My Fair Lady Remake with Carey Mulligan Not Coming Soon

September 14, 2010
Source: Worst Previews

Carey Mulligan

When we heard that the proposed remake of My Fair Lady finally had a director in John Madden (Shakespeare in Love), I still wasn't excited to see the classic 1964 movie musical (based on the 1956 Broadway play) recycled on the big screen. But when the film's screenwriter, actress Emma Thompson, revealed that Carey Mulligan was lined up to play Eliza Doolittle, I was immediately sold on the prospect. However, Mulligan seemed completely out of the loop on the project shortly thereafter. Fortunately, the young actress cleared things up by finally saying she has read the script, would love to do the film, but it's not happening anytime soon.

In speaking to Worst Previews, the talented, stunning and now quite popular actress expressed her love for the script, but doesn't anticipate the film moving forward soon, let alone going into production this year. Here's what she had to say:

"It's not happening this year. I've definitely spoken about it, and I would love to do it if it happens, but it's just not happening right now. I read the script and the script is incredible. Emma Thompson wrote it. It's telling the story again, in another way and not trying to sort of copy anything and not trying to take away anything from that version of it. It's just telling it in a new era to a new generation of people."

Sounds like your average remake, and while stepping into Audrey Hepburn's shoes seems like quite a daunting task, I have every bit of faith in Mulligan's talents to bring something fresh to the familiar story. As for her singing voice, Mulligan says, "I can hold a tune, but not amazingly." The same can be said for Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd, so I wouldn't be worried if I were in her shoes. If you'd like to judge for yourself, check out this little tune from recording artists Belle & Sebastian featuring Carey Mulligan herself. Are you interested in a My Fair Lady remake?

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I've been in love with Carey Mulligan since her guest appearance on Doctor Who. I really wish they'd have brought her on as a full-time cast member.

Craig on Sep 14, 2010


This woman... I used to despise her until I actually saw her in My Boy Jack performing alongside Radcliffe. She's good and I'm starting to gain more respect for her. I just watched Shakespere In Love over the weekend via Netflix before it expired, and I'm glad I did. I loved everything about the movie. Madden has my support. BTW, I loved the script for SIL. If this works out I'll definately see it and I hope it happens sooner than anticipated.

Eli on Sep 14, 2010


Good because remakes are shit!

John on Sep 14, 2010


Excellent news! Carey Mulligan may be good, but's she's certainly no Audrey Hepburn!

Hattori Hanzo on Sep 14, 2010


When Alan J. Lerner wrote the lyrics and the script to MFL he probably had Rex Harrison in mind. When Emma Thompson wrote the script to MFL she possibly had Keira Knightley in mind. Wisely neither K.K or any filmdirector yet have publicly given comments on the quality of the latest script.

hans thomas sundby on Sep 15, 2010


Well atleast Audrey Hepburn can continue to rest in peace, for the time being.

DiR3cT on Sep 16, 2010


Most every living soul can ask themselves : Do I need to - do I want to - improve my english,french,german ... as we all know life becomes easier when we find the right words to say and make us understood... if not accepted. Audrey Hepburn, Julie Andrews, they both had problems with an easy-floating true cockney dialect and behavior. For A.H. it probably suited the thought that she - later in the play- was thought to be Hungarian. A remake will quite certainly take this in consideration. The singing of E. D. need not to be better than the singing of Keira Knightley - singing the Irving Berlin song. The importance is to have a charming, karismatic singing-voice in acting a street flower-girl of those days - with no singing education... And please - do not think of Carey Mulligan - for reasons I will not argue anymore. And a filmdirector has thankfully not hired her yet. The role of E.D. must above all fit in with H.H. So maybe needless to say: It is very odd to public Keira Knightley as Eliza for 2 or 3 years - a perfect actor for the role - and now still make possible doubt.

