Must Watch: Trailer for Eli Roth-Produced 'The Last Exorcism'

May 25, 2010
Source: Yahoo

The Last Exorcism Trailer

Holy hell this looks creepy! Lionsgate has debuted the official trailer for The Last Exorcism, an Eli Roth produced and Daniel Stamm directed (A Necessary Death) horror film. This new exorcism film is shot like a faux-documentary, kind of Paranormal Activity about evangelical minister's last exorcism, which definitely ups the creepiness of the whole thing. I love that style, but my concern is that audiences may be getting tired of it quickly, but I don't really know. This does look like it will be pretty good, so don't let Eli Roth's name scare you off. If you're a horror film fan or love exorcisms (who doesn't?) then check out this creepy trailer.

Watch the first official trailer for Daniel Stamm's The Last Exorcism from YouTube:

The Last Exorcism, previously known as Cotton, was directed by A Necessary Death director Daniel Stamm and co-written by Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland, who together wrote & directed the 2004 comedy Mail Order Wife previously. This stars Patrick Fabian, Iris Bahr, Louis Herthum, Ashley Bell, Tony Bentley, Caleb Jones, Shanna Forrestall, Allen Boudreaux, Logan Craig Reid and Jamie Alyson Caudle. This film was shot on location very quietly down in Lousiana and it definitely looks like it'll scare the crap out of a lot of people. Lionsgate is bringing The Last Exorcism to theaters everywhere starting August 27th coming soon.

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Seems pretty cool. I may watch it if I have the spare scrilla.

JudasBarron on May 25, 2010


Wow. Not bad at all. Finally a good looking horror movie.

Josef on May 25, 2010


Meh. Only that last scene looked scary. Who knows, maybe they're saving the best for the movie. But that trailer did absolutely nothing for me.

Film Fan on May 25, 2010


this movie actually look like a horror movie, i have to c this!

tana on May 25, 2010


Looks good... but really, after the Exorcist, all other exorcism movies seem extraneous.

Kevin on May 25, 2010


wow that looks great but im not gnna lie i will sleep with the lights on tonight

pulp fiction212 on May 25, 2010


Interesting. I like it!

Sean on May 25, 2010


looks like the excorcist filmed in documentary style......whatever

cervas on May 25, 2010


ho lee fuck 😐

Toucmyinfection on May 25, 2010


the girl looks exactly like Michael Cera.

Brian Ricci on May 25, 2010


That looks like crap

Gert on May 25, 2010


I think the hook here is watching a evangelical get his due 😛

LW on May 25, 2010


God, it looks low budget..I would expect more gore from Eli Roth produced film.

chev chelios on May 25, 2010


@ #3 & #5 You guys took the words right outta my fucking mouth.

John Doe on May 25, 2010


..."don't let Eli Roth's name scare you off..."? What the hell? Eli Roth's name is what got me interested in this when it was first announced. And I'm not alone on that.

Tom on May 25, 2010


This is a comedy, right? No guys, seriously, it's a comedy, right?

The 13th Wang. on May 25, 2010


Why do I look at this sort of stuff late at night. Even if it wasn't so bad, I'm still a bit of a wuss, haha.

Sabes on May 26, 2010


WoW, Great film! Regards, Sciagnij Wrzuty

Sciagnij Wrzuty on May 26, 2010


lol at #8

... on May 26, 2010


Reminds me of The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Could be good. The official poster for The Last Exorcism can be found here:

ProMovieBlogger on May 26, 2010


I love Eli Roth. This movie looks scary and way better than Paranormal Activity. Gonna check it out for sure. I love anything Eli Roth is involved in!

Lincoln on May 26, 2010


I'm a sucker for young women possessed by the devil. Might actually see this one in theatres.

Delvis on May 26, 2010


The movie looks promising, i really want to see more footage.

Fisherr on May 26, 2010


looks better than rec 2

sna on May 26, 2010


Loks good....gonna check

Trey M on May 26, 2010


I'm surprised that after Paranormal Activity hit big, we haven't had more horror films done with the held hand camera style. The hand held gimmick seems to be an effective tool with I do enjoy. It worked for the Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield, Rec and Paranormal Activity. It adds a realistic flavour to films, but I'm glad it's not being over done like 3D. The flick does look creepy, and again, it's the handheld style that seems to do it for me here.

