Must Watch: Official US Trailer for Israeli Tank Film 'Lebanon'

June 4, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Lebanon Trailer

Sony Pictures Classics has finally debuted the official US trailer for Samuel Maoz's Lebanon, the film set entirely inside a tank set during the First Lebanon War in 1982. We've been talking about this film since it premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year but I still haven't had a chance to see it. This trailer makes me highly regret, as it looks incredible, like a taut, intense war thriller with a unique spin that looks like isn't just used a gimmick. They throw a lot of quotes around to try and sell this even more, but I was already sold on the concept. What a perfect way to end the trailer, too. Looking forward to seeing this! Watch it below.

Watch the first official US trailer for Samuel Maoz's Lebanon from YouTube:

Lebanon, both written and directed by Israeli filmmaker Samuel Maoz, is about a lone tank and a platoon of paratroopers that are dispatched to search a hostile town during the Lebanon War in 1982 (the same war seen in Beaufort and Waltz With Bashir). The script was based solely on Maoz's personal experiences in the war. As described by TIFF: "Lebanon is a sensual film in the dictionary sense of the word. The majority of the action takes place inside the tank, and a hot, sweaty, rusted-out place it is, rank with the odours of men and fear." Sony Pictures Classics will be bringing Lebanon to limited theaters on August 6th this summer.

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trailer is boring and crappy, hopefully the movie is better, but i kinda doubt it

qweqwu on Jun 4, 2010


didn't like the trailer...still wanna see the movie.

Xerxex on Jun 4, 2010


i LOVED the trailer. i think the movie will do a good job capturing the intensity a tank crew lives during it's time in combat. xerxex- what didn't you like about this dude?

beavis on Jun 4, 2010


The trailer seems to be a little low grade, but its only a trailer.. I've heard good things about this movie, and I'm hoping to see it real soon.

moti on Jun 4, 2010


Doubt I'll watch it, looks pretty heavy. I knew some soldiers in the first Gulf War who were on acid and in the same situation as the beginning of the trailer, they opened fire blowing a small minivan to pieces and then the occupants left in flames still alive and slowly died by the roadside. It wasn't til afterwards it really effected them, they drink a lot of booze now to combat what has been burned into their memory. there was no reason for opening fire, they were just on really strong acid and freaked out. One thing though I liked the claustrophobic feel to the filming, that was quite intense. Das Boot style.

Crapola on Jun 4, 2010


looks like a metaphor for people who are eternally trapped in forever war great concept, must see movie

Zack on Jun 4, 2010


Crapola: I think we can say that any soldiers who go on really strong acid right before going into battle and end up shooting innocent people for no reason are completely unprofessional disgraces who derelicted their duty. This movie looks pretty good, though I'm a bit surprised at the shakiness and fear that appears to be portrayed by the actors here. Not that soldiers don't get scared or anything, but Israel has one of the most highly trained and effective militaries in the world. I just don't see too many of their soldiers acting like just-drafted teenagers in over their heads. But what do I know? I'd still watch it if the opportunity presented itself.

Stephen on Jun 4, 2010


I didn't like the trailer didn't do anything for me...I was already sold on "Lebanon" when I saw the very first trailer and I'm still seeing it for sure, just didn't like this trailer...

Xerxex on Jun 4, 2010


Don't support this crap by watching it, pure propaganda.

Jason on Jun 5, 2010


i gotcha xerxex.......thanks for the reply.

beavis on Jun 5, 2010


@ Stephen. For sure man, but the area I live in supplied some of the best cannon fodder and and violent criminals I knew growing up for the army. It was terribly easy to get drugs whilst crossing many borders. Joining the army 'wasn't a job, it was an adventure'. It seems the younger guy is having doubts about what he is doing, this is bad for the rest of them, because he isn't willing to follow orders without question. I imagine it will cost them in the film.

Crapola on Jun 5, 2010


@beavis no problem.

Xerxex on Jun 5, 2010


@#9 Pure propaganda from whom? This is a portrayal of how wrong war - any war is. Israel regularly produces literary and cinematographic accounts created by its ex-soldiers that try to communicate this madness and shake their own pro-war public opinion.

Alex C. on Jun 6, 2010


of course it's an "anti-war" film............not many people openly admit they are "pro-war". seriously - how many directors have EVER said: "i'm making this to show the pure pleasure of show just how positive war can show how fun it can be". real war is necessary sometimes . but it shouldn't be embraced or looked forward to. however - i want the war experience to be as real as possible in a movie. i'm interested in the human experience: how men cope with combat and are changed by it. delivering an anti-war message seems redundant to me..........of course war is terrible - i don't think we're so ignorant that we need to be beat over the head with that message. i certainly hope lebanons anti-war message doesn't get too heavy-handed.

beavis on Jun 6, 2010


i loved this trailer. i haven't seen anything like it and i think the trailer sets up some good tension and intense moments. i'll definitely give this a watch.

Kenji on Jun 6, 2010


Good times in Hymie town!

Karl on Jun 13, 2010


Crapola, you knew some murderers actually.

SR, Manchester on Jul 2, 2010

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