Official Trailer for Tokyopop's 'Priest' Movie with Paul Bettany

September 9, 2010
Source: Collider

Priest Trailer

This rather badass trailer for Scott Stewart's Priest, based on the Tokyopop comic, first debuted at/during Comic-Con, and we featured a post on it back then, but it has since been pulled. However, Screen Gems has now debuted a "second" official trailer for Priest, which you can check out below. It still looks as good as it did at Comic-Con, which is surprising because I thought Stewart's Legion looked like crap last year, but this looks like they really took the visuals and action to the next level. I'm not sure if it'll be a hit next summer, but you never know. I'll be hoping for the best, I want this to be awesome! Check out the new trailer below.

Watch the second official trailer for Scott Stewart's Priest via YouTube:

Priest is an adaptation of the TokyoPop manga created by Hyung Min-woo. It fuses the western genre with supernatural horror, gun fu, and dark fantasy themes and is notable for its unusual, angular art style. Here's the short logline: "In a world wrecked by centuries of violent warfare between man and vampire, a warrior priest turns against the church in order to save his kidnapped niece from a homicidal gang of vampires." So something about vampires and… you lost me. Although, it may be good because this Priest guy actually kills vampires. ScreenGems is making a big bet and has scheduled Priest for release on May 13th, 2011 (in 3D).

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Since this movie is coming out during the week before Pirates 4 comes out, then i would assume that some time this month or next month a teaser trailer for Pirates 4 will be released on the internet?, or will there be one released for Pirates 4 on December 17th, 2010 Friday, when Tron Legacy comes out to theaters?.

Sean on Sep 9, 2010


on so many levels, this is a big "HELL, YEA"!!!!!!!! i'll see this as soon as i can!

beavis on Sep 9, 2010


Karl Urban looks badass in this, Paul Bettany looks badass in this, the vamprie's look badass in this, and the movie looks badass.

Xerxex on Sep 9, 2010


Cant wait for this

Luigi B.C. on Sep 9, 2010


Oh and Maggie Q looks badass in this. The cast is very impressive, Stephen Moyer, and Christopher fucking Plummer! perhaps Cam Gigandet will surprise us?

Xerxex on Sep 9, 2010


right on, xerxex! this just has SO much "badass" in it - i HAVE to see it.......hey, you see "cemetary juction" yet? uh, #1.........if you want info on a pirates4 trailer - ever hear of google? or bing?..........what did you think of THIS movie?

beavis on Sep 9, 2010


This movie looks awesome.

tivdatsun on Sep 9, 2010


indeed I have beavis! I really enjoyedit. Cooke, Hughes, and Doolan are three actors I'm gonna keep an eye on now. oh almost forgot Felicity Jones is gorgeous, had a Bill and Ted moment when I first saw know "Woah."

Xerxex on Sep 9, 2010


@#6 Actualy the Pirates 4 teaser trailer wont be out on the internet until the day that Tron Legacy gets released to theaters, on December 17th this year. Also, yeah, i think this movie looks bad*ss awesome! =).

Sean on Sep 9, 2010


Judge Dredd meets Van Helsing

ocp on Sep 9, 2010


I'm sure the movie itself will just be mindless crap..... . but it'll be fun. The action looks pretty freakin sweet.

Chazzy on Sep 9, 2010


I liked some of the shots is way looking a wee bit like frames from a manga, possibly not 'thee' manga, but definitely the angles were good. I'd totally watch this and eat it up. Looks like a big bucket of bingo from me!

Crapola on Sep 9, 2010


"Bad Ass" sums it up!

McWilly on Sep 9, 2010


It looks ok. Better then legion but not by much. Action does look really strong though

movie mike on Sep 9, 2010


Wait.. . these vampires don't glitter?! Fucking awesome!

Deathtoll 2010 on Sep 9, 2010


i agree with everyone here BADASS!!! #15 i second that

max s. on Sep 9, 2010


Nope. This will draw in 30-45 mil. And the reviews will be mediocre or worse.

