New Writers for Twisted's Revamp of 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'

October 30, 2010
Source: B-D, STYD

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Didn't know there was another Texas Chainsaw Massacre in the works? There is! Over a year ago, Saw production company Twisted Pictures took over the rights to the classic horror franchise started in 1974 by director Tobe Hooper, and has a "contemporary" version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in development. Well, Bloody-Disgusting and ShockTillYouDrop are both reporting that Twisted has just hired a new set of writers, Adam Marcus and Debra Sullivan (both of Conspiracy), to take a stab at the script. Originally, they had The Grudge writer Stephen Susco on this, but now they've got new blood in to rework the script.

I guess good news, if there is any, is that Adam Marcus previously directed Jason Goes to Hell way back in 1993, so he has plenty of experience in the genre. Besides that, these writers' names don't mean much, but there's not too much we know about the project anyway. Apparently they're sticking with the "35 years later" approach to Leatherface 3D. "We're told that the plot picks up immediately where Tobe Hooper's original left off before flashing forward 35 years. There's buzz of a 'cult' involved," they say. So it's a new sequel, in a sense, hopefully distancing itself from Platinum Dunes' two movies a few years ago. "Why is he going back? I don't want to set it in a dusty town. How do we make it more urban but keep that feel," a producer inquires.

Given it's currently Halloween weekend, this is the perfect time to discuss the idea, but I'll leave it up to you guys, as I'm not that familiar with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. Is there any hope for this sequel in the hands of a new production company or is it doomed to never live up to the original film? Thoughts?

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he directed a Jason film back in 1993 so he has a great deal of experience? And JGTH sucked. I think Nispel did at good job with the remake (one of the few good ones, but it was based on a dead "franschise"). And the sequal was an OK follow up. they didn't feel cheap. But I bet this will feel DTV.

ryderup on Oct 30, 2010


i really hate this. really do. =( stop with the remakes and the reinventions and the retellings and the re-everythings.

Louther on Oct 30, 2010


Why? The Biel on was actually decent...i'm tired of this fucking story, we get it! He uses dead people's faces to cover his face, and dresses like a woman.

Xerxex on Oct 30, 2010


The original was one of the first shock horror flicks that took audiences by story. A classic and ahead of its time in the genre. That said... almost every follow-up in this franchise has either sucked or become a sad fail imitation to the original. The "remakes" were mediocre at best tho slightly enjoyable. I for one am done with this "franchise" and no you will not see me at any screenings. So go ahead Twisted Pictures. Do your best (or worst). You're gonna need something to fill that void that "Saw" will be leaving in your line-up.

Scared S-less!!! on Oct 30, 2010


This franchise might be the worst one their is. I mean the first one is a horror classic, but the sequels and remake were either horrible or ok. However i somehow like the idea of a modern day leatherface.

A2 on Oct 30, 2010


I actually only watched this movie (the original) about 4 years ago. I wanted to like it, but I just didn't. I just kept thinking that the main lady was a cross country/ninja athlete. No one could ever catch her, haha.

L on Oct 31, 2010


Seems pointless to make yet another one... same gorey story, different actors

Colin Terry on Oct 31, 2010


I am always interested in horror re-tellings new and old, i just love the genre entirely and accept it for what it is throughout. The original TCM is my number 3 personal favorite horror movie of all time right behind Friday the 13th part 3 and The Thing. So as far as that goes, having a general love for the horror genre i will be looking forward to a modern day leatherface. will it be a favorite of mine? no definitely not.

Mortuus on Oct 31, 2010


people are dumb they will just go back and back to these things. thats why people are broke... to many crappy movies.

happy camper on Oct 31, 2010


THIS IS GREAT!!! And while their at it they can write the the remake to the one their writing...and if they really wanna chap my ass they can remake the remake of the remake that hasn't been made yet. Saw was finished after part 2. Twisted Pictures doesn't know a thing about horror movies, psychological thriller maybe, but not horror movies. And please don't get me started on Jason Goes To Hell being the shining point on somebody's resume. If that's who's writing the movie we can expect "A New Take" indeed. Finally a Texas Chainsaw Massacre film where Leatherface won't even be in the'll be a state of mind and everyone will be possessed by his "Lizard-like heart". Can someone please never mention Jason Goes To Hell again...EVER.

........... on Oct 31, 2010



norm on Nov 1, 2010


Revamp... ok without reading all the other comments above, didnt we just have a revamp a few years back?!?! Do we really need or want another one?

Ray Finkle on Nov 1, 2010


@12 as long as it ill be REMOTELY better than the other two recent ones...i think it will be fine

Jericho on Nov 1, 2010


DID WE NOT LEARN ANYTHING FROM THE NEW FREDDY!!!!!!!!!!!! god damn it, it wasn't good. every 2 or 3 fuckin' years!!!! I do understand that these remakes aren't for us (the slightly older ones), but for the new breed of teenagers. and as long as there's teenagers...but they'll just see these and think "well, I'll see a new version in 2 years, who cares". I know I probably would.

wm on Nov 2, 2010


Jesus... The original was a classic horror film, the sequels that followed were atrocious. The remake was pretty good compared to remakes like Friday the 13th or Halloween. The remake sequel wasn't anything special. Twisted pictures makes those horrible Saw films, they will make this one horrible.

Evoxturbo on Feb 10, 2011


I feel like the original chainsaw was a very intense and real feeling movie. I actually believed what I was watching and found it to be very scary without much gore factor. I think that is where every sequel and remake have missed the mark on! I would be cool with a new chainsaw movie if the original feel was captured! My Idea would be to do a prequel to the original. I think I would call it the first barbecue!

Ralpharino on Mar 24, 2011


Please stick with the orginal plot. "NO NEW LEATHER FACE". I can see this happening in the 70's even early 80's, before new technology. The only way this would work is if was a single incedent instead of an ongoing thing. No one would get away with this in today's times. I may be wrong. They may have a great story. I hope so. I just want a new TCM.

Mayday33 on Apr 12, 2011

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