Must Watch: First Trailer for Universal's Sci-Fi Movie Skyline

August 10, 2010
Source: Apple

Skyline Trailer

Holy crap. Universal has debuted the official trailer for Colin and Greg Strause's Skyline on in high def on Apple today. This sci-fi contained invasion thriller stars Eric Balfour, Donald Faison, Brittany Daniel, David Zayas and a few more indie actors. You may have heard the buzz from Comic-Con but now you get to see for yourself how frickin' awesome this new alien invasion movie looks. It has such a perfect setup, too (although it borrows a bit from the way Monsters also begins) and I love how beautiful some of the big special effects shots look at the end. I wonder if we'll get more or if this is just all they're planning to show us? Check it out!

Watch the official trailer for Colin and Greg Strause's Skyline:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the official Skyline trailer in High Definition on Apple

In Skyline, strange lights descend on the city of Los Angeles, drawing people outside like moths to a flame where an extraterrestrial force threatens to swallow the entire human population off the face of the Earth.

Skyline is both written and directed by brothers and visual effects specialists Colin & Greg Strause, of a few music videos and AVP: Requiem previously, although they have an extensive visual effects history. Not only did they produce this, but they're doing the effects for it, too. The screenplay was co-written by newcomers Joshua Cordes and Liam O'Donnell. Universal is bringing Skyline to theaters on November 12th. You in?

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AWESOME!!! Something I may have to check out.

4k4k on Aug 10, 2010


Looks sick

ocp on Aug 10, 2010


hahaha they use transformers sound effects and it's so plainly obvious...I mean come on those sound effects were story devices in the first film, try and use something a bit more vague or different... obviously that's not the final sound from the movie, but As for the teaser. The last shot is awesome. The VFX look pretty amazing. I hear that most of the movie takes place inside a building though, right? So I hope they didn't just blow their VFX load with us in the teaser...

LINKFX on Aug 10, 2010


"stephen hawking is a complete Asshole!"~ Steven Colbert

indyjack on Aug 10, 2010


This looks entertaining, I'll defo check that oooooooooooooot.

Crapola on Aug 10, 2010


jesus christ!!!that last shot was amaziiiiiiiiiiiiingggggggg!!!!!!!!!!looks pretty cool!!!!!

splinter on Aug 10, 2010


OOOOOH! How original A movie where Aliens come to earth and people loose their life's and there is mass destruction. Somebody wake me up from this nightmare that is Hollywood shlock. Or here's a thought, make more movies like District 9 which put a new spin on the whole man vs alien concept. Until then, I'm bored!

MMH on Aug 10, 2010


Your spelling is atrocious....loose = lose

Dr Fog on Apr 20, 2011


MMH, agreed.

LINKFX on Aug 10, 2010


at 0:57, why are Transformers sound effects used?




Haz on Aug 10, 2010


Any trailer that starts off with "Stephen Hawkins" is terrible. Looks good.

Gary M on Aug 10, 2010



daniel on Aug 10, 2010


It's like a summer blockbuster.. in the fall.

Jay on Aug 10, 2010


at first glance, D-9, meets, clover field, meets war of the worlds... Looks COOL, but greatly inspired IMO. I'll def try and see it before I know more about it.

Solo Calrissian on Aug 10, 2010


this trailer looks freaking sick #9 yeah they used the Transformers sound effects dont know why they could not used something else

tazz on Aug 10, 2010


wow,fucking hell. that was amazing.

deadpool72 on Aug 10, 2010


Can't possibly be any worse than that Aliens VS Predator Requiem crap they pulled.

Peter on Aug 10, 2010


I loved that tagline: Don't Look Up!

Nitrium on Aug 10, 2010


I just shit my pants at the last a shiver when down my spine

Darren on Aug 10, 2010


WOW....this may have helped 2010 as maybe the worst year in film for a decade or so! I AM IN!!!!!

Clover on Aug 10, 2010


Lol the sound effects, i thought it's the teaser for transformers 3

qweqwu on Aug 10, 2010


The premise for this is great. Too bad we only saw the backsides of who may or may not be the main characters. The Tv newscasters I could have done without. Let's just hope they don't rely so heavily on the cgi to move what could be a riveting sci fi foward.(sarcasm)

Eli on Aug 10, 2010


The Stephen Hawkins part really threw me off...A part from that, this is looking very entertaining!

