Must Watch: Mark Romanek's Never Let Me Go Trailer Arrives

June 15, 2010
Source: Apple

Never Let Me Go Trailer

Fox Searchlight has unveiled quite a surprise today - a strong awards contender for this fall. Apple debuted the official trailer for One Hour Photo director Mark Romanek's new film Never Let Me Go, starring Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield and Sally Hawkins. The film, based on Kazuo Ishiguro's novel, is a drama about three kids and their time at a "seemingly idyllic English boarding school." It covers a few different age ranges, as Knightley, Mulligan & Garfield aren't that young, and has a plot about a love triangle that looks incredible. Sadly I think Keira Knightley is going to be the weakest link, but it still looks fantastic.

Watch the official trailer for Mark Romanek's Never Let Me Go:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the trailer for Never Let Me Go in High Definition on Apple

As children, Ruth, Kathy & Tommy, spend their childhood at a seemingly idyllic boarding school. As they grow into adults, they find they have to come to terms with the strength of the love they feel for each other.

Never Let Me Go is directed by Chicago-born filmmaker Mark Romanek, of only One Hour Photo previously, but he's also directed numerous music videos. The script was written by British writer Alex Garland, who is Danny Boyle's writer, known for The Beach, 28 Days Later and Sunshine. This is based on Kazuo Ishiguro's novel of the same name. Fox Searchlight is releasing Never Let Me Go in theaters starting this October 1st.

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Me while watching trailer O.O that was fantastic! Knightley, Mulligan & Garfield as the leads? Yes please! Alex don't write Knightley just yet she wasn't in the trailer that much, she may surprise you.

Xerxex on Jun 15, 2010


kinda creepy that they were scanning their wrists and shit. the film looks very dark. Their should be a genre called DARK DRAMA. Films today like this are so effin morbid.

Eli on Jun 15, 2010


Looks like it will bomb. really bad

MR on Jun 15, 2010


looks like a snoozer...why would anybody wanna watch this ? to feel "artsy-fartsy?" to distance themselves from mass taste? get out of here

vlad on Jun 15, 2010


Looks haunting. Oh and Keira - vastly overrated actress - there, I said it!

Bash on Jun 15, 2010


@ #4 Perhaps because some people like to see more then commercial garbage like you're used to, and would like to see a film with real plot and character development? Or maybe that is just me.

Neo on Jun 15, 2010


Can't wait. The book was amazing. Couldn't get it out of my head.

sleepykid on Jun 15, 2010


you're right @6....the commercial bullshit i like such as, memento, prestige, shutter island, catch me if you can, you can count on me, inglorious basterds, bronson....i cant keep going, but they're all trash so why would you want to hear the names?

vlad on Jun 15, 2010



John Doe on Jun 15, 2010


i think this looks interesting. i need to read the book now.

ben chacko on Jun 15, 2010


The book was amazing. They actually put WAY too much in the trailer, a lot of that should have been kept quiet.

Kevin on Jun 15, 2010


Love keira but i cant stand Mulligan. i'll skip this film.

N on Jun 15, 2010


Can't really stand Keira nor the new Keira (Mulligan) so no thank you.

Nat on Jun 15, 2010


Not impressed i was hoping for more when Romanek returned.

Me on Jun 16, 2010


The book was looks good..thought the trailer was good too, they showed remarkable restraint in playing down what is clearly a work of sci fi...

butliere on Jun 16, 2010


#4 - vlad, sometimes you gotta get a break from "Transformers" or "Independence Day" hmm...both Michael Bay...haha

chilin on Jun 16, 2010


They're clones aren't they...

DPing on Jun 16, 2010


#8 - quoted for truth. Just bcause something isn't commercial garbage doesn't mean it's without fault. There are plenty of bad indy movies.

Geoff on Jun 16, 2010


clones have feelings too yall

real talk on Jun 16, 2010


um the trailer and synopsis don't match. looks like a thriller or something.

bo on Jun 16, 2010


#16 Independence Day was directed by Roland Emmerich. The idea of this movie (based on the book) is definitely inspired by The Clonus Horror (1979) the movie Michael Bay's The Island (2005) copied.

Lincoln on Jun 16, 2010


there are tons of indie movies i have watched and enjoyed...but this just looks boring as hell. i love how when somebody doesnt like an indy movie is because their taste is limited to only blockbusters. grow up.

vlad on Jun 16, 2010


#4/#8 Please don't judge people. Many people prefer this type of movie over the more commercial ones, such as those you listed. Just as you prefer the more commercial ones over the more artsy ones. It's all what you're into and everyone is different. To answer you question: people would go see this "snoozer" because they like movies like this. Not to be "more artsy-fartsy" or "distance themselves from mass taste" but because that's who they are, their personalities: the artsy-fartsy people who don't like mass taste type movies.

f on Jun 16, 2010


sure beats most movies out today

Copperhead on Jun 16, 2010


Yeah alex, hahahaha, you didn't feel to note in your synopsis that this is a wonderful piece of science fiction! It looks crazy good, a science fiction best picture contender even(which would be a first, I believe). Do your homework on this film, sounds like it's right up your alley. And definitely seems like a more real version of the island. Or a more philosophic one anyway.

Linkfx on Jun 17, 2010


@21, u're right man. my bad. thanks.

chilin on Jun 17, 2010


after that movie atonement, i am OVER ms knightly

DESIREE on Jun 17, 2010


I'm with #17.

RT on Jun 18, 2010


They completely give away the ending and the whole point of reading the book in the trailer, why do that?

Sooz on Jul 7, 2010


For someone who's read the book and knows what this film is REALLY about (And thankfully the trailer gives nothing away if you don't know..) I find most of the hate comments amusing. At the same time I wonder if the people going to see an "artsy fartsy" drama will get totally turned off once it dawns on them half way through the film what is really going on with these characters. Will we hear moaning and groaning about being "mislead" once it opens? Could this damage the film's run? I personally LOVE being surprised but painting this film as simply a "romantic" drama is going to shock clueless audiences...and lord knows most of main stream movie goers hate that sort of thing. Either way it looks muuuch much better than THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE adaptation (Which I felt really missed the mark). Really hope they do it justice since I loved this book so much. Trailer gives me hope at least. ::M::

Mau-Dee on Jul 28, 2010


Seeing Andrew Garfield like this, I'm really looking forward to The Social Network and the new Spider-Man movies.

Robbie on Aug 25, 2010


#11 I know its easy to say they put a lot in the trailer but they keep nothing a secret in the book. They are actually very out in the open about everything and what makes the book great is its tone and how personal it is, not the big picture. I don't mind them talking about their donations and short life span because the book almost blatantly tells you that stuff in the first few pages.

IIIIIIIIIIIII on Sep 20, 2010

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