News Corp. Wants James Cameron Back for Avatar Sequels

February 3, 2010
Source: THR

James Cameron - Avatar

Didn't we already confirm this story? Yes we did, but this time we've got some new quotes from the very high ups. In a recent quarterly earnings call for News Corp., CEO Rupert Murdoch said (via Hollywood Reporter) that they are in "very early talks about" an Avatar sequel and that James Cameron "has ideas." They are definitely "pushing for one" but cautioned analysts not to "hold your breath for an early one," implying that it may take them a little more than two years to make another. For anyone that doubted that Fox would make a sequel, well, this is the final bit of proof that it is certainly happening, sooner than later.

Apparently 60% or more of the profit for Avatar will come in over the next two quarters as it continues to earn more and more money in theaters. Avatar has currently made $2.045 billion in theaters and remained in the #1 position every weekend for 7 weeks in a row. There's no doubt that there is a sequel on the way and we've even reported on some ideas of what it could be about. I just hope that it doesn't take five or six years to make the sequel, it'd be better if he could have it done in three. I'm curious to see how quickly they start pre-production on it and/or working on the script. Cameron could even be writing the script as we speak.

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Like he wants to share any glory with another director. God forbid another director comes in with a better script than the first. How about releasing the sequel during the summer, when theres actually good anticipated movies coming out every weekend, unlike now when theres lackluster movies out every weekend.

People's Champ on Feb 3, 2010


^ Uh, how about who gives a shit during what season its released?

Peter Parker on Feb 3, 2010


I'm going to guess that the sequel involves saving a Princess from an evil space dictator?

Mega Jet Jaguar on Feb 3, 2010


AVATAR-it's taken $2,billion at the box office,i still haven't seen it ,is it any could.



sorry about that end bit it should of said good,but someone was fucking about with my laptop.



I hope the sequel comes out in about three years also but James Cameron taking his time seems to be working pretty well. I'll wait ten years if it's that good!

John Smith on Feb 3, 2010


PLEASE hire a screenwriter!!!!

Trip on Feb 3, 2010


I agree"7" Avatar II need a good screenwriter, a better plott than the first avatar.

cineprog on Feb 3, 2010


Cameron should work with Kasdan on writing the next script

Scott McHenry on Feb 3, 2010


This is about as surprising as "Martin Scorsese wants Leonardo DiCaprio for next movie." 🙂

Dan on Feb 3, 2010


What Cameron needs to be working on is Battle Angel....or Better yet Ghost in the Shell ...!!!!

Mac on Feb 3, 2010


#11 Hell yeees!!! GHOST IN THE SHELL!!! Then Battle Angel, then GITS 2....Avatar 2 (2020)

Dim_one on Feb 3, 2010


I don't really care for a sequel...Don't see the need.

Xerxex on Feb 3, 2010


I didn't see a need in the first one. And after watching it in 3D, I still don't. It's unfortunate that the same director was able to top the box office records again with stale acting and poor direction. When the average person (not a film fanatic/buff, or wannabe independent filmmaker) comes out of a theater and says "Wow. The visual effects were stunning!" and they aren't really talking about the story (as this was my experience, nearly everyone coming out of the theater was talking about the effects) then I'm sorry to say, that all you got payed for was the effects. The plot wasn't decent enough (just like Titanic) and still made money just because of graphics and popular movie stars (just like Titanic) I guarantee, that once everyone sees this film in normal 2D dvd, or HD DVD or blu ray or what have you... that it's not going to be as interesting. I quite honestly will laugh if DVD sales plummet upon it's release in retail venues. Does anyone remember SW: EPISODE I the phantom menace? the scene at the beginning where Qui-Gon is running through the forest of Naboo, being chased by droids and runs into Jar Jar? The entirety of Avatar felt like that one scene... but for a couple of hours. The film wasn't horrible, but it also wasn't anything new. I think that's what disappoints me most. The film had a lot of potential, and stars one of my favorite actors (Sam Worthington) but. My feeling is, it's like the directors cut of Terminator 2 (anyone seen that?) that film was god awful as a directors cut. the ending was stupid, there were scenes that just didn't belong. Maybe there should be some sort of edit (and believe me, there are fanboys out there who will do just that once they get the dvd) where all the needles bullshit is cut out. but if you were to do that, then the film would be about five minutes long. (zam!) Anyone who enjoyed the film, kudos. I simply can't get into it. I'm a George Lucas lover (or cock sucker, or slave or whatever) and I love a couple James Cameron films, so I actually did go in there without any bias towards the film. I wanted to like it. I feel this rant has gone on longer than necessary. Thanks for your patience.

