Nu Image's Kane & Lynch Delayed, Still Stuck in Development

September 25, 2010
Source: 24 Frames

Kane & Lynch

Problems with another video game movie? No way! (That was sarcasm.) We got the sense from the news in June that no director had been chosen yet that Nu Image / Millennium Films' adaptation of the video game Kane & Lynch was having some troubles getting off the ground. Now 24 Frames has confirmed with their own sources that another director we didn't even know was attached - Patrick Alessandrin (of District 13: Ultimatum) - has dropped off. And while they say a few other names thrown around before are still in the mix, the planned October start date has been pushed back until at least the first quarter of 2011. Read on!

24 Frames says that other directors they're now trying to get involved with this once again include: Wayne Kramer (Running Scared), F. Gary Gray (Italian Job, Law Abiding Citizen) who we wrote about in June, and Antoine Fuqua (2001 Training Day , Brooklyn's Finest). Didn't all of these guys already pass on the project? What are they going to do to win them over again? How is the adaptation going to change? No one in the public has answers, but I can say that the TV spots I've been seeing for the video game sequel, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, really kick ass. Get someone to make a movie that looks that good and I'll be happy!

This still has Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx attached in the title roles, but is struggling to find a director. But we thought with big ads on display in Cannes that Lionsgate / Nu Image were finally pushing forward to start shooting this year, but apparently not. Until we hear more, which probably won't be until next year, it looks like Kane & Lynch is back on the shelf waiting for some good news. In the meantime, why not pick up a copy of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days? Best to help support the franchise if you ever want to see this movie!

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recast Jamie Foxx an get billy bob thorton instead why cast jamie fox in the role of lynch?

nelson on Sep 25, 2010


you stated "..but I can say that the TV spots I've been seeing for the video game sequel, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, really kick ass. Get someone to make a movie that looks that good and I'll be happy!" You may think that Kane & Lynch 2 kicks ass, because you haven't played it yet. How decent can a movie be that copies from a video game that copies from a movie?

MajesticXIII on Sep 25, 2010


"How decent can a movie be that copies from a video game that copies from a movie?" So what exactly is your point? That a movie can't be decent because the game is inspired by other crime films?

SkaOreo on Sep 25, 2010


@ MajesticXIII, I feel like you probably haven't played the game either, have you? There is so much trash talking on the net from gamers who shit talk on a game because they read some hipster pseudo-intellectual review. I know many people don't play these games because of that, because a game is much more of an investment than a why play it when you can just ride the coat tails of someone else's opinion? That being said, the game is great. It really is like a Michael Mann film come to life, but it's not "film-like" in the same way "Heavy Rain" is or "Heavenly Sword" was...this is true grit and non-stop pulse-pounding ear-deafening action. The first game definitely had it's detractors, but the sequel was one of the best recent action titles in stores.

LINKFX on Sep 25, 2010


@ Shero, Nu Image/Millenium Films made the last "Rambo" film, and they made "Hurt Locker", I'd say they're pretty well suited to make an outstanding action film...just because they're involved with "Twilight" doesn't mean they can't also make quality cinema. Open your eyes. Also, what is the point of studio hate??!?!? Plenty of the big and small studios put out a variety of terrible trash and quality cinematic gems each year. I'll say most films are junk, but I'd say most of the studios put out at least one quality pic every few years.

LINKFX on Sep 25, 2010


answer to SkaOreo what i mean is: you have a game copying every cliche from every old and contemporary crime-action film. Then you plan to make a movie adaptation of this game. How is this going to work? Will production bring something new to the genre? No. What will happen is the same thing that happened with the Max Payne adaptation. You had a great and imaginative game (thanks to the bullet time effect) with a nice plot and its many film-noir references. But the point of the game was to have fun by using the bullet time mode in this film-noir environment. Then you make a movie adaptation of this game. What happens? You lose the bullet time effect entirely, cause we've seen it before on screen a billion times now, and what's left is a semblance of an old crime-action film. The Max Payne movie-adaptation had no soul and there was a reason for that and the Kane & Lynch adaptation will have no soul either and there will be a reason for this. answer to LINKFX: unfortunately i played Kane & Lynch 2, i finished it although i shouldn't have. And i can tell you this: though not perfect, i enjoyed Kane & Lynch 1 a lot more. But my heart lies with Mafia 2.

