Pixar's Summer 2011 Newt Movie Has Been Officially Canceled

May 12, 2010
Source: The Pixar Blog

Pixar's Newt

I'm hoping this isn't an early sign of a looming fall from the highest pedestal for Pixar, but when a talented group of filmmakers pumps out hit after hit pleasing both critics and audiences alike, a failure is bound to come sooner or later (hopefully not). For now it sounds like Pixar is avoiding that failure, at least in theory, as The Pixar Blog reports that Newt, a 3D film that was originally scheduled for release in summer of 2011, has been canceled. The news was discovered when the film was deleted from the latest supplement to Disney archivist Dave Smith's encyclopedia Disney A to Z. Sad news for anybody who was looking forward to this.

However, considering we hadn't heard anything about the project since it was announced over two years ago, or even when the release date shuffle came around for Cars 2, followed recently by an announcement for Monsters Inc. 2 (which also shifted Brave, formerly known as The Bear and the Bow, to summer 2012), we should have known something was amiss. The story was supposed to follow the last remaining male and female blue-footed newts on the planet who are forced together by science to save the species, but they can't stand each other. It sounded like a romantic comedy in Pixar's clothes, but knowing them, it was going to be so much more than that. Sadly, for now, it looks like we may never see the tale of Newt. Anyone let down?

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I wish they had canceled "Cars 2" instead of this. Cars is Pixars weakiest film of all. If Pixar are going to make a sequal to any movie it should be "The Incredibles". "Newt" sounded interesting. It's a shame they are not making it now. Pixar have made some real gems from original ideas and this is would have been another original.

last son on May 12, 2010


This is a shame, I was lookin forward to this, not lookin forward to cars 2, the first one was just ok. What about "day and night" will it even get a feature if it's own?

Dandooo on May 12, 2010


had no idea this existed.

Kent Lundblad on May 12, 2010


Speaking of newts: Monty Python and the Holy Grail Scene 5 BEDEVERE: What makes you think she is a witch? VILLAGER #3: Well, she turned me into a newt. BEDEVERE: A newt? VILLAGER #3: Well, I got better.

Hattori Hanzo on May 12, 2010


This was easily the most interesting upcoming pixar film. I'm starting to really dislike where Pixar is heading with all the sequels. People may say that they will still be good movies. I don't care, what made me fall in love with pixar is how original most of their story concepts were. Sequels are never as fresh, fun, or entertaining to me as an original concept, even done poorly. It's a shame with every announcement that comes from Pixar, I respect the company less and less.

shadow on May 12, 2010


I am so disappointed they canceled Newt. I always look forward to new Disney Pixar movies. My Grandkids and I always watch them together and enjoy them all. They never let us down.

Sharon on May 12, 2010


This is actually the first I've heard about Newt. If they want to start making sequels then fine, but don't do it at the expense of an original concept. Really thought Pixar was better than that.

germs on May 12, 2010


I actually was looking forward to this more than any of their sequels. I have never even seen the original Cars, and for good reason. Everything about it looked stupid, and everyone who saw it said it was a giant letdown and somewhat morose. They really do need to keep making original content.

Linkfx on May 12, 2010


I can't say one way or the other how I feel about this. On the one hand, it does sound like this is the start of "if it isn't a sequel, it isn't on the list." But on the other hand, this sounds like Pixar actually pruning some projects for the sake of other projects... which could be a good thing for all the other projects. In my opinion, Toy Story II is a much better film than Toy Story I... if they all turn out that good, I'll cough up the money and watch the movie. A "meh" Pixar movie beats pretty much any "good" live-action film any day of the week.

dRailer on May 12, 2010


I think ya'll people are too harsh on Pixar films. These films are suppose to be for kids, so why put any of them down. Oh yeah "las son" you do not read a lot of film news do you. The creator of "The Incredibles", Brad Bird when he made it already had said he never was intending to make a sequel for it. Oh yeah "LinkFx" get a life.

