New Line Starts Developing Another Final Destination Movie

April 25, 2010

Final Destination

While I was at the Warner Bros presentation at ShoWest a month ago, they said that The Final Destination wasn't actually the final movie in that series and that a fifth one was in the works, but since I have no care or concern for this damn franchise, I didn't mention it at the time. Heat Vision has announced that New Line / Warner Bros is officially developing another sequel, tentatively titled Final Destination 5, and has hired writer Eric Heisserer (who wrote The Thing prequel and worked on the Nightmare on Elm Street remake) to pen the script. While the plot is being kept under wraps, one new scene is said to involve laser-eye surgery.

I don't know about you guys, but I just think this franchise is so boring, so unexciting, I don't care about it in the least. The last one, the fourth film, was supposed to be the final installment (hence the name The Final Destination), but it made enough money ($181 million worldwide) for Warner Bros to actually put another sequel into develop (milking this franchise for as much money as they can, I guess). No directed is signed for Final Destination 5 yet, but they're hoping to find one soon, as they want to have it ready by next year. Just like the previous one, this sequel will be shot in and released in 3D. Anyone care about this franchise?

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Please enough

TheJae on Apr 25, 2010


I loved the first 3 flicks but the 4th was just god awful. No doubt that the 5th will suck as well.

CRaZY OLYPHANT on Apr 25, 2010


Did the public piss off Hollywood or something?

Angry Chief on Apr 25, 2010


WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!. They need to make up new ideas and quit with these lame sequels...

Josh on Apr 26, 2010


all of these movies have sucked. since the beginning. but the point is i have sadly seen them all because they are one of my biggest guilty pleasures. at not point have they been even remotely worth seeing. but i do it any way because they are so hilariously stupid/bad. should they be making a 5th? no. will i see it? probably for old times sake. lol

sjophotography on Apr 26, 2010


These are guilty pleasure movies, nothing more. I watch and enjoy them just to see how creative they get with some of the deaths. I do not watch these for anything else and neither should you.

RC on Apr 26, 2010


This is money grabbing at its worth, WB Final Destination 5 the last one wasn't that impressive in 3D it was only a gimmicky type of movie every thing added for 3D effect. This franchise has run its Course. stop now.

Cineprog on Apr 26, 2010


So I'm starting to think "Final" isn't really what they should be continually calling their about "Indeterminate Destination" or maybe "Postponed without Possibility of Arriving at Final Destination"?? Bit wordy but I think it gets the point across:P

Marc on Apr 26, 2010


The only thing this franchise has become good for is the laughs I get at the death scenes...the tow truck scene in 4 was hilarious!

Deathtoll 2010 on Apr 26, 2010


Let it die, just let it die...

Dandooo on Apr 26, 2010


Sweet deal! These movies are probably the most fun, well most is extreme, but close to it, I have at movies. So great to see how Hollywood kills kids in ironic ways. SO much better than that slasher crap in which everyone dies my simple impalement, they get creative with these deaths. Call me morbid, but I do love these films for that.

tra la la la la di da on Apr 26, 2010


The first one was quite good because it felt fresh and that is where they should have stopped. All the sequels since have been pretty dull and just more rehashing of the same idea. So the prospect of a fifth doesn't fill me with excitement in the slightest.

Andy on Apr 26, 2010


"the plot is being kept under wraps." Seriously? They've used the same "plot" for every damn movie. Only the second movie tried to do some a little different by tying into the first one, but the third and fourth may as well have been straight remakes of the first. Since everyone knows what's going to happen in these movies, people are just going to see them to check out the creative ways people die horrible deaths, and that's a little disturbing.

JP on Apr 26, 2010



People's Champ on Apr 26, 2010


The first one was creative. It brought a fresh plot to the teen slasher genre. The second tied into the first one, and they took the lessons learned from the first and made the characters somewhat smarter. But c'mon by the third one it was just beating a dead horse, no pun intended. I mean we get it, you can't cheat death. Lesson learned, but please stop making these horrible ass movies. They start sucking more and more. I mean in the last one they weren't even teenagers, but it still had teen movie written all over it.

........... on Apr 26, 2010


Why Won't This Movie Series Fucking Die Allready.

CJ on Apr 26, 2010


I agree with #15, though the main moral of the story in FD1, that you can't cheat death, was fucked up in FD2. Still, the sequel was good, with characters I cared about. 3 was retarded, with me HOPING the characters die for a good gore scene, and they didn't disappoint in that. Stuff like the nailgun death and the preppy girls dying at the same time- slowly, I might add- were enjoyable. The fourth film continued this trend, though it felt more like FD2 than FD3, even though the guy dying in the pool was stupid as hell and the lady getting killed by a rock was predictable. The ending of FD4 was great, complimenting the theme of FD1 (and having a male main character, which was nice). I just hope that FD5 stays close to the stories of FD1 and 4, though I'm sure with things like a laser eye surgery death will be lame, unless the reason the main character can see when people are about to die is related to an eye surgery they had, which would be cool. The main thing I'm getting from this news is the fact that it's not really news. Sure, the movies are sucking and only being made for the gore now, not for the theme. Remember the first Nightmare on Elm Street? It was amazing, and you were rooting for Nancy all the way. Then it wasn't about the main character, just about Freddy killing people. Sure, the movies were still alright, but after the first they just lost quality. One day, I hope someone is smart enough to make a large series of horror films that they stick with, that they write to make sure the characters are important and the moral of the story isn't lost in the dollar-signed eyes of the movie companies. Or, you know, cooler death scenes.

Phil Ringer on Apr 26, 2010


WOW!!! P.T. Barnum WAS right...there IS one born every minute...and from the looks of it, a sh*tload more than one every minute...

spanky on Apr 27, 2010


i luv all of them especially the 3rd i thought they were goin to make another one on a ship i started luvin them evr since the first one and im 11 now and i still cant get enough i say MORE MORE!! 🙂 Read more:

stephanie on May 9, 2010



avatarfire on Jul 29, 2010


The fifth is not a sequel! Watch and learn grasshoppers watch and learn. Like many of you I enjoyed the first two and thought the third was mediocre. The fourth needed much work truthfully in my opinion it sucked and I'm an avid fan of the franchise. This brings me to the fifth installment, its right up there with the first two. Keep in mind I did say its not a sequel...check it out for yourself but this makes up for the fourth big time. I enjoyed each minute from beginning to the surprise ending.

Da1trublade on Sep 2, 2011

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