Must Watch: Official Trailer for Stallone's The Expendables!

March 31, 2010
Source: Yahoo

The Expendables Trailer

Lionsgate has finally debut the first official trailer for Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables starring one hell of a badass cast: Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Steve Austin, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, Mickey Rourke and Danny Trejo, too. I do think that they spoiled the two or three big cameos in this, but there's no way this could be a hit without dropping the hint that this is Arnold's first big screen appearance since 2004. But that said, this does look totally awesome, exactly as I wanted, everything I expected. I've been excited for this from the beginning and have always been asked why? Well, this is why!

Watch the official trailer for Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables:

You can also watch The Expendables trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

The story follows a team of mercenaries who head to South America on a mission to overthrow a dictator.

The Expendables is both written and directed by legendary action actor and filmmaker Sylvester Stallone, who has also directed Paradise Alley, Rocky 2, 3, and 4, as well as the most recent Rambo movie. This is a Nu Image / Millennium Films production developed by Avi Lerner and Les Weldon. Lionsgate is bringing The Expendables to theaters starting on August 13th later this summer. We first featured a trailer for this back in October of last year but it got pulled, then the official trailer debuted back in March. Still excited?

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Badass - nuff said

Zebras in Public on Mar 31, 2010


Wow. Now even the trailers have commercials.

birddog on Mar 31, 2010


Man, who isn't in this effin movie. xD I'll end up seeing it...I have to. lol

Sabes on Mar 31, 2010


Love it! Man check out that cast! However... I really wish they didn't show the Arnold/Bruce cameo.

KB on Mar 31, 2010


S O L D!!!!!! Looks completely badass as #1 said.

Xerxex on Mar 31, 2010


Looks like this is more brawns than brains...every action star known to man combined still won't make a good movie without a good story 1st.

birddog on Mar 31, 2010


Looks like a great summer movie action flick!

TediusTed on Mar 31, 2010


I'm surprised my computer remained intact

Jaf on Mar 31, 2010


FUUUUCK!!!! jean claude fucked up big time with this movie! i dont get it WHY JEAN CLAUDE!? WHY?! WHY DID YOU DECLINE THE ROLL!?

cesking on Mar 31, 2010


Sorry 6# but pointless comment, look all this guys together in a movie so made for each of them. Man... every single one of them in on flick, perfect. only Better if it had Diesel. I'll watch this no matter what.

D. on Mar 31, 2010


Wow... I know I'll watch this! Looks super badass!!!!

Quaked2023 on Mar 31, 2010


Yeah Vin Diesel should have been in this looks great

Trey M on Mar 31, 2010


Wonder if this is what it'll feel like when The Avengers comes out?.... I so want to watch this!!!!

Quaked2023 on Mar 31, 2010


fuck yes!

sickdoghats on Mar 31, 2010


This is what Predator was supposed to terms of cast. Can not wait.

Al on Mar 31, 2010



? on Mar 31, 2010


EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC... i agree with #9, who in their right mind would ever turn down a roll in this movie!!

AC on Mar 31, 2010


What I don't get is Sly has wanted to to work with Jackie Chan for years ever since Demolition Man and this film would have been perfect if Jackie was in Jet's role. I've nothing against Jet Li he is a brilliant action star I just think it's a missed opportunity.

Carl on Mar 31, 2010


Omg, this looks awesome! It's like all those action stars just came together to hang out and have fun in a ridiculous action movie. Amazing! I loved Arnold's little poke at Stallone's Rambo movies. xD

SuicidalOptimist on Mar 31, 2010


all i can think of is: why?

real talk on Mar 31, 2010


#21 why not?

Xerxex on Mar 31, 2010


saw this last month at a screening here in chatsworth ca. it was pretty badass. definitely going to see the final product this august

chris on Mar 31, 2010


@10 Learn to write comprehensive sentences so I can understand you. Pointless not really. Story always comes first.

birddog on Mar 31, 2010


Looks amazing!

Rick on Mar 31, 2010


Still not sold because I havent seen a rating yet....if this is PG-13 ill wait for the DVD. This is a movie thats just gotta be R IMO.