Good Guy on May 12, 2010


I love Pixar and they have one of the best track records in history. I feel like we are heading into the dark ages now. Toy Story 3 might be fun but it won't be Up or Walle. Brave sounds like the concept to a Dreamworks movie. Newt was the one film I was really truly excited about.

Moon on May 12, 2010


I've got to say I was pretty disappointed to see all those sequels in the queue. There must be something going on behind the scenes. I don't believe this would be Lassiter's vision. I was really excited to hear about Newt. The short synopsis sounded great, and I know it would've been fleshed out to be even richer. Cars was the first pixar film I did not pay to see. I only saw it when my cousin was playing it for his boys, and it stunk about as much as I'd imagined it would. Cars 2?! Can't wait!!!

todd on May 12, 2010


Well, this project was assumed to be dead for quite some time now. It's better that Pixar is more particular with their projects. Maybe this will be renewed in the future, but it's not a big loss for me.

SlashBeast on May 12, 2010


It sounded like a great idea, but Pixar decided that the idea wasn't good enough. I have full faith in their decision. No one here knows the real reason why they cancelled the film. I imagine that they just couldn't get the story strong enough for Newt or something just wasn't working out with it. If they tried to fake it or force a story, it would feel cheap and non-Pixar. Better to just kill it and move on. And to be honest, this story idea sounded more like a Dreamworks film than any of Pixar's other work.

Tim C on May 12, 2010


Now are these sequel concepts of Pixar..... or the influence of Disney??? Because lord knows we NEEDED 3 little mermaids.

Lacey on May 12, 2010


Pixar better be careful, I think they may have hit their peak and they're headed downhill now. If Toy Story 3 isn't as good as How to Train your Dragon then I think their reign is over and it's Dreamwork's turn. I was really looking forward to Newt, but they don't want to take the risk and are going with the money maker of Cars. Say it aint so Lasseter, say it aint so...

peloquin on May 12, 2010


Disappointed but not surprised to hear this. There had been little or no news about this for nearly 2 years. One of the AICN guys had a chance to look at some of the concept art in 2008, but that was the last I heard.

Corran Horn on May 12, 2010


"Pixar better be careful, I think they may have hit their peak and they're headed downhill now. If Toy Story 3 isn't as good as How to Train your Dragon then I think their reign is over and it's Dreamwork's turn." A break. Give me one. Up was one of the best films of the decade. Dreamworks has nothing on their resume to even come close. How can one movie = a reign?

Rashad on May 12, 2010


Prince of Egypt. All I can say.

Petra on Jan 6, 2011


Why does everyone bash on Cars? There are more Cars toys and clothes still sold today than any other Pixar movie, maybe besides Toy Story. These are childrens movies and they are stoked to simply know that it is coming out. It may not be a super strong story, but they are writing it to appeal to children, not people who get on here and bash Children's Movies. Plus name another Pixar movie that has shorts still coming out on TV like the "Mater Tales" You are all entilted to your own opinions as I am mine, but these are Children's movies that you are bashing. I mean Really?

Ladd on May 12, 2010


This is what you get for fucking a stranger in the ass (bashes John Lassaters car with a bat.) Has there ever been a better movie related time to reference Big Lebowski? All kidding aside I am seriously mad. Rydstrom made one of their best shorts and finally got his full length shot on an idea that sounded more humor oriented and unique than the current Pixar workings. This is what Lassater does though, he always takes control of other peoples projects. Anyone hear about what he did to Bolt? Apparently it was Sanders dream project and was not going to be nearly as generic or safe. Low and behold Johnny boy came in, fired sanders, and the outcome is a bland, forgettable film. Now it appears hes pulling the same tactics at Pixar. Go figure. RIP Pixar Animation. You will be missed.

Al on May 12, 2010


Ladd said it all good for you!

N. on May 12, 2010


an hour or so of sexual tension between newts forced to make newt love?

Jay on May 12, 2010


Good. Pixar make films for babies from the 1950's.

