Oscar Nominees Told to Prepare Two 'Thank You' Speeches

February 15, 2010
Source: Reuters

Best Directors

Producers of this year's Academy Awards - Adam Shankman and Bill Mechanic - are taking a slightly different approach to the show this year, streamlining as much as they can and focusing on the entertaining parts if the ceremony that people actually enjoy watching. One change they're making is now giving Oscar winners the opportunity to thank more people on a "Thank You Cam" backstage which will be streamed online. Reuters reports that the producers are telling nominees to keep their on-stage thank yous shorter and plan for full thank you backstage at the "Thank You Cam" in order to keep the show moving swiftly.

"Share your passion on what the Oscar means to you," the nominees were told today at their annual Oscar luncheon held in Beverly Hills. They want the winners to focus more on "telling audiences what winning an Oscar means to them" because the long teary-eyed personal thank yous are often "the single most-hated thing on the show." Who knows if anyone will actually do what they say, but at least they're trying to make the Oscars a bit better. I do appreciate a well put together thank you speech and I hope we'll see a few of those this year anyway. The Oscar ceremony will be held on March 7th broadcast live on ABC at 5PM PST.

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Well that's a shame.

Shane on Feb 15, 2010


Didn't they do something similar last year? There was definitely some sort of backstage camera, maybe just for a quicky exit-interview or something, can't remember.

LINKFX on Feb 15, 2010


They're basically asking the recipients to self-edit on the basis that it isn't a good TV show? Does that seem weird? WE'RE televising YOUR night... so could you please make it... LESS yours? Reminds me of the time they had that Sinatra tribute, but they cut Sinatra's speech off... I don't know, I agree partially, I guess... The Oscars are a bore when somebody rambles on; but have you ever seen somebody win and say a few words that actually made you feel a little something? Even if just "Wow, that guy's not nearly as big a douche as I thought he was?" And what if it was for a movie you deeply loved watching... sure you had to sit through a bunch of other people, but THIS speech, THIS one is important. Well, now I guess you get to make the choice to see that one on YouTube? Yay? I don't know, it seems to me that Hollywood could use the publicity of having a more "human" face on TV. I could be wrong.

dRailer on Feb 15, 2010


Well, I guess as long as they're not giving out the awards in the seats, it's okay... But will anyone, in the moment of winning an Oscar, remember to give their shot speech?

Walt on Feb 15, 2010


Hey Shankman, you know whats better than thanking people close to you on a live streamed online webcam, backstage after your speech? Actually thanking them while receiving the award. Honestly its the personal stuff that makes it so cool, they're not just film heros anymore but rather more relatable people. A bold move like this shows its becoming less and less about the awards/recipients.

Al on Feb 15, 2010


I'm surprised anybody disagrees with this move. The long series of thank-you's is something these actors can finally be let off the hook for, knowing they can be more thorough in a few moments. Most of these shout outs seem based in guilt, for fear of missing somebody, and it certainly isn't the least bit entertaining. Tell us those stories that help us appreciate you, we love to hear them! And as an aside- please, please, please, stop thanking god for making you special. That goes for you athletes, too!

Mark D on Feb 15, 2010


They need more commercial time.

People's Champ 3D on Feb 15, 2010


i watch the Oscars to see my favorite film makers/actors get what they may have or may not have deserved. them standing up on stage showing off the gold statue is an honor to them and everyone involved with the film.

DoomCanoe on Feb 16, 2010


It really does make me sick that Jason Reitman has yet again been nominated for best director.

d1rEct on Feb 16, 2010


Reitman is just a spoiled nepotistic brat.

Robert on Feb 16, 2010


Complete bullshit. The speeches are the best part in my opinion.

Andreas Climent on Feb 16, 2010


i think on the stage they will be saying thank you,backstage they will be saying fuck you cameron if he wins everything for avatar.




Pale Paul on Feb 16, 2010


I think it's a poor move. I think a better move would be checking with all the nominees to make sure they have prepared speeches ahead of time. Seeing winners thanking people isn't boring, seeing them trying to think of people to thank is.

Alyx on Feb 16, 2010

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