New Planet of the Apes Prequel 'Ceaser' is Shooting This July?

April 7, 2010
Source: Twitter

Planet of the Apes

It looks like it finally may be happening. Production Weekly is reporting via their Twitter that 20th Century Fox has opened up production offices at Mammoth Studios in Burnaby, BC (outside of Vancouver) for their new Planet of the Apes prequel titled Caesar: Rise of the Apes. They also report that shooting starts in mid-July. We've reported bits and pieces about this new Apes project previously, but we didn't know if it'd ever make it into production. But if you believe it, it's almost ready to go. I have a feeling this is all accurate since it probably came from an industry tracking board, so get ready to see a new Planets of the Apes movie!

About a month ago, news broke that British director Rupert Wyatt (of only The Escapist previously) would be taking on the new Planet of the Apes prequel and directing from a screenplay co-written by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver (The Relic). This is probably the same project, which will supposedly focus on a chimpanzee named Caesar who eventually leads the revolt in the third sequel (1972's Conquest). Other reports say that it will be set in contemporary San Francisco and also focus on genetic research and have plenty of homages to the original 1968 Charlton Heston film. All Planets of the Apes fans should certainly be excited by this news!

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Yeah first they ruin Planet of the apes then they stomp it into the ground and now they hunch over it and craps on it, you gotta love Hollywood

Loser on Apr 7, 2010


tim burton's version was awful....just hope Rick Baker is back for the actual costumes work

monal on Apr 7, 2010


I doubt they will have Estella Warren in it this time... 🙁

Chad on Apr 7, 2010


I want to see a Planet of the Apes where their just chilled out and not killing each other, showing the humans how to roll. It'll be balls.

Crapola on Apr 7, 2010


Crap. Ape crap.

Fox on Apr 7, 2010


I was bored until I read "set in contemporary San Francisco". Then I became interested. Lookin' more and more like the end of Burton's PotA. I'm cautiously optimistic--as always, the trailer will be the deciding factor.

Nada Nuff on Apr 7, 2010


As long as they don't monkey around with the look and feel of the original a prequel may work.

Hattori Hanzo on Apr 7, 2010


Anyone know excactly how many remakes reboots prequels that are in the works? I got up to about 93 of them before I gave up trying to get the exact number

Loser on Apr 7, 2010


Big Thor and POTC 4 news over at on Apr 7, 2010


nothing will beat the old planet of the apes movies. those were great.

KING on Apr 7, 2010


I really don't understand why so many people bitch about reboots, remakes, sequels, prequels! Yes, I get it the lack of originality but thats f'n life i.e. music, fashion, video games etc. I love em! You take what people like and try to improve on loved charectors and cult classics with modern tech and proven movie making techniques. And what I like a about them is it keeps some of my fave charectors story alive. Most of them entertain me for a few hours and some are bad ass! Ya, ya, some suck but thats movies in general ...the original story line interested enough people for the concept to come iinto works... so blame the movie not the idea. But in the end who cares either way, you dont want to see it....don't. But you guys blogging you'r bitches bout reboots remember your still the minority cus these movies are obviously making money or they wouldn't be being made. So stop crying about your classics on an old VHS tape...

Let it go man.. on Apr 7, 2010


People like to bitch for the sake of bitchin. Bitch about this, Evans doing Captain America, Burton doing whatever, etc, etc, Like Hollywood has got a gun to their head.

Classified on Apr 7, 2010


Yeah people love to bitch but the problem is not reboots and remakes it is the story, Hollywood tries to mask bad stories with cgi 3d and visual style instead of using those techniques to enhance the great stories they are remaking.

Loser on Apr 7, 2010


Yeah people love to bitch but the problem is not reboots and remakes it is the story, Hollywood tries to mask bad stories with cgi 3d and visual style instead of using those techniques to enhance the great stories they are remaking.

Loser on Apr 7, 2010


What there going to show Caesar in his teen years????!?...Nothing interesting can happen with story Conquest already covered it. Thats besides the fact that hollywood wants to rape this classic now too.

Cody w on Apr 7, 2010



Sigurjon on Apr 7, 2010


Pretty sure it wont be 3d. I could care less about 90% of the remakes, tv shows, board games, sequels, 3d extravaganza's but I'm going to destroy my dvd player. Take up basketweaving, Naysayers!

Classified on Apr 7, 2010


Be excited like when the remake came out? Seriously?

tra la la la la di da on Apr 7, 2010


"Terminator: Rise of the Machines" "GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra" "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" "FF 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer" Are movie studios and writers too stupid to think of better titles? That said, I still look forward to another POTA to appease my monkey fetishes. Bring it!

pixelblink on Apr 7, 2010


Tim Burton's Apes movie was garbage. Hope this one will be better.

damn dirty ape on Apr 8, 2010


Monkey feces in 3d!!! Awesome.

Chase on Apr 8, 2010


This article isn't true! They will be deciding by the end of the week.

Suzette on Apr 13, 2010


wtf i thought the tim burton one was good. so was the classics. Im too tired of people over looking movies. Just read a post on how planet of the apes was "sexiest and racist" give me a break its a movie. i might even watch what fox makes you wanna know why? life is short and im filling the empty spots. i wish for a game would i be ruining that? how about zui s.. never mind but please just watch a movie and enjoy. ^_^

malckom on Oct 5, 2010

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