New Justice League Rumblings from DC Comics' Geoff Johns

April 2, 2010

Justice League

Earlier today I stopped by the Geoff Johns panel at WonderCon in San Francisco to hear what one of the best comic book authors today had to say about, well, everything. If you haven't heard, Johns was recently promoted to CCO (Chief Creative Officer) at DC Comics and also works as a consultant at DC Entertainment at Warner Bros. When asked about a Justice League movie, now that WB is focusing more on DC Comics movies, Johns said simply, "can't talk about it yet, but we'll talk in San Diego." He is, of course, referring to the San Diego Comic-Con in July, which we expect the Green Lantern movie to have a very big presence at.

Of course, we may be reading into this a little too much (but then again, both SlashFilm and ComingSoon thought this was worth mentioning as well). While he wouldn't say much about anything (except that Green Lantern looks awesome so far), his hint there's more to come at the San Diego Comic-Con in July sounds like they're planning to make some sort of announcement or reveal something (or have some major news ready) by then. I guess we'll find out. But after the disastrous JLA movie that George Miller was working on a few years back, I'm kind of excited to hear that a proper Justice League movie may finally be in the works.

In regards to his role at DC and how it crosses over into the cinematic world, Johns explained that he's "in charge of the creative consistency of the DC Universe" and also promised that we will "see a lot more DC movies." Answering another question about carrying over themes from the comics, Johns explained that his "goal is to make sure our thematics and the details look and match what we do in the comics" which is exactly why he's currently working there as a consultant. And as for an update on The Flash movie, "we're developing it right now" but that's all he would say. It sounds like a lot is in the works at DC Entertainment.

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Is this like a response to The Avengers?

Robbie on Apr 2, 2010


nah, I'm not gonna believe any of it.

Xerxex on Apr 2, 2010


@ robbie of course it is,dc are going to copy what marvel are doing with a muti crossover storyline in their films which will lead into a justice league film it is the only way to take on something as huge as the avengers project. of course both films on paper seem like great ideas,but we will have to wait & see. THE AVENGERS VS THE JUSTICE LEAGUE AT THE BOX OFFICE BRING IT ON.

DEADPOOL 72 on Apr 2, 2010


I'd be wary of simply trying to port Marvel's approach. This cross-over continuity Avenger's project could be a success or a bust. Time will tell, but they should attempt to distinguish their approach.

Governor on Apr 2, 2010


I believe it will happen by 2013 at the earliest and that's not too far off.

jake the snake on Apr 2, 2010


I was just curious if the moviemakers realize that there are still some adults that enjoy a good movie (when we can find one). Seems there is nothing on the horizon but comic-books-on-film. I'm sure they will all have a nice G rating for the children but what about the grown-ups? what are we supposed to watch? surely not this trash.

baloneysandwichman on Apr 2, 2010


DC/WB has been playing catch-up with Marvel for years now, as far as movies go. The Batman franchise has been their only success they've been able to maintain. Now, with Marvel pushing forward with their in-house movies leading up to Avengers, it's no surprise that DC would attempt to follow suit. In the next two or three years, I expect DC to release a Flash movie, a Superman movie, and MAYBE if we're lucky a Wonder Woman movie. Using [an non-Nolan] Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, (and WW), as lead-ins to a future "Justice League" movie.

DRM on Apr 2, 2010


If there is anyone to put faith in towards a good cinematic rendering of the DC Universe, Geoff Johns is the #1 guy. He's probably the sole reason DC Comics sell as well as they do.

GArham on Apr 2, 2010


This is a joke....DC Entertainment is well behind Marvel Studios Marvel has a near perfect superhero movie with Ironman, they improved greatly with Incredible Hulk (clearing up the Ang Lee shit smear), Thor with Kenneth Brannah may be the Lord of the Rings of Superhero films when its all said and done....Captain America (we will have to wait and see)...but Marvel definitely has their shit together working towards Avengers. Yes I admit the Nolan Batman films are fantastic . and quite possibly the best Superhero movies going, but thats all DC has......and in no way do they fit a proposed JLA. And DC will shoot themselves in the foot by allowing Nolan to helm and give advise for a Superman movie.... Sure that will make for a great Superman movie....but long term it will not help JLA to come to fruition like a comic book fan would want..... Because Nolan himself has said he made his Batman films to not exist with the rest of the DC universe....and has stated he and his brother will propose to do the same with Superman. IF this happens you can kiss that JLA movie goodbye or perhaps get a JLA movie without Batman and Superman (FAIL) Sure DC will get a good Green Lantern, and Flash movie out....perhaps Wonder Woman....but then you got shit in terms of bringing about other lame charecters (IMO) such as HawkMan, Martian Manhunter and explaining how to get them meshed into a film like JLA.....but do you think that can compete with Avengers without Bats and Supes....NO FUCKIN WAY...LMAO.... Xerxex is right....I'll believe it when I see it but DC is way too busy kissing Nolans ass and will destroy any possible way be able to mesh Batman and Superman into a JLA movie in the near future. NUFF SAID

True Blue Spider-man Fan on Apr 2, 2010


Holy shit....I love what #9 just said....DEAD ON FUCKIN RIGHT BRO !!!

