Nic Cage Rejoins Joel Schumacher's Thriller Trespass - Updated

August 3, 2010

Nicolas Cage

In June we reported that Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman had signed on to star in Joel Schumacher's new thriller Trespass. The story in it focuses on a husband and wife taken hostage by four brutal perpetrators seeking some easy cash but complications arise amid the unexpected discovery of betrayal and deception. However, Deadline reports Cage suddenly left the project late last week, just two weeks before production was supposed to start in Louisiana. Cage then left on a vacation to the Bahamas and no one can get in touch with him to find out why he backed out. I can only assume it's because he just now caught Batman & Robin.

Apparently the real answer may lie in Cage's supposed exhaustion after working non-stop (when all is said and done he'll have worked on eight films over the past two years) in addition to an international press tour for The Sorcerer's Apprentice which just recently concluded. The biggest issue behind his departure was the fact that it could cause the movie to fall apart and a whole crew of people would be out of a job. Strangely, his departure comes after his decision in the past two weeks to play the leader of the kidnappers in the film rather than the husband (a role which has been offered to Liev Schreiber who hadn't even accepted it yet).

I'm not one to jump to conclusions, like people who dismissed Dave Chappelle as being crazy when he fled his thriving Comedy Central series, so I'm sure he has a good reason for disappearing like this (especially since he's been working very hard, presumably to settle his debt with the IRS). Initially there was talk that Cage could change his mind, but Deadline followed up and confirmed he would not return to the production. However, Millenium Films and producer Avi Lerner will push forward, find someone to fill in, and intend to meet their production start date this month. I would've liked to see Cage play a straight up bad guy again, but I'd rather it not be in a film from the increasingly disappointing Joel Schumacher. Have a good trip, Nic!

Update!: Apparently he's back. Deadline updated saying: "Days after withdrawing from the Millennium Films drama Trespass, just two weeks before production, Nicolas Cage has had a change of heart. I'm told that Cage's CAA reps have informed the production that Cage will star in the Schumacher-directed movie, after all." But he won't be playing the villain, he's back in the role of the husband. Millennium delayed the start of production a few weeks which is good news because most of the crew thought they'd be out of a job. "Cage had some time to think on his vacation in the Bahamas, and decided to do the right thing." I hope so!

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batman and robin best batman story ever told! i think it was even better than the dark knight,nolan should take some notes from schumacher on the 3rd batman movie 🙂

Spider94 on Aug 3, 2010


The concept sounds interesting as it could go many ways but Cage needs a break it seems. Working on so many movies must have him mentally spent. The IRS man, they come after you with unconstitutional muscle to spare.

Johnny Neat on Aug 3, 2010


ethan (or anybody) - what's the reference to cage catching batman and robin? i'm lost on that. and yea, i'd have loved to see cage as the leader of the kidnappers. #1 - that was the WORST of the batman movies. i can't believe you think that's the best one. that's the one BM movie i wish they never made. how about it..........any other people think "batman and robin" was the best of the series?

beavis on Aug 3, 2010


Taxes suck! Just a poor way of forcing a well-earned paycheck into a broken system run by stupid fools. If you listen to fools then HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Batman and Robin is amazing - a flawless film in fetish.

Big Bottom on Aug 3, 2010


Thank maybe they will find a real actor to fill as Kidman's co-star. One thing is clear, whenever Cage is in a film with true talented actors , he is taken over by their skill in every frame.

Clover on Aug 3, 2010


When are the masses going to come to thier collective senses??? The guy is just plain NO DAMN GOOD!

Nut-Meg on Aug 3, 2010


I don't get the hate on Nicolas Cage. Yeah, he's kind of cheesy and he overacts sometimes, but I mean.. I like his style. He has a unique voice and I like his over the top shouting. The Rock & Con Air is still to this day some of my favourite action movies. Granted abit cheesy, but hey.. It was the 90's!

Nitrium on Aug 3, 2010


Cage cannot act. Period, and by no means does he over act. Oxy-Moron example. # 5 is correct. Sir Sean and Cage in the same frame is laughable, proves just how bad he really is.

slipstream on Aug 3, 2010


#7, his voice is just one of his problems. Timing the other. Screen presence is another. Phoneing it in another. No conviction in his lines another. Being related to a director who will still not direct him in anything is another. ( save the Cotton Club comments as Uncle Fran only produced that film.) He is just plain bad.

filmfanII on Aug 3, 2010


If Nic Cage backs out of a movie, I'm about 95% more interested in seeing it! So count me in on opening weekend now!

ArT on Aug 3, 2010


The poor guy. He's not a bad actor but everything he's been in lately was crappy. This story here sounds like something we've all heard before so I'm not too interested.

Eli on Aug 3, 2010


# 10 ! Amen to that. 100% agree with your 95%

Clover on Aug 4, 2010

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