Neill Blomkamp Reuniting with Sharlto Copley for Sci-Fi 'Elysium'

December 6, 2010
Source: Dealine

Copley and Blomkamp

Back when they still needed a director for The Hobbit, there was a short-lived rumor that Peter Jackson collaborator and District 9 director Neill Blomkamp was in the running. However, when that rumor was debunked, we discovered that he was actually working on another original sci-fi flick called Elysium. Now that Jackson is going back to his past in Middle Earth with The Hobbit, it seems only fitting that Blomkamp is returning to his first success as Deadline reports he will reunite with District 9 star Sharlto Copley for the secretive sci-fi project that's currently being shopped around to studios and "there is a lot of interest."

Of course, Copley found himself launched into stardom after District 9 as he next took a major role in The A-Team alongisde the likes of Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper. In addition, the actor apparently has some sort of role in the upcoming sequel Men in Black 3D. As for Elysium, Copley is one of the few details known of the new project, and he's the only actor cast thus far. Apparently Blomkamp's pitch to studios for the film includes a graphic novel as part of the presentation (which is how Jackson noticed Blomkamp/District 9 to begin with) and the story is set in the far future on another planet. Whatever studio picks up the project is looking for the same success with a film that only cost $30 million to make, but raked in over $210 million in box office worldwide. Personally, I can't wait to see what Blomkamp has up his sleeve. How about you?

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They can do no wrong.

Paul on Dec 6, 2010


New trailer for Battle: Los Angeles on Apple. And yes, they can do wrong, just hopefully not together. Blomkamp is awesome but Kopley in A-Team was horrible.

LINKFX on Dec 6, 2010


#2 It's NOT a new trailer at all. It's the EXACT same as the international one (we posted here) literally, shot-for-shot same. I watch every single trailer, I know what's worth posting, and that one is a bunch of BS. Now let's stay on topic with Blomkamp - thanks.

Alex Billington on Dec 6, 2010


I'm more interested in seeing what level of budget studios are ready to give Blonkamp.....I'm still holding out hope he gets to do a Halo movie one day

monal on Dec 6, 2010


Copley was great in both, D9 and The A-team and Blomkamp is obviously a director with a big imagination. I like their style of making movies. They could show that you make a good sci-fi without big money and without a pressure of getting the budget back as it became a habit lately. I can´t wait to see it because there can never be enough original (and good) sci-fi movies.

Ella on Dec 6, 2010


hahaha wow someone's in a bad mood dude. I guess I missed that link when you had posted it, let's not get angry 🙂 I also watch every single trailer, so I guess somehow I missed that one. It's so much better than the first one. On the note of this news, I would love to see a Blomkamp film set on an alien planet, that sounds freaking awesome.

LINKFX on Dec 6, 2010


#6 Nah I'm just frustrated/tired of seeing people being like "brand new Battle: LA trailer!" when it is clearly not brand new in any way/shape/form. Ugh... oh well. #4 Oh I know, that's what I'm looking forward to as well. What will it take for them to finally give a Halo movie the greenlight and what studio will it be at?

Alex Billington on Dec 6, 2010


sounds good, from watching Copley's performance in District 9 and also the blu ray extras, seems they have a pretty good actor / director working relationship. Copley, who appears to have a lot of potential range, also appears happy to go through a lot for Blomkamp.

lumière on Dec 6, 2010


so... are they still going to do a continuation of D9, or am i just wishful thinking?

salber on cinema on Dec 6, 2010


District 9 is my favourite film (after much thought) so I'm looking forward to see what Blomkamp can do. It's such a shame about the Halo movie. Knowing what Blomkamp is capable of both from D9 and the live action Halo 3 trailer he did, along with Bungie's/343 Industries treatment of the live action trailers for ODST and Reach, one imagines that it had the best chance of breaking through the low quality ceiling that seems to exist for game/movie tie ins.

Payne by name on Dec 7, 2010


Hey #2, Copley was the best thing about the A-Team you dork!

kinks! on Dec 7, 2010


Does anyone think that little video clip from wired has anything to do with this movie? If so that woould bee awesssommmeeee

Duck on Dec 7, 2010

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