Must Watch: Teaser Trailer for Shawn Levy's 'Real Steel' Arrives!

December 9, 2010
Source: YouTube

Real Steel Trailer

Are you ready to rumbleee? Disney & DreamWorks have unveiled the first official teaser trailer for Shawn Levy's Real Steel, the upcoming family action sci-fi movie starring Hugh Jackman and a bunch of giant robots. This is that awesome slightly futuristic movie we've been hearing about and damn does it look good. This trailer hasn't hit online in high def yet, but did show up watchable on YouTube for now. There's some early glimpses of some of the badass robot fighting we'll see, some of the story and so on. If you don't watch closely, this just seems like a bunch of shots of Jackman yelling at no one, but it's still good. Watch & enjoy!

Watch the first teaser trailer for Shawn Levy's Real Steel:

[flv: 598 250]

You can also download the Real Steel teaser in High Def here: 480, 720, 1080

Sugar Ray Leonard as their boxing adviser). "There are some things only visual effects can pull off," Levy explains. "But when you give an actor a real thing, in this case a real 8-foot-tall machine, to interact with and do dialogue opposite, you get a more grounded reality to the performance." Jackman's robot's name is Atom, a fighting robot they found in a junkyard and hope to train to become the champion of the World Robot Boxing League. Real Steel is scheduled for release on November 18th, 2011 next year.

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As much as it hurts me to say this...this IS a rip-off of Bayformers. HH

Have Hope on Dec 9, 2010


this looks so damn stupid and cheese.. I want my 1:21 minutes back

tester on Dec 9, 2010


Whoa! It's like rock'em sock'em robots the movie! looking forward to this one.

David on Dec 9, 2010


Wow. That just looks like, well, crap. Methinks he should have decided to do the next Wolverine instead.

William Mize on Dec 9, 2010


And now it's time for a history lesson... Serling already wrote this story... how he'd have LOVED to have seen it done like Real Steel.

The Observer on Dec 9, 2010


This looks pretty good... Like it has a certain potential, and I wonder if Hugh Jackman will pull off another amazing performance... All in all, I can't wait for this Film.... P.S. It looks WAY better than any of the Transformers haha

FilmsterSalty on Dec 9, 2010


am i the only one who remembers "ROBOT JOCKS"?

Astroboy3000 on Dec 9, 2010


haha yeah I remember that, not well, but ages ago remembering see this, just don't recall the name of it.

ek on Mar 16, 2011


Check your hate for Shawn Levy at the door, because this is unlike anything he's ever done before. I think everyone is going to be pleasantly surprised next year.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 9, 2010


Freaking awesome.

Robbie on Dec 9, 2010


I don't know about tester and other bad comments, but to me this looks pretty good, and i'm looking forward to it, and like Have Hope, i think it's gonna ripped-off Bayformers too!!

DEMC on Dec 9, 2010


I have a feeling its gonna be good

trey m on Dec 9, 2010


"BRING IT". I wrote that part of dialogue for the script. You guys impressed?

Evilb on Dec 9, 2010


Um ...... No

Lettern13 on Dec 9, 2010


Look's good

MiKe M? on Dec 9, 2010


It looks good. It's a family film people. And a rip-off of Transformers? Nah... You all can't be THAT narrowminded to think every movie about robots is ripping off Transformers. Really? Did anyone see a robot transform into something else? I think they stayed robots...And like the homie Astroboy3000 said, its more Robot Jocks than Transformers. Shout out to Astroboy3000 for bring up the Robot Jocks reference. Great flick...

Flaco on Dec 9, 2010


Looks too violent to be a family film. And what's the story? Hugh Jackman teaches some robots to fight? And then what?

Dave L on Dec 9, 2010


Release date is October 7.

happycamper on Dec 9, 2010


He he. Evangeline Lilly was in the trailer for a second.

tatsuono on Dec 9, 2010


it looks like it might be worth a rental just to watch the robot fight scenes. - but, honestly.........i've already forgotten about it.

beavis on Dec 9, 2010


Looks good.

tir na nog on Dec 9, 2010


They at least could have made the robots look different than the Transformers. Instead, they look eerily similar - all the way down to the bright colors. I'm surprised. I'd have thought they would have the robots look distinctly different. I don't know. That teaser didn't really set the movie apart.