CORNBOY on Apr 2, 2010


A Marvel Zombies movie will be out before a JLA movie.

People's Champ on Apr 2, 2010


great he wrote episodes for SMALLVILLE and he himself likes the show i m 90% sure smallville myhtology is associated with new JL movie

Smallvillelover on Apr 2, 2010


Wow, #9 -- It's astonishing how well you were able to discover sense and then make the exact opposite of it. Producing the best possible Batman movie and the best possible Superman movie and the best possible Flash movie and so on and so forth is a good idea. Attempting to homogenize them so they "mesh together" in the service of a Justice League movie is monumentally stupid. It's stupid of Marvel, and it would be perhaps even more stupid of DC to copy them. If you want a good superhero movie, allow the creative team to delve into what makes that character work and establish a world to best capitalize on that one particular character, the way Nolan was allowed to do with Batman. If you want a slew of crappy superhero movies, make the creators trot out crossover-minded pap forced into the same mold as every other superhero movie, so "they can mesh together." Wonder Woman: The Movie might be alright, but I have no desire to see Wonder Woman: The First Justice Leaguer. The difference is staggering, and I'm honestly dumbfounded that so many comic book fans can't seem to understand why. On a side note, I can't say I entirely understanding the origin of this prevailing belief that you have to first establish every character in an ensemble movie with their own solo movies before you can make the ensemble movie. Why would you need to make a Hawkman movie to "explain how he meshes" in the Justice League? I guess I must have missed the Cyclops, Jean Grey, Professor X, Storm, Wolverine, Rogue, and Iceman movies that preceded the first X-Men movie.

Sinnycal on Apr 3, 2010


Who says that cross-continuity is a good thing? Just because Marvel's doing it people think it HAS to be that way. It's jsut a nice way to wank fans but is ultimately meaningless in an individual film sense. Batman exists as a wholly original creation in the Nolan world and that makes him a unique entity. I think they should take that approach with more of their superheroes. I think forcing these characters to mesh together in an extended trailer for a team-up movie is an unproven idea and DC shouldn't follow Marvel since there is no success yet to be shown with that plan. They should set the characters movies up with a relative degree of individuality then they can cross it over later if they like.

SlashBeast on Apr 3, 2010


"DC Entertainment is well behind Marvel Studios." That doesn't matter. They'll catch up. This is a marathon not a sprint. And as long as Spiderman, Daredevil, and the X-Men are owned by other studios (Sony and Fox), Marvel movies in general will always be miles behind D.C. in terms of quality.

graffiti bandit on Apr 3, 2010


@ DRM – Catching up for years? What the past 2 – 3 years lol, MARVEL has only taken out IM and HULK. You’re making it sound like it’s been dozens of films out already under MARVELS hands. What you should focus your attention to is Thor and Cap, those 2 will make ‘em or break ‘em. Both have A LOT of pressure because of those 2 don’t transpire well on the big screen then all work done by MARVEL is forgotten. It’s like they say, “What have you done for me lately”. Btw Batman’s Nolan will be involved the upcoming movies, its big business. Once IM2 comes out in May, showing nice box office reviews, you’ll see in Comic Con San Diego the announcement that Bale will be involved. @ True Blue Spider-Man Fan – lol you’re too funny, but I love. This makes great competition that both DC/MARVEL go head to head but let me just get this off my chest especially since your screen name is Spiderman. I’ve been saying it for a long time, but MARVEL needs to grow a pair of balls. They should get their franchise players back like Spiderman and XMEN, having no 110% control over those characters is a disgrace and you probably don’t want to admit it. But enough of that crap, DC well behind MARVEL lol. The fight has just started both are gearing up to let lose. Like I mentioned to DRM, your Avengers movie falls or makes base on the upcoming Thor and Cap so lets not count your chickens until they hatch, bring it down a notch playboy. So you can continue yapping your mouth, go ahead but for now everything is wait and see. Once all is out and about then we can actually sit back, go back to every film and see who indeed did they’re best. @ Smallvillelover – Are you serious to believe that, Smallville Myth will be no where close to these upcoming DC films. Come on, really. The only possible 6 degrees of separation will be TW and/or Erica Durance playing the similar roles in Supes and that’s a big maybe. Before I continue I need to go back and poke fun to the True Blue Spiderman and others who agree with him. Stop worrying about DC, worry about how MARVEL needs to grow a pair of balls, get back their franchise players like Xmen and Spidey lol. Do it before Zac Efron or any other Disney kid like David Henrie plays your lovable characters lol. Now back to more important things, at the moment everything is “no word” but when the time comes I believe they will announce that Bale is part of the plan for JLA movie and even some cameos. At the end the cameo he’ll do is in Superman I bet. Again its big business in every way sense of the word to have Bale (Batman) participate in any crossover and JLA films. Just imagine if they do say that there’s a new Batman for the rest of films because shit never existed in the previous Bat’s yada yada. Shit will just be disastrous, people will be comparing Bats, some will be confused and it will automatically just have people doubting on the future films; that’s not big business. Having the NEWS that Bale will be involved and what ever Nolan’s first point of view is now different will provide weight and will only boaster the vibe and anticipation for all. It will bring more buzz to the other movies. Money talks and Nolan will follow suit it’s because it’s the smart thing to do. They want to start with high praises and anticipations, not low and need to work they’re way up with a lot of money being committed. Again these maybe’s and can’t talk now’s is ok with me, I’ll get nervous if it’s the last day of San Diego Comic Con and no announcements have come about. But as of now it’s just chill.

