Fun 'Super 8' Rocket Poppeteers Astronaut Online Quiz Pops Up

September 27, 2010

Rocket Poppeteers Viral Quiz

J.J. Abrams is a very smart guy. While he's gearing up to start principal photography on his new sci-fi film Super 8, to take attention off of the actual shooting and also hint that they know everyone is obsessed with the casting, the viral for the film has been updated with a fun quiz that seems related to the story/characters in the film. An email was sent out early today to registered Rocket Poppeteers members (original website) who applied to become an astronaut, with a link to a quiz they could take online. The questions were related to being a kid who wants to become an astronaut. It didn't lead anywhere after, but it is pretty damn cool.

Oddly, the quiz isn't publicly accessible, and the link from the email only works for the person it was sent to who signed up on the site. But for the sake of getting more people involved in this viral, I'm posting all of the questions below (with some help from ComingSoon). Here's a list of the quiz questions that were answered on a scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree). So how much do these hint at the story of Super 8?

1. Your favorite astronaut is Captain 'Coop' Cooper!
2. You could defeat an evil Kladrog all by yourself.
3. You know all the words to the Rocket Poppeteers theme song!
4. If you could, you'd eat hamburgers every day!
5. You finish homework quickly.
6. Your desk at school is very organized.
7. You believe that aliens live on other planets.
8. You prefer to sit close to a door in a room.
9. You prefer stories with happy endings.
10. You enjoy exploring the unknown.
11. Your favorite color is red.
12. You are often a hero in your dreams.
13. You are a super skilled rocket ship pilot. Just like Captain 'Coop' Cooper!
14. You would tell the teacher if you caught your brother cheating on a test!
15. You have things in common with other members of your class.
16. You sometimes can tell what your classmates are thinking.
17. You always leave room for dessert. Especially Rocket Poppeteers popsicles!
18. If you had two Rocket Poppeteers popsicles left, you would share one with a friend.
19. Being a Rocket Poppeteers astronaut is the best job in the world!
20. You would win the race to outer space.

There were also two written questions where they had to "complete the following sentences in ten words or less." The first was: "If I were a Rocket Poppeteers astronaut, my first mission would be…" The second was: "If I had a lifetime supply of Rocket Poppeteers popsicles, I would…" Share them with the world, but not the aliens, maybe? Although I'm more partial to the Tron Legacy viral, I love what Bad Robot is doing with this. They're building up some huge brand recognition and awareness and lots of early buzz for a film that hasn't even shot yet. I already want some Rocket Poppeteers popsicles! Where is that ice cream truck when I need it? Check your email to see if you got a link and stay tuned for more Super 8 / Rocket Poppeteers updates.

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They are actually shooting already in the town I am living in, Weirton WV. They have been doing all sorts of footage around town and actually took some street shots right in front of the house I am renting. All sorts of cool classic cars and stuff. A few days ago my across the street neighbor showed me a shooting schedule he had found in his alley. This weekend they are apparently shooting the Trainwreck and "Flamethrower" scene in a town a few miles away called moundsville. A few friends were thinking of going to see if we can figure out where exactly they are doing it.

Stevo on Sep 27, 2010


I was REALLY excited when I got this email 😀

Alice on Sep 27, 2010


I filled it out, but I hope it means something.

jeffrey Lamar on Sep 28, 2010


Much better and way cooler than the Tron viral.

Clover on Sep 29, 2010


after Cloverfield, I am simply amazed that people still fall for the snake oil bullsh*t from this hack...P.T.Barnum was right...

bone on Sep 30, 2010

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