Must Watch: First Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Teaser Trailer!

March 25, 2010
Source: Apple

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Teaser Trailer

Kapow! Universal has debuted the official teaser trailer for Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World based on Bryan Lee O'Malley's brilliant comic book series and this totally frickin' rules! I've been excited for this since the moment it was announced and damn it looks so awesome!! What an absolutely perfect teaser trailer, from the intro to the awesome footage in-between, and the ending with the gorgeous Anna Kendrick. We've been waiting to see footage for this forever and now it's here it definitely delivers. For those that don't know anything about this, it's basically a video game in a movie, you'll see what I mean. Watch and enjoy!

Watch the first teaser trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World:

[flv: 598 316]

You can also watch the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World teaser trailer in High Definition on Apple

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is directed by brilliant British filmmaker Edgar Wright, of cult classics Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz previously. The screenplay was written by Edgar Wright and actor Michael Bacall and is based on the Oni Press comic book series of the same name. The story follows a Canadian boy named Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) who must defeat his new girlfriend's (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) seven evil exes in order to win her heart. We've been following this since it was announced and as a fan of the comic books, I'm very excited. Universal is bringing Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to theaters everywhere on August 13th!

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Sweet trailer. I will see it no matter what unless school has me down.

movieguy on Mar 25, 2010


looks good, but somehow i don't think people who are not fans will get it

Janny on Mar 25, 2010


Impressive, I like! It's about time.

macca on Mar 25, 2010


I think it looks good, but I'm not so sure that...normal people (?) will understand what they are going for.

germs on Mar 25, 2010


Looks awesome... i wish it was a bit longer though.

dexter on Mar 25, 2010


nothing special..looks like a tekken movie.

rockfeller on Mar 25, 2010


So I guess they are cramming all 6 issues into one movie right? The trailer looks AWESOME!

almartva on Mar 25, 2010


I am starting to think Cera really needs to fire is manager. He is almost the same character in every movie he does. I will admit looks like he kicks some ass in this one. I really think he needs to stop playing the nice nerdy guy thing. I really would like to see if you can pull of a serious role. (Anna Kendrick is really got that hot girl next door thing going.) Need to see her in more movies.

600RR on Mar 25, 2010


Looks corny as a hell.

Darunia on Mar 25, 2010


@5 That's what she said.

sumonesumtime on Mar 25, 2010


@Janny I've never heard of the comic but i think this is pretty good. I get it... i think. Still wanna see it though. Plus Michael Cera

joSEF on Mar 25, 2010


HOLY F****** S*** THIS LOOKS AMAZING!!! As a fan, I was... kind of bound to say that anyway. But still... hot DAMN!

Andrew on Mar 25, 2010


Sure looks really damn good!! Love that it has a good laugh at itself...and coming from Edgar Wright, I wouldn't expect any less:P Can't wait!!

Marc on Mar 25, 2010


HAHAHA...if people were not fans before the movie was made, there is no way in hell they ever will be. This looks like total crap...

one on Mar 25, 2010


Wow I love the old comic effects and all this should be awesome

Duck on Mar 25, 2010


This looks truly awful.

Tripe on Mar 25, 2010


Looks awesome love the comics of it can't wait to see it

Colin on Mar 25, 2010


@9&16 Dude of course it does. It's supposed to be fun and silly. You are over thinking this kind of thing. Why can't we just watch it and have fun.

Bryanmakeup on Mar 25, 2010



Hulk on Mar 25, 2010


i dont know the history, but seams to be funny. I'm not a videogame fan, but that is ok. I'll watch on DVD.

D. on Mar 25, 2010


I don't get it.

TRiP on Mar 25, 2010


Looks terrible. Looks like its made for those specific geeks.

Jaron on Mar 25, 2010


Is anyone else starting to get tired of Michael Cera? the movie looks nice, but couldnt they find anyone else?

Ricardo on Mar 25, 2010


This is now my favortie teaser trailer since the Watchmen teaser. It's extremely well cut and to the point. Although, I really wish Jesse Eisenberg was playing Scott instend of Cera. The film remains one my most anticipated movies of 2010. (along with Inception, Kick-Ass, Social Network, and Black Swan)

TheGuyInThePJs on Mar 25, 2010


terrible wanna be hipster movie

L1A on Mar 25, 2010


I'm just glad Captain America is in it.

Alex T. on Mar 25, 2010


I'm not a fan and I'm pretty much sold, I liked Evans, and the awkward nerdy Cera seems to work here...well its his only look, but if he kicks some ass then I'm sold.