Jason Roberts on Dec 9, 2010


omg freakin a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

A5J4DX on Dec 9, 2010


Meh....Wouldn't waste my cash on this, I'll watch it if it comes on TV

Lagoya on Dec 9, 2010


I'm sorry but this looks stupid... And Dr. Cox said it's not cool to like Hugh Jackman

Ricardo on Dec 9, 2010


I auditioned for the part of Jackman's kid for this movie! I didn't get it....

Telltale Twin on Dec 9, 2010


#5 - You're so right. I always thought that was an awesome episode of the Twilight Zone. You all should watch it!

Google the Oct8pus on Dec 9, 2010


well... that looks crap.

dave on Dec 9, 2010


wow...i am honestly looking foward to this one more than transformers 3...the bots look awesome

ray on Dec 9, 2010


Have Hope Bay doesn't own Robots, and this one actually looks good.

Xerxex on Dec 9, 2010


hahahaha this looks like District 9 meets Transformers in it's could be good, could also be very bad. Looking at Shawn Levy's credits so far, he has definitely played it safe, but he's been successful and not a failure when it comes to telling a simple story. As long as he plays to his strengths in comedy with a tinge of social satire, and delivers us a little something new with the action, this could definitely surprise. Having the feature violence always be between robots is a great way to make the action as intense and brutul as possible, and Jackman is great and looks great in this.

LINKFX on Dec 9, 2010


I think this is a weak trailer for a potentially great movie.

Knawx on Dec 9, 2010


Looks like he's go the Swordfish getup back? lol. Trailer is pretty good btw!

Cruzer on Dec 9, 2010


Dude guys, I think it's spelled Robot JOX. 🙂

korm on Dec 9, 2010


Hmm, not very impressive. But it will probably be far better than TF3.

Lars on Dec 9, 2010


how is this a must watch? looks corny, who was the idiot who thought watching robots boxing would make for a great film...theyre not human...they dont have feelings...they dont have flaws...they dont have relationships...theres no emotional investment on behalf of the audience

talli on Dec 9, 2010


Transformers in a ring.

Gab on Dec 9, 2010


Looks great, definitely excited

zzz on Dec 9, 2010


This looks good, I'll prolly pick it up on DvD.

yellow bellied sap sucker on Dec 9, 2010


this looks hilarrrrrrrrrrrrrious

GerggTown on Dec 9, 2010


wait, disney and dreamworks teamed up? That's odd.

Eli on Dec 9, 2010


Evangaline Lily is in it so I'll watch it. But if this is the future of cinema count me out.

Eli on Dec 9, 2010


Looks cool. Throughout this trailer, I somehow awkwardly noticed references/fighting styles/ scenes that seem to be taken from a couple Jean-Claude Van Damme's flicks, notably: "Kickboxer" and "Lionheart"! Maybe it was just me but that was pretty bizarre! Anyway, I'll be checkin' this flick out! 🙂

Spider on Dec 9, 2010


Futurama rip-off

HB on Dec 9, 2010



josh on Dec 9, 2010


Sweet Rock'em Sock'em Robots movie, bro.

Angry Chief on Dec 9, 2010


rockem sockem robots the movie?? lol wow

croniccris on Dec 9, 2010


Is Steven Spielberg attached to this?

Chad on Dec 9, 2010


Looks cool.

McWilly on Dec 9, 2010


If they can make a movie like this, why don't they go ahead and make an ABC Warriors movie? Now that would be the ultimate robot franchise after Transformers 3!

jah p on Dec 9, 2010


when i first heard about robot fighting movie with Hugh Jackman I thought it was gonna be like the robot wars on discovery channel 6-7 years ago, but a bit more modern, with Jackman mentoring his kid to building a prize bot. Smaller independent family flick sure, but with those cool little garage-built bots. This is just dissapointing. BTW I hate rock-em sock-em robots. just two kids mashing on plastic. all it does is build frustration, anger and violence in kids. Anyhoo, to those fellow Robot Jox (NOT JOCKS) out there... Crash and Burn!

Akirakorn on Dec 9, 2010


Due to the $ucce$$ of IRON MAN and TRANSFORMERS movies, the suits in Hollywood will be green-lighting any script with robots in it. I can hear them now..."What? A giant white whale and a one legged Captain thats hunting him? Hmmmm. Just tell me that the whale is a robot and the captain has a bionic leg and its a go!"

uberman on Dec 9, 2010


Looks pretty cheese. I'll watch it anyway.

Rops on Dec 9, 2010


I love this crowd, because it seems like they enjoy robots fighting each other unless there is a oscar worthy story behind it, ah you guys are adorable. I can't wait to watch this movie looks like a fun flick!

