Neal McDonough & Jeremy Renner Join the Marvel Universe

June 3, 2010
Source: Heat Vision, Deadline

Dum Dum Dugan & Neal McDonough / Hawkeye & Jeremy Renner

Plenty of big Marvel casting news today (although not all of it has been officially confirmed by Marvel yet). First up, Heat Vision says that Jeremy Renner is now "in final negotiations" to join The Avengers as the character of Hawkeye, which was the big rumor during awards season last year, as Renner starred in the Best Picture winning film The Hurt Locker. Next up, Deadline is reporting that Neal McDonough, who I wanted to play Captain America (see this post), has been cast as Dum Dum Dugan in the Captain America movie. Dugan is one of Cap's sidekicks who is part of Nick Fury's team and is also an officer at S.H.I.E.L.D.

Deadline doesn't say much else about McDonough, except that "Marvel Studios was playing dum" about his involvement (what a bad joke). As for Renner, rumors of his involvement kicked up late last year, but were shot down when he said "there's no truth to me doing it." Apparently that was the lie. One of the reason he's now in for the role is because two other major projects didn't work out - he turned down a role in Universal's Battleship and is still interested in Paul Thomas Anderson's next film The Master, but that project is having financing troubles and the start date has been pushed back on that. So now he's officially on as Hawkeye!

McDonough, a very talented actor, is playing Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan, one of the most experienced members of Nick Fury's team, known for his marksmanship with rifles and for his impressive physique. In comparing photos of McDonough with Dugan from the comics (as seen above) - this is a perfect fit (I'll even admit it's better than McDonough playing Cap). Hawkeye is an archer who ran away to become a carnival performer as a kid. He later sees Iron Man in action and is inspired to become a "costumed hero." He also falls in love with Black Widow and they're mistaken for villains before joining S.H.I.E.L.D. Great casting?

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One word: YES!!!

johnny Crow on Jun 3, 2010


For rener: HELL YES For McDonough: eh...

movie mike on Jun 3, 2010


Yes on both accounts. McDonough and Renner in the Avengers? YES!!!!

Xerxex on Jun 3, 2010


Yay for Neal!! it will be so nice to see him as a good guy again.

Lilly on Jun 3, 2010


Green Arrow could beat Hawkeye. But this is cool. Can not wait anymore for this movie

Daniel Felts on Jun 3, 2010


I love McDonough, I too hoped he would be Captain America, but I'll settle for this, just to see him in something again. Great actor and one of the best parts of Band of Brothers.

the weatherman on Jun 3, 2010


@5 Don't start this debate haha. and this is awesome news!

Duck on Jun 3, 2010


Even Bullseye dressed as Hawkeye from the Dark Avengers could beat Green Arrow! casting is cool.

karl on Jun 3, 2010


I thought McDonough had the look, presence, and voice to play the perfect Captain America. We'll see how Johnny Storm works out with the shield...

Chris H. on Jun 3, 2010


Wow that's some amazing casting!

Daas on Jun 3, 2010


Nice...dont care about Dum Dum... but Having Hawkeye adds to the Avengers BADASSNESS ....So we got CAP...THOR...IRONMAN....HAWKEYE....BLACK WIDOW...& NICK FURY/SHIELD.......Now just cast ANT/GIANTMAN & WASP and we is set.......Oh by the way I have a feeling if the Jeremy Renner /Hawkeye rumor came true after being denyed , then I bet the Logan Lerman / SPIDEY casting may very well still be a possibility ...just a thought

True Blue Spider-man Fan on Jun 3, 2010


@11 True Blue Spider-man Fan...Ant/Giantman & Wasp are lets say kinda lame compared to the rest...I don't see films about them coming out.

Xerxex on Jun 3, 2010


McDonough's best movie is Ravinous Renner is meant to be Hawlkeye seriously that casting is perfect

DoomCanoe on Jun 4, 2010



Clover on Jun 4, 2010


"although not all of it has been officially confirmed by Marvel yet" VS. "So now he's officially on as Hawkeye!" Just the facts, ma'am....c'mon

Voice of Reason on Jun 4, 2010


McDonough shoulda been Cap. I still think he'd be the PERFECT Baird in a Gears of War movie...

Neva Evah on Jun 4, 2010


Neva Evah I hear yeah I was sad to see the gears of war movie cancelled but I agree I think Mcdonough would have been perfect for the baird choice. As for the casting for Avengers, as long as Hulk and or Norton show up I'm all in for this avengers movie! Bring it on. I just wish Sony didnt have the rights to spiderman, cause then Spiderman could be a part of the avengers movie also.

Chase on Jun 4, 2010


seriously great casting. Dum Dum is one of those characters that could pop up anywhere and he's a perfect choice for it!

harm on Jun 4, 2010


youre right, Neal would have been a far better choice than evans, evans sucks. looks good naked, but horrible actor. As far as Renner being Hawkeye.... I guess I didnt realize Hawkeye was a chain smoker. Every 2 minutes your going to see Hawkeye act stressed and light up a cigarette. Thats Renner in every movie. Pathetic. I heard he sucks dick. I know Dan Link does, gave me a hell of a blow job last night. Kept calling me Brad though for some reason and asking me if I could cluck like a chicken.... freak. Anyway, yes ladies and gentlemen, I am the real Alec Baldwing

Alec Baldwing on Jun 4, 2010


I agree that Neal McDonough should have been cast as Capt. America. Not a Chris Evans fan in the slightest... not really sure how he managed to get the role.

Kevin on Jun 5, 2010


@20 Watch "Sunshine" Evans was exellent in that. Also in that entire post you said nothing of value, which makes me wonder why you are on

Xerxex on Jun 5, 2010



pulp fiction212 on Jun 7, 2010

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