Cody w on Mar 31, 2010


Shouldn't Arnold be ruining California? Mercenaries are a bunch of tools who'll kill anyone for money, why should that be celebrated? Shootng unarmed civilians without consequence is funtimes...

Crapola on Mar 31, 2010


What song is playing at the end of this trailer!!!!!! This movie looks Redonk! So surprised the universe hasn't imploded!

Adam on Mar 31, 2010


^^^ What a dope. It better be Rated R. I'm not much on Li or Austin, but I wanna see this regardless. Guess Chuck Norris was busy.

Frightened Inmate #2 on Mar 31, 2010


@24 If story always comes first, why did Avatar made so much money? The story was complete garbage and a 6 year-old could have written something more creative. This film it's all about action and having a good time at the theater, enjoy it for what it is or just go watch something else 😉

Diego on Mar 31, 2010


UGH!!!! I shouldn't have watched it! I hate you Alex for not warning me better! I knew Arnold was in it, it's been mentioned long before but Willis!!!! SCORE!!!!!!! That was all it was missing, too bad he doesn't have a bigger part.

tra la la la la di da on Mar 31, 2010


Stathams the best! Can't wait. JCVD should've, he could've, wish I could say he would've. Ima beseeing this one.

Daniel felts on Mar 31, 2010


Birddog, Seems you got the point. Sorry about the sentence, no need for this part of the comment. But if you really looking for a good history try not to look at these actors.

D. on Mar 31, 2010


Looks awesome.

Vold on Mar 31, 2010



BoxOfficeZ on Mar 31, 2010


This film will make all future games of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon a walk in the park.

Felix on Mar 31, 2010


I think it will be a predictable storyline. Lots of killing but in the end the good guys will prevail. No real twists. I think I'll wait until it comes to DVD.

Ezza on Mar 31, 2010


Damn bad ass!

ZzFDKzZ on Mar 31, 2010


Looks like kind of a version of The Magnificent Seven. Jason Statham as Yul Brenner! Lol. Still looks kick-ass though. I will waste $14 on this.

Fred Schepsi on Mar 31, 2010


this looks awful.

meatcarnage on Mar 31, 2010


Wow 27 wow...go to your political blog and gtfo seriously cant even believe you just said that, did you see them kill civilians no. If I saw it correctly they were actually trying to save them. Go away with your PCness and let us action moviegoers enjoy the awesomeness.

Cody w on Mar 31, 2010


#27 Really? This isn't a PBS doc. Even if it was, it's got Stallone in it, what do you expect? He may be the only action star not to sell out and make kiddie movies. (ala The Rock and Vin Diesel.) Not that the world "needs" a good pointless action flick, but sure would be nice. I wasn't very old during Arnold, Van Damme, and Stallone's hay days, but I cant deny that I love me a good Jason Statham flick. I really wish JCVD would've been in this. It really would've put this over the top for me as something completely worth seeing just for nostalgic reasons...even if the movie sucked.

ImaginaryVisionary on Mar 31, 2010


Cody, I'm not PC. I'm just saying that mercenaries answer to no-one and kill civilians. My friend was in the army and killed some civilians because in the first gulf war he was on acid in a tank, he had to answer for that, but a mercenary wouldn't. This film is like gay porn for action addicts. Not that I think your a homosexual Cody, I'm sure your all man.

Crapola on Mar 31, 2010


it stars randy couture twice?! say whhahhaaaaaa

Mr.Mr on Mar 31, 2010


looks like a cliche-fest to me..........not to mention the plot/dialogue seems to be ripped straight out of a "B" action movie off of late-night cinemax. i guess if i've got nothing to do and it shows up on tv - i might watch it. sorry, but i just don't see this as anything remotely interesting.

beavis on Mar 31, 2010


Looks as exciting as an old WWF cage match. (Which, btw, isn't exciting)

WWF on Mar 31, 2010


Randy Couture is in it twice? Proofread! As for the movie it looks like it's going to be good for the demographic they're going after: those who want to see all these guys in a badass action movie and are willing to sacrifice good dialogue and plot.