Ricardo on Aug 10, 2010


So the aliens abduct a bunch of Californians? yet another reason not to go to California!

Xerxex on Aug 10, 2010


that end clip in the trailer reminds of prey.............swallowing up any life to support it's self.. i wonder if the film will go down that route or i could wish it was like quake where they collect mankind jst to aid the strogg's goal...or something along tht line of thought we'll ssee hall looks temptingly gud tho!

craig on Aug 10, 2010


Finally a successor to the Independence Day!, and looks better

Nero on Aug 10, 2010

28, first the transformers sound and the whole thing is ok i guess...i'm a sci fi fan but i dont think this is going to hit big, still going to watch it @26 What?!?!? i honestly think battle: los angeles is going to take that spot, just based on quality of actors is enough to place it over this one

ray on Aug 10, 2010


When the lights were landing it sounded a lot like shortened Godzilla yells.

David on Aug 10, 2010


looks cool enough.

filmfan111 on Aug 10, 2010


looks good to me. i'm also curious as to what becomes of all the people that are being sucked up?

beavis on Aug 10, 2010



Robbie on Aug 10, 2010


Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking maybe we should have listened.... to Stephen Hawking that's all i got out of this trailer

DoomCanoe on Aug 10, 2010


I mean...all right? It doesn't take much to impress now-a-days, I guess. CG work looked worked. Concept seems played and outdated. Maybe I missed something?

whomever on Aug 10, 2010


i loved ID4 and this looks like the same premise but on 'roids! bring ittt 😀

Kenji on Aug 10, 2010


looks like shit

Rashad on Aug 10, 2010


neat 😀 another film to my list to see 😀

DaftPUNKFAN on Aug 10, 2010


Omg, Earth gets invaded by aliens that wanna kill us all, what are we gonna doooo??? Oh, I have an idea! Let's try and round up all available pilots, even the alcoholic ones, locate the mothership and blow it up kamikaze style, because we all know the mothership controls all the drones. Rejoice! "Today we celebrate our independence!" *throws confetti* Ok, the visuals were admittedly pretty awesome, but I am just so tired of the same old alien invasion story.

SuicidalOptimist on Aug 10, 2010


@37 right u prefer the story where the aliens come and sing with us huh....better yet, why not write the script urself

ray on Aug 10, 2010


how about the lead in the film is from "Dinoshark

drew on Aug 10, 2010


maybe we shoulda listened to al gore lmao.....-TRANSFORMERS SOUND EFFECT- i wonder if bay was one that really directed this movie

Spider94 on Aug 10, 2010


Now doesn't that kick all the best kinds of ass. Gotta love mass panic. I'll pay to see this.

Angry Chief on Aug 10, 2010


So Brittany Daniel is in a movie that actually looks good. Did hell just freeze over or what ? Seriously this looks insanely cool considering it's low budget and I'm always up for a good Alien/Invasion flick.

wrongturn687 on Aug 10, 2010


#37 - what kind of alien invasion do you prefer? #41 - i gotta agree - nothing makes a movie fun like mass panic!!

beavis on Aug 10, 2010


OMG this is so annoying. Yes the effects look sweet but this story has been told over and over again for the past 90 years in cinema. Could they at least try something more real? Like maybe aliens that "don't" want to harvest/kill us?

Sean on Aug 10, 2010


Is this movie suppose to scare us into not exploring space? It's just as likely that we are Christopher Columbus and the rest of the universe is waiting to be explored. Sounds like the same old tired alien invasion story. After AVP: Requiem these guys should be kept away from camera equipment.

germs on Aug 10, 2010


Wow! ALOT of negativity on this board, but I understand. When your last movie was something like AVPR its hard not to be skeptical, but I'm hoping these guys can redeem themselves in someway. I think everybody deserves a second chance at the very least.

wrongturn687 on Aug 10, 2010


Why do you need to hear this out from Stephen Hawkings?

mandarin on Aug 10, 2010


The ultra-cheesy line "smartest man in the world" notwithstanding, the last shot in the trailer is very impressively done: a thousand poor screaming souls meet their maker .....

