Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer Directing 'Hellraiser' Remake

October 21, 2010
Source: ShockTillYouDrop, Collider


Previously, we hadn't heard any news regarding Dimension Films remake of the horror favorite Hellraiser since director Pascal Laugier was taken off the project. But recently, rumors coming from Bloody-Disgusting surfaced that Christian E. Christiansen was going to direct a PG-13 friendly remake with everyone's favorite Pinhead potentially terrorizing the super hot rising star Amber Heard. Well, hardcore fans needn't worry about those silly rumors since ShockTillYouDrop and Collider both independently confirmed that Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer (of My Bloody Valentine 3D, Drive Angry 3D) are now behind this remake.

Though this most recent news makes the PG-13 rating unlikely for the reboot of the Pinhead franchise (I'm not sure Lussier and Farmer could ever craft a PG-13 flick), it does make Amber Heard's involvement a little more likely since she kicks asses alongside Nicolas Cage in Drive Angry 3D. The question now will be if Lussier and Farmer will continue their trend of shooting in 3D with Hellraiser. Surely people will love seeing Pinhead's pins jut out of the screen. Remember the duo also spent some time developing Halloween 3D for Dimension before production was shut down, so maybe this will end up reinvigorating the project if people turn out for Hellraiser. Does this news get anyone excited for the Hellraiser remake?

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I always held onto this series because the the characters and plots sounded good--at least in theory. The pedigree cited in this report does not excite me. My ideal rebooter would be Guillermo Del Toro. *sigh*

Prestron on Oct 21, 2010


@1 i agree Guillermo Del Toro would know how to take care of this. and nah this does not excite me : (

drcherd on Oct 21, 2010


Saw the first Hellraiser a couple months back... Theres no way this would work in PG-13 :l

Toucmyinfection on Oct 21, 2010


they cant do it thats bs it will tern out like the new night mare on elm street...........crap

delphykid on Oct 21, 2010


man.... one horror franchise i was hoping wouldnt be rebooted

DoomCanoe on Oct 21, 2010


I just hope that they wont screw this up... Always loved Hellraiser, to make some crappy movie, they should just leave it alone.

Ricardo on Oct 21, 2010


The sad thing is, Clive Barker has said that if they remake Hellraiser - his creation - he'd be quite interested in writing and directing it himself. The fact that the Weinsteins show such a lack of respect for the source material and its originator doesn't bode well. I presume they'd actually have to pay Barker a decent sum, too, which is probably why they're going for a couple of cheap rent-a-hacks instead. The biggest concern for me is that they apparently want to jettison Doug Bradley from the lead role. He IS Pinhead. He made that character a horror icon. That poor blighter has suffered through all the terrible sequels made for video/DVD, now that the series is getting back in cinemas they want to show him the door? I hope that's not true.

Mathieu on Oct 21, 2010


I think Barker already wrote a script that was rejected by the studio. Next the directors of the great French horror film "The Inside" were attached and then dismissed from the production. Then the director of the great French horror film "Martyrs" wrote a script and was supposed to direct. He left too. This movie will suck.

Bobby on Oct 21, 2010


ugh! cant they just try to make new horror films...

happy camper on Oct 21, 2010


FUCK THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

None Too Impressed on Oct 21, 2010


destined to fail, the first one was the only good one. I'd love see Tom Hardy as Pinhead'll go the same route as Nightmare on Elm Street, great actor playing the monster, and lesser performances by the cast.

Xerxex on Oct 21, 2010


fuck the mother bitch who made fucking bullshit PG-13 grade for first time.i hope that mother fucker read my comment! fuck him/her again.

sam on Oct 21, 2010


why cant they make a new fucking killer or horroer killer other than sequels and remakes....its gay

Michael Alfaro on Oct 21, 2010


these assholes NEVER fuckin' learn. look at Nightmare On Boring St. Hellraiser is just a bad ass movie.

wm on Oct 21, 2010


PG-13 would not be Hellraiser. Without Clive Barker it would not be Hellraiser. I just don't understand how they would want to remake Hellraiser without involving Clive Barker when Clive Barker said he'd want to write/direct/be involved in the new project! Without Clive Barker involved I WILL NOT see a Hellraiser remake. Once again it seems that hollywood is willing to screw everything just to make a buck.

JeepFu on Oct 21, 2010


PG-13 = FAIL

Jasn on Oct 21, 2010


why?? Seriously, if these Hollywood douche-bags just want to make money, why don't they let the movie be good instead of trying to "market" it. These dipshits just fuck up everything. The more they try, the worse it is. It's pretty hard to remake 80s horror films since there still hasn't been a single good horror film SINCE the 80s. All of those films made then still hold up rather well. Look at the failure of the Nightmare On Elm street remake. Now they just replace prosthetics and latex fx with CGI, which doesn't look better at all. They would probably make more money just re-releasing the original Hellraiser to theaters and it would sure be better than any shitty remake.

Pikermcpike on Jan 11, 2011

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