Crapola on May 12, 2010


Where is The Incredibles 2?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Wylles on May 12, 2010


@ 19 You're right, these are kid's movies, but we've come to expect so much more from Pixar because they've successfully added dramatic depth to their movies that adults can relate to just as much as children. Up is so much more than just a kid's flick, as is Ratatouille. Pixar has heart, and that's what other studios only yearn to gain, though Dreamworks is getting closer. Also, Up was nominated for Best Picture, how can that be just a kid's movie?

terces7 on May 12, 2010


Incredibles Pixar Incredibles

silver on May 12, 2010


very let down. I was looking forward to this, seeing as how we're getting a sequel from them this year, and now the next Pixar movie will be a sequel as well. I want a Pixar original!

-peter on May 12, 2010


It would be interesting to see some of their in-process work and concept stuff for this. @20: Chris Sanders film "American Dog" supposedly became "Bolt", but who knows how much of the story was there. My guess is that not much was left. What's sad is that Sanders is a really good writer / director and Lasseter / Disney didn't have faith in him, even after he directed one of the best of the later Disney flicks, "Lilo & Stitch". I think Sanders wanted to push animation out into PG-13 territory, tho, from the concept art and vague plot things I've seen of the canceled / altered project. From the moment that Pixar was bought out by Disney I was nervous about them, but also had some hope. It could have gone a couple different ways: Either the exciting, fresh, original ideas of Pixar would bleed into Disney and revitalize them, or the tired old BS of Disney would ooze into Pixar and poison it. I fear the latter has occurred. The sequels have popped up, They toyed with the notion of having a "B" team at Pixar (which is a really really stupid idea - even thinking about it is a bad sign), and while I hoped that Lasseter would kill off the "Straight to DVD" bullshit that was going on at Disney, it doesn't seem to have been stopped. It doesn't look good for them.

Squiggly_P on May 13, 2010


#1 I agree with you, Cars is the weakest one and we know why that got made. This had potential and I wonder what the real story behind the project is.

Johnny Neat on May 13, 2010


Cars the weakest? Give me a break. That honor has to go to Ratatouille. What was the point of that? A rat talking to a dead French chef. Yeah okay.

jjboldt on May 13, 2010


Ack, I was looking foward to it. =( Well, the plot was pretty typical, they hate each other and in the end fall in love. Typical. But like you said Al, Pixar would've added more(but enough to save it?). Maybe they did a good choice....

Catz2 on May 13, 2010


I never understood Cars. All other Pixar movies had humans in it, so it was a wee bit realistic, even if Toys came to life and Monster's lived in a parallel universe that can be accessed through doors. Cars had no humans, so I kept asking the people i was watching it with, is this supposed to be another planet ruled by cars? How do they breed? Who fills up their gas tanks? Cars was just bad. The only reason the toys from the movie make so much money, is because they are CARS and little boys love cars. I really wish Cars 2 was canceled and not Newt.

Krys23 on May 17, 2010


# 32 are you serious? did you actually ask someone who fills up their gas tanks and how do they breed? Were they adults or kids? It is a kids movie. It is entertainment for kids. You are way over analyzing this movie. I bet not one kid ever asked their parents those questions. Humans in an animated movie does not make it realistic. Think about it, they are animated movies that are not real!!!!! Can't kids just have fun movies for their own enjoyment anymore without adults bashing them.

Sharon on May 18, 2010


#30 - jjboldt I don't know, what's the point of a movie about talking toys, or talking bugs, or talking monsters, or talking humans?

Glass on Jun 6, 2010


It's better that Pixar is more selective with their projects and they cut out any shit that's not jiving. I don't want to see all of Pixar's films endlessly sequelized, but their sequels are still incredible so far, so I expect that quality to continue. As long as they balance original projects with sequels I'm cool. Besides, Pixar still cums in the faces of hackhouses like Studio Ghibli.

