Must Watch: Third & Final Epic 'Tron Legacy' Trailer Unleashed

November 9, 2010

Tron Legacy Trailer

We did not see this coming! Disney has suddenly debuted one final epic full-length trailer for Joe Kosinski's Tron Legacy. This is the granddaddy of them all, a full two-and-a-half minute long epic trailer, giving us a final glimpse at all that we'll need to see before going totally freakin' crazy for this movie! There are quite a few new glimpses of new scenes, some epic battle shots of the light jets in action, and so much more. Try to contain yourself while watching this, because if you're anything like me, you'll scream with excitement about halfway in. We've seen many trailers over the years for Tron Legacy, but here it is, the final payoff. Enjoy!

Watch the third and final full trailer for Joe Kosinski's Tron Legacy:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also DL the final Tron Legacy trailer in High Definition from Disney here: 480, 720, 1080

Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), the tech-savvy son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), looks into his father's disappearance and is pulled into the digital world of Tron where his father has been living for 25 years.

Tron Legacy is directed by first-time filmmaker Joseph Kosinski. The screenplay was co-written by Adam Horowitz ("Lost"), Richard Jefferies (Blood Tide, Living Hell), Edward Kitsis ("Lost"), and the director of the original movie, Steven Lisberger. This first got the greenlight last year because this early teaser played well at Comic-Con. Disney is bringing Tron Legacy to theaters in 3D starting on December 17th. You in?

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The more work they put into the CGI Jeff Bridges, the faker he looks...although it's still an awesome feat, definitely one of the most real CGI humans ever put on film, even if it does suffer from the Polar Express problem. Altogether, I'm sure this film will be solid.

LINKFX on Nov 9, 2010


.... totally agreed with LINKFX, Hey mister collie man Look i didn't come to disturb You best not be come 'round here. Unless you've got me sensi herrrrrrrrrrrrrbs.

Jeff Spicoli on Nov 9, 2010


Well, nice to see that de-aging CGI technology hasn't improved at all since it was used in X-men 3. This one might be worth a rent.

Rick "The Hat" Bman on Nov 9, 2010



LP on Nov 9, 2010


Are you guys KIDDING me?! You're still picking on the CGI Jeff Bridges? I've watched this trailer and tons of other footage countless times and I still think it looks flawless. I don't get it, I really think you guys are making this up in your mind, like you're forcing yourselves to see it as fake when it actually looks perfect. I seriously don't get it, I think this looks 100% amazing all-around, even the younger CGI Bridges. I can't tell at all!

Alex Billington on Nov 9, 2010


Is that a younger Sam too, cause that kid looks just like him. Man this movie looks fantastic!!

Micah on Nov 9, 2010


Another thing...this also benefits from the Matrix films thing...this younger Bridges is actually supposed to be CGI!! He is CGI in the story, so who cares how real he looks?? geeeze. -d

Dizz on Nov 9, 2010


Personally the de-aging tech isn't gonna bother me. Hell, it's justifiable when they're in the virtual world. I just care if the soundtrack gets an oscar nod, now that'd open doors for less symphonic and more off-kilter music.

Jaf on Nov 9, 2010


Wait – Bridges is CGI? Some facts please, for the not so troned amongst us.

Felix on Nov 9, 2010


well, it does appear that the de-aging tech appears in more than just the virtual world. It looks as if it is used in flash back sequences of before Flynn went into the virtual world. It just looks plastic to me, he doesn't look real.

Rick "The Hat" Bman on Nov 9, 2010


This is going to be intense 😀

Duck on Nov 9, 2010


I think young Bridges looks great. This movie will be a sight to behold.

Cracky on Nov 9, 2010


#9, you're a fool, keep watching it and you will get more! lol! Yes yes it is clearer now and looking forward to this. Of course like the original Tron, it looks way ahead, they invested well in the movie. Well, could you not have chosen Olivia Wilde? Well... I don't normally agree with Alex and his adjectives when describing movies, but on this one, you said it well...So you see I'm not a hater! lolll

I am... on Nov 9, 2010


This was the trailer to hook me. Looks really cool - but can agree about Bridges CG-look in the real world. #8 Maybe this and Reznors Social Network soundtrack gets a nod?

ryderup on Nov 9, 2010


@ Everyone. It's not de-aging technology a la x-men's a completely CGI head on the younger Jeff Bridges like they did in Benjamin Button. @ Alex...the CGI looks great, I was just pointing out that the more detail it seems like they're adding to the CGI Jeff Bridges the more obviously computer generated it looks. It does look flawless in some of the scenes like the low light shot with his mask coming off and when he's puhing everything off the table, but the shot where he is yelling and the CGI real Flynn from te beginning, very poised and lit too perfectly seem very fake. They're too perfect looking, not enough chaos in the details. But it is still extremely impressive, and I don't think I'll be taken out of the experience by it when I see it in theaters. I'm sure it will all look great within the context of the entire film.