Xerxex on Mar 25, 2010


George Michael fights Ann? I'm in.

notes on Mar 25, 2010


It's so much fun to read these comments after having seen the movie hahaha. Some of you are dead wrong, others are completely and totally wright. But I signed an nda so I can't say who is which! XD

Keith on Mar 25, 2010


holyf***!! this is awesome! i totally wasn't expecting this! so Captain America and Superman are among her ex-boyfriends? Cool! I'm a little tired of seing Michael Cera in every other movie, but this seems cool.

F.C. on Mar 25, 2010


edgar wrights direction continues to be just as amazing as usual. even those his carrer is small and just blossoming i have faith that if he delivered wtih flying colors in his first two films this one will be just as great and memorable. (i just wish simon pegg was in it... or made some sort of cameo! XP lol) KAWPOOOOW! cant wait!!

sjophotography on Mar 25, 2010


Lordy Lordy this is frickin absurd that I love it

Jaf on Mar 25, 2010


I think Cera will come out of the whole "awkward/nerdy" type-casting he seems to have earned. I mean, the first thing this character does is go up and talk to the girl he likes, that's definitely not what what his other roles/characters would do.

Victor on Mar 25, 2010


@28! COME OOON!!! GIVE ME A HINT. T ^ T I want to prove the people who don't like it WRONG. :[ I really hope this movie is as amazing as I hoped it was.

f on Mar 25, 2010


Haven't read the comics but if Edgar Wright is involved I'll give it a shot. PS george michael needs to stop play george michael in different settings

Jeff on Mar 25, 2010


OH MY GOSH! Egg is the evil ex-girlfriend? That is hilarious!

Joshua m on Mar 25, 2010


Looks good.

Crapola on Mar 25, 2010


meh.... my friend Devin will eat this up but... i dunno

DoomCanoe on Mar 25, 2010


Looks very cool. I've never read the comics, but I might have to now.

Eric on Mar 25, 2010


Cannot wait! This completely got rid of any trepidation I had about this movie. Fantastic trailer. The only thing it was missing was some Sloan.

chrishaley on Mar 25, 2010


Wow, this looks awesome!

Robbie on Mar 25, 2010


Tekken can Kiss this movie's @ss... least THIS one knows what it is...

jomba joose on Mar 25, 2010


I love Wright's works but this looks terrible, I have no desire at all to see this. PS As a comic fan I can tell you that the comic sucks.

JTMoney on Mar 25, 2010


what is that...a boner i have for this lol .. looks epic haha

k-ile on Mar 25, 2010


looks like edgar wright potentianally nailed it. im excited

megalodon on Mar 25, 2010


This looks SO fucking stupid! I wish I never even heard of this shitty ass movie! Michael Cera is the WORST actor ever

Adam on Mar 25, 2010


Hey, what was that movie where Michael Cera played an awkward guy trying to hook up with a chick that was slightly out of his league?

Angry Chief on Mar 25, 2010



?????? on Mar 25, 2010


What's wrong with you people! This looks effin amazing, haha.

Sabes on Mar 25, 2010


this is how they should make video game movies just like this

Spider94 on Mar 25, 2010


Hmm...I don't know...I am still interested to see it but....

DiR3cT on Mar 25, 2010


I've waited this long for this trailer? what a piece of garbage

SkyNet on Mar 25, 2010


I've waited this long for this trailer? what a piece of garbage

SkyNet on Mar 25, 2010


Screw the haters!

Crump's Brother on Mar 25, 2010


Word, 54, haters be trippin. Personally, I'm glad for a fun, different movie. Edgar Wright is brilliant, and I'm a Michael Cera fan. He's been typecast, but I think Scott Pilgrim is badass enough to help him break his mold a bit. And i can say, as a comic book fan, that it's pure, light-hearted, escapist fun. But, it is true that if you don't like ridiculous things, you won't enjoy Scott Pilgrim. It is extremely ridiculous. Also, Chris Evans and Brandon Routh FTW.

Da Man on Mar 25, 2010


This movies gonna be K-POWswome.

Django 3000 on Mar 25, 2010


Lol, gonna watch it cause Captain America is in it, lol.

Kris on Mar 25, 2010


i think this looooooks awesome!

ben chacko on Mar 25, 2010


Considering it looks just as zany as the comic book I am totally down to see this

Movieraider321 on Mar 25, 2010


does this movie come with some crack cus it looks wak

DaftPUNKFAN on Mar 25, 2010


What am I missing? This looks terrible. I can imagine this in comic book format, but no matter what it still seems despicable. DVD me.

