Photographer Phillippe in 'The Bang Bang Club' Promo Trailer

August 3, 2010
Source: Vulture

The Bang Bang Club Trailer

Officially premiering at the Toronto Film Festival next month is The Bang Bang Club, an action-drama based on the true story of four combat photographers in South Africa shooting the final days of apartheid. Starring as the photographers: Ryan Phillippe, Taylor Kitsch, Malin Akerman and Frank Rautenbach. My friend Boye saw this at Cannes (at a sales screening) and really liked it, so I'm interested in checking it out. This three-minute promo trailer isn't that new, but Vulture dug it up and featured it recently, and since we've never written about it, I thought we'd show it as well, especially with TIFF coming up. Watch below!

Check out this early promo trailer for Steven Silver's The Bang Bang Club:

The trailer has been removed at the request of the production. Sorry guys!

Based on real experiences of combat photographers capturing the final days of apartheid in South Africa.

The Bang Bang Club was produced & directed by South African filmmaker Steven Silver, of award-winning documentaries previously like Gerrie & Louise as well as Diameter of the Bomb and The Last Just Man. This is based on the real stories of these four photographers in South Africa as documented in Greg Marinovich's book "The Bang-Bang Club: Snapshots from a Hidden War". This does not have a distributor yet and will be premiering at the Toronto Film Festival 2010 in hopes of finding an audience then. We'll keep you updated!

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This trailer is long and boring as hell. Ryan Phillipe is the only reason I kept watching.

Issa Rae on Aug 3, 2010


Worst trailer ever.

sumonesumtime on Aug 3, 2010


I get really, really tired of people and their pseudo sophistication writing of their boredom or criticizing the art and craft of a project without any more credentials than a computer keyboard. This is not really a trailer; it's more of a preview. There's no dialogue for one. But I think it looks fascinating. I've been looking forward to it for a while. I hope we get to see a real trailer some time.

Patsy on Aug 3, 2010


#3- patsy, get used to it on this site - if it isn't movies based on superheros, comics, or mindless action films; 80% of the people on here won't like it. i don't limit myself to certain genres - i tryto check out as many films as i can. (except rom coms - they're too formulaic) this is the first i've seen of BBC; but, i found it facinating too - from what the trailer showed, i was impressed by how they were filming it. it made me feel like i was there with the characters. - also, what i like about these types of movies is it kind of brings to life events i've only been able to read about. can't wait to see this.

beavis on Aug 3, 2010


Well, I agree this movie looks interesting. I do have to say I would've been ok with about half the running time. Without any dialogue, we only confirm what we had already guessed. Aparthied was bad, and documenting the last days of it had profound effects on these Photogs. looks cool.

theotherbluth on Aug 3, 2010


#3 and #4 - Patsy & Beavis, I completely agree with you on the need for some more open minds and less negatvity on these comments. However, I do believe some rom-coms can be great films... look at Sliding Doors or even Pascal Chaumeil's new film, Heartbreaker. Every good film should evoke an emotional response. Off topic. I think the film looked really refreshing, with strong flavour of Oliver Stone (The Doors hedonism mixed with the gung-ho, journalism in Salvador) - and for a promo reel, it did a great job. I just hope it gets picked up and distributed/ marketed properly.

Bogart on Aug 3, 2010


I hope this finds a distributor soon and makes its way to theaters it looks very good. Also as a big fan of the television show Friday Night Lights I'm rooting for Taylor Kitsch to make it big in Hollywood.

CLAW on Aug 3, 2010


#6 - agreed. i'm open to a good romantic comedy and there are some i like.......i meant in general, they tend to follow a very basic outline and that makes them too predictable. hey, if you think this looks good - did you ever see the early 80's movie "under fire" with nick nolte and gene hackman? it's about american photojournalists in nicaragua - and it's a classic.

beavis on Aug 3, 2010


unfortunately, this trailer looks very lame for how extremely good this movie is.

boye on Aug 3, 2010


This movie looks great. Historical topic, decent cast, a love story, kind of edgy and with heart. Not many films roll all of this together well, but I've been waiting for someone to make a movie about the odd sense of suspense and emotion that a photographer feels when they're in the moment capturing something important. The pictures we see can never tell us what the person on the other side of the camera really felt. There's more adrenaline there than most realize. AND...I completely agree with the comments above about this site needing to be a bit more open minded. I understand that this site is run by a bunch of dudes for the most part who like action flicks and comic books, but its a movie site. I love the previews you all post (and fairly quickly I might add!), and the discussion in most threads is great but there is such a strong bias against anything family oriented (with the exception of Pixar films) or chic flicky that its severely off putting. I understand I could always "go someplace else" .....and I do, but this has been one of my fav movie sites for quite some time, and all I'm saying is it would be of benefit to this site to be a bit more balanced in order to keep from putting people off, and in effect grow and improve the site.

ImaginaryVisionary on Aug 3, 2010


Looks good.

epitome on Aug 4, 2010


They should make more films like this. This is a recent important event. I'd much rather watch this than another WW2 film.

Crapola on Aug 4, 2010


Finally get to see the story of Kevin Carter's amazing work in Hollywood. Such an important image of our history. I hope they don't associate it with South Africa and apartheid as it was photographed in Sudan (it would send a completely different message). I also pray they don't rewrite his death. Not the greatest preview.

Julian on Aug 4, 2010


@#3 Nup... i agree that was THE WORST trailer i have ever seen. All it was, was a bunch of clips whacked together with music over the top. Interesting? I think not. There was no logical sequence to the clips, no emotions portrayed but a smidgen of "love", no motives explained, no lead to an outcome. I don't even understand what the point is to this film! And isn't that exactly what a trailer is supposed to be telling me? If it were a preview there WOULD be dialogue... this was more of a lame music video than anything. Also, your pseudo sophistication comment makes me laugh considering the amount of wordiness you've used to try and make urself look intelligent. Also, there is no point in having a discussion board if people aren't allowed to express their opinions. Negative or positive. Not everything needs to be sugar coated so quit complaining.

CrutchyMagoo on Aug 4, 2010


Thank you Crutchy Magoo. "The Jean Genie" over the whole trailer of a movie about Apartheid???

sumonesumtime on Aug 4, 2010


I have to say that if there's no superhero involved, I'm not watching it. Kidding. It's nice to see this distinguished as a 'preview'. That's what it is. It showed you exactly what to expect from it, while trailers give you the jist of the film. Trailers make you want more, while previews give enough to let you decide whether you'll be interested or not. Teasers are pretty pointless. It's like show it or don't. To be honest, the topic at hand seems neccessary for our times. Still, it looked okay because we know the ending of certain parties. This will tug at a lot of strings for sure.

Eli on Aug 4, 2010


crutchy - for you, i won't sugarcoat it - go back to "the expendables" trailer.......that seems to be more your speed.

beavis on Aug 4, 2010


I think the real story this movie is based on sounds fascinating. I'm just disappointed in the casting of Ryan Phillippe in the lead. I never buy him as the character he's trying to portray. Plus he'll be attempting a South African accent in this, which is one of the hardest to get right. My husband and I would love to watch this, so I hope he can up his game as not to distract from the film.

photos on Aug 4, 2010


Been dying to see this film, been waiting and waiting for it. Loved the trailer. Hope it gets picked up and soon.

Ryan on Aug 8, 2010

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