New Re-Release Trailer for Chris Nolan's Debut Film 'Following'

July 19, 2010
Source: IFC Films

Following Trailer

While many recognize Christopher Nolan for his big break-out indie Memento, his first feature film was actually a super low-budget black & white indie called Following (which also just so happens to feature a character named "Cobb" in it like Inception does). Based on the recent success of all of Nolan's movies, IFC Films has decided to re-release Following in theaters and on-demand to give audiences and fans of Chris Nolan the opportunity to see a film that most have probably never seen. IFC recently debuted this trailer to promote the re-release and it's worth checking out, at least to see what Nolan's very early work looked like.

Watch the re-release trailer for Christopher Nolan's Following from YouTube:

C Films is pleased to present a brand new trailer for the special re-release of Christopher Nolan's Following. A fascinating introduction to the talent and vision of a filmmaker who's quickly becoming a major American director of our time, Following originally debuted in 1998, and enjoyed a quick succession of festival prizes and wild critical acclaim. The film is a sly neo-noir thriller which follows a writer who picks out strangers at random from the crowded streets of London shadows them see where they go, how they spend their days. Following features the innovative blend of high-minded style and genre elements that Nolan has now made his trademark. This is currently playing on demand via IFC In Theaters, so check your local DVR listings.

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OMG! I've been meaning to watch this on netflix. I'm not gonna watch the preview though because I don't want to ruin it. I don't know why you think no one saw it cause it's on Netflix and I'm sure that any hardcore fan checked out his previous works in the past six years.

Eli on Jul 19, 2010


Watched this film last year with Nolan in the audience. It really is the film that started it all

awerffs on Jul 19, 2010


This is so weird!! I saw Inception this weekend and decided to check Following out today on Netflix and when I go on this site, I find this piece of news.

4k4k on Jul 19, 2010


And I noticed too how the guy is named Cobb and had to make sure I was hearing his name correctly.

4k4k on Jul 19, 2010


Cobb is Nolan.

LINKFX on Jul 19, 2010


I saw this film years ago on DVD and thought it brilliant. There an interview with him taking about the making on the film. If memory serves me right; he did rehearsals for months before shooting. They had to because it was shot gorilla style on the street. I believe he shouted the locations carefully for great camera angles for over a year. I’ve watched a lot of interviews with his actors from Inception and they almost always complement Nolan on his precision and on the day spontaneity. It’s very visible in the Following. The only reason why I picked it up in the first place was because it was sitting beside BMW Films – The Hire.

rhero on Jul 19, 2010


I saw Following about three years ago when a little film club at the art college I went to hosted a screening of it. It was fantastic. I bought the DVD but haven't watched it since. I loved it for its complexity of plot but simplicity of execution. Fantastic.

Andy on Jul 19, 2010


i saw this a couple of years ago........very good. #7 summed it up perfectly: "complexity of plot but simplicity of execution"

beavis on Jul 19, 2010


I love this movie, saw it many years ago, but find it depressing that a re-release is basically the good ol' business motto of: "Oh hes a house hold name now? Ok lets find all his old work and RE-SELL IT!!" low risk, non-sense. You don't need a re-release to enjoy this film. Just go rent it...or better yet buy it because you will love it.

Garrett on Jul 19, 2010


#9, I see what you're saying, but atleast he and this film is getting the recognition it deserves. this is a great movie.

Colt on Jul 19, 2010


yeah, i got really into Nolan after Batman Begins. I was already a huge fan because of Memento, then he gave me (a batman fanboy) a honest to God, amazing Batman movie. I knew he was an amazing directer then. then The Prestige... anyway, i rented this movie along with Shallow Grave, which i would say is Danny Boyle's equivalent, around that time. Good stuff... definitely an indie though. was this one made while he was in film school?

John Stamos on Jul 19, 2010


after reading this, I went on netflix and watched this instantly online. i must say...this is definitely Nolan's style of storytelling: non-linear plot structure. although not as good as i had hoped, but that's my own fault for having such extreme expectations for my favorite director. nonetheless, this is still good relative to most of the crap out there today.



You can watch it live streaming on Netflix, I did last night!

John on Jul 19, 2010


Isn't he British-American Director?

Prem on Jul 20, 2010


been meaning to watch this but always put it off...but after seeing inception, i think i cant wait any longer ahah

talli on Jul 20, 2010


been meaning to watch this but always put it off...but after seeing inception, i think i cant wait any longer ahah

talli on Jul 20, 2010


Following sucks. Typical bullshit arthouse film that people say they love because they're supposed to, because the fact they can't follow it gives the illusion that it's deep. Ignore this awful thing and watch Nolan's feature films instead; they're infinitely better.

NYF on Jul 20, 2010


i liked the film but didn't find it nearly as brilliant as the rest of his work.

doomcanoe on Jul 20, 2010


This movie is probably his weakest, but you have to remember that it was made with literally no budget. The actors were friends, and they financed the whole thing themselves, shooting on the fly on weekends when they got off regular jobs and school. Under those circumstances, it's a phenomenal effort which really demonstrates his style and narrative structure in embryo, and which will definitely entertain and confuse you. I recommend it.

Stephen on Jul 20, 2010


@nyf #17: I watched it a while ago and I had no problem whatsoever following it. And it IS a feature film. Are you sure you're thinking of the right thing, here? I thought the film was pretty damn good. It's not "OMGWTF IT BLEW MY FUCKING MIND!" good, but this was the sort of low-budget flick that you and a few friends could shoot with a couple thousand bucks and a decent script. I feel like this film is on par with the rest of his work, given the limitations of what he was working with. This is ten thousand times better than most people's first films and it's better than the vast majority of independent film released each year. I for one and very glad this will get a re-release, as this is the only Nolan film I've not seen in a theater. I hope they give it a halfway decent release and not just limited to a dozen theaters or something. @Garret #9: I think THIS is the sort of thing they should do instead of making remakes. They should just re-release the god damn movie in theaters. There are so many movies I would absolutely LOVE to see in a theater but wasn't old enough (or alive enough) to see them the first time around. Before they had VHS and DVD they would periodically re-release all sorts of films - even as early as the 80's you could often find theaters replaying classic films. Today it's incredibly rare to see classic films in the theater, and it's usually done by those select theaters who do special one-time or one-weekend event screenings. What I wouldn't give to see Citizen Kane, La Strada, Seven Samurai, Planet of the Apes, Clockwork Orange... even something more modern like Die Hard or Alien in the theater. At least, without having to drive for five hours both ways and without having to wait another decade or two if you miss that one-night screening.

Squiggly_P on Jul 20, 2010



chilin on Jul 21, 2010

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