Mia on Mar 31, 2010



David on Mar 31, 2010


Guys, this is simply a guilty pleasure. Sick of women having their titanics, and twilights. Finally, something that guys can go and watch for the mere FUN and ENTERTAINMENT. I know what I am getting, and I hope I get TOO MUCH ACTION, GORE, BLOOD, VIOLENCE AND MASSIVE EGOS! 80'S ACTION MOVIES OWN LIVES! HH

Have Hope on Mar 31, 2010


Hell yeah! But why the fuck wasn't Terry Crews' name listed at the end, when a fuckin' fake wrestler and an MMA'er got there names listed. I originally thought it was going to be more over the top than what this trailer shows. Might actually see it in a theater.

mconner666 on Mar 31, 2010


@45 It stars Rambo, Terminator, Die Hard, The Transporter, Romeo Must Die, Universal Soldier and so on. What the fuck did u expect? A good drama? Maybe a sequel to A Beautiful Mind? An Oscar contender? Use common sense and start taking things for what they are. This is exactly what is expected from these guys....stupid dialogue, lot's of ass kicking and bullets flying. I don't wanna see 2 of my childhood heroes talking about the meaning of life...i wanna see them shootin' mofos. I didn't expect Titanic to be an action packed thriller, and i surely dind't complain about it.

Deckter on Mar 31, 2010


So does anyone know the MPAA rating on this? I'm hoping for an R but am worried as all hell that it's PG-13.

Syphous on Mar 31, 2010


Now THAT's sex!

Thirsty? on Mar 31, 2010


Did I read that right? Someone said that Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel are Sell-Outs because they starred in kiddie movies? Hello, McFly! These men are not real mercenaries or action heroes, they are ACTORS! That's what they do. LOL!

Mega Jet Jaguar on Mar 31, 2010


#9, He was too busy making that timeless classic "Universal Soldier 3". I totally agree with you. It was a bad move.

last son on Mar 31, 2010


Stallone was a voice in Antz No sell out, no compromise. the $20million a film and well maybe a Planet Hollywood here or there "80'S ACTION MOVIES OWN LIVES!" Is the best quote ever. I think I might napalm some motherfuckers tonight and fire a bazooka with one hand whilst being shot at by the whole of Vietnam and then when the bullets run out I'll go in a toolshed and then rake the bastards to death then obviously I'll free all the POWs and get to that Chopppaaaaaaaaaaaaa and fly back to the base and be on some hero shit, just like it happens in real life. Obviously the lone kidnapped chick will be on my jock just in time for a kiss before the end credits and the emaciated POW's will laugh and pat me on the back. Cue soft rock... Roll credits.

Crapola on Mar 31, 2010


Holy crap! This is gonna kick major ass!! 🙂

Spider on Mar 31, 2010


This. Looks. Awesome. I forgive Van Damme for being excluded, because at least Steven Segal is NOT included 🙂

Mark Drennan on Mar 31, 2010


Looks good, but not as good as I was hoping. Hate to be a wet blanket, but it really doesn't look that special. Definitely looking forward to it, though. Great cast, for sure. (Besides having all those bad-asses in there, Charisma Carpenter has a role, too!)

kitano0 on Mar 31, 2010


A legit mindless action film! There hasnt been one of these in forever. I can not wait. I hope Jet Li does some serious hand to hand shit. My one problem is I hope the girl does not make some big stupid love story that is more important than explosions.

Jacob Crim on Mar 31, 2010


MY GOVERNOR IS IN THIS MOVIE WOOOOO! That's all that matters.

Rops on Mar 31, 2010


Well go watch Brokeback Mountain #6 , and kiss my ass !!! This movie looks fucking awesome to anyone that grew up in the 80's and on 80's Action movies , All the non-queers will appreciate the hell outta this movie !!! NUFF SAID

True Blue Spider-man Fan on Mar 31, 2010


YEA!!! Rambo and Friends!

Roderick on Mar 31, 2010


sure the plot for this looks week.....but WHO THE HELL CARES! I didnt know that this much ass could be kicked in one sitting!

movie mike on Mar 31, 2010


Stallone, Willis, and Schwarzenegger in one room... I think I died and went to the 80s. Actually, this looks awful... too bad.