LINKFX on Nov 9, 2010


CGI Jeff Bridges doesn't look real.... Get over it. Remember movies are made to escape reality and if you want to nit pick then just don't go see it because it is not real to begin with..... or is it??? :0p

RobL on Nov 9, 2010


Agree w/LinkFx, I feel the same but it won't keep me from the theaters either. but geez, enuf w/ the trailers and teasers--start the movie already!

cyn on Nov 9, 2010


Give me a break! "Sream with excitement"??? Scream how lame this looks. Was lame back then and even worse now with the bullshit effects and "inner" computer battles with Tron people and his dopey creation. Very gay.

Waste of Time on Nov 9, 2010


We keep saying this film looks awesome and the special effects are groundbreaking... What if the story and acting ends up super-weak? Just wondering... What if this is like 'Speed Racer'?

Cinematic Jackass on Nov 9, 2010


Am I the only one who thinks this movie looks terrible??

Telltale Twin on Nov 9, 2010


This is COMPLETELY different technology than in X-men, where CGI wasn't used(!!!) but something like Photoshop for motion... It's Benjamin Button's (old Pitt) technology and it unfortunately looks worse this time ;(

fad on Nov 9, 2010


This movie looks flawless. Can't wait.

Tron-freak on Nov 9, 2010


i feel like people are looking for cracks in the tech that just arn't there. i wouldnt be surprised if all of these self proclaimed CGI critics were thrown off the sent of their all-too-impressive detective work had they been shown pictures and been asked to tell the difference without prior knowledge that Jeff was CGI'd. you guys arnt as eagle eyed as you'd like to think. the work put into this film looks incredible-but by all means, continue to sit there on your fat asses and argue otherwise. =/

Nick S. on Nov 9, 2010


Don't pick on Clu 2 he will ruin you. Jaf said, he a computer program (a hacking program) and not a real person. Trailer was good, glad to see Hedlund getting more recognition, Wilde is gonna be good as always...and Bridges is an unstoppable force. But I cannot wait to see what Michael Sheen brings to the film!

Xerxex on Nov 9, 2010


i feel like people are looking for cracks in the tech that just arn't there. i wouldnt be surprised if all of these self proclaimed CGI critics were thrown off the sent of their all-too-impressive detective work had they been shown pictures and been asked to tell the difference without prior knowledge that Jeff was CGI'd. you guys arnt as eagle eyed as you'd like to think. the work put into this film looks incredible-but by all means, continue to sit there on your fat @$$es and argue otherwise. =/

Nick S. on Nov 9, 2010


Alex, calm down! Especially in the first shot when we see the CG Jeff Bridges with his son, he looks incredibly fake and awkward to me. The shots of him in the digital world of Tron don't look as bad but what has been seen cannot be unseen. One single poor shot of him (and in my opinion that first shot IS a poor one, though of course still a masterpiece from a technical standpoint) can and will influence your perception of the whole movie, at least every CG-Jeff Bridges-shot.

c-r-u-x on Nov 9, 2010


@21 yes.

Nick S. on Nov 9, 2010


@19 I went to Tron Night a few weeks ago and the best clip was a very emotional moment between Sam and Kevin that was surprised me of how I connected to it emotionally. If it has more of that, it will be an amazing film.

Gadder4311 on Nov 9, 2010


number 21. No you are not alone! Ok, I will see it ( for Olivia Wilde and the Bridge) but as someone that saw the orginal....IN THE THEATRE ON THE BIG SCREEN , and loved it .Many of us think this will be just what it is. A CGI fest with alot lacking. It is the only way "The Mouse" can re-coop the $$$ spent. Have we not learned from cinematic history? Something this over hyped for 2 plus years will be lacking. We all saw it with Fern Gully 2...errr Pochadanceswolves...ummmm Avatar. And please...all of us know how obsessed Alex is with Tron, he will never admit to any of it's faults now or when it's released. EVER!

Clover on Nov 9, 2010


EPIC! IMAX Bradforrd here i come...just wish your seats were comfy!

Buddy on Nov 9, 2010


Stupid but enjoyable

Loser on Nov 9, 2010


People bitching about movies are so boring and predictable. Especially when it's before the movie even gets released. "oh, the special effects look fake!!!" No shit, bro. It's cause they aren't real. Hence "Effect". /facepalm I think it looks like it'll be at least a fun little flick. I'm hopeful that it'll be the sort of oddly flamboyant Sci-Fi flick that I like to watch. There are lots of little things in this trailer that makes me think this is gonna be a fairly quirky flick. I like it when movies have little odd scenes like that. Adds a bit of charm to them.

