Must Watch: Official Teaser Trailer for Ryan Reynolds' Buried

April 30, 2010
Source: Apple


Lionsgate has taken another bold step in marketing the upcoming Ryan Reynolds stuck in a coffin film Buried by releasing this teaser trailer which contains pretty much no footage. Actually, this is footage from the movie as this is how it starts out, and it's a brilliant way of introducing audiences to the concept and the claustrophobic world of Buried without showing any more footage than necessary. I'm worried that they're going to show too much of this in trailers and clips because it takes place 100% inside of a coffin and there's only so much you should watch to prevent the experience from being ruined. But this teaser is just perfect!

Watch the official teaser trailer for Rodrigo Cortés' Buried from YouTube:

You can also watch the teaser trailer for Buried in High Definition on Apple

As mentioned on the poster, Lionsgate has also launched the official website:

A U.S. contractor working in Iraq awakes to find he is buried alive inside a coffin. With only a lighter and a cell phone it's a race against time to escape this claustrophobic death trap. Buried is directed by Spanish filmmaker Rodrigo Cortés, of the films 15 Days, The Contestant, and Dirt Devil previously. The screenplay was written by first-time writer Chris Sparling. This was one of my favorite films from Sundance (read my review) and I can't wait for everyone else to be able to experience it as well! Buried hits theaters in October.

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Read the script, loved the idea of this really simple trailer. Color me sold.

Movieraider321 on Apr 30, 2010


looks very thrilling, cant wait

tom cruise on Apr 30, 2010


Very happy about the marketing for this film and can't wait to see it. Ever since first reading the script I've been hotly anticipating this.

Daniel on Apr 30, 2010


#2...looks thrilling? What looked thrilling, you saw nothing?

Chrisbo on Apr 30, 2010


#4... didn't you watch the whole trailer? You missed the unicorns?

Knawx on Apr 30, 2010


#5... you didn't wait until it was done playing? The field of Rainbow Sherbert?

Areus on Apr 30, 2010


ug! i cant breathe.. im claustrophobic already. may watch...

cyn on Apr 30, 2010



Xerxex on Apr 30, 2010


I read the Screenplay. It was mediocre. It just seemed like a long twilight zone episode. The only thing keeping me hooked is that im curious to see how they pull off the cinematography.

PJH on Apr 30, 2010


I forced myself to ignore the script for this one because the idea was so god damn different, I didn't want to ruin the film by knowing what was going to happen the whole time. I'll definitely read it afterward, tho, to see how well it translated and just to see how it looks on paper. Trailer looks freakin great, and I hope they don't do much more than this in any full-length trailer. Hell, just doing a couple really awesome teasers like this would be enough if you threw them in front of the right movies and put them on TV.

Squiggly_P on Apr 30, 2010


That was a perfect teaser.

Rops on Apr 30, 2010


Kill Bill buried alive scene made into a full length movie... could be interesting though if it's well filmed and if the script is clever.

tms on Apr 30, 2010


how can you call 911 if youre in iraq? i dont get it.. unless he got connected to the us but does that make sense? im not being skeptical..i wanna see this but i just dont get that possible in iraq?

jeong on Apr 30, 2010


Awesome....I wont watch anything else related until the movie comes out. That was a perfect teaser.

Cody w on Apr 30, 2010


Shoot! I felt like I was trapped. D: aauhg. this will be good.

Kelton on Apr 30, 2010


wouldnt the keypad on his phone light up??? just saying. teknolojeezzz

Mr.Mr on Apr 30, 2010


Crispo your a giant knooooooooooooooob!!! Go away you miserable fuck!!!

scotty on May 1, 2010


Yeah, really smart to light a lighter in a coffin with limited oxygen..

Robbie on May 1, 2010


Someone obviously watch Tarantino's CSI episodes. nuff said.

Marty on May 1, 2010


#18 Here's to that - "911 emergency, Where are you" - " I DON'T KNOW, I WAS HIT IN THE HEAD" Very intense trailer, looks like gold.

L on May 1, 2010


Reynolds does intense really well. He did intense really well in the remake of Amityville. He did Brolins character justice considering it was a remake and I usually don't like remakes compared to the originals.

arjones on May 1, 2010

22 didn't light up. Wow this is weak and I can't believe people are falling for this or did you like Open Water and Open Water 2?

tra la la la la di da on May 1, 2010


Very, very scary.......hats off to this trailer, showed little but gave so much, tension, frustration and allowed us to use our brains and IMAGINE. COOL

Barry on May 1, 2010


lol @22, thats why you think this is going to suck? or are you just a troll?

Cody w on May 2, 2010


I really want to see this movie, besides it's one of my favorite actors.

Fisherr on May 2, 2010

26 Open Water it's in one area and that's it. SAW pulled it off with two characters and some dilemma's this is just him trying to punch out of a coffin. some CSI, Bones, or cop show. They all have this sometime in their series and it's in shorter duration.

tra la la la la di da on May 2, 2010


1# 9# read the screenplay awesome

jason on May 2, 2010


#27 Agreed. Read it too.

Donnelly on May 2, 2010


wants to see very badly. teaser is amazing. *drools*

sjophotography on May 4, 2010


Although you can't see anything, its a thriller trailer, leaves you wanting to see the movie right now, can't wait to see if he makes it!

Voice123 - Trailer Voice Over on May 6, 2010


a trailer that doesn't tell the entire story in 2mins the simple things in life 😀

neonblue120 on Jun 3, 2010

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