Must Watch: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Official Trailer

June 28, 2010
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Official Trailer

"You really don't stand a chance." Warner Bros has unveiled the first official trailer for Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part I, the first half of the epic conclusion to the beloved Harry Potter series. Let me be the first to say that this looks absolutely phenomenal, like these might be the best two movies in the series. Although we saw a shorter trailer for this at the MTV Movie Awards, this is the very first full-length Deathly Hallows trailer to hit. It's playing in front of Twilight: Eclipse later this week and will be building some HUGE buzz from that. I really can't wait to see this, luckily only five months to go! Watch it below.

Watch the first official trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I:

[flv: 598 258]

You can also watch the official Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows is again directed by British filmmaker David Yates, of Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince previously. The script was also written again by Steve Kloves, of Sorcerer's Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, and also Half-Blood Prince, but not Order of the Phoenix. This is based on J.K. Rowling's very popular series of books which have already concluded. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part I will arrive in theaters on November 19th later this year!

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What a kickass trailer.

FlaWiio on Jun 28, 2010


LOTR-like epic...probably Oscar worthy. Unbelievably awesome trailer!

L'Denis on Jun 28, 2010


Fucking epic. I want to cry.

Paulo on Jun 28, 2010


Looks good, I just hope that Yates hasn't decided to add in any more pointless scenes like the burrow scene in the half blood prince. It did nothing for the movie except to add more running time to it which pissed me off. He should just stick with what's in the books because thats all the fans want.

Beltoballs on Jun 28, 2010


Totally fucking awesome!!

Nitrium on Jun 28, 2010


Hopefully the last two are good. I never liked the harry potter films till the last one but the trailer looks good. Once in a generation thing is a joke since the movies are mediocre at best.

Hale18 on Jun 28, 2010


I still don't understand why they are presenting both parts in one trailer, I feel like these are being separated enough that they should each have their own. Other than that it does look a lot better than the recent movies, I hated both order of the phoenix and half blood prince, I hope this can end the series on a good note.

Dave on Jun 28, 2010


it looks epic, but judging from this trailer the cinematography deosnt look as good as half blood prince, nut than again the first trailer for halfblood prince didnt either, it was the later trailers that the edited and the probably goes for Deathly Hallows ps THIS IS FUCKING AWSOME!!!!

SexMaster on Jun 28, 2010


finally a harry potter movie worth... something. anything at all. hey look! this movie actually has cinematography! haha the others were pathetic (save for john williams). i hope this redeems them.

josh on Jun 28, 2010


O M F G Sadly, this will still get a PG-rating..........

reeft on Jun 28, 2010


#8 Words out of my mouth... THIS IS FUCKING AWSOME!!!!

SHANEDAV on Jun 28, 2010


I almost cried at the awesomeness of this trailer. It had better not get a pg rating. I... I love harry potter and friends. Sadly, I haven't read any of the books in full. And quite frankly I'm tired of the jumping between pg and pg-13. The series has matured and so should the ratings.

Eli on Jun 28, 2010


@8 About the once in a generation thing. I think it's more about how this franchise (books and movies) is THE franchise for people my age that grew up with the books or anyone that has read or watched the movies as they came out. Just like Star Wars and Indiana Jones are for the generation of people who grew up in the 70's and 80's. Thats just how I took it.

T on Jun 28, 2010


sry, that was @6 :/

T on Jun 28, 2010


Music - epic. Trailer - poor and pathetic.

cicool on Jun 28, 2010


This is not getting a PG rating. HBP barely had any action and that was PG. However this...