Gary the Bruce on Aug 10, 2010


based on what i saw the brothers do with AvP Requiem not holding my breath that this is any good......a slick trailer means absolutely nothing to me especially after all the crap we've seen in 2010 so far.

monal on Aug 10, 2010


WAIT from 1:19 we hear some "noises and scream" same sound i heared in song "iowa" from slipknot band wondering if there is an "universal" sample that both slipknot and that trailer use or they just simply use the very beginning of slipknot song Iowa

gfdgd on Aug 10, 2010


BS made for tv sci-fi channel special effects..

tumtum on Aug 10, 2010


Looks like its taking itself waaaay too seriously. And why are they using cuts from the Transformers trailer?

tEDDY bESS on Aug 10, 2010


I was in untill i found out the guys from avp requiem did this

Hale18 on Aug 10, 2010


I don't get the excitement... either the humans get killed off by the aliens or they get abducted/saved by the aliens because we humans destroy our home planet (relocation)...

Patrick on Aug 10, 2010


If those big ships only had one eye, one horn and were purple...

Morlock on Aug 10, 2010


that's right, shit all over this and go jack off to all your spandex wearing superheroes. seriously, all the posters here just seem to love superhero comics and...well, that's it. it looks fucking awesome. gonna own that shitty denzel train movie.

joe on Aug 10, 2010


skylame. oh the spaceships are coming and all stephen can do is fall out of his wheelchair in despair

dealers wheel on Aug 11, 2010


Wow, speech less, Amazing video, I am feeling that i am in Nasa and meeting with alien.

alexwfix on Aug 11, 2010


Awsome trailer the Effects look Cool.

Cineprog on Aug 11, 2010


fake: Americans are too obese to be sucked up by Aliens!!!

ConnachtFan on Aug 11, 2010


while the post is over-the-top.........i have to agree with the sentiment of #56 - if this had a superhero in it or was based on a comic - all of the negative comments would disappear.

beavis on Aug 11, 2010


agreed, 56 nailed it. looks cool ill watch it.

mgazo on Aug 11, 2010


it's transformers sound effects cuz it is disguse of course...

chilin on Aug 11, 2010


Looks too much like a video game.

9mm on Aug 11, 2010


"mass panic" and sci-fi looks entertaining. Sorry i couldn't be more pessimistic, seems like the cool trend of comments. "It's lame, everything is lame." Stewie Griffin "You've checked mated my teenage cynicism" Family Guy

McWilly on Aug 11, 2010


How come aliens never attacks Kansas?

Frank on Aug 11, 2010


About a 100 on the meh-meter....and it only goes to 10

Geoff on Aug 11, 2010


The trailer looks cool, but I hope the dialogue in the movie doesn't follow the same "hey the audience is stupid so I'll explain it them" dialogue that the news reporter had. I got the Columbus landing in the new country reference concerning the Native Americans. Did that need to be followed up with an explanation? Really? Was it bad for them? Thanks.

ash on Aug 11, 2010


hope its not too much like independence day

SexMaster on Aug 11, 2010


#66 Because last time they sent an alien to Kansas, it ended up fighting on the side of the humans? And yeah... Stephen Hawkins is "arguably" one of the smartest persons alive? Who would argue that he isn't?

Luis M on Aug 11, 2010


The opening "news" bits sound like they were written by a 10 year-old. And the rest of it feels about as original. Congrats Universal--you have now succeeded at being the most unoriginal studio in the history of film.

Johnny Walker on Aug 11, 2010


Books and movies have been warning of aliens conquering Earth for decades but when Stephen Hawkings says it it suddenly becomes news. Really?!

S on Aug 11, 2010


Not sure why they pushed the Hawkings angle so much, but it still looks sweet. I'm a fan of Scrubs so anxious to see Donald Faison in what has to be a completely different role.

jjboldt on Aug 11, 2010


@ 68. Yeah, that pissed me off. I liked the Columbus reference, then as soon as they explained it I'm just like "really??" yeah, we got it. But thanks. Overall though, I think this looks pretty lame. Idk what people are going on about the special effects for.... all the smoke in those long shots looks absolutely terrible. This trailer wasn't even impressive, except for that last shot.

Chazzy on Aug 11, 2010


needs more pylons

BuffOne on Aug 11, 2010


Agree with #64 - looks like video game...I'm still interested, but keeping expectations to a minimum

Atrus4 on Aug 11, 2010


I see what you did there BuffOne. Nice. Trailer looks totally meh, but who knows might turn out to be entertaining. Unlike most of the schmucks here I won't let a teaser trailer make an outright movie going decision for me.