Kevin on Mar 31, 2010


There must be a sequel. Arnold needs to get out of office and go back to acting full time so he can join the cast for real instead of just making a cameo appearance. It also looks like Bruce Willis will only be in briefly as well. The sequel must have the additional cast of some or all of the following: Chuck Norris Arnold Schwarzeneggar (full time) Bruce Willis (full time) Robert DeNiro Hulk Hogan (like him or not, he's still a classic hero character) Clint Eastwood (Gran Torino, 'nuff said) Mr. T (he's gotta be good for something other than World of Warcraft commercials) Harrison Ford Jean Claude Van Dam (he's gotta see te light sometime) Samuel L. Jackson Heck, I'd even accept Tom Cruise. He did Top Gun, The Outsiders, Days of Thunder, Mission Impossible (which is apparently getting another sequel), Valkyrie, Last Samurai, ... after his performance in Tropic Thunder I don't mind his scientology stuff so much anymore.

Chris H. on Mar 31, 2010


# 66 what about Wesley Snipes? and they even could include Steven Segal as long as he dies early in the movie lol

Superchyle on Mar 31, 2010



cesar on Mar 31, 2010


It looks like old fashioned "Rambo" style fun.

var2apo on Mar 31, 2010


some of you need to stfu and enjoy action movies for what they are...ACTION MOVIES..... I really wish Kurt Russell had joined this!

Colt on Mar 31, 2010


Was that some footage of Charisma in the trailer?! Sweet bastard!

Duir on Mar 31, 2010


Looks like i might have to "stick around" to see this!

Jimmy Love on Apr 1, 2010


Was there no room left for CHUCK NORRIS???

POS71 on Mar 31, 2010


love the trailer who needs a story?above you all talked enough...

jojoe on Apr 1, 2010


I really hope this is as awesome as the action movies from the 80s :]

Nate on Apr 1, 2010


Holy SHIT!!!! I think i just died and gone to heaven LOL... Wot a cast, Wot a fuckin great 80s action flick cant wait. WHY Vanne damme why didnt u take the god damme roll?

Donza on Apr 1, 2010


hell yeaahhhhhhh its been 76 comments already and almost all of you guys are excited for this one 😀 so the majority rule rules over "the need for a solid story in an action flick" 😀 (and i dont even understand why everything needs to have a story behind it, why cant anything just 'be' because it needs to 'be') i really dont understand those in need of "a story" as if everything in their lives has a story, has a reason has a meaning as if nothing is random and by chance or pointless this is AN ACTION FLICK and seems to deserve its place as a MILESTONE in all the ACTION FLICKS (sorry for the THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA-ish style 😛 the juices started to boil already :D) just imagine all those actors are taking even screen time blowing buildings out, gunning down bad guys, kicking the living sh!t out of them, poking eyes, pulling hair and at th end of all those lighting a cigar and drinking beer at their regular corner bar 😀 i will own this in blu-ray PS: i too have to point out my only concern, pls pls DONT KILL SUCH PROMISING TWO HOURS worth of time by releasing this PG-13.....children shouldnt watch violence anyway so please make this RATED R or even RATED RRR or else RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR we gotta let the berserkers in all us, fans, out... cheers

Burak "D'aequitas" on Apr 1, 2010


I agree with #77 I am an avid movie watcher and the action genre really isnt my genre because it has sucked since the 80s. I love great stories and great acting, but when I go into a film like The Expendables I am not looking for a damn Oscar winner, I am looking for balls to the wall testosterone overload!

Jacob Crim on Apr 1, 2010


I will see this no matter what, but i agree that it better be rated R...Stallone knows how to make a badass movie!

Jack Package on Apr 1, 2010


cant fuckin wait til it comes out

king on Apr 1, 2010


#49 Amen.... #50 A- to the motha-luvin Men....

Duane on Apr 1, 2010


This looks great.

Nada Nuff on Apr 1, 2010


My computer moniter has started leaking testosterone after watching that.

