Must Watch: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Teaser Trailer

January 28, 2010
Source: IMDb

Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps

Fox has debuted a teaser trailer for Oliver Stone's Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps over on IMDb. This trailer introduces us to the new world that Gordon Gekko is entering, some 23 years after he went to prison at the end of Wall Street. Let me be the first to say - I love this teaser. It's absolutely perfect. It's one hell of a badass introduction to this contemporary world and I love the song they use, I love the footage (like seeing the rapper get into the limo), and I love the dialogue: "Someone reminded me I once said: 'Greed is good.' Now it seems it's legal." This looks like it'll be a strong return to form for Oliver Stone. Bring it on!

Watch the teaser trailer for Oliver Stone's Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps:

[flv: 562 232]

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is once again directed by Oliver Stone, the veteran filmmaker behind the original Wall Street as well as many other great films such as Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, Natural Born Killers, JFK, Nixon, Any Given Sunday, Alexander, World Trade Center, and W. most recently. The screenplay was written by Allan Loeb (Things We Lost in the Fire, 21) with a story by Bryan Burrough. This is a direct sequel to the original Wall Street released back in 1987. 20th Century Fox is bringing Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps to theaters on Wednesday, April 21st, just before the summer movie season kicks off.

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After all my negative comments the other day, boy do i feel like a jerk, this actually looks pretty good. I don't agree with Stone's politics, but he certainly has grown as a film maker.

Al on Jan 28, 2010


Interesting trailer. I loved the bit with Gecko in front of the prison as he is released.

Dave Lister, JMC on Jan 28, 2010


I agree. This is a fucking awesome teaser.

Shane on Jan 28, 2010


For some strange reason I'm interested in movies about yuppies now

Jaf on Jan 28, 2010


Very cool trailer, makes me want to go back and watch the original from 1987. Though I read that Gekko only served 7 years of a 14 year sentence. The cell phone makes it seem like he was in prison for a lot longer since the phone is from the '80s while the movie takes place in present day (at least after 9/11 since Shia's character is seen walking past by the spot in one photo). ... On another note - Alex, do you use a screen capture program (if so, which one?) or do you have another source to get trailers that are not embedded through other sites? Thanks for any info you can provide.

Internapse on Jan 28, 2010


Alex, The title is "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" without the "2"

rod on Jan 28, 2010


still hate me some Shia, but that looks damn enjoyable

Voice of Reason on Jan 28, 2010


i'm not fond of shia, either. the trailer seems ok, but it feels (to me) like it's not going to be as serious and intense as the original WS. i hope i'm wrong about this.

beavis on Jan 28, 2010


This might be the role that Shia will be taken seriously. As silly as the Transformers movies are and Indy 4 was, he is a pretty good actor.

notalent on Jan 28, 2010


Alexander is a great film?

Travis on Jan 28, 2010


does anyone know the song in the trailer? looks like a really kool movie!

Spider94 on Jan 28, 2010


this looks dope...any word of if Charlie Sheen is making a small cameo or something

Blue Orange NY on Jan 28, 2010


Does anyone else think Shia looks too young to play this role? I suppose he is written to be in his twentys but he still looks like he couldn't climb up the gym rope. Anywho, i'm still excited for this film.

budbud on Jan 28, 2010


"(like seeing the rapper get into the limo)" Hold on Alex, what makes him a rapper?

Mark on Jan 28, 2010


looks pretty good.

Xerxex on Jan 28, 2010


Looks good. I recently watched Wall street via netflix so im pretty hyped to see this.

filmfan1211 on Jan 28, 2010


Well, the trailer rocks and now I think the MONOPOLY Movie could rock too. @budbud if you see all the young guys of the wall street, this young moneymakers megastars then you will see Shia looks perfect for this role. It seems very realistic. But the star of this movie is Michael Douglas. @blue Orange Charlie Sheen is in the movie - check the IMDB website of the movie and you will see he is in the cast

Millus on Jan 28, 2010


Looks sh*t, sound great. Whats is the name of the song?

Rocker on Jan 28, 2010


song is awesome. sounds like muse but not sure. teaser was also good.

ron on Jan 28, 2010


The song is "Ricochet!" by Shiny Toys Guys. Good teaser.

