Must Watch: Second Full Trailer for Universal's Sci-Fi Skyline

September 29, 2010
Source: Apple

Skyline Trailer

"Once you look, it grabs hold." Back in August, a few weeks after this upcoming movie picked quite a bit of buzz at Comic-Con, we debuted the initial teaser trailer for Colin and Greg Strause's sci-fi thriller Skyline. Universal has just revealed the second full-length trailer on Apple with some actual good footage and a look at the story, which is set entirely around one apartment complex while the alien invasion attack occurs, but it still looks awesome. I'm a sucker for great sci-fi concepts and this one looks quite decent. I don't think the effects look that great, to be honest, but as an epic low-budget sci-fi flick, I'm still impressed. Watch below!

Watch the official trailer for Colin and Greg Strause's Skyline:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the official Skyline trailer in High Definition on Apple

In Skyline, strange lights descend on the city of Los Angeles, drawing people outside like moths to a flame where an extraterrestrial force threatens to swallow the entire human population off the face of the Earth.

Skyline is both written and directed by brothers and visual effects specialists Colin & Greg Strause, of a few music videos and AVP: Requiem previously, although they have an extensive visual effects history. Not only did they produce this, but they're doing the effects for it, too. The screenplay was co-written by newcomers Joshua Cordes and Liam O'Donnell. Universal is bringing Skyline to theaters on November 12th. You in?

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This looks so much better than the first teaser.

germs on Sep 29, 2010


That's pretty BA. Glad to see turk doing somethign new.

Vin on Sep 29, 2010



Lucky on Sep 29, 2010


I'm in...

Drived on Sep 29, 2010


Overall I'm still not impressed. The acting looked cheesy. Just get underground... and stay there. the end.

Eli on Sep 29, 2010


I'm in!!!

atg2040 on Sep 29, 2010


Efeeeeeeeects! I like the actor with the tache. I'll totally watch this.

Crapola on Sep 29, 2010


ok, it looks good, but, there is something about the whole plot... what could be a possible reason for a bunch of aliens to suck people out of the planet?? anyway, i think we won't find it out. is just one of those "go along and accept the facts" kinda thing...

leinergroove on Sep 29, 2010



sumonesumtime on Sep 29, 2010


Looks like there is some cheese abound but still excited to see it. Huge fan of Eric Balfour and Im glad he's getting starring work.

Zack Pesata on Sep 29, 2010


When the male screamed at the sight of the heli getting attacked by the tentacles ruined it for me, sooo cheesy. Other than that I like the effects, not sure if it's serious or fun like independence day, rather get it on DVD than pay a admission.

Matthew on Sep 29, 2010


Did I see a different trailer from all of you? looks god awful. I'm all for big alien movies, but this just reeks of a made-for-TV film.

ryan_34 on Sep 29, 2010


Now that got me pumped although it has a low budget look at times. I worry about what I call the Eric Balfour curse.

Johnny Neat on Sep 29, 2010


@leinergroove - it reminds me of the 1979 "Quatermass" mini-series - people attracted to certain spots and "sucked up" as it were.....

Nodin on Sep 29, 2010


Fear fear fear fear fear, good job from those who want to keep first contact from not happening!

John on Sep 29, 2010


Like a moth to a flame. haha I'm drawn to this movie. Looks good!

f on Sep 29, 2010


this looks good but its only focusing on special fx it better have a good story also

tazz on Sep 29, 2010


Im such a sucker for alien movies no matter how bad the acting looks...Im in.

Cody w on Sep 29, 2010


why is it every alien invasion movie has the line "we don't know what their capable of"? seriously. i'm a sucker for sci-fi (even shitty, cheesy sci-fi) but you'd think writers would figure out a better way to say that already. obviously, when an alien ship is hovering over you're city, sucking people off the surface - you should have a pretty good idea what they're capable of. i'll still see it though.

Alejo on Sep 29, 2010


Surprisingly not as intriguing as the first trailer but I really like the scale of this. This should be all kinds of fun. Good or not, I'm still in!! Although they did lose me with Eric Balfour and Donald Faison. Maybe I'm not sold yet.