Glass on Jun 6, 2010


wait is the movie newt canclede?? i just heard about it like 1 minute ago after searching "pixar 2011 movie" it showed me 2008 threw 2012 movies and newt was the one that sounded the best. cars 2 sounds good but i dont like how they make cars backpacks bowls plates almost everything there is.. they should have made incredibles 2. and if newt was canceled then i dont like where pixar is going. i actually look fowrard to seeing 1 of their movies every summer.

nate on Jun 13, 2010


oops i didnt read it all lol... well i guess that newt is cancelled. "f" pixar now. but i guess im happy cuz their making monsters inc. 2

nate on Jun 13, 2010


Too bad about Newt. I've learned never to short change a Pixar concept -- every one of their films has been superior. I have to say even though I thought Toy Story 3 was a fine film I'm discouraged by what one poster described as the Disney ethos oozing into Pixar as opposed to the other way round. I feel like Obi Wan here, but Lassiter was supposed to bring integrity back to Disney. But instead we're going back to the Eisner philosophy of raping the classics and souring the talent till the audience is gone. Cancelling and scrapping original concepts for sequels reflects a vote of no confidence in the creative talents at Pixar which is a stunning thing to consider. Once the company can't get freedom and green lighted on original high risk concepts the next target will be Pixar's per film budget, also high investment high risk. (and up till now high payoff!) But Once that's gone we'll be looking forward to the equivilent of Chicken Little 2, 3 & 4. Lining up sequels lowers everyones expectations and once our expectations are low enough we won't care anymore. One can only hope that these 3 sequels TS3 Cars2, & MI2 were just the devils bargain that created the DISPIX meger, and having pinched the last drop of merchandising and respect from these franchises Pixar will be allowed to return to creating new classics and making everyone involved rich, famous and respected again.

skulls on Jun 23, 2010


If Newt is canceled, will they have to rush Cars 2 to move it up? There was no teaser for a 2011 Pixar release in the previews before TS3. TS3 was great as expected, but I don't want see a string of Pixar sequels. What really bothers me about the sequels is that Pixar does a really good job of wrapping up a story. Why tag onto it for any other reason but money? If the quality goes down, so does the prestige of the Pixar name. Monsters Inc sounds cool, but why. The only story I felt was never developed enough was maybe a prequel to The Incredibles (What things were like when all the supers were around, Mr Incredible and Elastigirl falling in love, etc.). That would be cool to see, but sometimes it's good leaving people wanting more.

woo woo on Jun 27, 2010


Pixar developed so many extraordinary and deep would be a shame to see only one movie with them. I would love to see high quality sequels of all pixar Scripts till Nemo. On the other hand I learned that pixar is going to release 2 feature films every year very why not giving some of our most beloved moviestars in decades another run on the big screen? The Toy Story was getting better with every sequel...I really enjoyed the whole Toy Story 3. I found Wall-E and Up only exciting during the first half hour. cant compare a pixar with a dreamworks sequel.

Chris on Jun 28, 2010


Pixar movies are without a doubt the best animated movies in the world. I look forward to seeing one every time I hear that one is coming out, and I have to admit that cancelling Newt is a disappointment. And enough with the sequels! I agree that Toy Story got better with each sequel made, Toy Story 3 was a gold mine, but I'm ready for something fresh and new! I loved Monsters, Inc., but not enough to want to see it more than something original from Pixar. It's unanimous that Cars was the worst Pixar movie ever made, but maybe the sequel is being created to redeem itself. And though Cars was a letdown, I will undoubtedly see its sequel just because I know Pixar will not let me down again. The Incredibles is my all time favorite Pixar movie, but I don't want a sequel to be made out of it. It was so spectacular the first time, why try to push it?

