Official First Look at Spielberg & Jackson's 'Adventures of Tintin'

November 1, 2010
Source: Empire

Adventures of Tintin

Just before the weekend we found out Empire was teasingly counting down an exclusive first look at the motion capture animation adaptation of Hergé's best-selling comic with The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. Well, today we finally have the full photo in all its animated glory along with the first two stills from the film itself. Longtime fans of the international sensation will find Empire's magazine cover featuring the young intrepid Belgian reporter and his canine sidekick Snowy strikingly familiar. Below you'll find all three of the new images and can click each individual picture for the larger, higher resolution versions.

Motion capture has never looked better, and the artistic style both ingrains the characters in reality without losing their cartoonish features. Taking its inspiration from this classic photo of Tintin (played in the film by Jamie Bell) and his loyal canine Snowy, here's Empire's cover for their story on The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn:

Adventures of Tintin Cover

First look at Captain Haddock played by motion capture performance master Andy Serkis:

Adventures of Tintin Still 2

And here Tintin, Haddock and Snowy find themselves stuck on open water:

Adventures of Tintin Still 2

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn is directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by Peter Jackson, with a script co-written by Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright, and Joe Cornish. The cast includes Jamie Bell as Tintin, Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost as Thompson & Thompson, Daniel Craig as the villain Red Rackham, and Toby Jones as Silk. The animated movie is currently in post-production at Weta Digital and will hit U.S. theaters on December 23rd, 2011. Thoughts?

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Can't wait for this. Spielberg+Jackson= GOLD!!!!

4k4k on Nov 1, 2010


It looks weird... I wonder if this version of Tin Tin will be filled with strange racist misconceptions and cultural stereotypes...something tells me not...

Telltale Twin on Nov 1, 2010


Looks kinda odd to me too, though they have 14 months to perfect the animation so It`ll probably look better once the movie comes out.

Mr.Cookie on Nov 1, 2010


The thing that's always bothered me about CGI is how polished is always looks. Life doesn't look that polished. However, I'm sure this will be good considering the players involved.

ModernAmericanMan on Nov 1, 2010


I doubt that Telltale Twin, that would create problems. This could be good.

Xerxex on Nov 1, 2010


looks strange will wait for any approval

tronforya on Nov 1, 2010


Nice, looks more like herges characters rather than the actual actors. Certainly the actors do look like the characters portrayed, but I personally think this suits it better. Especially details on the nose and eyes make the characters more similar to the book. Like I don't see how they could andy's nose bigger or jamie's nose smaller.

dee on Nov 1, 2010


It's been a long while since I've read Tintin, but is this the story where Tintin and Haddock first meet and Haddock's first mate is shipping slaves?

LW on Nov 1, 2010


Haddocks hair was the first thing to irk me.....then I thought about it and realized I have always loved Hergé's line-art. So, obviously there needs to be a GIGANTIC leap from one style to the other and this is what we have for right now. And its good. It really is. Even the hands on the shot from them waving at sea look like Hergés. I'm banking that fans of the original source will be quite satisfied with these movies.

Voice of Reason on Nov 1, 2010


Wow, I had no idea Edgar Wright and Pegg/Frost were involved. Talk about a pedigree of awesome.

Carlos D on Nov 1, 2010


Things are looking interesting, i have to say.

Al on Nov 1, 2010


THIS IS A NIGHTMARE !!! It's so weird !! that mix of real human being and cartoon. Sielberg and Jackson miss the point. They aboslutely have not understand what the universe of Tintin is about. All that mystery... for months... for that "SHIT" (what else??) . Please flush it stinks. Please wake me up. Tell me those three pictures are a caricature of the future movie.

sylvain from Paris on Nov 1, 2010


ummmm @13. those pics are all CGI. and most likely incomplete at that....