The Man With No Name on Mar 25, 2010



John Doe on Mar 26, 2010


looks like a lot of fun ekekekesesesse

danielvutran on Mar 26, 2010


Did not know of the comic but the effects in the trailer look Amazing. Looks alot like the early Batman seriers on Tv with the letters coming up after you hit someone.

Cineprog on Mar 26, 2010

65 this one movie i never wanna see. One reason i should see that nerd Cera fight a bunch of other guys and probably still win?? For a girl that looks like a nerdy prostitute? And people say Transformers was bad? Fcuk that

Deckter on Mar 26, 2010


Is the movie more bizarre than it looks?

Fisherr on Mar 26, 2010


Ok, this looks totally sick. This and Kick-Ass are gonna be so awesome. In regards to the earlier comments about non-fans not "getting" the film, I disagree. I know nothing of the source material and I'm super excited for this! Also, get off Michael Cera playing the same role over and over. The kid is clutch comedy, period.

Shizzlefits on Mar 26, 2010


lol looks good, glad to see more of anna kedrick

harrison on Mar 26, 2010


This looks hilarious. And relatable, my girlfriend has a ton of weird ass ex's I had to deal with when I started dating her.

Andrew Geczy on Mar 26, 2010


Hey Look it's Michale Cera doing the same thing...............AGAIN!!!!! At least this time he has! 1. This movie looks so geeky that Geeks should be ashamed of it 2. When did Anna Kendrick becomes God's Gift to the male race....did she all of a sudden become the last woman in Hollywood. Where is this obssession with her coming from?? Was her power suit and ponytail that hot in Up in the Air????

JAY on Mar 26, 2010


Lol. I've been waiting for a movie like this. And the "Geek" comments: Duh. Lol, but it's not a "forced geeky" feel you would receive from, say, Zombieland (and YES Eisenberg sucks worse than Cera), because this movie does not take ANYTHING serious. The comics are so fucking fun that it's not hard for any type of person to love em'. The video game vibe from Scott Pilgrim is something you need to wrap your head around, but not really take for face-value--it's meant for fun. The set-up is pretty much Mega Man. Get it? Just... enjoy the fucking movie. It's going to be a real doozy.

Cracky on Mar 27, 2010


i love the books, but this looks weak! michael cera isnt scott pilgrim at all!

leeboy on Mar 27, 2010


@#10 - hahaha, good one! This looks sooooo cool!!! Can't wait.

Conrad on Mar 27, 2010


#71, shut up, you know nothing Anna kendrick (along with ryan reynolds and chris evans) are NOT THE GIFTS OF GODS. They ARE gods. Get it right. You poophead.

Gmorra on Mar 27, 2010


anna kendrick was in a little known film called rocket science.she was amazingly evil/entertaining there,but everything after seems like a slight variation of that character.

twispious on Mar 27, 2010


OK I'm in.

Will on Mar 28, 2010


I'm a fan but Michael Cera is a douche. I'm out.

Agent Zero on Mar 29, 2010


The "KO" at 1:06 was directly lifted from Capcom vs SNK 2 (I think--it's one of Capcom's fighters). This was heavily inspired by fighting games, and I will be in the theater on day1.

Nada Nuff on Mar 29, 2010


Soooo excited!

Shanice on Mar 30, 2010


This looks kinda stupid...

Vold on Mar 30, 2010


Looks like a cult film at its best...some will think its amazing, most will think its complete shit.

Cody w on Mar 30, 2010


I'm reading the books now, looks like alot of stuff will be changed. I hope it's good though

Dan on Mar 31, 2010


kick-ass looks way better

nate on Apr 4, 2010


Does anyone not notice that Michael Cera is actually branching out in his acting now ? For people who havent read the novels, Scott Pilgrim is a cocky, freeloading, carefree kind of guy. Totally diffrent then anything Michael has ever done before. Dont knock it so soon. Read the novels then understand how its diffrent then anything Michael has done.

Maro Leon on Apr 6, 2010


^ Who said this movie is sticking strictly to the comics (that's right I said comics because thats what they are)? Come to think of it whens the last time any comic based movie ever stuck strickly to the comic?

Alex T. on Apr 6, 2010


You know, I'm a little disappointed that it's taken me until this day to find out that this trailer exists. I have been waiting to see this since they came to film in Toronto and I got to work on set. Can't WAITTTT!!!!!!!!

ferdelle lauren on Apr 13, 2010


Excellent awesome good though

Elvis@Gift Boxes on Apr 27, 2010


I am disappoint. SIGH. Not charming. Overdone. DNW.

Gina on Apr 30, 2010


This movie makes SpeedRacer look like Gone with the Wind, like I give a damn

Banyon on Aug 17, 2010

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