Must Watch: Darren Aronofsky's 'Black Swan' Official Trailer

August 17, 2010
Source: Apple

Black Swan

Whoa. This looks incredible, you must watch. Even if you hate ballet or dance, this is one of those trailers you just have to see. Apple has debuted the official trailer for Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan starring Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis and Vincent Cassel. I was expecting great things from Aronofsky but this looks even better than I was initially hoping, I have to be completely honest. Plus it also gives us a little taste of the "supernatural" elements that the movie contains, since we've heard that there is some. I've said enough though, you just need to watch and enjoy. And yes, I think that's some of Clint Mansell's new score. Enjoy!

Watch the official trailer for Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the official trailer for Black Swan in High Definition on Apple

A thriller about the relationship between a veteran ballet dancer and a rival who's looking to win the same role in the new production of Swan Lake. Co-starring Winona Ryder, Vincent Cassel and Barbara Hershey.

Black Swan is directed by award winning iconic filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, of the films Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain and The Wrestler previously. The story and script were written by newcomer Andres Heinz and revised by Protozoa Pictures' exec Mark Heyman (Cha Cha de los Chans). Fox Searchlight will be bringing Aronofsky's fifth feature film, Black Swan, to limited theaters starting on December 3rd. You in?

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Wow. I wanna see THAT.

anonymous on Aug 17, 2010


I'm a big fan of Aronofsky, ever since Pi. Looks good.

ProMovieBlogger on Aug 17, 2010


Indeed, this trailer looks fantastic. I hope this is as good as we all are hoping. That last bit almost implies she (Portman) transforms into the black swan.

David on Aug 17, 2010


Sweet, this looks beyond awesome, cannot wait to see what Aronofsky and Portman have to offer. I was surprised to see Kunis at first but she is a rising star. I'll be there opening night. I want to keep my manly side out of this and not mention the kissing scene between Portman and Kunis, but too late! Maybe they'll win Best Kiss?

Xerxex on Aug 17, 2010


love aronofsky movies, im really looking forward for this one

jim on Aug 17, 2010


Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman making out........i'm there!

Kindred on Aug 17, 2010


Hooray, Barbara Hershey! Lookin' good, too! Oh, and the rest of the trailer looks very interesting, too!

kitano0 on Aug 17, 2010


The screenplay is amazing and the movie looks even better. Can't wait.

Gary M on Aug 17, 2010


such a racist movie swan? they shoulda just called it white swan or dark swan,anyone agree with me?

Spider94 on Aug 17, 2010


this looks freaking awesome. GARY M, where can we get the screenplay?

LINKFX on Aug 17, 2010


what the....F????

Have Hope on Aug 17, 2010


you're alone spider, I'm sure most black people won't be offended by the title. Also are you implying that the word black can only be used to describe black people? XD

Xerxex on Aug 17, 2010


@Spider94 You need to get over this. It is only a movie title. Maybe try looking up "black swan". It has more connotations than a swan which is black (which isn't really offensive in the first place).

David on Aug 17, 2010


i was pleasantly surprised. i loved the music. and there was an unexpected sense of forboding throughout the trailer.........i probably won't see this at the theatre. i have so many other movies i'm wanting to see already (i'll see it if i can find the time!). this is definitely a rent though. hey, has anybody seen the trailer for "the switch" with jason bateman, jeff goldblum and jennifer aniston? looks pretty good.

beavis on Aug 17, 2010


The end looks like a rip off of the short film" kitchen sink"

niwa on Aug 17, 2010


I was reluctant to see this. I wasn't blown away but the supernatural bit is what got me. Portman is watchable and it seems that Kunis is becoming someone worthy of some kind of praise. I'll have to watch more darren aronofsky before seeing this though. Interesting cast. It sort of reminded me of All About Eve. It's a black and white classic but I suspect anyone under 25 is allergic to black and white films. Ha.

Eli on Aug 17, 2010


Eli - don't be quick to judge under 25's taste in film. I'm offended. Also, this is not at all what I was expecting and the movie looks like it could be awesome. I love the sense of foreboding!

Traveler on Aug 17, 2010


Aronofsky is the man.

Al on Aug 17, 2010


i can already assume it will be almost unbearably depressing, but i imagine it will still be very good.

sam on Aug 17, 2010


can't escape depressing films in the 21st century sam. I expected that traveler. LOL.

Eli on Aug 17, 2010


Accuse me Eli but I'm fifteen and my favorite movie is Sunset Boulevard so I wouldn't judge to quick now. Anyway looks awesome, loved the hints of the supernatural twist. For some reason the part where Portman's mom is cutting her fingernails made me cringe. Hope there a lot of those moments in the film.

Caitie on Aug 17, 2010


Everyone! Take a note: Do not clip toenails while angry!

LW on Aug 17, 2010


mila cunis and natalie portman making out??!! oh my!

Para on Aug 17, 2010


I know there are those out there Caitie. Good for you though. The younger people I know usually dread anything dated before 1995. lol.