Black Smokey on Jun 28, 2010


@6 Regardless of what you think of the movies (which have all been critical, not just commercial, successes) - the book series is nothing less than a phenomenon. And a far more significant one than the recent Twilight fad. People like me have grown up with both the books and the movies and the end of it all is a big fat deal in a lot of our books. So yes, it IS an event for this generation. @9 Uh, I take it you didn't see the last one? Or the one before that? Since David Yates came on board the cinematography, along with the everything else, has taken a significant leap in quality. I'm so glad they decided to keep the guy for DH. In general: that trailer just effed over the rest of my work day, I can't concentrate on anything else!!!

equustel on Jun 28, 2010


AHHH!!! OMG!!! That gave me chills....i just cant wait. By the look of the trailer, it my be the best potter movie(s) yet.

dove89 on Jun 28, 2010


WOW!!!!! So excited!! FREAK ?YEAH

Aimee on Jun 28, 2010


wow..... just wow. Epic. It truly is the book come to life... The others were real, but this one just seems to come out of my own imagination... CANNOT WAIT!

Seanski on Jun 28, 2010


Very impressed. Can't wait to see it! Big fan of the books and movies. Harry Potter has been a huge part of my life. Don't want it to end...but I can't wait to see the final installments 🙂

Sam on Jun 28, 2010


@17 yeah i dont deny that theyre a comercial success and im not saying theyre horrible movies/books like the twilight crap. My girlfriend and I always thought they were just ok but being that we didnt read the books and were both 28 prolly has something to do with it. We both however like the last one alot which is funny sine nothing really happened in that movie but it was told very well. Have high hopes for the last two. One thing that always bothered us with the movies is that harry and basically everyone elese knew the blonde kid character was bad(sorry dont know the name) and worked for the bad guys but yet they never do anything about it till the last movie. Thats how i felt about the whole series is that nothing ever happened. They know the main bad guy and who works with him for the most part and they twiddle their thumbs till it comes down to one big battle it looks like. Prolly why ill like the last two cause theres some resolution.

Hale18 on Jun 28, 2010


OH...MY...GOD!!!!! This look's epic, it's fun that people think that half blood prnce was the best cause i thought was one of the worser ones. This looks like this will end the series on a better note than lotr:rotk. THIS LOOKS FREAKIN' EPIC!!!!

max s. on Jun 28, 2010


I am not one of those dedicated fan of the series but the trailer does look great. For those who grew up with the series this must be a bittersweet moment for them, as the trailer is awesome but the series is coming to an end.

M on Jun 28, 2010


and i agree the whole event of a generation is because so many people in this generation have grown up with harry and i'm sure as hell proud to be part of this generation. IMAX 3D ALL THE WAY!!!

max s. on Jun 28, 2010


well jorge i'm just saying that i enjoy harry potter much more than lord of the rings. p.s. you're shit to noot realize how amazing these movies are also, to all you guys saying this is gonna be rated pg, after reading the book TRUST ME this WILL be rated pg13, and the only reason half blood prince was pg becuse there wasn't as much stuff going on except dumbledore dying

max s. on Jun 28, 2010


Jumper 2 should be developed, made and released within 1.5 years with Hayden Christensen back in the lead with Kristen Stewart as a Jumping Paladin. They would initially clash but she would later realize that Hayden is a "different" god than the rest.

Turok on Jun 28, 2010


AWESOME TRAILER FOR AN AWESOME MOVIE. That's what went through my head until I saw that it was going to be in 3D. Allow me to explain myself.. 1. I doubt it was truly filmed with 2 cameras... which means it will not be "true" 3D... it has to be converted in post production and the resulting effect is way below par. 2. It will cost more money to see it... I know, I sound cheap, but seriously... if EVERY single blockbuster is going to be in 3D.... then let us keep the glasses and only pay extra if we NEED a pair of glasses. What a waste. 3. The 3D effect wares off in the first 10 minutes and then just ends up giving most people massive headaches... and the glasses become uncomfortable. Anyway all that ranting aside... coming back down to reality I think it will be a decent movie. I'm not expecting to be blown away until the very very final film. For now, I think Part I is just going to set things up for an awesome climax. But only time will tell. I pray that it will NOT be rated PG (one of the biggest mistakes of the last film) and instead PG-13... or maybe even R. No, *chuckles* that would never happen, but still, imagine a Harry Potter movie rated R... I'm not talking about having gross violence or sex, but just upping the intensity for the final chapter in the saga... as the book clearly did. Whatever happens... I hope they don't leave out my favorite line. "Not my daughter you bitch!" If they include that, 10 years of this madness will all be worth it.