Forget It on Aug 11, 2010


The ending was amazing. The trailer reminded me of the current chapters of Gantz by Hiroya Oku.

SillySil on Aug 11, 2010


So... why shouldn't we look up? I mean, that's the direction it looks like the bodies are being sucked in. Didn't their parents ever tell them to watch where they're going? Lots of terrible tag lines and material used for this trailer in my opinion. One iteration of the "Stephen Hawking said..." newsreel was enough. One scene of the blue lights descending was enough. The movie I think may still have potential, but this trailer was kinda poo.

case on Aug 11, 2010


The comments on this page are some of the most retarded and picky things ive ever read on this site...this looks fucking sweet, I find theres a lack of alien invasion movies. Stop saying this looks like this + this so its gonna suck I see that in almost every trailer thread. Every fucking movie looks like some other movie or is like it in some way. You could say that about everything, theres so many movies and stories that have been told its almost impossible not to find similarities every single time, just take it for what it is and stop acting like your all "above" this.

Cody w on Aug 11, 2010


Agreed Cody. I enjoy a nice alien invasion flick. Mars Attacks is awesome!

Xerxex on Aug 11, 2010


if it is half as good as independence day i'll be happy.

Para on Aug 11, 2010


'War Of The Worlds' anyone ?, same old story. The bit about Hawkings is a bit cheesy. However it is an actual quote from him, some years ago.

Marty on Aug 11, 2010


That was... boring.

dom on Aug 12, 2010


I've seen what the aliens look like. They'e tacos that poop ice cream...Yeah Stephen Hawkings sucks.

Cream of Sum Yung Guy on Aug 12, 2010


I'm in.

kidgamer on Aug 12, 2010


looks great...about time we got some realsitic sci fi...after all, if we actually do make contact and they have tecnology advanced enough to traverse the vast reaches of space, we really dont stand much chance at all of gonna take an ass whippin' but good... oh yeah, #86, f*** off...Stephen Hawking IS the smartest man on the couldnt stand in the same sunlight with him you jerk...

blasphemer on Aug 12, 2010



ya'll suck on Aug 12, 2010


Now all we need is will smith saying "Welcome to earth" and we have a movie. It has to be better than signs atlest.

Dravas on Aug 12, 2010



Mir on Aug 12, 2010


Ah more fear about E.T.'s to keep the masses afraid in coming in contact with other civilizations. Don't people get it, there's good people and there are bad people, wouldn't that exist on other planets too! Hawking's is wrong in generalizing, there's good aliens as well as bad!

John on Aug 13, 2010


WHAT!!! No Will Smith? Looks promising.

Ellsworth on Aug 13, 2010


This so much looks like independence day all over again...

Peter on Aug 15, 2010


Stephen Hawkings is a douche! Although he had a point about Columbus.

lamar on Aug 15, 2010



meatcarnage on Aug 15, 2010


Terrible title for a movie...

Bryan Zuluaga on Aug 16, 2010


and G Force (Gatchaman) comes and saves the day,

ModernRock on Aug 16, 2010


the ending to this was really unexpected wtf haha im intrigued

ces on Aug 19, 2010


I'm sorry but this looks kind of lame. "Maybe we should have listened" come on

moon on Aug 19, 2010


I agree with you Cody w #81. You have a room full of bitches that probably do little to contribute creativity in this world, complaining about how unoriginal everything is. As though the people that are putting their minds to use and pumping out these wonderful ideas owe them something. Nothing but a bunch of leeches that suck on others creativity and cry about being served the same dish twice. People like that are mentally cutoff, but it's not any of our problem. We move on and enjoy plenty of what life has to offer, while they bitch and moan about what life should offer them. It's like the idiots who cried how Avatar is like Pocahontas so therefore they shall not try to enjoy it, as though somehow they rise above everyone that does. Get a life people, or at least try to enjoy the one you have. Btw, Stephen Hawkings has contributed more to this world than all of you mentally amputated whiners combined.

css18 on Sep 17, 2010


I agree with #50. I recognized the sound as Slipknot's Iowa when I saw the commercial, but I can't seem to find any link that connects the song to this movie.

Dee on Nov 4, 2010


Good report, well crafted I must say.

Karey Luzinski on Nov 6, 2010

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