Must Watch: Official Trailer for David O. Russell's 'The Fighter'

September 15, 2010
Source: Apple

The Fighter Trailer

Paramount has just debuted the official trailer for David O. Russell's The Fighter, their upcoming boxing drama starring an incredibly buff Mark Wahlberg as 'Irish' Mickey Ward, Christian Bale as his brother Dickie Eklund, and a supporting casting including a sultry Amy Adams. Another boxing movie? Yes, but this looks fantastic, I mean it. I love the energy, I love the build-up, this is one of those trailers that makes you want to stand up and cheer. I've heard some amazing things about this already, but it looks truly Oscar caliber. I think Bale, especially, Wahlberg and even Adams have a shot at some nominations. Watch below!

Watch the official trailer for David O. Russell's The Fighter:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the official trailer for The Fighter in High Definition on Apple

A look at the early years of boxer 'Irish' Micky Ward and his brother who helped train him in the mid-80s.

The Fighter is directed by David O. Russell, of Spanking the Monkey, Flirting with Disaster, Three Kings, I Heart Huckabees as well as the never-released project Nailed previously. Russell took over the project after Darren Aronofsky dropped out a few years ago. The script was co-written by Paul Tamasy (Air Bud, Walking Across Egypt) and first-timer Eric Johnson with Scott Silver (Johns, The Mod Squad, 8 Mile). Paramount is bringing The Fighter to limited theaters starting on December 10th with an expansion the following week.

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What's wrong with your FACE (Bale).

Skeeter on Sep 15, 2010


Damn that looks good. I love a good boxing movie if done right and this looks like they hit the nail on the head.

JTMoney on Sep 15, 2010


Wow. This looks amazing. These are the movies that get me into a theater.

germs on Sep 15, 2010


Ohhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaa. Christian Bale looks similar to how he looked in The Machinist. Looks like more than just a fight story, which is a good thing.

Trip on Sep 15, 2010


Just when I was getting disappointed with the trailer, the second half comes in and I start getting interested. And may I be the first to say Christian Bale nominated for Supporting Actor all the way.

4k4k on Sep 15, 2010


uhhhh this looks excellent but did i just watch the whole movie ?

yes i did on Sep 15, 2010


Just another film added to the this great Fall/ Winter Season. I seriously can't wait for this one. Bale looks exceptional in this.

Day on Sep 15, 2010


dialogue seems a bit contrived. A little too 'on the nose'.

Graham on Sep 15, 2010


And I'll be watching this for Amy Adams in her underwear.

Kevin on Sep 15, 2010


despite those mentioned potential flaws, it's still oscar worthy.

Eli on Sep 15, 2010


This looks great and Bale may finally be up for that well deserved Oscar nom.

wrongturn687 on Sep 15, 2010


@ #9 That's exactly what I was thinking.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Sep 15, 2010


Wow, I didn't even recognize Bale when he first appeared in the trailer. Neither his face nor his voice. This looks great.

SuicidalOptimist on Sep 15, 2010


Now that looks like a good movie.

Rooney on Sep 15, 2010


Bale... Oscar.... I can smell it.

asgfsfds on Sep 15, 2010


If this movie is as good as the trailer, then Christian bale is getting an academy award, hands down.

Gmorra on Sep 15, 2010


I'm in. Whalberg is looking great as Mickey Ward, Bale will be excellent as always, and Adams is just plain terrific!

Xerxex on Sep 15, 2010


Another great trailer that was simply the whole movie in 3 mins or less. GEEEZZZ, can anyone keep these things a secret anymore? I'll still see it but damn is the luster now gone.

Matthew on Sep 15, 2010


Bale is winning the Best Supporting Oscar for this. Its not the weight lost. Its the body language. The way his body is postured, the rhythm it moves at. His vocal cadence is changed too. He hasnt done this much of a transformation since American Psycho. Wahlberg is ehhh...sort of unbelieable, in typical mark wahlberg fashion

talli on Sep 15, 2010


I'm with everyone else on this one, the movie looks great.

CLAW on Sep 15, 2010


goddamn Christian Bale can do an accent

silver on Sep 15, 2010



Rocky on Sep 15, 2010


@ Talli, Hmm i would have to say he did a whole heck of a lot more transformation in the more recent "machinist" and then bulked up in record time for "batman begins". This looks terrific and Bale does look amazing. I've been a diehard Bale fan since i saw the Newsies as a child. What a bad ass. That being said, besides just showing more sex appeal, Amy Adams kind of effortlessly disappears into her role here, showing us a whole different side of her, as OP said, sultry...

LINKFX on Sep 15, 2010


i caught a pre-screening of this film. pretty strong movie over all but i don't think it's "classic" material.

Nick S. on Sep 15, 2010


Adams and Bale look great as usual. But damn, that Mark Wahlberg has turned into a fantastic actor. Who 'da thunkit?

kitano0 on Sep 15, 2010


@LINKFX...i'm talking about different transformation. Not Weight. Body language and rhythm

talli on Sep 15, 2010


Good trailer, but everybody needs calm the fuck down. Why don't we all just wait until it comes out first, and then see if it's as GOOD as it looks?

John Doe on Sep 15, 2010


The name of this movie should be "White Trash" or "Idiocracy II."

Anya on Sep 15, 2010


I have been waiting for this damn movie since the set pictures came out, which seems like it was years ago. CANT. WAIT.

laurel on Sep 15, 2010


Officially let down.