Marc on Sep 29, 2010


The effects are actually impressive, but the acting is some of the worst I've ever seen.

yep on Sep 29, 2010


Why do aliens find us so delicious and nutritious. We have livestock we can give you. Don't eat my brain please. I'm sure if we discovered life on other planets, tasting them would be a low priority. on Sep 29, 2010


This teaser trailer was what I have been waiting for. We finally got to see some of what the story is all about. At first I was very skeptical about humans just going to the blue lights and being sucked up. I was glad to see a little more information about what how they are sucked up and beyond. I am hoping we get to see the inside of a ship in this movie. I am sucker for any sci-fi so I am definitely in. I can't wait for November!

Scott H on Sep 29, 2010


the day after tomorrow with aliens? sounds good......

Spider94 on Sep 29, 2010


Not just saying this for the sake of hating..... but I really, truly do think this movie looks awful. In all aspects. Bad acting (from what little we've seen), the story itself doesn't even look intriguing and the effects are terrible. I've seen better plumes of smoke in video games. I just.... think it looks bad. Real bad.

Chazzy on Sep 29, 2010


btw I once thought of living at the apartment complex that this movie takes place in, and I also snuck into it a few times to film footage for a student film I was working on. It's in Marina del Rey.

LINKFX on Sep 29, 2010


I really am lookinf forward to seeing this but, Is anyone else getting the 'Resistance: Fall of Man' vibe I am getting from this second trailer?

Link1983 on Sep 29, 2010


Cloverfield, ID4, war of the worlds, etc... I get it. I'm almost inclined to see it on the simple fact that there's nothing all that great out right now. Might hold me over until 'harry Potta, the Chronic(what?)cles of Narnia & tron are released.

Solo Calrissian on Sep 29, 2010


i'm definitely seeing this. it looks like a fun watch.

beavis on Sep 29, 2010


Fuck me sideways this looks great! While it's pretty much an updated ID4 to the nth degree I cannot wait! I'm seriously excited about this!

tra la la la la di da on Sep 29, 2010


Run from place to place! Don't look into the light! What's our final destination!? FX, FX, FX, crawling on my face!

RJ McReady on Sep 29, 2010


Looks pretty emmerish...

well on Sep 29, 2010


the space ships look cool but otherwise that trailer was loaded with cheese. Why is it that its always a group of hot young kids escaping the end of the world....

Tomi on Sep 29, 2010


so did anyone else feel like the trailer showed too much? I mean it showed the I'm guessing main couple being abducted towards the end...does that mean it will take place in the mother ship?

Xerxex on Sep 29, 2010


Looks like it might be good. The action and special effects certainly look great. But the trailer left me wishing they could have done better than second rate TV actors.

Craig on Sep 29, 2010


Cloverfield + ID4 + I'm guessing a little Dawn of the Dead action (People seeing light & turning, trapped in one location...) = An awesome reason to eat more popcorn than is healthy or sane. I'm there!

jasonmd2020 on Sep 29, 2010


it actually looks decent, maybe i'll take a look at it in the movies

KING on Sep 29, 2010


i'll save my money and shove it up my ass. cloverfield was one of my favorite movies from the past few years, and this is no cloverfield. Eric Balfour looks like a total douche, the acting is shitty at best, and i don't know people are talking about when it comes to the special effects because they are 3rd rate as can be. Looks like a made for TV movie with a big budget.

Mike on Sep 29, 2010


I am a sucker for these movies so I wil be there.

jjboldt on Sep 29, 2010


If you look at the effects they border on bad SyFy movie visuals. I was looking forward to this but this just looks terrible now. No thank you.

Sroe on Sep 29, 2010


War of the Worlds, meets Independence Day, meets Cloverfield, meets the Boody Snatchers. Nice!!

Tom Collins on Sep 29, 2010


@Sroe: "bad SyFy movie visuals"? Oh...I, you must be kicking back right now at your cushy job at ILM, hm? Most films' VFX are worked on until the last minute. And Hydraulx is one of the best VFX companies out there. Look, you may want to pass on this film after only a two-minute trailer, but, remember when people actually decided to _watch_ the whole film before praising it or cursing it? Me? Trailer looks cool, but I'll wait to watch the film in the theater--and then I'll see whether it was worth it or not.

