New Poster for Tekken Movie - The Battle Begins August 5th?

June 11, 2010
Source: ComicBookMovie

Tekken Movie

Wait, when did this get a release date? (via SlashFilm) has uncovered a new official poster for the Dwight Little directed Tekken movie, starring Jon Foo as Jin Kazama, based on the popular video game. We actually featured the trailer back in January, so we knew this was going to arrive sometime this year, but the poster clearly states: "The Battle Begins Aug 5". So I am assuming this is going to hit theaters? Hopefully not straight-to-DVD, right? I actually think this is just an international poster, which means we still don't know when it's coming out in the US. But check out the poster anyway, it's pretty cool.

Tekken Movie Poster

Tekken was directed by Dwight H. Little of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Marked for Death, and Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid. This was based on Namco's very popular series of fighting games, which first debuted in 1994. The story will follow Jin, who enters the "King of Iron First" tournament in order to avenge the death of his mother that he blames upon Tekken's powerful and controlling chairman, Heihachi Mishima. The screenplay was written by Alan B. McElroy of Spawn, The Marine, and the Wrong Turn trilogy previously. We still don't have any real US release info for this yet, but we'll keep you updated!

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first off LOL whats that supposed to be on his arm :/secondly i dont reay have muh faith in this

matt on Jun 11, 2010


@1 You'd recognize it if you had ever play the video game. I don't have much faith in this either. I'm a huge fan of the games, but the trailer was not very impressive. It just looked too goofy and low-budget. Why do people even make these movies? The "angry-guy-entering-into-a-fighting-tournament-for-revenge" thing has been done so many times. This game does involve some relationships and story lines that could lend themselves to making a good movie.

JP on Jun 11, 2010


This poster lacks emotion 🙁

Nathaniel on Jun 11, 2010


Will they serve wine with this cheese?

Marqwest on Jun 11, 2010


ok first off: HOLLYWOOD DIDNT MAKE IT!!!!!!!!!! so DUUUHHH!!! thats why it looks low budget! i like the poster, reminds me of the game cover 🙂 P.S. i saw the trailer on youtube and a guy posted a comment sayin: "they only focus on one character, thats stupid" so just in case anyone asks the same stupid question... heres the answer... THERES LIKE 20 DIFFERENT STORIES!!!! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU GUYS WANT? TO SIT IN THE THEATER FOR LIKE 10 HOURS SEEING EVERYONES STORY? PLUS, ONLY ONE PERSON CAN WIN!

Said on Jun 11, 2010


i have played the games, though stopped at 4 they got kinda naff after that (or to put it another way soul calibur was better) and yes in the games he wears gloves not some weird armour glove like out of onimusha (yes it looks like that glove)

matt on Jun 11, 2010


nha... lame poster.... hope the movie will better than this ..of we will have another tekken´s bad movie like the animated where Heihachi bites an axe jaja.. LOL

Sakyo on Jun 11, 2010


I'll bet their gonna reboot this someday

AjiNn on Jun 11, 2010


Hey #5... Cool your jets buddy! Oh and need a girlfriend bad.

Marqwest on Jun 11, 2010


looks fan made lol

silver on Jun 11, 2010


Why make it cheap and good when we can make it bad and expensive 😉

Dreckent on Jun 11, 2010


Thank you Tekken franchise for including the lines "the battle begins..." and "survival is no game." on this poster. I was waiting for reasons to never watch this movie...

The Man With No Name on Jun 12, 2010


Ewww looks like some Ewww Boll movies....

TheJae on Jun 12, 2010


@1...What's on his arm? ...An example of someone who clearly doesn't know how to use Photoshop.

peloquin on Jun 12, 2010


il give it a watch and give it a cant be worse than street fighter legend of chun li lol

raz on Jun 12, 2010


Awful, just bloody awful... Why bother if they ate just going to half ass it like this, I mean ven tho it looks like a turd I'm sure it costs millions, I'd rather take that money and do somhin usefull, like wrie my name on the moon or somethin..

Dandooo on Jun 12, 2010


The trailer looked...ass The poster looks....ass So the movie will probably be....c'mon everybody...ASS Not to say that the story might not be good, it may be Pulitzer shit, but the cheesy directing and the god awful "let's copy the clothes directly from the video game even though nobody would dare dress like that in real life" costume design will ruin it for me before I even have a chance to grasp the story. Not to mention the casting which looks basically like let's just pick somebody from that ethnicity that can fight and we'll let the costume designers do the rest. Sorry guys...I'll pass

.............. on Jun 16, 2010


looks pretty awesome can't wait for it

simon on Jun 18, 2010


Do you know the moive will come in the usa on that date but for you young tekken fan at the age of 17 or younger I heard this moive will be R rated you should bring a parent with you unless they dont care but what the hell I do care about the rating just go see like it or hate it it is going to be the most badass moives of the summer

biggest tekken fan in the world on Jun 28, 2010


WHAT A SHAME!!! The main character does not match the one in the game. He's ASIAN for chrissake, not white! Look at Dragonball Evolution, it's a total flop. The same goes for Street Fighter Legend. All I can say is low budget = stupid movie. I'm not even gonna waste my time on it.

John on Jun 30, 2010


you know John Asian people are so smart, so that many people love them.. if you don't like them, then they don't like you either. Good luck to your life.

cutiepie on Jan 11, 2011


I waited this long for a poster that says "the battle begins"?..... The only reason i wanted to see it in the first place is for Eddy Gordo and at that they even changed his name to Eddie? honestly i am still gonna see the movie but im gonna go in the morning so i dont have to waste money in the afternoon for this bs.

C.LO on Jul 28, 2010


his glove DO in fact look like that, since you stopped playing tekken at 4 matt then you wouldnt know that its Jins gloves in tekken 6 also if you really like tekken you will go see it no matter how it looks or what people who havent seen it may say. just like resident evil if you are a huge RE fan you will buy all the dvds and even see them in theater cause its your thing, those that call Tekken garbage "as in the movie" are not big tekken fans and maybe played it a few times. i in fact own all the tekkens, yes even tekken advance and eventually the SF vs Tekken and Tekken vs SF games that were just announced. I see a lot of trash talking about how bad it look, but hey nothing can be worse the the live action street fighter with Van Dam when Ryu was suppose to be the main char and wasnt, Ryu was weak i nthat movie. not only that one but look at Chun Li movie, also not so great either. SF and tekken are great if not the best two fighting games ever released and when it comes to the battle of the movies i think Tekken has a better chance than SF.

ALX on Aug 2, 2010


This is actually a really great game based movie there are so few good movies based off of great gamed but this is definitly one of the few that does the game its based off of justice. I've seen this movie here... on Sep 5, 2010


you know guys, i admire those viewer who gave good comments for a movie,you know why.? because they appreciate what people do in order to make us happy while the other are not.!!/..i like the character on that movie and of course the movie. PS:for those who dont like the movie..,WAG NYO NANG PANOORIN..!!!

CUTIEPIE on Jan 11, 2011

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