Another International Trailer for Seth Rogen's 'The Green Hornet'

July 7, 2010
Source: ScreenGeek

The Green Hornet Trailer

I can't believe we're already looking at movies coming out next January before we even finish this summer, but Hollywood likes to start advertising really early. ScreenGeek and Empire have both debuted this newer international trailer for Sony's The Green Hornet starring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou as Britt Reid and Kato (respectively). There isn't much new footage in this trailer, but there's something about and the way it's cut together that makes me enjoy this one a bit more than the original US trailer. That said, if you hated that trailer, you'll dislike this one as well. Although I do still think the fight scenes look pretty damn cool.

Watch the latest international trailer for Sony's The Green Hornet from YouTube:

The Green Hornet is directed by visionary French filmmaker Michel Gondry, who (in addition to numerous music videos and commercials) previously directed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Science of Sleep, Dave Chappelle's Block Party and Be Kind Rewind. The screenplay was co-written by Evan Goldberg & Seth Rogen, of Pineapple Express and Superbad. This is based on the classic characters created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker in the 1930s, known best as a TV series in the 60's with Van Williams & Bruce Lee. Sony is bringing The Green Hornet to theaters (in 3D) starting on January 14th next year. Thoughts?

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Jay Chou really1000x sucks

Yoi on Jul 7, 2010


This is much the same trailer has the first one, Looks Cool though.

Cineprog on Jul 7, 2010


This trailer has been out for a while...its super lame.

One on Jul 7, 2010


This was basically the same trailer that's has been out for a matter its still going to suck. Seth Rogen needs to crawl into a hole and disappear.

One on Jul 7, 2010


I think it looks fun!

KB on Jul 7, 2010


.......and you thought Twi"lite" is bad. Just a horrible looking, written and acted piece of garbage. And since this Summer has sucked for film, it is no wonder we see trailers for lame ass movies moved to January to die a quick death....IN FREAKING JULY! Great job SONY!

Clover on Jul 7, 2010



phobic99 on Jul 7, 2010


Action looks awesome.

Robbie on Jul 7, 2010


Christoph Waltz is all I need

Nathan on Jul 7, 2010


If you play it without sound it actually looks good hahaha

quaked2023 on Jul 7, 2010


Sold already, haters go away simple as that.

Xerxex on Jul 7, 2010


The raeson we hate this one as much as the first one is really simple. ROGEN!!!!!

slipstream on Jul 7, 2010


This will be great, if you don't like it your a nincompoopy baby.

Crapola on Jul 7, 2010


We love The Green Hornet, but we hate this Rogen treatment. Guess put me down as a hater, I will never see this in my lifetime. Rogen is just simply horrible.

cinematruth on Jul 7, 2010


and now the international community is just how stupid this crap is Yes I'm a hater and I'm here to stay. Simple as that.

Jimmy Love on Jul 7, 2010


Looks good to me, I wasn't sold on Rogan at first, but after the trailers I am excited for this one.

JTMoney on Jul 7, 2010


terrible choice on Rogan. ;S. im out of super hero films i guess.

JacksonLee on Jul 7, 2010


I can see where/why some are skeptical but Gondry always delivers as far as I'm concerned.

klausey on Jul 7, 2010


Rogen= Horrific. Green Hornet awesome with a real actor in the lead =Simple as that.

The Real Doc Brown on Jul 7, 2010


As a chick, love the Hornet. As a smart chick, with every fiber of my being, HATE Rogen.

Nut-Meg on Jul 7, 2010


Seth Rogen as Green Hornet, is like Nick Cage as Batman. Both bad ideas, both great heros, both bad actors.

danielf on Jul 7, 2010


Mr. Bruce Lee is turning over in his grave. Seth Rogen?! Seriously???

Hornet Fan on Jul 7, 2010


What has Rogen done to offfend you guys? a lot of this hate seems a bit bandwagondy...what personally has he done?

Xerxex on Jul 7, 2010


Personally, He is a douche Bag who looks like he has a permenant wad of chew under his lip and he fucking babbles a lot. He is a terrible actor who is friends with people that are better than him so he can stay a float in the business. He writes mediocre toilet comedy which I don't nessecarily have a problem with but the movie, acting, and roles he plays are same shit different day type stuff. the only thing I DO LIKE about him is James Franco.