Ben on Jun 28, 2010


It's so Epic. With a capital E. Watching it for the fourth time already. Crying. "So I will miss the train rides in And the pranks pulled by the twins Though it's nowhere I have been I keep on smiling From the times I had with them..."

The X on Jun 28, 2010


Oh and is that in Ben Schoen... Cos it sure does sound like him... oh well, even if it's not, I'd like to tell you all how much I love Ben Schoen very very much (I am a girl)

The X on Jun 28, 2010


ive been into harry potter since i was six, first grade, when the movie came out in 2001, i grew up with chamber of secrets, prisoner of azkaban, goblet of fire, order of the pheoinix, and half blood prince. ive been waiting for this momment since i walked out the theater back in 2001 now, im a sophmore in highschool and 15. ive never been more excited in my hole life, hary potter has been more then half my life part of my life, this is going to be epic, twilight, ohh, no, gaylight, is crap and shitt compared to this awsome trailer, this is going to win alot, and alot, of oscar, in 2010, and part 2 is going to win ALL the oscars in 2011, go harry potter all the way,pure awsomness

Mac306 on Jun 28, 2010


This looks like shit. I don't understand what the hype is ever about when it comes to these films. A boy his magical stick and some other not so assume things. This definitely doesn't look as "epic" as a LOTR films...In fact, I don't see how this can even be compared to that tri... Just because there is one battle scene in this trailer that is all .17% of a LOTR battle? This looks like shit.

Jorge on Jun 28, 2010


Ralph Fiennes is to badass

TheBishop on Jun 28, 2010


awesome* not assume

Jorge on Jun 28, 2010


Alex, you mentioned going on a tour to the theme park in Florida and I was wondering what it's like there. I watched all the teaser videos and it looks pretty amazing. ...This trailer made me sad and happy at the same time, I hate to see it end, but it looks like it will go out with a bang.

peloquin on Jun 28, 2010


If it is a 2D to 3D conversion, then I will not spend the extra to watch it in 3D. If it was filmed in 3D, then it might be worth a watch in 3D

cinemabandit on Jun 28, 2010


Yates has an awesome eye not a fan of the series but I've seen the rest (semi enjoyed them) and will be seeing these as well

DoomCanoe on Jun 28, 2010



John Doe on Jun 28, 2010


It does look great, but what a horrible put together trailer. The text that interrupts the action is just horribly typeset and out of place.

yep on Jun 28, 2010


This looks crazy epic. Hope it delivers.

Risk on Jun 28, 2010


the 3-D ruined ruined the trailer...all great up until the "3-D" part, the journey was fine, why must we finish this journey with a cheap gimmick clouding up the screen?

Xerxex on Jun 28, 2010


I do not consider myself a Harry Potter fan, but I will say they make some truly kick ass trailers. This was great, I might even check the movie out. Looks like it could be major.

DLM Entertainment on Jun 28, 2010


JUST AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nans on Jun 28, 2010


I don't see why people don't like 3D. You have the option of seeing it in 2D. If it's shot in 3D I'll see it in that.

Daniel Felts on Jun 28, 2010


Very nice but definitely some spoilerific moments in this trailer

Jaf on Jun 29, 2010


man i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

juan on Jun 29, 2010


@Xerx, I thought the same exact thing, but its not like were forced to see it in 3d. The way things are now studios will do anything to rake in more cash.

Cody w on Jun 29, 2010


WOW!!! That looks amazing!!! I've loved the last 2 films. David Yates has done an incredible job since taking over. Can't wait!

KB on Jun 29, 2010


Oscar for best picture anyone?

Nils on Jun 29, 2010


Yeah this trailer definitely looks like these movies could be actually better than the last two, which I really disliked. They were just boring. Also I think the jokes were really dull, but I don't think that's gonna change. In my opinion the third movie, by Alfonso Cuarón, was the best of the series; definitely a very good film standing on it's own. I think, these will be at least worth watching for the action scenes (which do look awesome) (and of course as always, the SFX).