KaZet on Jan 28, 2010


shit..... it's "Shiny Toy Guns".... forgive me ๐Ÿ˜›

KaZet on Jan 28, 2010


Looks Great! Shia might be okay in this one. (hopefully)

Nasty Nate on Jan 28, 2010


Killer opening music.

600RR on Jan 28, 2010


EXCELLENT! love this trailer

MMH on Jan 28, 2010


I wasnt fond of the music, but really looking forward to it. Wall Street and boiler room are my two fave stock movies.

Dan on Jan 28, 2010


Cool teaser. Love the cell phone ๐Ÿ™‚

The Gieb on Jan 28, 2010


#25 Boiler Room great movie! Maybe they should have brought Giovanni Ribisi to play Lebouf part. He's a great character actor. I hope shia can pull this off. He was really good in Holes and The Greatest Game Ever Played, so he might do pretty well. I hope so. The trailer looked good.

arjones on Jan 28, 2010


I am a big fan of Stone but I don't know if I want to rush out and see this since 'The Beef' is in a lead role.

d1rEct on Jan 28, 2010


It would have been a great trailer except it seems that every movie that Shia La Douche has touched since he thought he was an actor has gone in the shit hole. However Michael Douglas is returning to his signature role and Oliver Stone is directing. Hoping for the best but anticipating the worst

Chris on Jan 28, 2010


That was honestly a horrible trailer.

ben on Jan 28, 2010


one mobile phone!!!! haha

wm on Jan 28, 2010


#30 Theres a difference between a trailer and a teaser and I dont think you know it...because that was one hell of an awesome teaser.

Cody on Jan 28, 2010


It also seems hating Shia lebeouf has become cool or something..hes a decent actor give him a break. Seriously though do you guys even have logical reasons for your loathing of him? #14 would gangsta have fit it better because it was obviously one of those 2 and I think he chose well.

Cody on Jan 28, 2010


Great trailer! I love Michael Douglas and i like Shia. Must see. Agree, with Cody - it also seems to me, that it must be cool to hate Shia. Jealous little morons. I say it again -itยดs a world full of stupid, uneducated pricks ....

Razor on Jan 29, 2010


yeah wait.... Alexander? great film...?? im with #10 wtf?

DoomCanoe on Jan 29, 2010


"..and one mobile phone." LOL !!!!

Zack on Jan 29, 2010


This Teaser Trailer, It's not bad for a first trailer for Wall Street money never sleeps, I'm inpressed. Love the 70s style moble phone touch.

Cineprog on Jan 29, 2010


Looks good,maybe Stone's got his mojo back.Original film one of the 80's best.

tir na nog on Jan 29, 2010


Shia totally miss casted in this role....looks like he is 16 years old in a 5 thousand dollar suit....honestly they couldnt find someone 4 to 5 years older to make it realistic

Ted on Jan 29, 2010


Am I the only one that hates the "Money Never Sleeps" part of the title?

S on Jan 29, 2010


Money never sleeps...eats...dances...cheats...kill...laugh... disappoint...create drama...or love you... Money is the & foe!

Lazarus from Sparta!!! DEATHKLOK RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Jan 29, 2010


#33 is an idiot. He has to be a gangster or a rapper because why? the sheer amount of blatantly racist attitudes towards black males in this country is fucking astounding. Being young, black, "hip", and rich doesn't imply that you are a criminal, a rapper, or a fucking athlete you motherfucker you. And shame on Alex for real. It couldn't have been "the kid" or even "the black guy" for fuck's sake. It just has to be a rapper. And, honestly, for the movie, it probably is a rapper. But that is the exact fucking problem. White cant even give blacks a positive representation in FICTION, never mind how whites portray blacks in "Non-Fiction" media outlets. Its fucking hopeless.