Me on Sep 15, 2010


great trailer. looking forward to this.

Logan on Sep 15, 2010


everyone said it and i am to Bale looks awesome in this movie. honestly he sells it because Wahlberg... pshhh guy cant act worth shit.

DoomCanoe on Sep 16, 2010


Did I just watch the whole movie? Well, at least it was pretty good.

Vet4Peace on Sep 16, 2010


Awesome. I will be seeing this as soon as it comes out here in good ol' england

Link1983 on Sep 16, 2010


Looks good but hate the title.

Yocke on Sep 16, 2010


full screen kinda always suck on this site.. when i see the news of a new movie trailer, i always heead up to youtube instead.... sort it out guys

Jeff Spicoli on Sep 16, 2010


Marky Mark has sure come a long way.

JimD on Sep 16, 2010


batman looks a little thin there.



Hey Mark, tell your mother I said Hello 🙂

dee on Sep 16, 2010


The only thing that can let this down is maybe the fight scenes......we dont see much of them in the trailer to see how exciting and authentic they look. I have great hopes for this...cant beat a good boxing film! I wonder if they end on the first legendary Ward VS Gatti fight!

vegasdanny on Sep 16, 2010


Fuckin' incredible!

Robbie on Sep 16, 2010


Wow that was a great movie, nice of them to let people see it for free on the internet.

Staatz on Sep 16, 2010


Damn...Bale can drop some

trey m on Sep 16, 2010



munki on Sep 16, 2010


I recently watched rocky 1-6 the other day. But this still looks pretty good.

filmfan111 on Sep 16, 2010


I smell a few Oscars

Wokkiee on Sep 16, 2010


@ Anya, hahahaha

LINKFX on Sep 16, 2010


I agree with #4 and hope he gets the Academy award that talented guy deserves! Whoa! That was hot 1st Amy Adams...that was it, I didn't even need the others to see this movie... 2nd : Bale, that Batman, they should have introduced him like this Christian "batman $1Billion worldwide" Bale. How come the put him in between 2 academy award nominated like that without upping more loll! 3rd : Mark Wahlberg of course too! 4th: the story...well, As long as you have the 1st one, I told you I don't care about the rest... loll It looks good nonetheless and I hope it gets loads of awards!

Bliss on Sep 16, 2010


This really looks like a ripoff of The Wrestler.

Kasper on Sep 16, 2010


Damn they made this look good when otherwise it would have look like a typical after school special. Bravo.

Johnny Neat on Sep 16, 2010


100% on the money this could be up there with rocky and raging bull. powerful stuff i can not wait for dec

Justin on Sep 16, 2010


Seems week. But shot by Hoyte who shot Let the right one in.

ryderup on Sep 16, 2010


Rocky 6? Cinderella man 2? I like both Bale and Marky Mark. I'll check it out but might wait for the hype to settle.

1544K on Sep 16, 2010


Do I need to see this movie now? The trailer seems to tell the whole story. It seems to be another by-the-numbers portrait of a decent good-hearted underdog beating the odds to be a champion.

AeonTown on Sep 16, 2010


i think this looks great always loved bale as an actor always will. funny thing is i watched the prestige last night and now i'm seeing another bale film come out. and i always love a good boxing movie my favorite is probobally cinderella man and this looks like it could have some major potential

max s. on Sep 16, 2010


why is there so much wrong with film these days. thank you hollywood for another one of these. glad i saw the ENTIRE movie in the trailer so I don't have to watch it in theaters.

Nick on Sep 16, 2010


Bale has gotten to be absolutely BORING in his Batman role but he shows a whole different side here....looks good enough for my cheap a$$ to break down and go see....

blasphemer on Sep 16, 2010


Like the others ^^ I feel like I just watched the whole movie in a YouTube clip. Is the full movie like the Director's Cut or something?

ivan drago on Sep 16, 2010


People make me laugh when they talk about the seeing the whole movie when it's a true story about a courageous boxer Mickey Ward that happened within this decade. I wonder if who will play or star as Gatti in the film, for anyone who has not seen the trilogy of fights between the 3 I suggest you watch them now on youtube, utterly amazing.

Majypoo on Sep 16, 2010


Bale is amazing as usual, hopefully during this filming he didn't freak out on anybody or at least used the ring 😉 As for Amy Adams, I'm just not seeing it. I think she's a good actress, but sultry? sorry no, she just looks tired and run down, I can't see her making the film any better than another actress

goldenfoxx on Sep 17, 2010


Remember, your host said pretty much the same thing about the last assbender... Another show everything trailer. Why bother?

spike Murdock, Poet-at-Large on Sep 20, 2010


im not gay or anything, but damn.... wtf is up with walhberg being all buffed the fuck up?????????? how in the hell did that happen. but the trailer looks good tho, i must admit.

KING on Sep 20, 2010


This looks great. Bale, as usual, transforms himself. Walhberg never disappoints me, even if the movie he is in sucks. Cool.

Jenna on Sep 21, 2010


Awesome. Bale certainly does transform himself. Wahlberg is always the same boring self. Hope they show lots of dick and ass.

Waste of Time on Sep 23, 2010


Bale again - Meh. Wahlberg again - Bleh, Meh. Can't forgive him for The Happening.

Hyper Dweeb III on Oct 7, 2010


wow Bale looks so emaciated.

CCavins on Oct 17, 2010

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