Once Again, It Looks Like Peter Jackson's Hobbit is Going 3D

October 5, 2010
Source: Deadline, The New York Times

The Hobbit

We've heard plenty of rumors about casting, greenlights and 3D for quite some time now surrounding the uncertain ground upon which Peter Jackson's adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit sits. However, a report from the NY Times (theirs seems to be the most credible source to date, complete with confirmation from Deadline) reveals that the two movies will indeed be shot in 3D for around $500 million. Since MGM clearly doesn't have the money to fund the project it looks like Warner Bros. will foot the bill for what will be a highly lucrative return to Middle Earth. For a bit more unsurprising news on The Hobbit in 3D, read on.

Deadline speculates that this thrust into the third dimension for The Hobbit, along with WB's funding of the project, may in fact result in a 3D re-release of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. While the 3D conversion doesn't exactly excite me, I would really love to see the trilogy in theaters again. However, maybe to entice viewers back for another go round, I'd like to see the extended cuts make it to the big screen. Anyway, for better or worse, The Hobbit will be shot in 3D so hairy feet, dragons and more will all be right in front of your face if the film hits its planned release date of December 19th, 2012. Now if we could just get the film into production. How do you like them apples?

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Let me contain my...absoulte hatred for 3-D and say: No thank you sir, 2-D 4 life! No point in it Jackson, it adds nothing!

Xerxex on Oct 5, 2010


i second that xerxex - f$#k 3D. i'm looking forward to the"hobbit" movies - but not i 3D. if PJ would just get us the extended versions of LotR on bluray - i'd be VERY happy.

beavis on Oct 5, 2010


Apple sauce.... just film the f*cking movies.

Solo Calrissian on Oct 5, 2010


Jackson is on Camerons filthy 3D-bandwagon so it's not a surprise it will be in 3D. Too bad. 35mm / 2D > digital 3D

ryderup on Oct 5, 2010


i would love to watch the hobbit in both 2 and 3d! almost 2 different movies!

Jeff Spicoli on Oct 5, 2010


3d, 2d, 16.5d, I don't care, I just wanna see it already!!!!!!

Cmurder on Oct 5, 2010


By the time this film gets made they'll have invented 4d hologram that appear in the cinema and serve you popcorn. But wooho 3d though, can't wait.

Crapola on Oct 5, 2010


When movies come out in 3D, is there theaters that show them in 2D? Because I for one will not see these movies in 3D!! Im an absolute lover of the first trilogy but I will not see these movies in 3D, no way.

Tomi on Oct 5, 2010


It's getting harder and harder for me to get excited about movies.

germs on Oct 5, 2010


OK settle down. This will be release in both 3D and 2D first off. Secondly, this isn't "Peter Jackson jumping on the bandwagon" at all, it's quite simple 3D makes loads of CA$H, and as a studio WB wants to make as much as possible. ROTK made a billion, and that wasn't even in 3D imagine how much that would have made. So Third and lastly, we can assume the 3D push is from the studio, meaning that PJ is not going to change his directing style or shot composition just because 3D is being used. It will still be an amazing film with an amazing story shot by a brilliant director, which just has the option to be viewed in 3D. TO BE HONEST This is one of the FEW stories I think would be amazing to see in 3D as it has all of epic beauty one could want for a visual entertainment. Myself, I am sure I am going to watch this in theaters more than once anyway. So I am definitely going to see it in 2D first, enjoy the movie for it being a movie. Then in 3D so as to experience what middle earth is like in that kind of environment.

Guy on Oct 5, 2010


Guy its that kind of talk that got us here in the first place!

Xerxex on Oct 5, 2010


Calm down, guys. The movie will be released in 2D as well.

rebadow on Oct 5, 2010


Oh, for the love of fuck!

Hattori Hanzo on Oct 5, 2010


rebadow there should be no 3-D option what-so-ever!

Xerxex on Oct 5, 2010


I'm so tired of 3-D! I went and watched a 3-D movie recently, and although it was pretty neat it wasn't really worth it. Just film the freaking movies and release them for us to watch!!!

