Watch This: US Trailer for Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer

January 28, 2010
Source: Apple

The Ghost Writer Trailer

Summit has finally debuted the official US trailer for Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer over on Apple. We ran an international trailer for this a few weeks back, but this new version is a bit different and worth watching even if you've seen the other one. The Ghost Writer stars Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan, Olivia Williams, and Kim Cattrall. I've seen it and it's a fantastic film, potentially one of my favorites of 2010. And if you're not completely interested in seeing it after watching this trailer, then I don't think there's anything else I can say to convince you. Give it a chance and give Polanski a chance, he's still a fantastic filmmaker.

Watch the official US trailer for Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the official US trailer for The Ghost Writer in High Definition on Apple

The Ghost Writer is directed by Oscar winning Polish-French filmmaker Roman Polanski, of many great films including When Angels Fall, Repulsion, Dance of the Vampires, Rosemary's Baby, Chinatown, Frantic, The Ninth Gate, The Pianist, and Oliver Twist most recently. The screenplay was co-written by Polanski and novelist Robert Harris. This is based on Harris' own novel of the same name as well. It was filmed in early 2009 and finished while Polanski was under house arrest in Switzerland earlier this year. Summit Entertainment is bringing The Ghost Writer to limited theaters on February 19th next month.

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now thats a proper trailer! I might just see this now.

Xerxex on Jan 28, 2010


looks like it could be interesting. intense maybe. I'll see this.

Shaun on Jan 28, 2010


Awesome, definitely seeing this.

Shane on Jan 28, 2010


Looks like a solid thriller.

Cody on Jan 28, 2010


Oooo, I'm interested.

Sabes on Jan 28, 2010


funny, this movie looks like an adult-oriented movie. thought polanski only targeted kids.

snitch robinson on Jan 28, 2010



Cody on Jan 29, 2010


looks dope! looking forward to seeing Pierce Brosnan on screen again. I don't think Ive personally seen him in a movie since he was Bond

rblitz7 on Jan 29, 2010


lol, "you're working for a war criminal". Funny that nobody cares about them in real life. Some of them still running governments.

bazinga on Jan 29, 2010


Totally agrre with you, Xerxes. A nice and solid trailer. But definitly i will see this. It´s a Polanki!!!

D. on Jan 29, 2010


#9 yeah. And America voted for one two times in a row.

ryderup on Jan 29, 2010


Yes, always give the child molester a chance. Just because he rapes kids doesn't mean he isn't good at his job.

STFU on Jan 29, 2010


just plain wrong to give any praise to a child molester...really shows where your fu*king values are at...pathetic...

angry on Jan 29, 2010


I wont spend my hard earned money on a child molester, he may use it to rape a baby.

dac_fan on Jan 29, 2010


As expected, Polanski continues to have a strong grasp of atmosphere. Having read the book, it appears that Roman followed it fairly closely. I'll definitely see this, but it probably won't be until March. 13 & 14: This post is about the film and its trailer, not Polanski's personal problems. Take your kvetching somewhere else.

Corran Horn on Jan 30, 2010


Other people have given Polanski a chance and look what happened

Dee on Jan 31, 2010


Looks good. When it comes down to it and I am watching this movie, it does not really matter who directed it.

Phil on Feb 2, 2010


Too bad Polanski never got a chance to work with Michael Jackson. They could have made a great film for kids and gone out to bars together. (Or playgrounds that where heavily wooded.) And you know what 15, this is an open forum, people can discuss ANY aspect of the film that they want to. From the craft service people to the pedophile involved in directing it. 17, nobody is stopping you. We are all welcome to our own opinions. Many in Hollywood share the opinion that no matter who he has his hairy old sack resting on, as long as he makes good films, all is forgiven.

STFU on Feb 2, 2010


"My books are inert as cordwood till a reader's imagination ignites one and an old flame jumps to life."---D.J.Duncan "One must always read the book before viewing the movie inspired by the written form. A person's imagination usually surpasses the adaptation to film of a book. Too often a reader's memory is cluttered with cinematic images after watching a movie. It is like trying to wipe John Wayne's eye of True Grit or Bogart's voice from The Big Sleep. The images and sound drawn through from a director's production, even if the screenplay is 'faithful ' to the prose, will supercede or wander through the pages of any book one reads after seeing a film. Just try reading ___________ after watching ___________ and not see ___________ in the mind's eye. It is nearly impossible. "---R.C.

Richard Christopher on Mar 1, 2010

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