, 2010


this will be..bleh,i'll be interested for 2 seconds then. m night shyamalan is the guy to bring house of leaves to the big screen.that movie's not much of a story,but really heavy on building the atmosphere & tension,which shyamalan is a pro at. anyway,wiki house of leaves.

twispious on Jul 14, 2010


It'll deliver.

Robbie on Jul 14, 2010


look like the movie "Blackout"

none134 on Jul 14, 2010


I like Brian Nelson, Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night were both very enjoyable and satisfying films. The trailer doesn't reveal a whole lot but the idea of a movie taking place in an elevator appeals to me because it seems like to make the story work you would have to come up with some really creative ideas. I love the upside down shots of the city, what a totally impressive and original way to show something we see all the time in movies, and it really sets up the feeling of something not being right at the same time. I really have to wonder the level of Shyamalan's involvement, I mean they put his name on it but he didn't write or direct it so how much is it really his film? I guess we'll know when it comes out.

Spacey on Jul 14, 2010


Damn, now this I gotta see:) Teaser Gods be damned, I'm on board for this one!!

Marc on Jul 14, 2010


The devil is always the person you'ld least expect and by knowing that I'd say it's the person you'ld first suspect.

Kurhein on Jul 14, 2010


#30 i completely disagree i think Shyamalan would butcher "House of Leaves" and i think the book was very story and character oriented. although i would LOVE to see it as a movie, i think it could only be done properly as a short series.

DoomCanoe on Jul 14, 2010


A huge attention grabbing, eerie looking trailer. VERY intrigued, I wanna see this.

buddhistwisdom7 on Jul 14, 2010


Looks promising...

VOLD on Jul 14, 2010


#8 wins. Exactly.

Shannon on Jul 14, 2010


looks good, sounds like a great plot. definitely draws you in - i want to watch just to know who the devil is!

christina on Jul 14, 2010


An EXCITING looking thriller, y'know one that isn't slow enough to encourage sleep even if it's a good movie. I'm in and M. Night has his moments but this looks promising

Nuika on Jul 14, 2010


M. Night, I told you before that after The Happening, Last Airbender was your chance at redemption, but now you have this. It looks interesting so I'll give you a shot.

lamar on Jul 14, 2010


At the end, the character has boobs.

Chad on Jul 14, 2010


I just heard it's the baby. You don't see it in the clip but there's an evil baby in there, it has tentacles that come out its eyes.

Crapola on Jul 14, 2010


Then this happens:

Crapola on Jul 15, 2010


pause at 2:20 to see the devil thing.

SnootchieBoochies on Jul 15, 2010


@Felt Daniels, who do you think you are? Nice.

Daniel Felts on Jul 15, 2010


It's probably the white guy.

blake on Jul 15, 2010


So at what point did M Night's ego reach the point where could go "mehhh...I just came up with an idea. Here new directors, pay me for it and you can do whatever you want with it."? I seriously hope that he only gave them a small concept and then Drew and John Dowdle ran away with it in their own direction. Ah well maybe I should look at it this way, these days may M Night is only good for is inspiring other people to do better work than he currently has. This trailer DOES look interesting and I most definitely invest time in watching it when it's released, but should it be a success, then personally I will not applauding the man who came up with the idea, but rather the two brothers that made that idea their own.

Adster on Jul 16, 2010


Looks hilarious.

LaPergs on Jul 18, 2010


i kno wats gonna happen at the end .......they all gonna die except the old lady <---shes the "devil"

i kno1233 on Jul 19, 2010


If this movie isn't funded out of M. Night's own pocket I'm gonna be very upset. Who keeps giving this failure opportunities to go near any step in the film making process. After Signs he should have did everyone a favor and disappeared.

.............. on Jul 30, 2010


Terrible,M night is trying to go off the inception vibe. Add another airbender/ the happening / lady in the water to the list of shitstorms

Dota Dee on Aug 4, 2010


Did anyone else notice that in the elevator scene where they all appear dead the black guys missing? hmmmm........

JG on Sep 12, 2010

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