Watch This: Official US Trailer for Andrea Arnold's Fish Tank

January 5, 2010
Source: Apple

Fish Tank Trailer

IFC Films has debuted a brand new official US trailer for Andrea Arnold's Fish Tank, a British indie film that played at numerous film festivals last year, including Cannes and Toronto. I got to see it a few times, starting with Cannes (read my review), where I saw it on the last day of the festival and absolutely loved it. Fish Tank is a contemporary coming-of-age drama about a rebellious teenage girl in England whose life changes when her mom brings home a new guy that she can't decide whether she wants as her dad or her boyfriend. I really hope everyone gives this a chance, it's a fantastic little British flick. Check out the trailer.

Watch the official US trailer for Andrea Arnold's Fish Tank:

[flv: 598 316]

You can also watch the official Fish Tank trailer in High Definition on Apple

Fish Tank is both written and directed by British filmmaker Andrea Arnold, of a few short films including Wasp and the feature Red Road previously. This first premiered at the Cannes Film Festival back in May where it went on to win the Jury Prize. It has also gone on to show at other various film festivals around the world like Edinburgh, Telluride, and Toronto. IFC Films picked it up for distribution in the US last year. They currently have Fish Tank set for a very limited release on January 15th later this month. Go see it!

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seems like a british version of "precious". (which i didn't like either)\ this movie comes across as too heavy-handed in beating the viewer over the head with this girls troubles. and after that, it doesn't seem like there's too much else in the film. i'm really not interested in any more "teen angst in a ghetto" movies.

beavis on Jan 5, 2010


I saw 'Fish Tank' when it came out in the UK last year. Really good but not great film. Its very VERY blunt and quite British. Maybe too British for an American audience. However, I suggest you give it a watch when it comes out.

Marcus on Jan 5, 2010


Red Road was pretty interesting and Fassbender is awesome, hopes this comes out in Denmark.

Marcus on Jan 5, 2010


I got a minute in and stopped it... Im really sick of these crybaby teen angst movies. Seriously we get it life fucking sucks...welcome to the world.

Cody on Jan 5, 2010


Got to love idiotic views from buffoons that haven't even seen it. "I got a minute in and stopped it" Yeah, we believe you bubba.

loci on Jan 5, 2010


"Seriously we get it life fucking sucks…welcome to the world" You can apply your wisdom to all films. "good things happen, we get it" "war happens, hellloo" "people get murdered...GET OVER IT" etc Idiot

hoop on Jan 5, 2010


I LOVE MICHAEL FASSBENDER! <3 He was epic in 300. :]

f on Jan 5, 2010


The world doesn't suck, shitty people make the world suck. My daughter was born -> she makes the world more beautiful. Conservatives suck, they are the cause of suffering in the world.

cintilla on Jan 5, 2010


Why is the trailer cut in 16:9 when the film itself is shown in 4:3? Not only is that essentially false advertising, but I think director Andrea Arnold has made a huge mistake in embracing fullscreen format, for whatever reasons she would do so.

Shane on Jan 5, 2010


Don't care about the trailer or the movie but does anyone know the name of the first song?

D on Jan 5, 2010


Wow, #8, that was from left field and had nothing to do with anything. Way to be lame. Hope your daughter turns out better than you did.

Usk on Jan 5, 2010


You know what's wonderfully interesting? When people can make a comparison between two films (Precious and Fish Tank) that could NOT have been made 10 years ago. A Black film with an obese character based on a book that is now getting recognition? A gritty independent teen angst film about a teenaged girl directed by a woman? Brilliant. I wish them both luck..... and let's have some more of these. BTW...You guys are right... people do suffer... life does suck.... So lets see some more multi-cultural depictions of it then.

Duane on Jan 5, 2010


#12 Why couldn't those kinds of movies have been made 10 years ago?

Marcus on Jan 5, 2010


I wanna see her naked so ill watch lol jk

booger on Jan 5, 2010


#13 I'm guessing because female director's espcially newcommers weren't given as many ooportunites as they are today. Secondly a film based around a black obese character wouldn't find an audience 10 years ago.

harv on Jan 5, 2010


"Secondly a film based around a black obese character wouldn't find an audience 10 years ago."