Marc McKenzie on Sep 29, 2010


I'm with you Marc, folks are bashing before they actually see it! I think the Cthulu looking monster in the pic above is worth admission alone!Looks cool!

jah p on Sep 29, 2010


wow this looks better then war of the Worlds except badass aliens i love aliens destroying the world

Richard on Sep 29, 2010


really astounds me at the bad acting comments....guess the Thespians of Twi-lite were all busy during casting.

Clover on Sep 29, 2010


Better call Master Chief

D on Sep 29, 2010


The effects look great, but the acting (and from what I could tell of the writing from that) just look too b-grade.

Emma on Sep 29, 2010


i'm a big sucker for alien films and for dr. chris turk but tis just didn't look worth ten bucks i'll probobally get it off netflix

max s. on Sep 29, 2010


For whatever reason this movie looks so stupid to's like an ID4 and District 9 ripoff.

gshauger on Sep 29, 2010


The only problem with space invasion films is this one line "Nuke the entire site from orbitβ€”it’s the only way to be sure" - Ripley when you can nuke it why do it the hard way...i am just sayin

Dravas on Sep 29, 2010


The unofficial spin off/Adaption of Crysis ?????

Ninja master on Sep 29, 2010


YES!!! Independence day + Distrit 9 + War of the Worlds + transformers + Cloverfield + twister + gozilla

TheMatematicaitor on Sep 29, 2010


i don't get it..visual are more than cool but the acting is...crap. i the only one to notice the cheesy screams, OMG NOOO crap? I repeat the visuals are more than cool...but something is missing.

toby on Sep 29, 2010


Woohoo its the Protoss!!! πŸ™‚

Steve on Sep 29, 2010


As a hollywood VFX supervisor myself, I can safely say, for the budget these guys were working with, and the fact that they shot the movie basically at their own condo in Marina del Rey and did all their own FX, they are pretty dope. Really nice volumetric particles, smoke & fire, everything they showed was nicely rendered, the copter smashing into the side of the very real apartment complex was well handled... Definitely better than syfy original movies. Better than Rodriguez could do, and this cost even less than anything he's done recently.

LINKFX on Sep 29, 2010



Last B. on Sep 29, 2010


Can't wait! Love this chewing gum for the brain stuff πŸ™‚

Justin on Sep 30, 2010


that looks wesome.

deadpool72 on Sep 30, 2010


Cloverfield anyone?

Ace on Sep 30, 2010


Awesome! I like seeing more than just space ships. Although the monster aliens look too big to fit in the spaceships...

Chad on Sep 30, 2010


looks better then a movie about a gay solider falling inlove with a gay "bad guy" then plannng to kill bush. or every gay vampire movie. just be happy therese no gay vampires or gay people in general. invasions/big monsters never let down

chickenpotpie on Sep 30, 2010


This looks like shit. Really cheesy effects and horrible acting.

That Awesome Norwegian Dude on Sep 30, 2010


#39...that was a gay comment...anyway I will be going to see this

TREY on Sep 30, 2010


@chickenhotpie - Is that you Tom?

Nodin on Sep 30, 2010


@LinFx: Thanks for bringing some common sense here. I mean, the Strauss Brothers founded and run Hydraulx, right? And if the budget of this film is as small as rumored (even lower than DISTRICT 9), then it looks damned impressive. Of course, a two minute trailer doesn't cut the butter, but I'm still intrigued enough to give it a look.

Marc McKenzie on Sep 30, 2010



Ambient on Sep 30, 2010


Yea, that is Eric Balfour, fresh from getting BJ from Lauren Lee Smith (Lie With Me).

Gary the Bruce on Sep 30, 2010


Another alien invasion? Won't they ever learn?

moif on Sep 30, 2010


Alien Invasion usually = big box office. ID4 redo? I'm in for sure.

kidgamer on Sep 30, 2010


What is all this hype about>>@>@>@ This is filmed like a B-movie.... The quality is shit.

jman571 on Sep 30, 2010


I feel like I just watched the entire movie. Why show the giant alien ship getting shot down? Weak trailer.

Ben on Sep 30, 2010


#36: If there's a movie that you CAN'T compare to another movie that's not considered a good thing idiot, there's so many movies out there you very rarely if EVER see a movie that is not similar to another...Some of you losers need to grow a pair.

Kris on Sep 30, 2010


#72: I guess you have never seen a B movie? God what a pathetic post man, come back when you know what you're talking about, thanks!