Blue & Orange NY on Apr 3, 2010


Blue and orange NY you think you know everything when in fact you don't know much. Bale would never do JLA.

Jake the snake on Apr 3, 2010


@Blue and Orange i said that cause Geof John wrote epsiodes for smallville and he had goo time writing for that show and smallville gave him opportunity to present live incarnation of his characters like Legion, JSA for the very first time if i were geof john i sure would have had some aspect of smallville in new JLA movie and let's face it Superman is very BORING character for younger generation and smallville kept younger people's interest by making clark kent more complex than some boy scout people don't want superclean characters they want complex heroes this is no 70's where CR superman worked love it or hate it smallville is the ONLY live action show on superman heck we don't even know when next superman movie will release for sure and ps smallville's LEX LUTHOR owns movies lex luthor that is how lex luhtor should be not some fat balding middel age man who is obessed with "real estate" i m 14 year old girl and i love Smallville

Smallvillelover on Apr 3, 2010


Hi, i know guy from hollywood and he says new Superman movie will have cameo of Christian Bale's Bruce wayne (not as batman) Christopher nolan has changed his ploicy that batman is the only supoerhero in his universe, Infact in next Batman movie u will see refrence to Metropolis and Green lantern's ring there is even news studio want Christopher nolan to supervise JLA movie like he is doing superman

Knoweldgeman on Apr 3, 2010


@ Jake the Snake: When W.B./D.C. said they had a game, they meant it. Nolan will definitely spearhead everything towards a JLA if the money is right. Which it will be. And Bale will definitely be a part of it if Nolan asks him to. Which he will. Will it all happen? Who knows. But one thing is for sure - D.C. will get it right.

graffiti bandit on Apr 3, 2010


game plan*

graffiti bandit on Apr 3, 2010


@ Jake the Snake Roberts – lol, WOW have I struck a nerve lol. You either know Bale personally and he told you to tell me I don’t know shit or you’re a Marvel fan. Hmm I doubt it’s the first part, so you must be a Marvel fan. Listen I never proclaimed myself a “know it all” what I expressed is my opinion. But it’s good to know that my opinion struck nerve lol, it shows you’re listening. Regarding Bale or any other actor, they’re in it for the money. Since the Terminator franchise isn’t moving forward at least anytime soon. There’s a good chance Bale will continue after the 3rd Bats film. All it takes is an excellent script and money. So if both are done there’s a very good chance he will do it, but again unless you know him personally if so thanks for the heads up. @ Smallvillelover – I never bashed SV, in matter of fact I watch it every Friday. Smallville is a nice change and it has gotten better the last few seasons, there are some things I don’t like but I still enjoy it. But I doubt John will take anything from SV’s world. If anything comes over it will be TW and ED play their respectful roles from the show but that’s a big IF. And yea I agree MR did an excellent job on playing Lex but unfortunately I doubt he’ll take the role if it was offered to him. @ Graffiti Bandit – I agree. Any how MARVEL fans need not to worry about DC news and stop the bashing or claiming that they’re way ahead. Shit isn’t over nor has the race gotten to the half way mark, we’re still in the first ¼ of the race. You should all be questioning why MARVEL hasn’t grown a pair and take back Spidey or Xmen. We all know IM2 is going to be off the hook, but nail biting will start when Thor and Cap come out because those 2 flicks will make or break the Avengers.