Terry Craig on Jun 29, 2010


This is EPIC!

Clover on Jun 29, 2010


wow. i just arrived in my pants.

toom_ah_dray on Jun 29, 2010


#31 if they leave out that one line i'll be so pissed

max s. on Jun 29, 2010


The series got really good after the 1st two. Evolved from kids movie to Fantasy Epic. That said the books are stronger than the movies, but the movies are great none-the-less.

solo calrissian on Jun 29, 2010


@Cody I just hope they don't force 3-D and drop 2-D, a rash fear I know, but still.

Xerxex on Jun 29, 2010


well i've got a reason to live again

Brandon on Jun 29, 2010



Rafael on Jun 29, 2010


I bet some people are going to hate this.... but f**k, IM GOING TO LOVE IT! EPIC Trailer!

AwesomeO-3000 on Jun 29, 2010


will be watching this in plain 2D .. thank you

shehab6003 on Jun 29, 2010


funny if it wuz R

jason on Jun 29, 2010


hopefully they follow the books this time. I cannot stand movies 4, 5, or 6 because facts, and the plots are changed and never for the better. Being a huge fan of the books makes the movies almost unbearable. The only reason I watch them now is to see Emma Watson's portrayal of Hermoine Granger because she portrays Miss Granger beautifully.

f on Jun 29, 2010


I love the books, I love the movies, but I hated this trailer. It looked like they showed more of the 2nd part of the movie than the one coming out in November and the music, while good, didn't seem to fit in very well for the trailer to me. I'm still excited to see it and will definitely be standing in line for the midnight showing opening night.

arjones on Jun 30, 2010



Nick Sears on Jun 30, 2010


Who are you children worrying yourselves about the rating? Let David Yates make the film he wants to make. Let the ratings board worry about the rating. The two should have nothing to do with each other. And....I can't wait to see this movie!!!

fasterpetey on Jun 30, 2010


So who's the actor and the character he portrays who stops the train? Damn cool looking as far as wizards go - snappy dresser.

Tony on Jun 30, 2010


not a HARRY POTTER fan but this looks good...almost makes me wanna watch the rest to follow the story...not read...

chilin on Jun 30, 2010


I wish they wouldnt put movies like this so close together.. people can wait 2yrs. It makes the "magic" last and you dont get so used to them.

George on Jun 30, 2010


OMG, I just watched the trailer and it really looks amazing. I can't wait to watch the whole movie in November. I have watched all films and although I was pretty disappointed of the last one, I am sure that these last two will be great.

Emma on Jul 1, 2010


swear to god if the just do this as bait im going to be pissed!!!!!!! BUT AWSOME I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!

movieluvaz on Jul 1, 2010


I don't give a shit for 3D, and I don't really care if this winds up in the Oscars in any capacity, nor do I put too much stock in the Academy anymore anyway. But that's beside the point, which is, that this looks like they are trying to end the saga right. The fact that they are doing this in two parts, apart from getting double the revenue, shows that they are putting a lot of work into keeping the story intact. This was only the 3rd longest book of the series, but if they are going to conclude things properly, there should be around four or five hours of film. Most of the HP movies have come in at around 2 1/2 hours, so together the two parts of the finale should be about 5 hrs. #27 Jorge, It's apparent you haven't read the books. I also thought the magic wand and pre-teen hijinx and kid jokes were major parts of a stupid premise, and constantly made fun of high school buddies who were into it. The fact is that once I gave it a chance and read the books, I found it was a great story and a page turner. I got more satisfaction reading those pages than watching the LOTR trilogy and Episodes IV, V, and VI of Star Wars altogether. A lot of shit goes down in the Deathly Hallows, so I'm sure Part 1 will be just as eventful as Part 2, and though I can see from the trailers some parts of the story have been altered (probably to make them more filmable), i'll say that it looks pretty damn close to the way I pictured it while reading the book. For those of you hating on HBP, it was a damn sight better than Order of the Phoenix, and Goblet of Fire both of which could also have benefited from the two-part treatment. It was actually more on par with Sorcerer's Stone, Chamer of Secrets, and Prisoner of Azkaban, which in my mind were pretty good, even though they were the least mature of the seven parts of the story. I'm in for fall 2010 and 2011.