Jamie on Apr 1, 2010


too bad The A-Team Looks Way better.

erik Keating on Apr 1, 2010


As an avid 80 s' movies fan - this looks really terrible like they did back in the day - BUT I WOULD NOT HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY!!!!! Count me in! Cameos = Brialliant! - never realised how much I missed the governator! Bruce Willis is in this - nice! SS really have a vision and he will undoubtedly have a cult following - I dont expect Avatar-type figures, but I do hope and expect it will show decently!

Dan the Man on Apr 1, 2010


The trailer bored me out. But It's a cool idea and hopefully I will have a blast in the theatre. Feels more like remake of Inglorious Basterds than QT film 🙂 I dig Stallone and trust him!

ryderup on Apr 1, 2010


They should go for a more family-friendly title. The Lunchables?

dRailer on Apr 1, 2010


Omg, this cast is PERFECT! Terry Crews is an awesome actor, and errr everyone in this movie is lol.

Robbie on Apr 1, 2010


Looks like a GREAT popcorn flick... (nothing more nothing less). Cant wait to lose my mind for 90mins on this one. Perfect looking Homage to all those horribly great actions movies of the 80's most of these guys starred in!

jomba joose on Apr 1, 2010


@66. I heard Van Damme turned down Stratham's part in this movie.

lalo on Apr 1, 2010


@ #9 He wanted to be part of a movie with a good story bro, not everyone in Hollywood is in acting for the money I can assure you that this will suck, but I'd still check it out

LifeLiquid on Apr 1, 2010



Nick S. on Apr 1, 2010


@#92 Yeah because after he did JCVD he thinks he is a legit actor LOL

Jacob Crim on Apr 1, 2010


#92, oh really? you can assure me, that you know everyone's opinion and that everyone will think this sucks? Because surely you don't think the world is going to wait solely on your opinion? you can't be that ignorant.

Colt on Apr 1, 2010


Totally agree with #77 and #78 .. ITS AN ACTION MOVIE GUYS ..CMON..story not neccesary if you have all your childhood actions heros on the screen.. God damn it.. this will be the MOVIE!!! Juts want to see some great action sequences and acid jokes..thats all

Sakyo on Apr 1, 2010


In a word: AWESOME 🙂 I must watch this movie! Too bad there's no Kurt Russell in it. Wouldn't mind seeing a Tango & Cash reunion (of sorts). Forest Whitaker and Van Damme (was supposed to be in it anyway) would be cool too.

JudasBarron on Apr 1, 2010


This looks amazing

Guy on Apr 1, 2010


My stepdad dragged me to every Stallone, Arnold, Willis, Segal, etc. etc. movie that ever came out in the 80s and 90s. My mom never wanted to go with be brought me his daughter. It was our father/daughter bonding activities. When I saw the trailer for this movie I quickly sent him a link and told him about it. Needless to say I think this movie will be great. Plot? who cares. Its all about good old fashion old school good guys kick the bad guys @$$ movie. Gotta Love it. as for JCVD and Segal not being in the movie..who really needs them?

Haley on Apr 1, 2010


*conscious again after passing out from my 80's induced adrenaline I thought were gone forever* Fucking WOW!!!!.....I mean......WOAH!!! I just hope for a sequel we'll get: Arnold Schwarzeneggar 😀 Bruce Willis 😛 Jean Claude Van Damme 😛 Jackie Chan 😛 Kurt Russell 😛 ....all as MAIN characters, not some mini guest role!

McQueen85 on Apr 1, 2010


Oh, and I shouldn't forget Wesley Snipes. He can play the villain who wants money, power & respect... He won't survive, ultimately bags of money falls out of a helicopter and he jumps out trying to save it all...

McQueen85 on Apr 1, 2010


My eyes just grew some pubes from watching this.

Go Dee on Apr 2, 2010


SOLD!!!! I can't wait. here's a thought. Maybe Jackie, Chuck, The Rock, and Snipes is on Arnolds mercenary team and that's why they don't get along. After all, Arnolds team is a just a rescue team.

predanator on Apr 2, 2010


this is the third time i watched this trailer today and it made me comment once more 😀 this trailer is so sweet, it made my teeth ache 😀 cant waittttttt for the whole pack 🙂

Burak "D'aequitas" on Apr 2, 2010


Action packed movie with action packed heroes to the bones.

