Paramount Renews Their Option on a World War Z Adaptation

April 23, 2010

World War Z

Although there hasn't been any forward progress (as far as we know) in the last six months on Paramount's adaptation of World War Z, Variety recently confirmed that the studio has renewed their option to adapt Max Brook's best-selling book. An adaptation was originally being developed by J. Michael Straczynski a few years ago, then Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster got attached in 2008, but has shifted the project to the backburner recently. Our last update on this was last July, when it was discovered that Matthew Michael Carnahan had been brought on to re-write Straczynski's script. We've heard nothing about this since then.

Variety says that Forster is still "developing the project" and only mentions that Max Brooks confirmed that Carnahan is currently working on the script. So this is good news and it sounds like Paramount still wants to make a World War Z movie, we just can't tell you how soon that will happen, or if the scale of the movie will be as "phenomenal" as Straczynski said it would years ago. World War Z is a book that contains numerous stories told by survivors of "World War Z", our worldwide apocalyptic war with the zombies. I'm still looking forward to seeing this get made, no matter how long it takes, and I'm happy with Forster still on-board, too.

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The book was great. I expect the movie to be similarly great.

whomever on Apr 23, 2010


god its been so long since last time we heard about this, i really! hope that this movie is still as "phenominal" as they say it is...just hope they dont butcher it as they do with other book adaptations...every single story on this book is just covered in awesomness!!

toucmyinfection on Apr 23, 2010


Neil Blomkamp is the only director I can think of who can pull this off. After seeing "District 9", I was envisioning "World War Z" being done in the same style.

Hunter Reed on Apr 23, 2010


Completely agree with #3.

PJH on Apr 23, 2010


The book was pretty cool. Hope whoever does this doesnt screw it up.

People's Champ on Apr 23, 2010


drop forester, drop forester, drop forester one more time? yeah. drop forester. fuck that guy. this script is fucking amazing (i've read v.2 and 1) and if they keep this director on, he's going to mess everything up. DROP FORESTER!

crumb on Apr 23, 2010


I gotta agree with crumb. I don't absolutely hate Marc Forster's direction style, but I don't think it suits this sorta documentary style story. It's all jumpy and confusing and FAST. And in World War Z it's all about the SLOW. You've gotta be able to grasp the huge scale of the story and I think that would take a director without ADD. However, if he's still directing it'll prolly come out faster since Bond 23's not happening. You know what? I don't even give a shit how confusing and choppy Forster's direction is as long as the zombies are slow. They have to be. If the zombies are fast I'm gonna be pissed off. I don't mind 28 Days Later, I don't mind Zombieland, I don't even mind Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead, but fast zombies have their place. That place is not in World War Z. It's about the undead. NOT the infected. Why is nobody else worrying about that? I'm like the most rantingest nerd over here right now.

Da Man on Apr 23, 2010


This book, World War Z, is the only book that gives me chills when I read it. The intense visions and emotions this book draws up with its descriptions of peoples reactions and accounts of the zombie war are out of this world. I expect the movie to be just as terrifying. The script needs to be very similar to the book. If they made the script exactly the same as the movie, I could probably call it my favorite movie. The depth the book goes into the world after the war and how it spreads is so lifelike, that if I were to wake up from a twenty year coma and read this book I could almost believe it really happened. i hope they don't screw this up. And 100% AGREED with Da Man. The zombies need to be slow. I've read posts on other sites where people call for fast zombies, and want things changed, like Yonkers, and I find that idiotic. The zombies are meant to be slow, and its human ignorance of the plague that causes it to almost wipe us out. As the book says, "billions died from ignorance, ignorance of the threat in front of them". (Or something like that :))

Mike Forgioni on Apr 23, 2010


Reading the book now its so amazing and intense I cant wait for a movie! I love the story about that young Russian solder, maria Zhuganova, just horrifying physiological warfare from humans to humans during a time of struggle. Really hope that makes it in the movie, because it just made me cringe. I also agree with the slow zombies I prefer them but it wouldn't turn me away just because they were fast. I'm not exactly sure if there fast or slow in the book because some times it sounds one way then the other. to be honest I'm not so worried about the directing as I am the acting this is a story that needs actors that can completely suck you in and make it feel real. Obviously we do need to worry about the director but the script not so much just a little because the book is so well written. And for director i think forester is just fine but i would like Neill Blomkamp as well or Francis Lawrence is i fine pick i think.

taylor on Apr 23, 2010


#3 is on the money

sanjay on Apr 24, 2010


Please whoever makes the movie stay true to heart beat of the book. The pace and style are what makes it skin crawling ....

Old Guy on Apr 24, 2010


Ditto. #3 nailed it. The audiobook is a real treat, I highly recommend it to anyone who loved the book. Here's hoping they don't drop the interview/documentary style for the film, that would just ruin it.

Helipop on Apr 24, 2010


Yeah I agree with #3 also...and Forster seriously? Do we need zombie killing in millisecond edit cuts now? Like #6 said Forster cannot direct.

Cody w on Apr 24, 2010


I think instead of making a "live action" film, why not turn it into a series of animated films set for adults. i fear that if done in live action, that it might just get the short end of the stick.

MMMMmmmm ZOmbies on Apr 24, 2010


Re:#7, the zombies in the book are both slow and fast. As for yet another change of gears in the already long, interesting life this movie's had, I feel like I can predict news of more turmoil every 6 or 8 months now. Which is funny to me, considering apparently it *still* has no script, and the most current director seems to have "backburnered" it almost as soon as he got it. Heck, at this rate, we'll have a movie by 2016, in a limited release in only about 200 theaters, over some holiday weekend nobody likes to see apocalyptic horror, like Easter, and it'll run for a week and come out on DVD a month later, with commentary by Max about what a nightmare it was to get the movie made. I really want to see this become not just a movie, but a memorable, award-winning movie, but as for it ever getting out of development hell and into pre-production, I'll believe it when I see it, I guess. C'mon Hollywood, I'm begging to be amazed here!

Hiro on Apr 24, 2010


if anyone wants Straczynski original 2 scripts email and leave a thank you for the good man Crumb, for he gave them to me.

DoomCanoe on Apr 24, 2010


#7 I feel you bro. I feel you.. #15 There were no FAST zombies in the book. You must be confused with Ferals ( sorry for the correction) I really want to see this movie made too. I hope it doesn't end like you're predicting though. If there is one more movie I want to see before the end of the world, its World War Z.

CGJohnson on Apr 24, 2010


I still would prefer to see this as an HBO mini/maxi-series...There is just too much detail in this story to ever give it justice in a movie format, unless it was given the "Lord of the Rings" treatment, which would be a daring and bold step for our genre (a zombie trilogy!!).. Perhaps if the AMC airing of "THE WALKING DEAD" t.v. series generates enough buzz, then some executives might be motivated to go out on a limb

Wayne on Apr 25, 2010


Obviously when I say a "zombie trilogy," I'm refering to a the idea of actual, precise continuity. By no means am I directing ANY disrespect towards George Remero's great films, that share a loose continuity.

Wayne on Apr 25, 2010


This book shouldnt be done in a single movie.. there way to much story to be covered in a 2 hour movie. at least a triology all shot in one time like LotR and screened at 6 months time or ok maybe each following year. I also agree with Neil as the director, and all those concerns with the pace of the zombies, enouch with the clever, fast as hell juiced up zombies.... we need blood chilling, ooz drooling, dumb zombies to scare us, corner us and render us helpless... awating on the further developments with this flick cheers

Burak "D'aequitas" on Apr 27, 2010

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