Blue Orange NY on Apr 3, 2010


I don't think thy should rush it if it is going ahead. after flash gl and a superman film (or two) Batman 4 could be the last film before jla. Whether bale/nolan are involved could be sorted with the forth batman film introducing a new actor and Maybe a villain with some level of superpower that could be one of the villains in jla too paramount however is a good story and actors so nolan involvement would be preferable

Ross on Apr 3, 2010


i am more worried on what the story or reason would be to have the JLA get together, I mean the Avengers has it's origion story in joining to take down an unstoppable mence in the Hulk, and i think part of the new movie will reflect this, what happens from now on is how loki and the red skull come across, as villians as well. and can't we just be happy we live in a time when we can actually have the possibility of a full on live action JLF, after an avengers movies....i mean people do not be so beholdent to your own imaginations of what is or is not good.....just be thankful we can see it, watching a movie you don't think changes your views on everything is a lot better than a stick in the eye...i mean hey for better or worse in life we got to see comic book on screen

eviltodd on Apr 3, 2010


@24 that why i belive it will be SMART move for DC if they continue JL mythology from SMALLVILLE now i know people complain about smallville is "teen drama" (which is disagree) but in smallville JL is allready establihsed when show is over continue JL story from smallville on BIG SCREEN with TW as superman smallville is an orgin story if iwas head of DC departmen i wouuld have done that i m 14 year old girl and i love smallville

smallvillelover on Apr 3, 2010


ps if they make KINGDOME COME movie i can see GEORGE CLOONEY as OLD SUPERMAN

smallvillelover on Apr 3, 2010


@ 25: Ain't gonna happen. They're not dumb enough to go that route. Chris Nolan is the antithesis of the garbage that the CW dumps out. If he's in charge of Superman, best believe they're starting from scratch.

graffiti bandit on Apr 3, 2010


@27 smallville is not CW product and to be honest geof john is above than christopher noolan in comics department and if chsritopher nolan wants to treat Batman farnchise as some EXTENDED CSI episode good for him but he should know he is directing freaking comic book movie not "crime dramas" i am 14 year old girl and i love smallville

smallvillelover on Apr 3, 2010


This may sound sacriligius but what would peoples views on a jla without Batman be? Not that I wouldn't enjoy some of the jla being intimidated by batman and him being dark and menacing around them, but in some ways i've always had to ignore the elephant in the room that baman doesn't really belong there. In Gotham he's meant to be an urban myth but for jla he's in quite a public role I suppose even Nolan batman is already more than a myth anyway but it's just a thought @28 batman considers himself a crime fighter rather than a superhero and being a detecive is fundamental to his character.

Ross on Apr 4, 2010


@29 i could see a JLA with no bats, and anyone who bitches, tell me a plasible way for him to be part of it? a jla movie would have to be epic and interstellar (Darkseid or starro ) that would justify all the big guns getting together, it works in the comics where bats has been granted a god like persona, but not on screen where you have the fastest man alive, a man weilding the most powerful weapon in the universe, an amazon who can lift battleships, and the big S, if it is going to work it has to be all build on suspencion of belief and the best bats on screen who is the dark knight dectective that nolan has created just doesn't belong, leave him be, the only bats that would work in this would be from Batman and robin, and i would rather go without that have him shoe-horned in

eviltodd on Apr 4, 2010


@smallvillelover - Batman and his storied origins ARE a crime drama. Nolan know and respects that and thats why his Batman worked so well. Trying to mesh that with JLA is going to be reall difficult. They will do it anyway but it just sounds more like more fail and success. @Blue Orange NY - I totally agree that Thor and Cap will make or break Avengers but to Marvel's credit, at least they hired the best possible directors, cast and crews that have real talent at making good movies. @smallvillelover again - please do not suggest that George Clooney be Superman, young or old, out loud or you run the risk of a 5'3" midget MMA fight jumping out the bushes and drop-kicking you square in your chest. I'm a 52 year old Asgardian and I love "Castle" on ABC Mondays nights at 10/9c

Bolder on Apr 4, 2010


Marvel vs DC lol...WHO CARES...if both camps make solid movies, movie fans as well as comic fans WIN. As long as both companies do it right...does it matter?

lolfaced on Apr 4, 2010


smallvillelover batman has always been a detective. He started in "detective comics" not batman.