Rob( on May 26, 2010


Meh...looks like crap. Horrible preview but doesn't mean it won't be good. The best part was the beginning of this with the kid.

tra la la la la di da on May 26, 2010


that looks pretty fucking cool,i definetly want to see this one.

deadpool 72 on May 26, 2010



Nick on May 26, 2010


@13 whats wrong with low budget?

Jacob Crim on May 26, 2010


I don't really like the Cloverfield-camerashit in this one.

Robbie on May 26, 2010


Looks pretty rad... that guy always makes me think of Saved By The Bell: The New Class

Antioch on May 26, 2010


Sorry... Saved By The Bell: The College Years

Antioch on May 26, 2010


It looks like a bad copy of rec

Oldren on May 26, 2010


It looks like a date night movie. I'd rather watch The Other Woman.

Daniel Felts on May 26, 2010


This looks like paranormal activity, but with real actors and a real crew. I really hated that movie, the worst I've seen in a very long time.

Ricardo on May 26, 2010


This looks like it will be alot better than the Emily Rose movie.

King Aweasome on May 26, 2010


i dont see how ppl say this look like crap lol this look scary as hell, probly would give other directors ideas on what a horror movie suppose to be like XD

kyle on May 26, 2010


yea doesnt look scary only creepy.. The Exorcist is waaaaay stupid scary.. but i'll still watch it

mochonko on May 26, 2010


Please dont post trailers of such shoddy quality? In this day and age, it must be possible for to get direct access to HD trailers to post on their site, and not links to other sites to watch a trailer in better quality(this one:waste of time, so bad pic/sound quality)or do ppl still dabble with "exclusively on" ect for trailers?? Is it hard to get a hold of (any) trailers to post on Does it have to be links to/from other sites? But 2 things really: 1)Good quality traliers. 2)Trailers without sneak adds at the end. And finally: " don't let Eli Roth's name scare you off". Why would I be reluctant of something the Jew Bear is involved with? I'd stand shoulder to shoulder with him any day and bash in naziskulls.

David Banner on May 27, 2010


Generally don't find horror movies scary but I'm always cautious around exorcism films as that's one particular subject that can play with my mind and keep me up at night.. However this trailer looks stupid. Just a girl screaming while perched on things, with the obligatory spine bend thrown in at the end. Could just as easily be a trailer for a documentary about teenage puberty. You can tell if it's scary or not by how much image manipulation and sound effects they have to use in the trailer to make it actually creepy. The editors had to spend a while working on this one..

Bill on May 27, 2010


hell yeah

DoomCanoe on May 27, 2010


didn't get any shrills. :/ hmmm..... seems like a cat-n-mouse kinda film. i'll give it a look after i watch splice.

Jacksion on May 28, 2010


To Kile: If you are frightened by this. you'd also be frightened by your own shadow XD

Oldren on May 29, 2010


This looks like a poorly made rip off of "The Exorcism of Emily Rose", which I liked. Eli Roth just sucks.

Eric on Jun 2, 2010


@45 Uhh no it looks like a BETTER version of emily rose cause emily rose was a terrible movie. This actually looks kind of scary/creepy, unlike emily rose was.

Peace Love & GaGa on Jun 2, 2010


Ugh, all horror movies post 2005 look exactly the same and none of them are scary. Even from watching the trailer I can tell the characters are 2 dimensional also the editing for the trailer is really annoying, so the editing for the movie is probably just as choppy and terrible. The girl that is supposed to be the devil is just a regular girl who puts on a raspy voice (nothing compared to Linda Blair's make-up effects that actually caused some people to faint in theaters when The Exorcist first came out in 1975). This straight to DVD grade movie is probably laced with CGI and cheap "things jumping out at you" thrills. Maybe they should take a hint from those of the 1970's. People really knew how to make horror movies then.

Lulo on Jul 20, 2010


WOW Emily Rose 2 Cruise Control The Hunt For The Crystal Toilet would be a better choice for a title. Is it me or has Hollywood just completly given up. Cheap low budget SYFY channel movies are the new normal blockbusters. Can the bar be lowered any more, mabey under the ground?

ted on Aug 20, 2010

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