Eli on Aug 17, 2010


I loved The Fountain, and I love Natalie Portman, so I'll definitely be seeing this is theaters. I'd been getting Perfect Blue vibes from Black Swan since I first heard about it. Basically if Satoshi Kon had directed the series from this video(Princess Tutu): it would be Black Swan. Aronofsky is apparently a fan of his, because he bought the rights to Kon's Perfect Blue in order to use the same bathtub sequence for Requiem For a Dream. Now it all sort of makes sense.

Lana on Aug 17, 2010



Jon A. on Aug 18, 2010


Sort of groovy!! That shot at the end, her taking something alien out of her skin, reminded me of The Fly. Where is Winona Ryder though, did I miss her?

Bo on Aug 18, 2010


Bo I think it was more of a feather then an alien parasite.

Xerxex on Aug 18, 2010


now there is a movie to watch 🙂

DaftPUNKFAN on Aug 18, 2010


Ill watch this just to see Portman an Kunis make out.

shige on Aug 18, 2010


i cant say any better than the others above me. wow. sick.

mgazo on Aug 18, 2010


@10 - No, I don't agree with you. I love Natalie Portman, it looks like she's on top of her game in this. & Mila Kunis exudes sex, I'm thrilled to see her with my girl Natalie.

Shannon on Aug 18, 2010


hard on...

PinkSushit on Aug 18, 2010


meg gri stalking skywalkers's mama?

PinkSushit on Aug 18, 2010


This is a great role for Meg 🙂

David Banner on Aug 18, 2010


Aronofsky is great filmmaker but I feel I will be taking a leap of faith on this one even with him behind the controls and Portman and Cassel in the passenger seats.

Johnny Neat on Aug 18, 2010


Interesting, 2 girls make out and everyone's in..2 men making out, everyone freaks out.

Freddy on Aug 18, 2010


#10 Where do you get racism in the title? You're aware that the word "black" has several meanings, correct? Black is the color of objects that do not emit or reflect light in any part of the visible spectrum. In the trailer, her dance instructor is in essence saying her dancing isn't lively. It isn't luminous. It isn't a reflection of love or joy or light. Hence, being "black". It's an Aronofsky film for God's sake. He's a complex filmmaker. Read a little deeper into the meaning instead of coming up with your surface analogy based on your own false pretenses. Try reading more. Pick up a book once in a while...Maybe a dictionary too.

ModernAmericanMan on Aug 18, 2010


@29 - Nobody talked about a parasite. Black feather off a black swan, I get it, could still be alien to her. Or she thought wrong.

Bo on Aug 18, 2010


@Freddy its Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman kissing here! and we are mostly joking about it, two men kiss? not really that problematic at least to me. Relax man, you're jumping to conclusions, put your mat away. @Bo kidding man! kidding! If I was to pull a feather from my body I'd totally assume alien parasite, but then I would think "Wait its a feather? a bird parasite! how!?" then I would cry for hours.

Xerxex on Aug 18, 2010


Found Winona, hidden in few frames in the middle.

Bo on Aug 18, 2010


Aronofsky is one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. I was in the moment his name was mentioned. I hope mention Clint Mansell does the score for the whole movie. I love his work.

lamar on Aug 18, 2010


At first I thought......"O know another step up movie". But then as I kept watching it became more interesting. Not really going to waste money in theaters though. I'll see it on dvd......maybe.

WTF on Aug 18, 2010


"What happened to my sweet girl?" got me sold real quick...loll! Yeah, Cassel and Portman really cool! and when her reflexion in the mirror turns back....really SWEET! #10, YOU'RE JUST A MORON WHO NEEDS TO GROW UP! Most of racism is caused by people who think like you without taking time to even understand the plot and the director. They see racism everywhere!

I am on Aug 19, 2010


some fucked up shit was going on their,i like it.

deadpool72 on Aug 19, 2010


i love mila kunis and portman. this movie has everything definitely going to watch it

????? on Aug 20, 2010



Robbie on Aug 21, 2010


This looks AWESOME! Seeing it day 1 in theaters!

Aaron on Aug 22, 2010


The last scene made me think of all the ways this movie might really mess with my head. In one of those, "I can't get these images out of my mind" kind of way. I am cautiously excited.

Cracky on Aug 22, 2010


hahah awesome.

jman571 on Aug 23, 2010


WOW!! Looks GREAT. It gave me the chills. Aronofsky is a very good director and Portman is fucking amazing. Again WOW!!

var2apo on Aug 24, 2010


Winona ryder was there??...jaja LOL maybe like an extra..Natalie and mila kunis stole the movie... Thank you Mr aronofsky.

Sakyo on Aug 26, 2010


actually, what i understand from the trailer is that they're going to be dancing swan lake and the principal dancer is supposed to be the white swan, whose gracious and sweet, and the black swan, who's more dramatic and strong. and the whole time, portman is said to be a "sweet girl" so she's probably trying to get the role, but she's more of a white swan while kunis is more of the black swan.

Desiree on Aug 30, 2010


seems like Darren has a "Jacob's Ladder" on his hands. AWESOME!!!!

wm on Sep 2, 2010

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