MajesticXIII on Sep 25, 2010


#6LINKFX you need to get your info right. Nu Image/Millenium never made The Hurt Locker it was Summit Entertainment. the Twilight movie also was done by Summit Entertainment nothing to do with Nu Image/Millenium. Nu Image/Millenium only good movies are 16 Blocks, Rambo 4, The Expendables. the rest of the movies are mostly bad straight to dvd movies i.e. Shark Attack 3: Megalodon, Alien Hunter, etc LOL right now Nu Image/Millenium is developing the new Conan movie.

tazz on Sep 25, 2010


Recast them both, Ed Harris(Kane) and Josh Brolin(Lynch) and thats when Ill be interested otherwise this is already on the way to becoming another shitty videogame movie.

Cody w on Sep 25, 2010


Is it just me, or does Lynch look exactly like Waingro from Heat in this picture?

Deacon on Sep 25, 2010


Wow there is a lot of discussion over this. I have no desire to see it just because i have no desire to see it. If it isn't a Really good adaption of something that I'm a fan of, i won't have much interest seeing it. Doesn't mean i won't see it just that i have no interest. I am really trying to pay more attention to original films. Which really is starting to seem like a rarity.

Josef on Sep 25, 2010


Vince Vaughn and kevin spacey.. that would be a sick cast

Jeff Spicoli on Sep 25, 2010


@ tazz and shero, my honest mistake, for some dumb reason i got summit confused with millenium, just two of the new batches of production companies. You are right, i am wrong, ok? I have a terrible memory due to a massive head trauma i suffered last year, hahaha, so blame it on that, usually i am pretty on the money with this shit. Jesus. That being said, the Kane and Lynch sequel was a great well art-directed videogame with hot awesome fire fights even if it didnt quite live up to its predecessor. On another note, since we are comparing sequels, Mafia 2 pales in comparison to the original game. The sequel is a shadow of its former self, the stories an characters are poorly devoloped and the world feels like a waste of space, the game and the combat is pretty, but the original game beats it by a landslide as a true example of a classic cinematic videogame. Honestly i dont hold up much hope for this film ever being made or if its made, being done well. Itll probably be really bad. And "heat" is awesome. "righteous kill" was terrible.

LINKFX on Sep 25, 2010


Recast. This just sounds terrible.

Cracky on Sep 25, 2010


LINKFX, I was gong to post something but you have said everything that I preach to people. I get sick of people talking trash on the Game they never played. Kane and and Lynch is one of if not my Favorite game series. I jumped a Guy at Gamestops shit about dissing K&L2 last week. I was in to lok at games and prices I picked it up and he said " You dont want that that game is shitty." I replyed "Really, Why?" He had no retort other than some guys said it was bad. People take reviews and critics way t seriously now a days. Play it, Watch It. Make up your own dam opinion.

Ripper on Sep 25, 2010


Jamie Foxx? Please! Look at Jason Statham in Guy Ritchie's 'Revolver': he IS Lynch twin brother!

tarik on Sep 26, 2010


"The Max Payne movie-adaptation had no soul and there was a reason for that' The reason the Max Payne film failed was because it was a shitty adaptation made by people who didn't understand the source material. Just because it is influenced by other areas of entertainment (as most things are) doesn't mean it can't be good. If the writers and director put the same amount of dedication to making this movie as the guys did making the game, then the movie could have been gone. A movie doesn't have necessarily have to offer anything new to the genre to be good (and if you believe that, I don't think you see many movies). It's all about whether or not it is executed well. That's what makes a good movie. So despite the fact that Kane & Lynch 2 (and I can't believe you though the first game was better, considering how shitty the game mechanics were) has the same tropes found in other crime films, it can still be good if the people involved actually understand what makes those games work from a narrative perspective.

SkaOreo on Sep 26, 2010


Those producers should go down on their knees and fuckin beg Wayne Kramer to do this film. If you've seen "Running Scared," you'd know he was born to do Kane. Tha's all. Fuqua's good, too - but his shit always looks the same. I dont think he's got as good style.

God's Angry Soldier on Sep 27, 2010

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