Kris on Sep 30, 2010


Hey it's the guy from Six Feet Under, Claire's drugfiend boyfriend. That was more of a surprise to me than the trailer. Will most definately skip this, looks horrible.

Neal on Oct 1, 2010


This movie is one drunk Jew away from an Independence Day reboot. Actually, Jeff Goldblum would probably make this movie better.

Cody on Oct 1, 2010


When i saw the first trailer i was like wow and now after seeing this im like nah, seems like a made for tv movie, but i am a sucker for scifi flicks πŸ˜›

DaftPUNKFAN on Oct 1, 2010


Looks like Big Budget Asylum project.

ARmy on Oct 1, 2010


A Low Budget ID4 with bad acting. PASS!

Ellsworth on Oct 1, 2010


it looks awesome! what are you talking about?

I am... on Oct 2, 2010


Looks like it's going to be so awesome.

Fisherr on Oct 2, 2010


Like the cheese. Bad acting. Probably see it. I agree #77 Cody, gotta luv Goldblum.

arjones on Oct 2, 2010


Have to say, the first trailer really intrigued me. I couldn't get over the image of all those people being sucked into the ships, completely helpless. It's a terrifying concept of being abducted to begin with, but the sheer volume that this movie depicts is just overwhelming to think about. This trailer made it feel more focused on action than drama, sort of a let-down. Some of the screams were a little over-done. Some of the shocks, like the helicopter were a little campy in their execution. But I wouldn't compare it to SyFy. I still really like the story concept, and the added details of whats really happening to people with the lights adds more interest and curiosity. Yes, we've seen a lot with aliens, but it's been a while (as far as I'm aware) that we've had an abduction approach, and I don't think we've had it at this scale. I'm almost betting on humans=fuel (oh crap, that would be a horrible connection to our energy crisis). But I think like #8 said, they probably wont reveal the actual motivation. I bet we also wont see the inside of the ships. This seems like a film that will keep us wrapped up in unknowns with the hopes our own imagination will scare us. If all it turns out to be is a campy laughter-inducing mess (which there's some good shots in the trailer that keep me from thinking it'll be a complete mess), then I'll embrace that and have fun laughing and pointing. That's what me and a friend do for the most part anyway. If another trailer is released and only adds to the campy factor I'll save it for a rental.

SapphireD910 on Oct 3, 2010


So this look like it is somewhat inspired from body snatchers and reinvented the transformation bit from pods to the blue light thingy! Cheers!

film buff on Oct 4, 2010


By the people that made AVP requiem 'ouch!' Doesn't bode well. Looks like another movie with 100 million dollars worth of SFX and 3 bucks spent on the script. Just how many alien invasion films do we need.........?

cameron on Oct 5, 2010


Those special effects look like they were done for SyFy channel.

Moon on Oct 9, 2010


Alot of you mouthy internet bums have no fkg idea, as per usual, what goes into making a movie, of any genre actually, take heed from post no 57 here, for insight. πŸ™‚ This film looks entertaining enough considering the SMALL BUDGET these two guys had..Now lets see your trailer with the same or better sfxs! G, Auckland, New-Zealand

G on Oct 9, 2010


Crysis anyone? Looks effing unreal. Can't wait.

werdnafaz on Oct 12, 2010


Well, it may look cheesy in some parts but I expect that if I go in watching this with NO expectations I'll like it!

JudasBarron on Oct 12, 2010


Lame-O...give me a break..."don't you get it...we're at war!" Wow. Haven't seen the alien invasion concept recently. Love the orginality and shit acting and X-Box effects.

Waste of Time on Oct 13, 2010


It would really be cool if in the end we learn the Aliens were trying to save humanity from an imminent catastrophe. However, in our rush to judgement we start a war that causes the Aliens to deem us unworthy of rescue. You know with obvious parallels to the Iraq invasion and conflict.

Demon on Oct 21, 2010


I figured out what bugs me about this ... the "Most Interesting Man in the World" voiceover doing the news at 01:13. Pretty Kraft-y.

writebrained on Oct 21, 2010


holy shit the chimera are coming what the hell happened to hale! need more vespene gas

Brettskii on Oct 31, 2010


Three Thumbs Up!!!

Tom Collins on Nov 12, 2010


Maybe all of us watching the movie got suck in by the blue light

Suck by blue light on Dec 9, 2010

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