Must Watch: Latest Official Trailer for Matt Reeves' Let Me In

July 25, 2010
Source: MTV

Let Me In

Yesterday, Tim and I raved about the footage we saw at Hammer Films' presentation for Matt Reeves' Let Me In, the Let the Right One In remake starring Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass) and Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Road). Although the two clips we saw won't be online, the new trailer that they showed at the beginning has officially hit the web courtesy of MTV. Considering this is the very first official US trailer for this movie (that isn't international), I'm sure the MPAA has made sure it isn't too intense (unfortunately). However, this is a great trailer and it does show you the dark, intense nature of this new take on Let the Right One In. Enjoy!

Watch the first official US trailer for Matt Reeves' Let Me In:

[flv: 598 336]

A bullied young boy (Smit-McPhee) befriends a young vampire girl (Moretz) who lives with her guardian.

Let Me In is both written and directed by American filmmaker Matt Reeves, who's feature directorial debut was J.J. Abrams' Cloverfield but prior to that he directed episodes of "Felicity" and various other TV shows. This is a remake of Tomas Alfredson's 2008 film Let the Right One In, or more specifically a re-adaptation of the Swedish novel Låt den rätte komma in written by John Ajvide Lindqvist. Overture Films is bringing Let Me In to theaters everywhere starting October 1st this fall. Does it look as good as you were hoping?

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This looks somewhat different than the original... sadly it still doesn't look that great.

Gary M on Jul 25, 2010


I've said it before I'll say it again. If it's good, that's great, otherwise, in terms of hype building through trailers and ads and posters, there is no way I could be genuinely excited for this film.

LINKFX on Jul 25, 2010


I really liked the first trailer, it seemed to have the same vibe as the original. This one makes it look completely different. She's made out to be evil, like she's after him and I don't get it. Has some weird fatal attraction thing going on. Eh..

JasonChristopher on Jul 25, 2010


I agree with #3, the first trailer was good and gave the impression that it could do the original justice but this one doesn't at all.

Ken on Jul 25, 2010


This trailer was good, but I'm confused by the comments so far...I mean Reeves seems to be going in a different direction which is a good thing to me, I mean past comments complained that he was going for a take for take reshoot, now that it appears different people are complaining...just seems strange. I wanna see this, regardless.

Xerxex on Jul 25, 2010


I think this looks great!

Ramon on Jul 25, 2010


not so much.

john on Jul 25, 2010


LOL That does look worse than the sweedish one. One thing they did manage to do was keep the Super Gay look of the boy. The only thing this Cleveland Steamer is missing is for it to be in Stunning 3D!

Jimmy Love on Jul 25, 2010


You hit it on the head Xerx, people are never happy. Reeves was doomed the minute he took this project, but I'm keeping an open mind. A good film, is a good film regardless of the film makers intentions. It's be quite the accomplishment if he could convert the naysayers when it gets released which would give me an immense amount of respect for the guy.

peloquin on Jul 25, 2010


looks really good. Elias Koteas looks creepy as hell

talli on Jul 25, 2010


For starters, there seems too much talking whereas the original had a less is more approach which really worked. Reeves wasn't doomed - if he'd used some smarts he would have realised the original was a perfect foundation for him to sprinkle lightly with a small-town US vibe Instead we are left with what appears to be a formulaic horror/catch-the-killer movie designed to play to a mass Halloween audience!

Bash on Jul 25, 2010


i agree with Xerxes do shot for shot - oh if it is just like the original i will just watch that new direction - oh you have no respect for the material lose lose situation

nelson on Jul 25, 2010


Nelson there is an X! lol, joking but seriously.

Xerxex on Jul 25, 2010


I just watched Let The Right One In an hour ago for my first time. It was amazing. I would love to see the remake. The theme itself is just so catchy. And btw #8, take a look at yourself in the mirror, instead of criticising other people. Those actors have more talent then you can ever dream of !!!

Ellelena on Jul 25, 2010


i remember let the right one w/ at least 2 different trailers. 1, just like the first trailer and 1, just like the 2nd i just watched. when i saw the 2nd trailer for the original, i remember thinking, i was completely wrong about what i got from the first trailer. the only thing that bothers me, is the director getting a writer credit. translator at best. camera shots identical-- lighting effects, color and tone are exact copies. i have high hopes. i am a sucker for horror. i loved cloverfield and ill watch anything once. writing credit.......

mgazo on Jul 25, 2010


Why ruin a good thing? Let the Right One In is original and spellbinding. This movie is being made so that people don't have to read (gasp) subtitles. Hollywood is cashing in on the fact that people don't want to read subtitles. That is sad! It's an exact remake. All settings are the same including the tunnel, the jungle gym, even the architecture of the building, the kid is the same build as the kid in the original b/c he's frail and oh wait!! damn.. this kid is brunette and not blonde.. well i stand corrected. there is a difference. You won't catch me dead or undead at the theatre for this. Seen this movie already and i loved it. This remake is pointless.

mike on Jul 25, 2010


The original was crap ! very cheap made, and the worst actors on earth......All you euro trash who keep praising it .and talking smack about this one......this one will be 10 times better than the other

xxx on Jul 25, 2010


mike its based of a novel, so the film itself isn't original. Here's thing though Moretz and Smit-Mcphee are both extremely talented actors so I'm in it for them and Reeves.