Squiggly_P on Nov 9, 2010


I read these comments every day, and it seems like the same damn people always have something negative to say, no matter how perfected and visually clean, or presented the film may be; these "critics" can't seem to enjoy the entirety of a what is cinema's finest creations. The idea of a flawless film is, of course, what every film-maker aspires for - they (the one's we discuss on this site) don't just spend countless hours and millions of dollars to half-ass it. How this community would be a different place if everyone could just let go of their pessimistic and unconstructive emotions and sit back to enjoy the technological achievements we are so fortunate to experience!

Sota-POP on Nov 9, 2010


this is fukin awesome more footage i cant wait and big up to "buddy @ nov 9 2010" from bradford 😉

A5J4DX on Nov 9, 2010


I love that screen shot.

Al on Nov 9, 2010


Leaving aside the CGI Jeff Bridges (No, it's not flawless)... there is only one thing to say about the rest: F#$%&iIN' WOOOOOOW!!!!!

leinergroove on Nov 9, 2010


Sounds like the Inception Trailer music loooooooooooool!!! Movie still looks pretty cool, though.

Rummie on Nov 9, 2010


Well at first I thought it was another actor then i found out it was Jeff Bridges? and I thought hollyshit!! the make up is amazing! and now I found out is CGI!! yeah you guys are fucking trolls because the CGI does look flawless I will have to agree with Alex. People always have to hate things fucking pathetic.

I have no name on Nov 9, 2010


For you guys complaining about the cgi Bridges, guess what!: Its on it? OK, now sit quite and eat ur popcorn!

pipo on Nov 9, 2010


#3 That technology WAS NOT used in X-men 3.

polmantor on Nov 9, 2010


#37 1. Tron Legacy music was made earlier than Inception. (2008 comic-con!!!) 2. It doesn't sound similar. 3. It's much better and even Oscar-worthy.

polmantor on Nov 9, 2010


Hey guys, It's great to hear that you guys are enjoying the new Tron: Legacy trailer. I work on behalf of Disney, and we've been hearing a lot of great things from fans so far. Did any of you guys noticed the Tron poster on the wall at the 0:14 mark? Pretty cool stuff, right?

DisneyPictures on Nov 9, 2010


I'm so ready for this.

Neal on Nov 9, 2010


Looks like a cool movie (not oscar worthy by any means), but it looks like it will be a fun movie to see in IMAX with a nice buzz. The young Flynn thing stands out. It is not "awful" by any means, but it looks off just enough that it makes my brain's spider sense go off.

blester01 on Nov 9, 2010


Trailer was ok. but i'm sorry, this just looks very cliche. It's just a giant tech demo. What's in this film that we can't see in other films, along with a better story. It just doesn't look compelling. It's like watching a director play a $200 million video game.

movie mike on Nov 9, 2010


Gee, some folks are just pathetic... ragging on the least little detail of what is actually great CGI. This whole movie looks like it will rock and all I hear from a lot of you is "the young Bridges looks off, neh neh neh..." What a bunch of snarky know-it-alls! Oh, to be so cool. What do you Cheeto-munchers like, anyway? I mean really, to listen to some of you say: Avatar was not very good, Speed Racer was not very good, The Dark Knight wasn't as good as some folks want to believe. Iron Man 2 was a disappointment. Inception was over-rated. And on and on and on. What, exactly do some of you fan-boys want? I don't think some of you deserve great movies, or even mildly entertaining ones Because you obviously are so damn hard to entertain!

kitano0 on Nov 9, 2010


I saw shades of baaaaaad acting. Visuals and action looks mindblowing. The story OK. But the acting is meh.

JoJo on Nov 9, 2010


ACK! IMMEDIATE NERDGASM!!!! "What am I supposed to do?" ...."Survive." EPIC! I can't wait for it to release!

Amy on Nov 9, 2010


Um...guys, you do know the whole movie is CGI right? Ha! They fooled you into thinking some of it was actually real! They just threw in an obvious CGI face to make you think you were watching a real movie. Pshh, you silly people.

whatwhat? on Nov 9, 2010


I want to see this.

Mark D on Nov 9, 2010


This trailer was flat out awesome. I cant wait for this movie. The CGI looks good to me, its like people try to go out of there way to say something sucks when they will probably be the ones in line at the midnight showing to this movie. I can feel it, this movie is going to be awesome. You know what movie was horrible? Avatar, overrated and way too long, I cant stand that movie at all.

Guy behind the guy on Nov 9, 2010


This trailer is marvelous 😀 stunning neon effects with all the CGI and CGI Jeff 😛 kudos to this eye candy trailer 😀 now I just want to see this film even more and hear DAFT PUNK's new score 😀

DaftPUNKFAN on Nov 9, 2010



Zues on Nov 9, 2010


@#41 Shut up. Who cares. I come on this site to watch a trailer, maybe see some comments people make and you're ignorant. That simple.