Eshyn21 on Jan 17, 2011


Haha if you think this will be as bad or worse than Twilight you are pretty dumb. People seem to hate Seth Rogen because he is seemingly a regular dude who made it huge, calm down and enjoy the movie. Even if this movie is bad, it won't ruin Green Hornet, because there is no legacy like there are for some franchises.

carlos on Jul 7, 2010


@ Xerxex Dude don't take it personal, he is just annoying and a bad actor, but he writes funny stuff I'll give him that.

Quaked2023 on Jul 7, 2010


Lotta "blah blah, I hate Rogen"" here. Atleast say why you I wish it would of been more seriouse or dark. Ok so know we know you disagree with the direction or tone they decided for the movie. Or maybe I dont think Rogen is funny or I dont like the movies he has been in. Ok now I know I wouldnt talk to you anyways and can skip reading ur view. Rogen does great for the roles he plays. I have enjoyed him in many movies. 1. Super Bad 2.Knocked Up 3. 40 Year old virge 4. Pineapple Expres 5. Zack and Miri Make a Porno I wasnt sold on the idea of Rogen at first, cus i didnt want a comedy comic/action movie for the Green Hornet.....but after the previews, it looks fun

I am Ron Burgandy? on Jul 7, 2010


I have been a fan of the Green Hornet for 30 plus years, just becuase some of the younger generation has not heard it, ( on radio) seen it does not make a point there are legions of Hornet fans. # 6 makes a perfect point and #21 makes a real case. If a Hero of yours has been cast as a no-talent in the lead, it can really piss you off. Cage as the Dark KNight, Rogen as Thor, Chris Evans as Captain America, ( oh yea, too late). I just do not see many 12 year olds going to see Rogen in anything but a same old gross out comedy stoner movie. Not much talent there to potray a stoned loser

Hornet Fan on Jul 7, 2010


24 you could not be more wrong. No offense 23 but this guy is, what is the word. A HACK!? I saw him several years ago doing stand up, just terrible and was booed of the stage. Like most "stars", he knew someone, or his agent and caught a break. I have to agree with most here that think the guy really sucks. I will never see this, and I hope Sony learns a lesson. Try hiring actual talent, which there is so much out there. Go to a comedy club on any night and you will see more talent and side splitting humor that is actually smart, versus a re-hash that has been done a 1000 times. Put me down as a hater as well.

moviesrule on Jul 7, 2010


OK Ron, the movies you mentioned above were not funny, but the demographic thoought they were maybe the best of all time. ( Middle school males 12 to 15 years old). But you forgot to list the crown jewel........OBSERVE AND REPORT! Seth playing a Hero is just a bad idea, and I think alot of posters have given a perfect and real reason. The guy has no talent and not funny. End of story. Hey Carlos..Your a Twilighter??? Go Team BAD ACTING!

filmfanII on Jul 7, 2010


The only good thing about this movie is I'm hoping they bring back the original series on dvd with a lot of extras :-O

XXX on Jul 7, 2010


So... how come the hotel/apartment sign at the beginning is upside-down? Jussaying.

Trin on Jul 7, 2010


One could hope number 30. Jimmy Love, it is really sad theer is an international release, with Mr Lee as the orginal Kato, Sony must make for this turd and release in China.

Chippy on Jul 7, 2010


<3 Seth Rogen :P can't wait to watch it. :)

Yamika on Jul 7, 2010


bandwagon hate. trendy to hate on someone. got it.

Xerxex on Jul 7, 2010


Cred X my friend! I do not think bandwagen hate is acurate, but looks like to me alot of non-Seth fans are vocal. For me personally, will not see it. January films are a tough sell anyway. "At least we will still have Paris."

Clover on Jul 7, 2010


The hotel sign is upside down because it is what the hotel is known for, its not something wrong in the movie. get off rogen, go complain somewhere else, he was good in freaks and geeks and 40 year old virgin, superbad.

moron on Jul 7, 2010


Dear Seth Rogan, I think your funny in your movies but i hope you bomb in this movie so all these Trolls cry themselves to sleep!