hans thomas sundby on Sep 19, 2010


Let Carey Mulligan have a go. This is a role (Eliza Doolittle) that has been played by many actresses (Mrs. Patrick Cambell, Wendy Hiller....) and she is entitled to her interpretation. Some may forget that there was much objection to Audrey Hepburn being cast as opposed to Julie Andrews who created the musical ED (not a "star", not "beautiful" enough...well, she got the last laugh). Actually, Rex Harrison wasn't the first choice to play Higgins either. Carey Grant was, and had the good grace and and intelligence to tell the powers-that-be that Harrison was the only logical choice. I suspect that he also recognized the inherent irony, being Cockney himself. Not every re-make is a disaster. The re-make of "Father of the Bride" was substantially better, warmer, funnier, more touching than the original.

mark on Oct 6, 2010


Emma Thompson visited her old school some days ago. Please read that article. I think it points out the main reason for the need for a remake of MFL. How to speak and articulate... is the main importance here. If you know how to speak and behave - you can always relax and take yourself liberties. The other way around - when you are reflective - can give you quite unpleasant thoughts of yourself! Read a recent article where Keira Knightley indicates her unpleasant uncertainty of herself till now. Certainly - this can have a much deeper reasons - not to bring up, in this - remake or not - forum. E.T. talks of the possibility... it makes you appear unnecessary stupid,unlearned or out of place.. I would say - you can speak perfect, behave with perfect security - and still be very,very stupid!

H.T.S. on Oct 7, 2010


What a fool I was... is excusable for everybody. But to act intelligent - when you are not - is not for everybody. The remake E.D. should be intelligent and smart - therefore I can not think of anyone more suitable than Keira Knightley in that role. Her obvious beauty, youth and singing " capacity ";- and fame -should be of minor importance here - indeed.

H.T.S. on Oct 27, 2010


Honestly!! All i have to say is I don't want another remake. Seriously leave this film alone, I think Audrey Hepburn was grace. Please do not make a film with the childish Carey Mulligan. No great offense to her really is intended, but she is boring to watch. And she doesn't fit the role for Eliza in any way, shape or form. Considering that shes in this business she will hear honest remarks from film goers like myself, in hopes that the producers and directors cut all interest forever in the film or at least the lead. And if i have to see a trailer and then a movie release with someone not even par of an image to Hepburn, I will officially become a "hater" as Americans call it. Not many people want a remake for a reason. It is still a great film don't ruin it!! And if you choose to do this film please skip Mulligan and go back to your original Eliza....Miss Knightley. She is remarkably talented in these sort of films.

the who on Nov 20, 2010


Some read the conclusion - and leave the rest. Sony and Columbia probably made some quite bad decisions - one of them were the new scriptwriter. Emma Thompson may write good scripts - but her choice of actors can give us chills. For instance - Grant and Mulligan - is nothing but unbelievable for a film director of reputation. Sony and Columbia seems to understand the problem - we shall wait and see - this will not materialize soon! Maybe Keira Knightley were in their thoughts in the first case - but they could never find the right Henry Higgins - to compare with Rex Harrison? Spielberg have worked 7 years on his next movie Abraham Lincoln - and is more than very happy to get the inherently right actor for the job - Daniel Day Lewis. Needless to say more?

H.T.S. on Nov 22, 2010


When Spielberg and Day-Lewis get together - hopefully they might also reconsider the remake of MFL. It certainly would be a great challenge for both. And surely - an interesting result to look forward to,- meaningful to wait for...and the script will be in safe hands. - Please Sony, please! - Anything else will turn out quite small I am afraid! - So - think again of Keira vs Day-Lewis... dynamite? Love and hate? Something for more than a whole new generation?

H.T.S. on Nov 23, 2010


" Last night ", - I watched an interview with Keira Knightley where she spoke freely about " Last night." Once agin very impressive folks. For her age - and not too many words - and beautifully reflective too! "Boy oh boy." A modern flower- girl - turning into a Fair Lady? Much to learn here? Judge for yourself - mr. Director.

hans thomas sundby on Dec 19, 2010

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