JL on Jul 1, 2010


To the people who are complaining about the films being different from the book - get some sense knocked into your heads, for the love of God. Do you even understand the process of a book to film transition? It's an ADAPTATION! NOT A REPLICA OF THE BOOK ON SCREEN! Changes are inevitable for cinematic purposes. So what plot points are changed! Filmmakers know what they're doing - they're professionals! Think of the hard efforts being put into these films, so stop whining and be grateful that the Potter legecy is still here! I do not consider you a true fan of Potter if you think that the films 'butcher' the book - anything 'Potter' should be fantastic to behold, if you are a true fan.

Dan on Jul 2, 2010


OMG. All you oldies complaining about 3D. DIE OFF or ENJOY IT. Your fuzzy 2D generation is over. lol I say that with love. ... THIS LOOKS SO STINKING AMAZIN. An eyegasm.

Kelton on Jul 2, 2010


Anyone that says this is oscar worthy must be smoking alot of dope. It looks aight but the fact it's in 3D makes it worse.

Moon on Jul 2, 2010


I don't care if its in 3D or not, I;'m just going to see it in 2D regardless.

Black Smokey on Jul 2, 2010


David Yates proved in the last film that he can bring the emotional content of the characters to a place no one else had before (the 5th film, Yates first attempt, was good, but...). I can see from the trailer he's continuing his effort to make the series end on a rememberable, arm tingling note. I look forward to this.

Quanah on Jul 2, 2010


Omg. If you don't like it in 3D then go see the 2D and stop crying. SHEESH 3D is there for those who enjoy it.

Aimee on Jul 4, 2010


how ppl think that this movie will be rated-PG if we have hermione being tortured by cruciatus there? ¬¬

Jeanne on Jul 4, 2010


Yeah, with all the torture and death, and the splinching that cost Ron some flesh on his arm, and the occasional nudity all occurring in the book, this could not be rated PG. If they do this faithfully, it will definitely be rated PG-13. They can do the two nude scenes without actually showing nude flesh below the torso, but the blood and the killings and the torture are all essential parts of The Deathly Hallows. The dread, terror, and despair that our three main protagonist have to overcome won't be felt as much by the audience if we don't see it on the screen.

JL on Jul 7, 2010


i cumed in my pants when i saw this trailer

hp fanatic on Jul 8, 2010


I'm a little miffed to see scenes of the final battle interpreted differently from the book, but they could be alternates that won't actually make it into the final cut. A lot of times, when trailers are cut, they use deleted scenes so as not to give too much away. Though, if you've read the books, nothing they show in the trailers could be a spoiler, so, who knows?

JL on Jul 8, 2010


This is going to be bittersweet. I grew up with Harry Potter and I'm sure gonna cry after this. Hope that they end the series right.

aj on Jul 9, 2010


Also I'll watch it in 2d. Converted 3d just doesn't work for me.

aj on Jul 9, 2010


I'm not sure if I wanna see it in 3D, normally I prefer movies in 2D. However I can't wait to see the movie, the trailer is amazing!!

Biggi on Jul 9, 2010


yo ive never watched a HP movie, but this looks awesome

gdztjdtzjtzj on Jul 11, 2010


i really loved the books and the sixth movie was the worst for me especially when they cut the part of the battle scene in hogwarts at the end. But im hoping that this last movie WILL have everything in the book and im really hope that they do bring back DOBBY especially since its a very emotional part and since they had cut him off the other movies where he also played a big role. Ijust hope everything goes well for the last movie and the trailer looks great just sad that its all ending again first the books and now the movies.

luis leon on Jul 12, 2010


nice post....... i'm looking forward for this movie

xernest on Oct 23, 2010


Hey guys…if you haven’t figured out yet, you can watch full version here…Link is below…

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