Fisherr on Apr 2, 2010


I take offense 49 because i hated Titanic AND Twilight. Twilight especially because i read the books and they equally suck along with the movie. this movie looks like a good time to be had by all.

arjones on Apr 3, 2010


After seeing this trailer, I ran outside an kicked the Sh** out of 5 guys!! This is movie is going to rip down the theaters!! Woo, love the cast. Jet Li rules!

Chris on Apr 4, 2010


HANDS DOWN i think i might've seen about all top action stars, i gotta say that i was outdone when i saw jet Li the top martial arts star n bruce willis the star of the die hard hard franchise i agree wit 1 of u guys who said that this has 2 be a rated r flick n another 1 said , if this movie gonna suck than the director needs 2 be FIRED no excuses wit all these stars im tellin u this movie better have me on the edge of my seat cuz im goin 2 the show when it hits the big screen just hopin it has a cold ass storyline

eye_of_the_storm on Apr 4, 2010


wow, looks like some old school violent fun!!! im in.

lando on Apr 5, 2010


My eyes just grew some pubes from watching this. :))

jilos on Apr 5, 2010


Awesome, I was expecting a cheesefest with all the known actors, but this trailer definetly turned me, the movie looks good. Way better than that b-grade A team commercial, but hey thats just me. I'll defenitely be seeing this.

Chase on Apr 6, 2010


I need me an 80's R-rated style type of action movie at least once a year. I need to see explosions. No amicable solutions to differences. I need guns to become characters in movies again like Rambo and Terminator. I need cheesy dialogue. I need Stallone to put up a movie studio that bring adult action to the screens on the regular. Enough with this PG-13 crap. Thank you Stallone. May you have many more years.

Ostilad on Apr 8, 2010


@Ostilad, that's easily the best comment I've heard so far!

McQueen85 on Apr 8, 2010


This trailer makes me want to start a bar fight in a biker bar. Pure awesomeness. My testosterone alone might get my wife pregnant again.

Cody M on Apr 9, 2010


Its missing (as far as I know) Mr. T., Kurt Russel, Russel Crowe, and of course, the best action man of all, Bolo Yeung. With these people, Bolo in particualr, it would be a 5 star movie

Johnny B on Apr 13, 2010


An incredible cast, even Jean-Claude Van Damme was offered a role, but he turned it down. Wesley Snipes was offered the role of Hale Ceasar, he couldn't accept it because he wasn't allowed to leave the United States due to tax issues. Also Steven Seagal, Ben Kingsley and even Sandra Bullock were rumored to have been offered roles in the film.

Voice123 - Trailer Voice Over on Apr 15, 2010


Where the fuck is Chuck ???????

Billy Jack on Apr 19, 2010


With out Chuck Norris this is not Expendable

Billy Jack on Apr 19, 2010


it's for fact that it will be released rated-R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U.G.T.F.O. on Apr 21, 2010


Really looking forward to this nostalgia trip. What a shame they all couldn't agree to make it 15-20 years ago when Stallone/Willis/Schwarzenegger were all in their prime. Guess the egos have softened a little.

Middo on Apr 30, 2010


"What's wrong with this picture?" "Everything," says Jason Statham If the editor felt that was necessary, I ain't looking forward to much

Pointer on May 4, 2010


hehehe rambo 🙂 saw this last month at a screening here in chatsworth ca. it was pretty badass. definitely going to see the final product this august

porn-m on May 6, 2010


Incredible!!!!! This looks amazing and Stallone is a genius. Great cast, sure to be a great movie!

Annie on Jul 17, 2010


An action party's not a party without: 1) Jean Claude Van Dam 2) The Rock 3) Steven Segal 4) Kurt Russell 5) Wesley Snipes 6) Jesse 'The Body' Ventura That's all i can think of right now...

tony2001 on Aug 11, 2010


You can watch it online for without surveys at

mike on Aug 20, 2010

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