Dresden on Feb 3, 2010


"Does anyone remember SW: EPISODE I the phantom menace? the scene at the beginning where Qui-Gon is running through the forest of Naboo, being chased by droids and runs into Jar Jar? The entirety of Avatar felt like that one scene… but for a couple of hours. The film wasn't horrible, but it also wasn't anything new." This has got to be the most asinine thing I've ever read on here. Yeah, Avatar was just like watching cheap-looking CGI imitate Aunt Jemima for two and a half hours. Are you fucking kidding me? The fact that you're still a George Lucas lover (cock sucker, whatever you want to call yourself) isn't anything to be proud of either. Stars Wars feels about as fresh now as an episode of Gilligan's Island. Have you actually watched one of them recently? They're way cornier than anything in Avatar. It's no surprise they were made at a time when people loved shit like Silver Spoons or Family Ties (but let me guess, you've got a soft spot for those too, right?).

anyone on Feb 3, 2010


God Dammit! Bitch'n about the script again? Isn't this getting old now? Why is it that every time Avatar is mentioned, some one has to try and be the Smart One? Yes, we all know that Avatar is like watching Porn. All visuals and a weak Script. I don't ever remember Avatar claiming to have the best screenplay, nor was that it's draw. People don't watch Porn for it's story line, same goes for Avatar. It's made over 2 Billion Dollars, so it must've done something right.... If I can make a movie that's all visuals with a weak script and make 2 Billion Dollars, I'll take that any day of the week. You can keep your story driven movie that only grossed $50 mil.

The One on Feb 3, 2010


@15 I just turned 23. I've never watched a single episode of Silver Spoons or Family Ties. Hell, I'm not even exactly sure who starred in those shows. So, no. I have no soft spot. I am proud to call myself a star wars fan, and own them all, and enjoy the clone wars series. And let's not forget, for one thing. The cornyness of star wars. Dude.. watch any kids film, and it will be corny. Even today. The star wars films were aimed at pre-adolescent to teenage children, to capture their imaginations. And because I got hooked at an early age (5) I can't let go of that. Avatar will never be as memorable, or as gigantic a commercial success as Star Wars. @16 For me, and thousands of other people, I actually do go to a movie to enjoy the story. I'd rather have a story that effects people and makes them think, than have a movie that's all visual spectacle (only in theater) but leaves me wanting. I didn't come out of that movie thinking a new way, or questioning morality. I came out of it feeling like crap. The only reason the movie made that much money is because of the hype. "It's so photo realistic!" I recall one woman saying to her husband. She didn't look the type to know anything about photo realization. My guess is she read it in a magazine, and then after the film decided to say it to sound smart. There's no way to be sure of that. Most money made doesn't equal greatest film of all time. Not to me. And not to people that like plot driven films. I don't watch porn for the storyline either, but if the acting is over-the-top and unconvincing, then I'm turned off and upset. That's how I felt after my viewing of Avatar. I've admitted that I found the visual effects awesome. But that's all he had to go on, the only reason the film made any money is because people wanted to see awesome visual effects. But if people start drawing comparisons to Fern Gully and The Last of the Mohicans, or Pocahontas (all of which I find flawed and boring films) then in my book it's a fail. god these rants are getting annoying.

Dresden on Feb 3, 2010


#14 - I know Avatar isn't obviously for everyone, but I still can't agree with your reasons for not liking it. I think visually, it did surpass anything else I've seen. That includes any of the Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or anything Spielberg has done. I walked out genuinely impressed. I never pay for a movie twice, even when I really liked it. But I did for this one. I thought the 3D was definately better than average. And I am in no way some geeky, fan-boy who told myself it was freakin awesome before I saw it. I saw it to see if it was close to the hype. No it was not the greatest movie I've ever seen, but I thought it was definately worth the money. I don't think its any travesty either that it has been nominated for picture of the year. Granted there are 10 for this years awards. Anyhow, there is nothing close to the level of annoyance in Avatar that was achieved with Jar Jar Binks to warrant that comparison. The script wasn't original, but it wasn't dumb. This is a very good movie and I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it. It was definately a better thrill ride than most movies.

