New Official Poster for Jonah Hex & Trailer Hits on Thursday

April 27, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Jonah Hex

I feel like this is one of those weeks where we've been debuting nothing but poster after poster without any trailers to follow. This time, though, we've got this new poster for Jonah Hex today, and a trailer to come on Thursday. Jonah Hex is the upcoming comic book / western / action / supernatural movie based on a DC Comics character that is being directed by first-time live-action director Jimmy Hayward. Although Warner Bros released a teaser poster at Comic-Con last year, we haven't seen much besides one photo since then. So here's the new poster, with some badass gatling gun action, and stick around for the trailer this Thursday.

Jonah Hex Poster

The story in this movie will follow Jonah Hex (seen with the gun), a disfigured bounty hunter who tracks a voodoo practitioner that wants to raise an army of the undead to liberate the South. Former Pixar animator Jimmy Hayward, who is a big fan of both comics and westerns, is directing. Josh Brolin stars as Jonah Hex and is joined by Megan Fox, John Malkovich, Michael Fassbender, Will Arnett, and Michael Shannon in the movie. Can't wait to see the trailer and I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks after it debuts. I'm intrigued by the Dragonball-like glowing orange orb that Malkovich is holding. What the heck is that?

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Finally! they better get cracking on marketing this movie.

movie mike on Apr 27, 2010


wow i've been waiting to hear about this movie for like ever, ha megan fox's face looks so fake lol

pulp fiction212 on Apr 27, 2010


This poster looks awesome. Love the colors.

Guy on Apr 27, 2010


Megan Fox looks yummy to me...I think she's hot...can't act...but she's hot.

Zantorian on Apr 27, 2010


I didnt know Capt Barbossa was in this. Or the Leprechaun from Lucky Charms. You think they would've had this out a few months ago. I think this might be the end of Brolin's good streak of movies. This might be Wild Wild West bad. (I hope not)

People's Champ on Apr 27, 2010


hoho, megan fox, no problem

Elvis on Apr 27, 2010


@4 maybe you should say that about almost every other poster. I've posted this before, but i'll do it again because of how crazy it is:

Ian Kuah on Apr 27, 2010


I'm hoping Fox does a good job, I think she can be more than a pretty face. Poster looks okay, more concerned with the trailer.

Xerxex on Apr 27, 2010


The mood of the poster is pretty good and the blocking is a step up from floating heads. But like #1 said, what's with him shooting the gatling gun at the ground? It always bothers me when promo posters for action movies put in some muzzle flash just to "spice it up".

Jertown on Apr 27, 2010


This looks kinda dumb. Not in a "I don't like these actors or director" way... It just looks cheesy. This movie needs a better poster. One that doesn't try to seem to "deadly". Also, Megan Fox sucks.

Cracky on Apr 27, 2010


The poster makes it look cheap and shit, not excited about this film anymore, unless the trailer is out of this world, I think this is going to be a disaster. Anyone agree?

Dandooo on Apr 27, 2010


G.O.B is in this?! About time he gets a decent role...

peloquin on Apr 28, 2010


She looks tired.

Ratchet7 on Apr 28, 2010


Good Comic Great Character Very rich possibility as a movie What do we get??? this poster???? darn.. how come someone who is "comi and western" fan could greenlight such a poster??? or does he even have a say in it??? i normally dont come this hard on a subject but this is outrageous 🙁 all the casting is pretty strong some for their acting abilities and one for her well hottness?! 😛 but it might just nor enoguh as far as what we can gather from this poster 🙁 and as before mentioned Josh Brolin was on a winning streak... lets hope the trailer and further posters and stuff make up for the first ones failure... i so wanna get hyped over this flick..cause i love the comic and i do love good westerns 😀

Burak "D'aequitas" on Apr 28, 2010


That font screams "FAILURE"

Voice of Reason on Apr 28, 2010


Bad poster. Megan Fox looks confused, and pretty ugly.

Audrey on Apr 28, 2010


Not such a great poster IMO, it makes the film look like some lame action movie as some people have mentioned above and the poster itself lacks congruity- Randomly blazing weapons, a random orb thing and a bit cleavage (for good measure, of course) with Hex's buddies glancing over their shoulders to see why he's getting all trigger happy.. Take out the muzzle flashes, add more cinders and darken the overall hue a bit and I reckon it would look pretty sweet. (It could probably do with a better tagline too..) Well I'm still looking forward to watching the trailer tomorrow and if it leaves anyone uncertain about the film, it probably means WB needs to get the chumps out of marketing and get someone with passion and vision in... In any case, I'll very likely still bag the OST when it comes out anyway.

deep-sleep on Apr 28, 2010


is that a dragonball in the poster or im i seeing things.... well i hope goku makes a cameo in the movie :]

Spider94 on Apr 28, 2010

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