Jason McGuire on Nov 1, 2010


@12 i mean

Jason McGuire on Nov 1, 2010


The animated cartoon loked great, just like the books. This is sort of not needed... But still cool... I guess.... but.. yeah....

ryderup on Nov 1, 2010


@2 It's Tintin. Not Tin Tin or Tin-tin. You must be confused by the famous American dog, Rin-tin-tin. @8 You've fused The Crab with Golden Claws together with The Red Sea Sharks. Allan (the first mate) is smuggling opium in Crab with the Golden Claws. Both the screenshots are clearly sequences from that book. @9 Check the book when you first meet Haddock. His hair was very different since he was basically locked away and drinking, more like a mop. But yeah, I see what you mean about Hergé's clear line style. It's difficult to bridge the gap when you go this photo-real in terms of texture. @10 Hell yes. I hope the movement is good, because I'm not convinced by the visuals at the moment.

Mark on Nov 1, 2010


better be good dammit

DaftPUNKFAN on Nov 1, 2010


It looks just like the Pixar movies. Im not a fan of this type of animation. It seems lifeless and dull to me, devoid of emotions. I was expecting something great. This looks old hat. But im not gonna bet against Jackson. I have a feeling this is just early crap.

Happy Camper on Nov 1, 2010


That style looks balls. Looks better than that freaky train film with Tom Hanks, but that style of animation weirds me out, they could probably got away with celshading it and adding textures? I don't know why they don't do that. Do most people need cgi to look photo-realistic? they might as well use real actors and proper sets.

Crapola on Nov 1, 2010



fem!anon on Nov 1, 2010


HM. Nah, doesn't look all that interesting. It's a weird style of animation. Looks too fluid, but it's obviously too early to tell. Guess a trailer will tell it all

fallafall on Nov 1, 2010


I dont know who would wanna see this... ill pass

qwee23 on Nov 1, 2010


Emmm what is the problem? its normal CGI movie, what the hell guys is your problem?

gfdgd on Nov 1, 2010


Looks like the Zemeckis CG stuff to me.

Professor Brian O'Blivion on Nov 2, 2010


Looks shit. Especially Tintin. Why did they make him look like a little kid ? He looked young in the books yes but he was adult and in these photos he looks like a 10y old kiddo. Haddock and Milou look OK but still in that freaky style that Tom Hanks looked in that terrible Zemeckis CGI movie. I still do not get the point of this photo crap realistic CGI. The actors do exactly the same things as the CGI characters but instead they slap on some polygons and make everything extremely ugly and plastic.

Shige on Nov 2, 2010


My God..this is SO LAME, first, why are 2 american doing a Flick about a European Cartoon legend?...second, why a freaking CG movie!, I was SO Hoping for a live action flick!...I do hope those are not final images, Hadock does'nt even look anything close to the books, Tintin looks like he's 12, and milou looks like a Stuffed animal!... It shows that even 2 great film makers can totaly mess something up.

Alain on Nov 2, 2010


i thought that too, about tintin looking too young. they definitely should have made him look a little older. and yea, live action would have been cool but at least they are doing a tintin film!

Holmes_fan on Jan 12, 2011


@16 Thanks for setting me straight!

LW on Nov 2, 2010


#26 2 Americans? I bet Peter Jackson is suprised over his new nationality! Remember all the bleating over Avatar, and how fake things looked? Remember how the final product turned out? and please, lets try to remember that there is a difference between CGI and Motion Capture. I for one, am really looking forward to it, especially as the effects company that did Avatar, is doing this.

cinemabandit on Nov 2, 2010


This movie is definitely gonna be something for sure with all star cast and directors.

Fisherr on Dec 31, 2010


Aaaah I cannot wait for this movie! Not only is the pop-culture phenom Tintin being made into a movie, but it will be animated!! It can't get better than that. The way they made it look original but also staying true to what Herge originally intended them to look like, that is some nice artwork right there.

Holmes_fan on Jan 12, 2011


Trailer makes me interested. The fact that P Jackson is envolved ramps up that interest, WETA doing the effects says it will look good and as a supprize. Steven Moffat, for those that don't know he is one of the lead writers of Dr WHo on BBC some of his stories have been true classics. Scary, funny, chilling, and tearfully heartbeaking (Girl in the fireplace, the Library, Blink, The Family to name a few of the great eposodes he has written. Gives me hope that the story behind the effects will be good. 

Harvey on May 17, 2011

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