Duck on Dec 10, 2010


Rip off? how is that..this has nothing to do with intergalactic robots who crash on earth and try to kill each other...the robots are man made.......this is cool..very cool to see that they put the Rock'em Sock'em Robots as a movie and made it look good....i have high hope for this....looks long as story line doesnt jump of the cliff then we are good.....fingers crossed.....

eck0_81 on Dec 10, 2010


I don't see Megan Fox anywhere...this pleases me. The movie has potential.

Vistone26 on Dec 10, 2010


look like "Rise of the Robots" snes time xD

krespartan045mrj45 on Dec 10, 2010


this reminds me of an epidsode of twilight zone, I am talking about the 50's or 60's version, looks good

ingmorelos on Dec 10, 2010


... rock 'em sock 'em robots?

mochonko on Dec 10, 2010


#5 "Serling already wrote this story… how he'd have LOVED to have seen it done like Real Steel." Great point, although to be fair Serling didn't write this story, he adapted it for TV based on Richard Matheson's story. Matheson also wrote "What Dreams May Come", "I am Legend", "Stir of Echoes", "Button Button" which was filmed as "The Box" in 2009, "Terror at 20,000 feet" (the one with William Shatner and the goblin in the airplane's window), and a lot more.

Luis M on Dec 10, 2010


We are already dead. We are Robot Jox!

korm on Dec 10, 2010


#35: "how is this a must watch? looks corny, who was the idiot who thought watching robots boxing would make for a great film…theyre not human…they dont have feelings…they dont have flaws…they dont have relationships…theres no emotional investment on behalf of the audience" Which is why you should read this interview over at Collider with Real Steel director Shawn Levy: According to him, the film is only about 30% robot boxing action and about 70% character/relationships/story. This teaser was merely meant to get people excited for the film, not necessarily to tell us what the story is about or enlighten us on the character drama of it all. He's saving more of that for the full trailers and for when people action see the film for the first time.

Dan Geer on Dec 10, 2010


And seriously, what honest male WOULDN'T want to see robots fighting? Come on! 🙂

Dan Geer on Dec 10, 2010


Bad assssssssssss

Sam on Dec 10, 2010


cg looks like shit!!!

momo on Dec 10, 2010


Did they really just make the live version of Rock'em Sock'em Robots?

Eh on Dec 10, 2010


interesting concept, sortve a rock'em sock'em robots live action with a plot(maybe?) theme wise it has a transformers feel to it though, but im willing to give it a shot, why they waiting til next year to release it? isnt it a finished film already?

harrison on Dec 10, 2010


@64 momo: Yep, so says you...from your cushy job at ILM, perhaps? It's a bloody trailer, and of course the CG might look dodgy....but the film isn't coming out for months, so they have more than enough time to work on it. Unless, of course, your CG skills are through the damned roof and you can whip up something better...which I seriously doubt.

Marc McKenzie on Dec 10, 2010


I thought the CG looked great, although yes some shots were not fully completed according to Shawn Levy. Knowing that, however, it all looked photo-real to me. Sometimes I really think that because someone KNOWS that its CG, it automatically becomes fake to their eyes, whether it technically looks real or not. Seriously, it looks REAL folks! 🙂

Dan Geer on Dec 11, 2010


did anyone notice a great thing about this movie?? stupid IN 3D crap at the end! finally! but seriously..weak trailer but im looking forward to it

raz on Dec 11, 2010


It's fun and entertainment and I guarantee my kid will love this.

arjones on Dec 11, 2010


Great Stuff! i cant wait for that.2 tumbs up

Ed on Dec 11, 2010


meh ill still watch it 😛

DaftPUNKFAN on Dec 11, 2010


@ #5 the director made this movie based on the Twilight Zone story written by Richard Matheson.

yup on Dec 14, 2010


#59 " be fair Serling didn't write this story, he adapted it for TV based on Richard Matheson's story." Actually, Serling neither wrote nor adapted the story; Matheson did the job himself. It was one of fourteen memorable episodes he wrote for the original ZONE, including "Nightmare [not Terror] at 20,000 Feet," although Serling did adapt two additional episodes from other Matheson stories. For further information, see my book RICHARD MATHESON ON SCREEN (

Matthew Bradley on Dec 21, 2010


wow this trailer looks awful... film might be semi-decent but the ceiling isn't high in this movie.. you can only do so much with a robot boxing film

Boon on Apr 14, 2011

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