jjboldt on Feb 3, 2010


@jjboldt On the topic of the effects. I have conceded to the fact that the effects were amazing, no point in arguing that. 36 hours of rendering per frame will do that, no question. I have never been a fan of Spielberg (aside from what he's done with Lucas) Lord of the Rings, great story, but effects aren't great and, yes EVEN as a massive star wars fan, I have always admitted that the effects in the prequels are not the best. (but they actually were innovative and what made Avatar possible in the first place) You wanted to see if it matched the hype. Same as me. But I base a films vitality not on the effects, but on the story. I have said that it's neither bad nor good, just so-so. Unoriginal, but worth a watch. But the hype will die down. I haven't, and don't plan on, bringing up the bullshit about "looking at inflation and judging." that doesn't seem fair to me. It seems like a bit of a reach. I agree that there are people that loved the film, even the story. But I'm not one of them, and I know why. Just throwing my 2 cents out there.

Dresden on Feb 3, 2010


No problem Dresden. For some reason, I was just more impressed with it that I anticipated. The last time I was this thrilled with a movie was The Matrix because I basically had no idea what it was about. I knew Keanu Reeves was in it and that was it. It caught me off guard and I loved it. Of course I knew what Avatar was about and it still impressed me. I've told people that I was 9 when Return of the Jedi came out and it was the coolest thing ever to me at the time. I kind of feel like that again with Avatar. Yeesh! What does that say about me? Anyhow, I have to give some props to Mr. Cameron even if his ego could block out the sun. Definately intrigued to what a sequel could be about. Actually, the story woudl almost have to involve more. That would be a plus. And by the way, I only own the first Matrix movie and I pretend the 2nd and 3rd ones were never made.

jjboldt on Feb 3, 2010


I think Cameron should take his time on this sequal. Afterall, he's as slow as a one-legged turtle when it comes to making Battle Angel, why should he accelerate the pace for anything else? Oh yes, I forgot, because those stupid News Corp guys are twisting his arm back till he agrees! If Cameron had any sense (which I'm sure he does) he'll make the movie WHEN he wants to make it. If they rush it, they'll end up with another problem-ridden "Pirates of the Caribbean," which I'm surprised you guys haven't insulted here yet. Leave Phantom Menace alone. It is "so 1999." Get with the hip crowd, guys!

Ken on Feb 3, 2010


"Leave Phantom Menace alone. It is "so 1999." Get with the hip crowd, guys!" Actually, Phantom really sucked back then too; it was an embarrassment to the franchise. And certainly no one liked it the way so many people like Avatar (excluding all the haters on here, of course).

whatever on Feb 3, 2010


I like Episode 1! well Darth Maul more than anything...that's about it.

Xerxex on Feb 3, 2010





anyone complaining about the script needs to sort it their fucking life out. arguing about every detail to the nth degree... just enjoy ur entertainment for what its worth. something you could never amount to or achieve. ever. seen it 4 times. it was good each time. mr cameron will get a small amount of money from me, whatever he does.

ben on Feb 4, 2010


@ #26 Hey, there's no reason to get so fucking personal about this, dick hole. If you have a problem with me not like your most precious movie, that's fine. But there's absolutely no fucking reason for you to say anything like that about someone you don't even fucking know. Why should I take so called "entertainment" for what it's worth? I happen to be a writer (albeit not a new york times best selling author) and I happen to be heavily influenced by story not effects. That's all I said. And you're to attack the personal level in this? I'm sorry, by that kind of juvenile attack comes from someone who REALLY should sort their life out. I've made comments about what I didn't like. I admitted (with absolutely no problem) that I was entertained by the effects. I just have a hard time coming to grips with the fact that the greatest film in the world happens to not be story or plot driven, but driven by the fact that people wanted to see the most realistic effects ever. I'm glad people can enjoy for what it is, I can't. End of story. Why attack me on a personal level? What does that help you prove?

Dresden on Feb 4, 2010


@#27 I enjoyed the script in Avatar, I found nothing wrong with it. I do think you're nit picking too much... the script was simple and story was easy to understand... which internationally it will do well... movies like Star Trek won't because it's too complicated of a story. These are the type of movies that America needs so that world will look up to us for movies... Titanic was another example. Star Wars too...

Steve on Feb 5, 2010


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avatarchina on Feb 10, 2010

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