Jake the snake on Apr 4, 2010


I think it could be done if they approach it with a serious tone. I thought Watchmen was great and if they use that movie as a guide it can be successful. The challenge is setting up the threat. Will it be Lex (a more serious and ruthless version) trying to take over the world and killing Superman? Darkside trying to kill Superman and take over the world? Or maybe the Dominators who simply want to take over the universe, earth included (like Independence Day)? Throw in a little conflict with a government moving toward an anti superhero stance and you have a movie.

DJ SID on Apr 4, 2010


# 32 lolfaced I the end all we want are classics....excellent movies, both entities giving us what we went....DC and Marvel.

blue orange ny on Apr 5, 2010


@30 I'm a big batman fan and I would definitely prefer no bats rather than a shoe horned one. If he's in it he has to be central to the plot. maybe a variation of the Public enemies story. if the superman movies built up luthor as a behind the scenes mastermind, then Maybe have President luthor as the main villain. As president he tries to turn public opinion against superheroes by orchestrating attacks against flash supes etc. Civilians getting hurt/killed in the process while superman and the rest try and conain things batman investigates attacks and ties it back to luthor well something like that anyway that uses batmans deective skills so he's not fighting super powered villains with batarangs.

Ross on Apr 5, 2010


@36, if he was used in his tactitian role and they put depth to the mystery behind what is happening then sure, but making him central to the plot kinda makes it less a JLA movie than Batman and his amazing friends, maybe if his role was somewhat like in final frontier, the problem with this movie over avengers is bats and supes are much bigger than any of the avengers on their own, i mean most people had no idea who tony stark was before iron man, and the other have yet to be represented in the public like DC's big two, hulk and spider-man are the two marvel has had a lot of cross generation exposure with, i just think bats is too big to play second banana to the rest of the league yet he isn't powerful enough to fight the type of threat that you would need the league for...i mean i loved justice leauge unlimited but the final ep when he was throwing batarangs at fucking darkseid....come on. but who knows if they can give a multi faceted threat he could work, just hope they do it out of nolan's world view

eviltodd on Apr 5, 2010


I just mean central in terms of equal importance with the others rather than being the focus or monopolising screen time. If anything his role could have less screen time but have a big impact on the plot. The big action scenes are likely to be the rest of the league battling so keep his role more behind the scenes but critical. I'd love a cameo in say a second superman film where the film finishes with luthor in office and say after the credits luthor is sitting in the oval office and batman appears in the dark to warn him he knows he's up to something just throwing ideas around anyway. Hopefully whatever they do will be good but would happily wait a few years

Ross on Apr 5, 2010


oh yeah me too i mean when all is said in done we are living in a great time if you love comic books, and that cameo for a supes film would rock, i just hope they mention metropolis or something in the next batman film too, a supes bats movie wouldn't even need the rest of the league

eviltodd on Apr 5, 2010


If they made a second movie I'd like to see tower of babel done. Great story but might be hard to implement

Ross on Apr 5, 2010


Thinking about it further should dc not try and come up with a different approach than marvel? Instead of going straight from separate origin movies (plus any sequals) to avengers/jla, could having build up pairings work? So do flash GL movies then a flash/gl movie. Superman with maybe wonder woman or manhunter or whatever. Then bring it to jla level after that. Just a thought, would the general public go for that type of approach? If anything a successful avengers is exactly what dc needs. Get the public excited about more of the same

Ross on Apr 6, 2010


One thing I'd like all readers here to understand before they judge DC's movie efforts is that unlike Marvel, they have very little control over their movies. DC doesn't have their own filmmaking division. They've always been owned by Warner Bros who controls all their movie properties and rarely lets them have any say in it. The Batman movies had no input from DC. Neither did the Green Lantern movie in production now, or The Losers, or Jonah Hex. All the creative decisions were made solely by the writers and directors in charge. In the Warner Bros hierarchy, DC comics executives lie at the bottom of the ladder, so they have no choice but to put up with the bullshit spewed by Warner producers like Jon Peters who know nothing about the characters their supposed to be adapting, butcher the stories, veto any writers who actually read the comics, and in general make a huge mess of things. This is the reason most DC movies spend years in production hell, and why they have so much trouble getting any films off the ground. If DC had their own studio with someone like Kevin Fiege we'd be seeing ten times the development we have now. But Warner Executives will never allow that because comic book films are big money spinners and all the studio hotshots want the credit of producing them for themselves.

GG on May 9, 2010


I just want to say that DC had their heroes under 1 umbrella for years! and they never could establish a crossover univers, Im giving MARVEL a big salute for showing some BIG ASS BALLS for getting the crossover thing going in the movies!! dc is still stuck in solo projects MARVEL just went and did crossovers!

Rexmarvel on Mar 28, 2011

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