9mm on Jan 29, 2010


#33, it's not cool to "hate" anyone. but i did state i'm not keen on his acting. i've never seen him do any part in any movie that i thought was very good. but that doesn't matter here. what does matter is when i saw him in the teaser, he looked like a kid going to a HS dance - NOT a broker on wall street. i think he was miscast here. and #42 - you need to read what you posted. what are you talking about? you're all over the place with a bunch of unrelated statements. first, you did notice that a WHITE guy (douglas) was leaving prison as the same time as the BLACK guy? so how do you interpret this scene as whites giving blacks a "negative representation"? blacks, whites, men, women..... they all go to jail. i don't see this as an insult to blacks (or anyone else) second, if you ask 100 black people to watch that scene with the guy getting in the limo; and then, tell you what they think he does - at least 99 are going to say rapper or athelete. and it has nothing to do with racism. if that was a white guy in the same clothes getting into the limo- i'd say athelete or entertainer...........and not because of skin color. and movies aren't about giving whites, blacks, asians, hispanics or ANYONE ELSE some sort of perceived positive or negative "representations".......they're just movies. . your post shows you to have some very definite racist attitudes; and, you need to get control over your misplaced anger. this is a movie site. it's for fun - not the baseless hostility your showing............grow up.

beavis on Jan 29, 2010


#42. Take a look on some of the "black" movies where they shit talk the white dude and then come back to me repeating what you just wrote. Blacks make fun of whites whites make fun of blacks. WHo gives a shit about the skin colour as long the jokes are fun. They could put Eminem in that scene and it would have had the same effect. You are the one poking the finger at the skin and call people names. About the movie. Shia looks waaay to young for the part. I like him in all previous things he made but he seems just out of place here. Also, they seem to rely on everyone being familiar with Gecko and making some kind of parody of him self. Do not Like.

Shige on Jan 29, 2010


Really cool teaser! Hope Douglas is as ruthless as he was in the original. Don't really care for Sam Witwiki, but we'll see. Best parts were the mobile phone... and the rapper, entertainer, athlete, actor, gangser, gang-banger, drug dealer, pimp, junky, everyday threat to society, friend of a cousin of a WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK! IT'S A MOVIE! "9MM"? Just by looking at your ID I wouldn't say you're a god damn police officer, just a typical whiney racist looking to argue with people and accusing them of being racist instead of talking about the teaser Wall Street 2. Are you even interested in the movie? What did you think of the teaser? Seriously, I'm curious. Because that's what people on here want to read or talk about.

coolhandyoda on Jan 30, 2010


shia will grow believe me guys, he will be a great actor in the not so distant future

jojoe on Jan 30, 2010


Alex, based on THIS trailer, how can you tell Oliver Stone has "returned to form"? It wasn't very revealing...At all...

Quanah on Jan 30, 2010


@ 44 I agree that 99/100 blacks would respond the same way as any other *American* about the kid that was getting into the limo. But that (IMO) is heavily influenced by the negative portrayal of blacks in American media, and (also IMO) indicative of the problem to begin with. Hard to outgrow a stereotype, when you wholly subscribe to it! Don't really want to get into one of those useless internet debates, my first post was just some angry ranting I guess! @ 45 I agree with you. Comedy is comedy. What's good for the goose, is good for the gander. What I took exception to in this particular convo, was the inference that people were making about the black guy being a rapper or whatever, nothing to do with any sort of comedy. Who cares anyways, I just wanted to yell at #33. Which in retrospect, was stupid, because what he wrote was probably only intended to get a rise out of someone anyways. @ 46 I actually like Shia in everything except the transformers movies, but this flick looks like its "trying too hard"... Dunno, but I am expecting some sort of liberal-ish preachy movie about "greed is bad mmmkay". Similar to Crash.

9mm on Feb 1, 2010


Looks pretty good, must see it. Its being released on 23 April 2010, both Blake Lively and Lea Michele were rumored to playing the part of Winnie Gekko.

Voice123 - Trailer Voice Over on Feb 1, 2010


the song is "Ricochet" by Shiny Toy Guns haha

LatriceShannel on Feb 4, 2010


Shiny Toy Guns fucking rock.

Zach on Feb 19, 2010


----SOOOOO stale...

eber hart on May 28, 2010


@ 44 beavis LoL Interwebs butthurts. You sir are a retard and douche bag.

losdiablos on Aug 1, 2010


I mean @ 42 9mm it's total douche bag.Still bringing the "blacks' conversation back.GTFO.GO kill yourself for fuck sake.

losdiablos on Aug 1, 2010

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