BuzzKillington on Nov 9, 2010


It's not "flawless" (unless you're blinding by all the other eye candy), though it's acceptable in the TRON world where Clu should look like a simulated human. The visuals are great as expected, and if they weren't it would be surprising. However, what interests me most is if the story and characters have more to them than the original. 1982's TRON looked unique and wonderful, as does this sequel, but without a solid story, great script, memorable characters, this is just another CG demo.

data on Nov 10, 2010



data on Nov 10, 2010


I have to comment even though I have huge respect for digital domain. Their work on button was nothing short of breathtaking, however even myself, who works as a vfx artist looked at that first shot of bridges turning around to his son and cringed

sealz on Nov 10, 2010


@ sealz, exactly. Im not some high school fanboy troll. I am a vfx artist, i study VFX and make them for film, I know what looks real and what doesn't. There are some VFX out there that are mind blowingly realistic. Avatar comes to mind, Star Trek, too, and Inception and Dark Knight. There are films where the VFX ARE flawless or very nearly. It takes a sensitive eye for detail vs. Cinematic realism to make something look real for film. It's more than just trying to make something scientifically accurate. It's almost like Expressionism vs. photography. Sometimes Reality looks more emotionally believable when fudged for the sake of emotional response. Clu and young Jeff seem slightly cold and detached. I honestly believe it's the technology or the processes fault. I believe in a way that an animator can make it look better than a mocap artist. The film looks great, honestly, truly amazing from a VFX standpoint. Who knows if it will actually be good. I really hope it is. We need a new big sci fi series.

LINKFX on Nov 10, 2010


Like LINKFX I too am a vfx artist and it stands out to me. Its great work, but wouldn't go a miss on a really good looking CGI game FMV. I'd like to see it where the audio matches with his facial movements, because at the moment, it looks off which in turn is throwing me a little. Perhaps it looks too clean, I dunno - its a difficult one to call. Nice trailer none the less for a directors first feature! P.S. Does every film these days have to copy the dark knight and have big dramatic drum beats at the end!!??

RUSE on Nov 10, 2010


Looks kind of boring and uninteresting, I like Jeff but i wont be seing this.

loser on Nov 10, 2010


This one has a lot of great visuals in it. The first 2 trailers - the teaser with the lightcycle chase & the 1st trailer with the 2nd half completely without dialogues - are the ones that truly hook me in. Let's hope this isn't like another LAST AIRBENDER: great sfx + visuals, but poorly written & even worse acting.

Gary the Bruce on Nov 10, 2010


I see a lot of nerd talk here and you're all being very undude, this movie is gonna be glorious glorious eye candy with more grit than Avatar, A Dark Knight? probably not but still I'm amped, it'll be a fun little picture, epic trailers though always leave me a little uneasy, damn Inception trailers were epic as hell, good film, but didn't blow my mind, hope but doubt Tron will do that either, still excited nonetheless...

Duder on Nov 11, 2010


effff yahh gonna go see it

Sam on Nov 11, 2010


Can't waitttt!

David 123 on Nov 11, 2010


I like how everyone is defending the CG saying it looks weird because its supposed to look like a simulation in the tron world. Even though the first shot is a flashback scene from real life... Its not like its an absolutely awful thing but relying on CG for living beings never lasts the test of time. Go back and watch Lord of the Rings and compare the Gollum CG to the stuff out now like Avatar. It doesn't look nearly as good. As opposed to using either real makeup or whatever creature puppets from the 80s, most of those movies still look good. Not that they could do that for the Jeff Bridges part but maaan I really wish it didn't look so fake. Things like that just take you out of the experience.

Dave on Nov 11, 2010


Worst trailer yet.

DiR3cT on Nov 12, 2010


The only reason i'm going to go and see this movie in the theaters, is to see the Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides teaser trailer, that is going to be playing during the prevews before Tron Legacy starts. If that was not going to happen, then i wouldn't even be planning on going to see this movie, which the Pirates 4 teaser trailer is going to be playing before the movie, during the previews, in all movie theaters, so i am going to go and see this movie, no matter how cheesy the CGI may look to you all here, it looks good enough to be a BIG hit, no matter what you all might say! 😉 .

Sean on Nov 12, 2010


GOD i hate you people. Your standards for film are so high that you can't enjoy anything.

Josef on Nov 13, 2010


Facial CGI animation doesn't looks that perfect they look like they are CG they aren't that real. Other than that the movie looks more than awesome, it's gonna be way much better than the first one.

Fisherr on Nov 15, 2010


I know the CGI action moments will shine. But I'm concerned with corny lines and acting. We'll see.

BBQ BIZZOB on Nov 20, 2010


Can someone tell me what's that so nice song from maybe the middle to the end of the song ???

Soupdion on Jan 29, 2011

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