Oliver Stone and Shia LaBeouf Considering Reunion for 'Pinkville'

December 30, 2010
Source: IGN

Stone / LaBeouf

We haven't heard anything about the Vietnam War drama Pinkville since 2007. Even before the infamous writer's strike stopped the project in its tracks, director Oliver Stone's return to the controversial war already had Bruce Willis and Woody Harrelson attached to star. But the extended strike pretty much rendered the project dead in the water and forced Stone to move onto W. which had a completed script ready for production. Now it seems Pinkville might have new life as IGN reports the commentary track for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps has Stone and Shia LaBeouf revealing that they have discussed reuniting for the project.

The film is supposed to focus on the 1968 My Lai Massacre, a turning point in the Vietnam War in which upwards of 500 people, mostly women, children and the elderly, were killed by U.S. soldiers who also sexually abused and tortured them beforehand. LaBeouf says his interest in the project stems from the fact that his father was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. Using that information along with LaBeouf's age and the character descriptions from three years ago, it sounds like the young actor would play Hugh Thompson Jr., an Army helicopter pilot who aided the villagers and later testified against the soldiers responsible for the mass murder. That would mean Channing Tatum, who was originally cast in the role, is likely out of the running, and any news of the wooden actor falling out of any project is good news.

Of course, nothing is set in stone (no pun intended), so it's unclear how soon Pinkville could be revived or if any of the other previous cast talent could still be involved. Honestly though, after Oliver Stone's return to Wall Street resulted in a lukewarm reception, I don't know if a return to Vietnam is so wise. The story certainly sounds interesting, but Platoon will be looming over his shoulder and audiences will certainly use the 1986 Best Picture winner as a point of comparison. In addition, Stone won Best Director at the Academy Awards, so returning to the controversial war seems like a daunting task. What do you think?

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he should do something different. platoon was brilliant and it will hang over any new vietnam movie he'd make. i'd like to see him do a biopic on stalin.........nobody has done it yet and the guy (stalin) provides a LOT of historical fodder to work with.

beavis on Dec 30, 2010


When's Oliver Stone going to make a positive war story? Jeez, he's such a Commie. I want a guns blazing, bad guys dying in a fireball of a movie, with explosions coming out the ass, not some weepy, oooh we might have killed and raped a few villagers type film, they had it coming, cause they done messed with the wrong country. On a more Russki note like Beavis, I'd like to see a film based on the sailors from Kronstadt.

Crapola on Dec 30, 2010


Crapola?! what the fuck dude is up with your fucked up comment? raped and killed because they had it coming? Shit man, that was a fucked up thing to say. If you were aiming for humor you were totally off track. Youre a douche bag

nmp on Dec 30, 2010


@NMP. I'm a red, white and blue patriot, you're some pinko. You should get deported back to France to eat Freedom Fries. You've got to realise that in war America is always right. Surely just one Nam movie where the Americans win and they gloss over a few infringements of human rights isn't too much to ask? Sheesh, it's not like I'm asking for a 9/11 movie where the towers stay up or something.

Crapola on Dec 30, 2010


A few infringements of human rights? You can be serious Crapola. Have you even studied the My Lai Massacre let alone the Vietnam War in general? You are a douche-pontoon.

C.murder on Dec 30, 2010


*can't be serious

C.murder on Dec 30, 2010


what an awkward photo.

Xerxex on Dec 30, 2010


#4 - crapola - isn't "hamburger hill" kind of like the film you want to see? by the time those guys made it to the top at the end- i was drained..........and had GREAT respect for all those who fought there.

beavis on Dec 30, 2010


dont mind Crapola, he farts and bathes in his own ambience while gargling on his own shit, hence his name.

asd on Dec 30, 2010


Personally, I liked Crapola's comment. Anything to shake up the righteous white knights of Firstshowing is great. But fuck all that... This is like the bizarro twin of Christian Bale's upcoming movie that also involves mass murder and rape. Brace for some intense history lessons, folks.

Cracky on Dec 30, 2010


crapola....what youre writing lets me think your a Nazi , a us citizen but a nationalist all the same and theres a difference between patriotism and nationalism understand that you are embarrassing your country even more than George W did america is never wrong in a war=nazipig

epicfailnationalism on Dec 31, 2010


#11 - is he embarrassing the country even as much as bill clinton did?

beavis on Dec 31, 2010


not bothered

A5J4DX on Dec 31, 2010


#1 I'm pretty sure Robert Duvall made a Stalin movie.

bltzie on Dec 31, 2010


#14 - good find - was made in 1992 for HBO. it's not currently on dvd but i'll keep checking netflix every once in a while - it might get to dvd sometime. i still would like a stalin movie to be made - i LOVED "downfall" and i think stalin is as equally fascinating as hitler.

beavis on Dec 31, 2010


Look guys, my granpappy didn't fight the Nazi's in WW2 for nothing, he fought for FREEDOM, and if use my freedom to be a Nazi then so be it... wait did I just outdumb myself? If you view this site regularly you'll know that I am not an American and not in any way nationalistic about anywhere. I think since viewing the Westboro Xmas song it took me on a Youtube trip that I should never have went on, through religious hatred, racism and out an out madness, that I thought I'd play the character of an fanatical patriot. Rape and sexual abuse is a weapon used in every war, I think men become animals in a war situation, whether through fear or under orders, it's happening right now and it will happen tomorrow and forever. On a more positive note, there is a documentary coming out by French filmmaker JR. He works with women who have suffered through similar situations as the My Lai massacre and lived to tell the tale. It looks amazing. You can view the trailer here: Happy New Years when it comes.

Crapola on Dec 31, 2010


#16 - i'm not overly religious but try to stay informed on a variety of topics.........and i'm familiar with that westboro church ( i saw a documentary on the church in general and the leader fred phelps in particular called "Fall from Grace") - and they're a bunch of psychotic, insensitive, racist, hate-filled nutjobs. i wouldn't get too caught up in the hate those people spew. it's a disturbing watch - but it's also an EXCELLENT documentary. as far as war - you're right. war can drive men/women/ children to do things they'd probably NEVER do if not for having the misfortune of being in the midst of wars chaos. also - i LIKED the trailer for "women are heros". i'm going to add it to my netflix queue. happy holidays to you as well.

beavis on Dec 31, 2010

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