Xerxex on Jul 25, 2010


@Xerxex: True, both are based on a novel. The amazing thing about the original film is that it manages to offer a completely different experience from the source material, yet retains enough of the basics to compliment the book. Let's not forget that the author of the novel also wrote the screenplay for the original film yet has nothing to do with this new version. And it really shows. I'm a fan of Moretz but no matter how good her acting is she simply doesn't fit the character (e.g. gender ambiguity..). To me, this is like an unnecessary sequel cashing in on a brilliant original. nelson's right, Bottom line: this is a lose-lose situation. And that's simply the fact of the matter.

zzz on Jul 25, 2010


i kept claiming i was going to protest this because of how soon the remake is but I'm totally going to see it, the story is just sooo good!

DoomCanoe on Jul 25, 2010


I think this is just ment to be a cash cow, a greedy way to empty moviegoers wallet

Me on Jul 26, 2010


17...Give up drugs please...

Ambient on Jul 26, 2010


The original Sweedish movie that so many people are so gaga over to me seems like one of those art films that all the stuck up people who think they know so much can rally together and be douche bags to any one who calls a spade a spade. the Sweeds suck the american one is really gonna suck what with the director using "stuff" from the book and "stuff" from the sweeds and stuff from his self. @14 The Boy looks like a pole smoker! just like the Sweed(tho we know why on that one Hes a sweed!) So get over your self and take a long look at your self or just go jump on that Yuppie band wagon with everyone else, show just how different and unique your are by joining the crowd Thats what these Movies are Snob Food.

Jimmy Love on Jul 26, 2010


23. for you to say "The Boy looks like a pole smoker! just like the Sweed(tho we know why on that one Hes a sweed!)" that just made my day. always love to hear fools statements.

JL on Jul 26, 2010


How many of us actually saw the original,or the ones who did see it,bother so much about how well it compares to the original?The original itself is based on literature,so its not as if it was purely conceived as a visual offering.I've stopped making sense haven't I,anyway I don't think anyone outside the US saw the original,but the book was in a lot of parts very explicit and descriptive about it,I'm hoping its violent,tragic and bloody but all in the name of entertainment.There were some bits in the book that are just not fit for a movie with kids like this,I'm being a prude I know,but there you go.

twispious on Jul 26, 2010


This looks fan-fucking-tastic!!! TO those who are hating on this being a a remake. Just because something has been done before does not mean it should not be done again. Take The Thing. It was a reimagining of a older movie and it was kickass! Try not thinking of Let Me In as a remake, but a retelling. Think if you had the recipe for chocolate chip cookies, but lived in India, and had to use Indian ingredients to make your cookies. They would still be chocolate chip cookies, but use of Indian ingredients would make them a unique experience.

David on Jul 26, 2010


This is so poor! Half of it was a cheap 1:1 copy of Tomas Alfredson's original film, the other half was just dumb Hollywood-bullshit. And I can't believe that noone's mentioned it before but Lina Leandersson as Eli looks a million times more frightening and interesting than Chloe Moretz as Abby does!

c-r-u-x on Jul 27, 2010


It is a bit difrant than the original but not that much. A lot of my thought are the same has #27 the orignal Eli look a lot more dark and she looked white like she was dead Chloe Moretz look like she is alive. I just hope the have not ruined it from the original film.

Cineprog on Jul 27, 2010


this film was a lot better as "Let the Right one in". Fail.

Jeremy on Jul 28, 2010


I'll see this when it comes on Netflix. No point in rushing since I've seen the original movie.

Hey Wowza on Jul 30, 2010


I agree with 3, the original was more of a sadistic love story, where Eli could tempt Oskar into her world because of his fascination with the macabre. However as unfortunate as it is, I believe in order to tailor this to the American audience it has to seem more Fatal Attraction-ish in order to draw the sort of crowd that I am sure the studio heads are expecting. I dont think we will truly know how faithful they will be to the original until is it viewed, but by the way they have been marketing it I am sure it will be very off putting for a lot of people who awere expecting something different going into it. I guess you could say they are taking a gamble with this.

Hairu on Jul 31, 2010


I don't know why or how you could remake this. It came out two years ago and some parts look scene for scene like the original movie. I personally think it's a waste of time, but I'll check it out anyway.

RC on Aug 9, 2010


:S Original FTW.. hate this remake...

Yamika on Aug 15, 2010

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