Jon A. on Sep 9, 2010


Jon A. clairvoyant? then shut the fuck up. lol.

Xerxex on Sep 9, 2010



Alice on Sep 9, 2010


ghey says vid not found and cannot access youtube at work... will have to check it out laters tho.. comments sounds pretty positive!

ek on Sep 9, 2010


the guy from legion? hell no! that movie was complete shit

8=D on Sep 9, 2010


um...8=D please tell me you are joking...please. Paul Bettany is a top of the line actor.

Xerxex on Sep 9, 2010


@Xerxex He didn`t save Legion from being complete crap, though. Not sold on Priest yet. It could have been a hit if the release date wasn`t just idiotic (it should defiently have stayed in March). Seriously, Screen Gems, what were you thinking when you placed it there?

Mr.Cookie on Sep 9, 2010


Paul Bettany AND Karl Urban?! Dayuuung, they are both so sexay. I'll watch it for them.

f on Sep 9, 2010


It's not "Tokyopop" Hyung Min-woo is Korean!!!!!

Simon on Sep 10, 2010


I'm gonna be skeptical until I actually see this because Legion was terrible, and this is coming from someone who would defend G.I. Joe

silver on Sep 10, 2010


Paul Bettany is a great drama actor ... and he is doing good making action and horror movies too ... He is not like the other action actors who just depends on their moves and body ... He can put his words and emotion into the action too ... the mix of both can make a good movie of course . I know Legion was not a big deal ... because the story was weak !! not original ! .. but at least he did his part good enough ... and I am sure no one can do better than him .

shero on Sep 10, 2010


WOW 😀 im am in 🙂

DaftPUNKFAN on Sep 10, 2010


#23 - legion wasn't complete crap - the scene with the old lady in the diner made it worth one watch. xerxex - glad you liked CJ! i was really impressed with it.........and felicity jones IS gorgeous.

beavis on Sep 10, 2010


OK hell fucking yeah Im in, Karl Urban looks badass also.

Cody w on Sep 10, 2010


I'm sadly on the fence. It'll have to be a rental unless all of criticdom approves.

Johnny Neat on Sep 10, 2010


heres a behind the scene video from almost a year ago.

Jeff Spicoli on Sep 10, 2010


i don't know...i think it's smack hit or miss...trailer may be awesome but c'mon, CLASH OF THE TITANS had an awesome trailer...that movie flopped.

chilin on Sep 10, 2010


Like the loom of this. Paul Bettany seems to relish this type of role, which is a good thin.

Marty on Sep 10, 2010


forgive me father for i have jizzed my pants!! This trailer is awesome!@#

CoConutman on Sep 10, 2010


I love Paul Bettany, but I really wish he'd take on roles that were more along the lines of psychological thriller rather than big dumb action movies. I have a few volumes of the manga, and there are some things that really bug me here. The manga doesn't seem that sci-fi. The opening several books feel more turn-of-the-century than futuristic. Feels more like late 1800's early 1900's western or something. And the giant tattoo crosses seem like overkill. I know they made them big to make them more 'readable', but that's not really how you inject character into your movie. This trailer is sending me the same sort of vibes I got from The Last Airbender trailer. It's over-produced in all the wrong ways.

Squiggly_P on Sep 10, 2010


Looks so fucking good! This trailer actually makes it feel like the movie is real, unlike day watchers etc

SkyneT on Sep 11, 2010


Ok...maybe I was the only one who saw Legion and not only didn't think it sucked, but thought it was pretty good. This looks better.

The Credenza Kid on Sep 11, 2010


I was also entertained from NetFlixing Legion. Agreed on The old lady scene (Awesome)!

McWilly on Sep 13, 2010


Do not call this PIECE OF SHIT an adaptation -- only in title. Jesus christ, the plug puffers on this board are crazy. Pick up the actual Manga of this thing if you want to see this is really about, no wonder the author is boycotting the thing...

Lucas Schaeffer on Sep 13, 2010



Nick on Sep 16, 2010

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