New Flynn Lives/Arcade Aid ARG Viral Update - Where to Next?

November 17, 2010
Source: Unfiction

Tron Legacy Viral - Arcade Aid

Updated: I wanted to get this news out there so you guys could start solving these puzzles and figuring out where these clues lead next. The Flynn Lives viral site for Tron Legacy updated today with a new image from the second level of the Arcade Aid mini-game (read about that here). The image they posted on the site, however, contained a little visual riddle that when solved (see above) spelled out "/bonuslevel". And if you plug that in, a new website with nine downloadable clues appears. But where does it take us next? Are we almost to the end? We'll continue to update this post tonight as more clues are discovered and solved.

If you've been following this viral since it all began years ago, you know that it's taken us on quite a journey, and they've got to be leading up to an epic finale, as Tron Legacy arrives in theaters in just under a month (on December 17th). I've been following this update on the Unfiction forums and they've been trying to crack the code, but to no immediate success so far. Basically, the nine printable PDFs have tiny pixel graphics that align with the fullsize Arcade Aid image and have a circle nearby that pinpoints another game. So far they've come up with a list of the nine games, but we don't know what to do with all of them to continue. Any help?

Note, if you beat the last Arcade Aid game and got all 167 answers, you should have received two collectible pins in the mail recently (photo). And if you were one of the first 999, they sent a gorgeous poster print of the entire pixel image. These are pretty unique and rare collectibles, so hold on to them if you received any!

Arcade Aid Bonus Level Photo

Update: As expected, a few more ARG websites were found from this first puzzle. When the first letters of all of the nine games were unscrambled, they spelled out PopTech75(, the name of a chapter in a book written by Kevin Flynn called The Digital Frontier. At the bottom of that website is a note which links to a place called Flynn Frontier, which looks to be an info/sales site for the three books written by Flynn. Unfortunately they're all sold out, but the site has some excerpts from each and other clickable links. Pretty nifty backstory they're building up for Flynn in Tron Legacy. But that's not all, as there still is a bit more!

Flynn Frontier

Over on the excerpts page of the Flynn Frontier site, scanning the barcode on the covers would result in new codes like 675469546194. Why would we be looking for something like this? Well, if you remember, you can plug in codes like this to a virtual server located at, which spits out exclusive Tron media. One of the codes unveiled the concept art of the Solar Sail seen below, and the other two unlock audio clips of Kevin Flynn speaking excitedly about some "life changing experiences." I don't think that's where the trail ends, but we're stuck again. I also suggest reading excerpt #4 about how he wants to create real lightcycles.

So as always, we'll continue to keep you updated if we hear anything more about the on-going viral. You can also head over to Unfiction for the very latest information on this. Hopefully there's still more to be found!

Solar Sail Concept Art

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Meh... yet another Viral.

JayC on Nov 18, 2010


There is a mistake in code 356343532556 The mistake is in the last sentence where said "helixes izn" should be "helixes in". It could jut be a mistake.

Jonny Quest on Nov 18, 2010


WOWOWOW my poster just got here not 5 minutes ago! I'm still kinda confused about what this viral is asking of me.

fem!anon on Nov 18, 2010


Hey there, JamiroFan2000 @ Unfiction Forum reporting in!!! After 'overlaying' the Hydecker Blueprints and trolling the other 3 sites discovered, 2 new codes were discovered hidden, that lead to new stuff on Flynn's Disc Drive over @ . The video discovered is of a young Sam Flynn with his father and mother at the beach during the 'happy times', so if your a member of 'Flynnlives', then the following info will help you see this new stuff and get you a new badge on your FL account, enjoy!: Go to and input the following new codes that were discovered in blueprints, also 3 newly discovered viral sites were discovered to, to get this badge Wink : CODES: 485926738343 - Blueprints from Hydecker Designs 698478232862 - A Fond home movies of young Sam Flynn and family The newly discovered viral sites were: Hydecker Designs - Flynn Frontier - Pop Tech 75 -

JamiroFan2000 on Nov 18, 2010


There are bar codes on the books at that seem to decode to numbers for the hello flynn site...

Michael Kaply on Nov 19, 2010

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