Must Watch: Matt Shapiro's 2009: The Cinescape Retrospective

January 1, 2010

2009: The Cinescape

It's New Years Day, stores are closed, most of you are probably recovering from a vicious hangover, so why not take one final look back at 2009? Matt Shapiro (aka oyguvaltshappy on YouTube), who first started these cinematic retrospectives back in 2006, has finally finished his latest video - 2009: The Cinescape. I'm not sure if it's as good as the one from Kees van Dijkhuizen that we ran a few weeks ago, but it is pretty damn good. The music in this is Radiohead's "Exit Music (For a Film)" and he puts together some great clips to go along with it. It gets really good at the end with all the action, too. What a great way to kick off 2010.

Matt's introduction: "So here we are, at the end of a momentous decade, and the personal significance this video holds with me - I made the first one around the time high school started, and I made this one as its approaching an end - makes me especially proud to present to you, for the fourth (but certainly not final) time, 2009: The Cinescape." I really dig his choice of footage and I love how it builds with the emotional parts first, highlighting the eyes and the faces of so many great performances this year, eventually leading into the action. This is probably the last 2009 retrospective we're featuring this year, so I hope you enjoy it.

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I loved this one a lot more than the previous one you posted, Alex. It goes much more in depth into the characters and the emotions the films were portraying rather than the large scope of its bigger scene. It also had a better balance between films, they were spread out evenly. I also liked how it used footage from all the mainstream films, as well as the limited independent features, much more than the other video. This is the best way to remember the films of 2009. Makes me wanna see most of them all over again.

Van Castle on Jan 1, 2010


Thanks Alex. That was pretty good. Not life changing, but you know. Happy New Decade! 2010! =)

Kelton on Jan 1, 2010


actually, this video, i think, is a lot better than the other one you posted. it was timed, emotionally and chronologically, with the music and well planned out. The other one, while good, seemed more like a random jumble of clips. These clips fit into each other and told a story themselves. ...just my opinion

Josh on Jan 1, 2010


The best cinescape I saw last and this year is the clip TRAILER CUT Volume 1. Its so bombastic with the music like the first trailer of Clash Of The Titans. http://millus.kulando.de/post/2009/12/31/der-film-trailer-des-jahres-2009 But this one is not bad too. And I wish you all a good year 2010!

Millus on Jan 1, 2010


Awesome video, much better than the previous videos you posted. Each clip related to the other in one form or another and was nicely blended. This showed more than just the mainstream films which was very thoughtful and beautifully showed the emotions of each of the characters. The music also went nicely with the video. Oh and happy new year!

Caitie on Jan 1, 2010


The music in this video was absolutely horrible. I couldn't even make it halfway through. I'd rather not ring in the new decade with that depressing crap. So yeah, I'm gonna have to go with the other one you posted.

Tofer on Jan 1, 2010


sorry, cant say this was as good as last year's; the aspect ratio problems really took me out of it, and it didn't get good until half way through; last year's was amazing, gave me chills. this one...meh...

Critic on Jan 1, 2010


Is it me or did he leave out X-Men Orgins Wolverine? And Tofer... dude you should have at least skipped a bit to the end. For the music I thought the same thing. I never heard it before. But it had a descent climatic ending that kind of brought it all together. Good metaphor for the year 2009... depressing for the most, but a little bang at the end.

Jason on Jan 2, 2010


a MUCH better video than the earlier one that was posted(no disrespect to that filmmaker, just my opinion). The music and the flow of the video clips together almost made a fully cinematic experience. It was better paced and written than Avatar. If it could have been as good looking as Avatar, James Cameron could be obsolete.

Scotty97 on Jan 2, 2010


Whoever disliked the music can go stuff it, it's by Radiohead, one of the best bands of all time.

jman571 on Jan 2, 2010


music's great...well, the original radiohead song, that is; the editor sped up the last part of it to fit the trailers and made it crap...also, a bit slow of a song overall for such a video; bottom line, great music, wrong place for it

critic on Jan 2, 2010


I agree with #7 - the aspect ratio issues really fucked it up - poor Precious looks even more overweight.

matt on Jan 2, 2010


This is so lame. Someone's got way too much time on their hands, and why does Thom Yorke sound like he's breathing helium?!

In-Rainbows on Jan 3, 2010

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