MoviesYeah! on Jul 7, 2010


@ 27 28 29 Im 32 in the military (not a pothead) doing pretty well in life. I love his movies and all my friends(from all over the Country) did too. So the pothead 12 to 15 year old stereotyping is retarded. Oh and him getting boo'd off is a BS.

Critic on Jul 7, 2010


Hopefully this will be as "cult" as mystery men. A crap classic that is really fun to watch

Boo on Jul 7, 2010


@ FilmfanII Teenagers are the demographic of every popular movie they have the most disposable cash you Donk! i didnt mention Observe and Report cuz i didnt see it... I mentioned the movies i enjoyed! Oh and those movies were funny you just need to pull the stick out of your ass!

I am Ron Burgandy? on Jul 7, 2010


Still looks like it sux, even though it's the same thing we've seen already.

Brian on Jul 7, 2010


Fair enough Clover, nice talking man!

Xerxex on Jul 7, 2010



McWilly on Jul 7, 2010


psshh... ill fuckin see it

DoomCanoe on Jul 7, 2010


I guess its true all you need is a name to sell anything, you don't need substance just a name!

Jimmy Love on Jul 7, 2010


I am not a pothead, but I find Seth Rogen's characters in his comedies hilarious. That being said, Funny People was more of a dramedy rather than a straight forward comedy, and I thought he did well in that movie. How was Knocked Up or Zack and Miri not funny? Granted some of the films he has been in are absurd, but that is what makes them enjoyable. I think the Rogen bashers are just hatin' because they are either too uptight or jealous. As for The Green Hornet, I htink this is another attempt at a quasi-serious character for Rogen, yes there will be funny moments, but I don't think we will be seeing and Action-Comedy here, just an action movie with the occasional laugh.

Deathtoll 2010 on Jul 8, 2010


Looks like a pile of crap.

TediusTed on Jul 8, 2010


Haters...Imma check it out for sure...and so will all of you.

winston on Jul 8, 2010


doesn't look that bad...observe and report was kinda funny.

chilin on Jul 8, 2010


Sony dropped there collective, corporate pants and let loose with a stinking pile of Seth Rogen all over the legend of the Green Hornet. The guys is an annoying slacker (which is what he plays in this movie) and I dont care to see my heroes portrayed as fumbling fools. This gag is as tired as '66 Batman or the super-sucktastic Legend of the Lone Ranger. Fran Striker must be spinning in his grave! BTW "The Jon Eric Hexum" award goes to Rogen for his brilliant portrayal of the Guy Who Shoots Himself In The Face With A Gas Gun. Nice going Seth.

B. REID on Jul 8, 2010


This is an abomination. They have turned the Green Hornet into a moron. I'm old enough to remember watching the series on TV. I'm surprised Will Ferral isn't playing the lead role. This is identical to the crap he puts out. I will not be spending my money to see this. I'll wait for it to come on free TV. No, I don't know if I'll watch it even then.

Jamie on Jul 8, 2010


Man, what a horrible decision to cast Rogen as Green Hornet. The trailer I saw last night at "Salt" was terrible. I didn't realize they were making a joke out of it... Simply a stunning move to cast Rogen, a subpar actor with no looks, as Britt Reid. Wow! Who on earth would finance that with Rogen in the title role? Could name 20 young actors that would excel but it will bomb... TERRIBLE casting.

Bill on Jul 26, 2010


Wow, this was really disturbing. I thought I was going to be ill. A playboy with no looks, personality or charisma - lame. Britt Reid was described as so much more than what "little" Seth Rogen is able to deliver. This is a pathetic movie, besides a parody of a good character and a good show. Seth sucks.

Annonymous on Sep 2, 2010



DAVID HOFFSON on Sep 26, 2010


At first, I figured why not give Seth Rogen chance because I had never seen anything else from this guy but crap movies but I was excited to see The Green Hornet. Sadly, he is a terrible douche bag of an actor. Seth Rogen is not even funny enough to make his mark as did the other comedic greats out there. Too bad this film is kinda ruined now because he tried to base the character after Paris Hilton! It was only worth watching for the car and Jay Chou

Daphnydd on Jan 17, 2011

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