Official 'You Again' Trailer with Kristen Bell & Odette Yustman

May 4, 2010
Source: Yahoo

You Again Trailer

Disney has just debuted an official trailer for their new fall comedy You Again which stars Kristen Bell and Odette Yustman (as seen above) as well as Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver, Betty White and also Kristin Chenoweth. It's a very female-centric comedy, so be sure you know what you're getting into with this. This really isn't my cup o' tea, but I thought a few of you might get a kick out of this, especially because there are so many great actresses in it all acting funny and following an over-used, stale plotline, but so be it. Of course, if you're a Betty White fan, you'll really get a kick out of this. So if you're interested, fire it up!

Watch the official trailer for Andy Fickman's You Again:

You can also watch the new trailer for You Again in High Definition on Yahoo

When a young woman (Kristen Bell) realizes her brother is about to marry the girl who bullied her in high school, she sets out to expose the fiancée's true colors. Her mom also comes face to face with her own rival.

You Again is directed by Disney's go-to director for cheesy, unentertaining family movies, Andy Fickman, of She's the Man, The Game Plan, and Race to Witch Mountain previously (see what I mean?). The screenplay was written by first-time screenwriter Moe Jelline, who was an assistant to producer Neal Moritz years ago. Disney will be bringing You Again to theaters everywhere on September 24th this fall. I won't be seeing it.

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How do these movies get made? And why did these actresses sign up? I mean really.

Traveler on May 4, 2010


This looks like the summer blockbuster I've been waiting for. It's going to blow Avatar out the water.

Crapola on May 4, 2010


This looks really funny, actually. My mom and me and my grandma will all go see this, I guarantee.

Valerie Atherton on May 4, 2010


I have been waiting for this trailer to pop up for over a year now, and as low as my expectations for it are after seeing that trailer, I will still watch it, because really, who can resist KBell.

Lizzie on May 4, 2010


@1, because the ladies will pay to see them. @2 lol

Bob Dylan on May 4, 2010


Bob Dylan I am a lady and I can't STAND these types of movies.

Traveler on May 4, 2010


Now just if Kristen and Odette would make out...

Pi on May 4, 2010


Odette yustman.. girl crush!

Shemah on May 4, 2010


looks funny

Rick on May 4, 2010


Kristen Bell is a good enough reason to watch this, even if i hate it how they always try to make her a nerdy dream girl.

coswell on May 5, 2010


Betty White rocks! She makes me laugh. Can't wait to see her on SNL.

KB on May 5, 2010


Really Funny!

Prezent on May 5, 2010


so thats what the designer of the titanic has been up to...good to see he made it outta there.

AC on May 5, 2010


It's nice to see Jamie Lee Curtis in something again...she has always been under-rated, I think. It doesn't look too bad, I've seen worse movies of this type for sure. Kristin Chenowith is a force of nature. She's a helluva lot of woman in that tiny package!

kitano0 on May 5, 2010


um, kristen bell and odette yustman are fine as hell. all that matters to me when i read this and why i watched the trailer.

KING on May 5, 2010


C´mon guys ..this is actually fun.. and doesnt matter if you are a guy o girll.. obviously its not zack and miry make a porn or soemthi9ng like that but i can see it and laugh.. =)

Sakyo on May 10, 2010


Why did sigourney sign up for this? I mean its not like shes desperate for money or anything. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

PJH on May 13, 2010


Betty White will be the funniest aspect of this movie

ocp on May 14, 2010


This movie seems promising! 🙂

Stephanie Marrero on Sep 20, 2010


I run a nonprofit organization that helps teens deal with bullying. YOU AGAIN shows that the key is to get in touch with the emotion that is causing you to bully. In the movie, Sigourney Weaver (Ramona) recognizes, and is able to admit, that she was jealous of Jamie Lee Curtis (Gail). When she got in touch with that emotion it broke down the wall that was holding her back, enabling her to make a heartfelt apology. Once Gail felt the sincerity of the apology she was able to forgive Ramona. It also allowed her to own up to the fact that she too had been jealous of Ramona. This was pivotal to the healing process of not only their relationship, but also of themselves. Our nonprofit, Hey U.G.L.Y., Inc. ( endorses "You Again" and highly recommends that anyone who has been bullied or has been a bully rush out and see it. If you can, see the movie with your family. We hope it starts a dialogue about your bullying experiences and, now that you know better, how you will handle situations differently.

BEtty on Sep 25, 2010

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