The Nutty Proffessor (1996) on Jan 5, 2010


#12.....there have been plenty movies that depict teen angst in a variety of about "menace 2 society"? "thirteen"? i thought both of theses examples were excellent in how the teens struggles were presented. and the idea that a movie will stand out because it's directed by a woman doesn't hold weight with me. i don't care about gender or skin color.......... i just want good movies and will support whoever does them. but movies like "precious" or this one don't advance the genre at all - just because one is a british ghetto and one has a fat black girl in it. sorry, but both seem average (at best) to me.

beavis on Jan 5, 2010


had me til the rape scene (I for one hate watching a rape scene makes me feel helpless, even though its not really happening. but let me know if am I wrong.) I love british films, but this is a pass...Maybe I'll see it later on, probably online.

Xerxex on Jan 5, 2010


I really gave this movie a true shot but I ended up so bored in the first act the remainder of the movie suffered. An english accent isn't enough to keep a film interesting. I love indies but I need a purpose to keep my attention.

Topher on Jan 5, 2010


#6 Wow yeah thats totally the same thing *sarcasm*. You obviously didnt see the point to my post that these movies are a dime a dozen. Idiot

Cody on Jan 5, 2010


this looks amazing. anyone know the music in the trailer?

M on Jan 5, 2010


#8, your mind has been twisted by the mass media. True conservatives such as liberterians will save this world. Liberals like the current Democrats and neo-con Republicans are the cause for the suffering. Do some homework. Listen to Ron Paul.

Z on Jan 6, 2010


Hey #13 I feel you sir. Menace 2 Society is a great example of how a certain genre produced quality films. Menace wouldn't have existed without Boyz in the Hood, Do the Right Thing et al.... and they wouldnt have existed without the urban genre blaxploitation films of the 70's. Even though Menace was about teen angst in gangster culture.... the protagonist/anti-hero in the film was still male. The male leads, Tyrin Turner and a fantastic Larenz Tate were both easy on the eyes (for the ladies) and played relatable characters for black young men, particularly those living in the West Coast 'gangsta' culture. Eventually these films transcended race and hold up as great American films. When John Singleton did Poetic Justice, featuring a female lead... it didn't really take off. You can blame that on story, quality, directing, Janet, whatever.... but it didn't connect as much as Boyz did. Or menace did. Take it with a grain of salt.. for as I'm writing this... I'm reminded that Baby Boy didn't do so well either.......) As for 13.... female directed... hard hitting.... 2003. Not 1999. And my point about Fish Tank was also not only about female directors... but British female directors.... directing a british independant film about a girl in the hood. I would ask any of you guys to provide me... rather... educate me on the history of female Brit directors telling a story anything near this in the last few years. Seriously.... it'll be cool to learn about it. Anywaze...Thanks for the critical comment beavis... I fully understand your points on Precious. Still a great film tho'......

Duane on Jan 6, 2010


1. WHAT IS THE SONG played in the TRAILER? The Very First song? 2. What is the song Played in the Trailer? \ 3. What is the song played at the beginning of the trailer? DO NOT PASS POST AFTER MY COMMENT WITH SOME BANTER! I WOULD LIKE SOMEONE TO TELL ME WHAT THE SONG IS! I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR SOME Biased Opinion. This is now the third comment that might go unanswered because people that post on this website are to self indulgent and would rather stroke their egos that answer or respond to others questions.

Griot on Jan 7, 2010


Looks good. Can't wait to check it out.. We need more films like this... or maybe we don't... just so all the good ones can stand out 🙂

Ellz on Jan 8, 2010


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simply Fish Tanks UK on Jan 20, 2011


I encourage everybody interested in cinematography to read my article that concerns both Andrea Arnold's Fish Tank movie and Mike Leigh's Happy-Go-Lucky. Please leave a comment, if you do so.

Anonymous on Jul 2, 2011


What is the intro song in the Trailer? I can't find it anywhere

Codiakx on Jul 18, 2011

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