Must Watch: Teaser Trailer for Anton Corbijn's The American

May 3, 2010
Source: Yahoo

The American Teaser Trailer

Focus Features has debuted a teaser trailer for Anton Corbijn's The American starring George Clooney as a hitman on his last assignment in Italy. But like all hitmen movies, he falls in love with a woman he's not supposed to be in contact with, and things go awry, mainly involving other people hunting him down. I think Corbijn is a fantastic visual director, I just hope the script is a lot more engaging than Control. We've been following this project closely for a while and this trailer definitely delivers, but I'm wondering if the female hitman who appears a few times is part of the plot that is now spoiled or? Anyway, take a look below.

Watch the teaser trailer for Anton Corbijn's The American from YouTube:

You can also watch the teaser for The American in High Definition on Yahoo

The American is directed by Dutch visual artist and filmmaker Anton Corbijn, whose only other feature film was Control from 2007, but he's directed numerous music videos as well. The script was written by Rowan Joffe (of Last Resort and 28 Weeks Later) and is based on Martin Booth's novel A Very Private Gentleman. This was shot independently by Corbijn both in Italy and Sweden last year and is being distributed by Focus Features in the US. The American will arrive in theaters starting on Wednesday, September 1st, this fall.

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Control was a fantastic character study. I think it says more about the viewer than the film if one didn't find the script engaging.

Aladdin Sane on May 3, 2010


Looks Sweet. =) Thumbs up.

Panda on May 3, 2010


need to see more to determine if i'm gonna see it or not

max s. on May 3, 2010


I thought Control was great too. This looks less grim and a little sunnier, with a smattering of killing thrown in for fun.

Crapola on May 3, 2010


I agree with #1. Control was excellent.

Kevin Baughman on May 3, 2010


This looks pretty interesting and I'm glad to see Clooney taking a different role for once.

jake the snake on May 3, 2010


Sorry Alex, but Control was one of the best films of last decade. I agree with #1

Ben on May 3, 2010


I think this looks pretentious, and dull. All that corny "god on my side" dialogue is so old hat. Give me a break!

movie mike on May 3, 2010


Control was a real good movie. You gotta be nuts to think other wise. I'm not really looking forward to this movie.

People's Champ on May 3, 2010


Looks great. Though, I can't help to think something... What if at the end of this movie, a mustachio'd Clooney dies while sitting on a diving board while talking to Sam Rockwell? I would laugh...yet also feel fulfilled.

Angry Chief on May 3, 2010


Nothing original here to see. Keep moving, keep moving...

Bash on May 3, 2010


big fan of clooneys but this looks like one big cliche, same story been hammered to death

harrison on May 3, 2010


Yes, we've seen action films like this before, but would you rather a remake or a sequel? At least it's an original script, even if it may be a tired story. If it's executed well then it'll be a an enjoyable experience. Whenever I find myself upset by a cliched concept I just think about Taken and it makes me feel much better.

peloquin on May 3, 2010


hmmm..... show me another trailer then maybe this one didnt seem convincing

DaftPUNKFAN on May 3, 2010


This is just Confessions of a Dangerous Mind minus Sam Rockwell and any humor.

Angry Chief on May 3, 2010


meh Alex you've been REALLY into some strange trailers lately

DoomCanoe on May 3, 2010


if george clooney is not the star of the new splinter cell movie im not going to see it not at the theater not on dvd never.

sickdoghats on May 3, 2010


LOL @16 though I do agree he looks perfect the part of Sam Fisher, he doesnt have the voice for it nor that trademark bad-assery the character needs on screen.

Cody w on May 4, 2010


Blue orange, blue orange, blue orange.

badeboom on May 4, 2010


I think this looks great and considering Focus Features has never released a bad film I'm down for this.

Movieraider321 on May 4, 2010


Clooney looks like he's 60 in this.

L on May 4, 2010


Count me in...

RPD on May 4, 2010


Hrmmm....looks kinda of boring. Clooney seems to be phoning it in.

1544K on May 4, 2010


that looks quite good.

DEADPOOL 72 on May 4, 2010


Looks interesting and am looking forward to see Irina Björklund in this! Go go Finnish actresses! 😛

coswell on May 4, 2010


What's with the dull soundtrack attached?

Quanah on May 4, 2010


CONTROL was an amazing movie....i have faith

Voice of Reason on May 5, 2010


id watch it

KING on May 5, 2010


Does it seem like only Alex had any sort of difficulty/engagement with Control?... :-O

AgentMcQueen on May 5, 2010


Looks good, Clooney starring again on an action thriller, I liked the Peacemaker btw.

Voice123 - Trailer Voice Over on May 6, 2010

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