Julie on Oct 5, 2010


The problem with 3D has always been the content it's tied too. If a B movie about a psychopathic, axe-wielding, unkillable murderer is released and it's 3D I might (And I say might) be able to understand based on the content of a crappy film like that. The intent, obviously, would be to make the slasher flick fun and interactable. I get it...Maybe (Well, not really). The problem with The Hobbit and who is directing it is the fact Mr. Jackson will make it a dramatic counterpart to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Additionally, I'm sure The Hobbit will be another classic masterpiece that will haunt the minds of generations to come, and it will be viewed many, many times over (Kind of like LOTR--My wife and I rewatch the extended trilogy every year around November--Which is coming up soon!!!) once it reaches DVD/Blu-ray release. How can anyone in their right mind think that 3D for a film of that nature is both appropriate or necessary? It's rediculous! Granted, I know it will be released in 2D as well, which any true film lover will watch ONLY that version. But, the idea that in the very next theater some 15 year old who's never read the book and just wacked his johnson to the bra section of the JC Penny catalog in the restroom before the movie is loving every second of the 3D movie about midgets makes me want to vomit. We should riot. Who wants to lead?

ModernAmericanMan on Oct 5, 2010


The story of "The Hobbit" is exciting enough as it is and has the potential to take audiences into the reality on the screen without the need of 3D!!

ranz on Oct 5, 2010


Who cares,just start filming.

tir na nog on Oct 6, 2010


The ONLY reason why the bother with 3d is to try to ripoff customers more cash. They can talk about the artistic value and cool CGI as long as they wish. We all know its bullshit.

Shige on Oct 6, 2010


I love when people say "I hate directors that jump on 3D bandwagons," yet they themselve are really jumping on the 3D-haters bandwagons. I think that 3D can and will begin to take hold for serious movie goers as a legitimate format for film, I sense the same backlash here that people had towards the DTV/HDTV conversion we experienced years past. If anyone noticed at CES this last year the HUGE push in home entertainment was 3DTV, showing just how commited they were to converting the common household. I remember the same outcry from consumers that would come into Best Buy, where I used to work, and complain about having to get a new television just for some stupid digital conversion that was happening soon, yet they still made the purchase.

Hairu on Oct 6, 2010


In line with the topic, I look forward to "The Hobbit" in 3D as I think it will add a greater depth to the already wonderful world of Middle Earth, plus in the Hands of Mr.Jackson this has great potential. I was upset at the fact that Mr. Del Toro stepped away from the project more than it being released in 3D, I just want this to head into production more than anything considering I began to worry if it would ever happen to begin with.

Hairu on Oct 6, 2010


Will not watch in 3D, but will watch!

bozo on Oct 6, 2010


3D TV is a big scam. Consumer electronic companies want to sell more plasmas and LCDs. So they spend loads of cash marketing this "technology." Side effects of the "new" 3D is not clear yet, but let's just say: I wouldn't want my kids to watch 3D television for a long period of time. All these Japense consumer electronics companies don't care about our health...never did, never will. They just want to make $$$. As an art form, yes 3D is cool. But let's face it... not all of us have James Cameron genuis inside of us. He's a brilliant business man...who partially owns the 3D production house responsible for Avatar... it's all about money. As consumers, we're left with a hefty ticket price and a HUGE headache.

3DTV SCAM on Oct 6, 2010


@Hairu 3-D has no place in cinema, its impractical and a waste of money. It adds nothing to a film, except a headache and annoying glasses that are extremely uncomfortable, people who wear glasses have difficulties watching a film in 3-useless-D, people with eye problems are left by the wayside, and 3-D is just a cheap gimmick. Honestly, you wants to pay over 500 dollars for a 3-D TV, and 200 a pop for Glasses that an easily be broken? The 3-D in Avatar was very diasppointing, it honestly added nothing to the already faulty film. 3-D is a burden that needs to be removed from cinema.

Xerxex on Oct 6, 2010

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