Caroline on Jul 12, 2010


MAN! I was really looking forward to this. It dissapoints me that Pixar wouldnt keep this going. I really thought the plot would be something cool, but I guess, somethings just never get finished

Ky on Jul 24, 2010


You know why they cancelled?! It's because of the arm wrestle with "Crest Animation Productions" with their new movie "Alpha and Omega" which has pretty much the same plot as Newt. I think Pixar and Everybody else are at a secret war. That's why they stopped giving out info about their movies. You noticed there was a lot of hush-hush on Up? I don't think that's because they didn't have a lot of footage, I think they're trying to protect their movies. Toy story was safe because it was a sequel, but Dreamworks has stolen Ideas from Disney before. Remember AntZ? It was realesed around the same time as A Bug's Life. What about Madagascar with Disney coming out with "The Wild" (I don't know who stole from who that time). But, in the specail features of "Over the Hedge", some of the animators bragged that they have a new technology in animation for fur, "Which Pixar and other animations do NOT have". I think they're doing sequels because 1: Some stories aren't finished, and 2: They're safe from plagerism. And, Cars wasn't my favorite pixar movie, but I'm still excited for the sequel. I'm still very upset about "Newt". Hopefully they'll let it play after the Alpha and Omega movie is proven to not be a successful movie, and Newt comes as a breath of fresh air. I love Pixar.

Raye on Jul 25, 2010


Newt was totally a ruse. It was never going to be produced. They're just trying to throw everyone off of their trail.

asdf on Aug 3, 2010


Hmmmmm. It's quite complicated for Pixar these days but they are a really strong Disney company who would fight hard for their films to come out as golden. Pixar doesn't waste time on bull. I never doubt the fact that "Newt" could be released because you never know, some things could turn out for the better for Pixar. I beleive this competitive stuff between Dreamworks and Disney is just some hype to disappoint fans, but I beleive that Pixar is NOT gonna let anything stand in their way:) Believe me.

Fiona on Aug 16, 2010


I trust Pixar and Raye is absolutly right. Pixar is a genius company and if we have to wait a little longer for an original, then we'll just have to be patient.

Your Momma on Aug 20, 2010


I have never been this attracted to a Pixar movie from the start... or this let down from the news.

Jonah on Sep 5, 2010


I'm not all bothered about the movie 'newt' not coming out as I never really looked into it. I hear alot of people trashing down the idea of a cars sequel movie,i didn't watch the original so I don't know what to make of the new one. Could be alright,although it doesn't appeal to me one bit. I agree with caroline about an incredibles sequel, I don't think it should be done,it was such a wonderful movie,definetley one of my favs. I wouldn't know how they would better it. Toy story is the best franchise pixars made,to top it would be almost impossible for any pixar movie. pixars movies are second to none,so lets not slaughter them for thinking about sequels for the time being huh? Movies such as finding nemo and the Incredibles are absolute classics,and don't you forget that.

Dude6230 on Sep 14, 2010


I wonder if this withdraw has anything to do with the new Crest Animation Productions film "Alpha and Omega." The plots are pretty similar. That's too bad I'm sure pixar would have done a better job. Plus, I'm sick of Disney beating movies to death with sequels.

Sammy on Sep 18, 2010


I think if there are any sequels that Pixar should be making it's definitely Monsters Inc. 2 and a second Incredibles movie. I didn't think Cars was all that fabulous the first time I saw it.. it had a cute plot and lovable characters, but it just wasn't the new Toy Story or anything as good as other Pixar films. I didn't read much about the movie Newt that was supposed to come out.. it sounds interesting, though. Maybe they'll put it out later.. Better late than never, I guess.

Charlie on Nov 9, 2010


When we saw TS3, the first thing I noticed was no trailer for a June 2011 Pixar film. Then later found out about Newt being "shelved." I agree with those who really don't care about a Cars sequel; that was quite disappointing when compared to the other brilliant films. Since I am a foodie, I thought Ratatouille was extremely clever, again something for ALL ages; every time I watch it I find more detail. There is so much going on in practically every scene. UP is indeed the best Pixar so far because of all the many aspects of life that were presented in animation. Did anyone else find the hill the couple climbed for picnics remind them of that oh, so special meeting place in the film Love is a Many Splendor Thing? Ah, only Pixar could have thought of that detail!! One really believes Mr. Fredrickson and Russel are probably still exploring nature. As far as sequels, Toy Story was the perfect story showing growth of a child and addressing a variety of issues that concern our society but yet making sure we had a good laugh and and a few tears when we remember our childhood and those special dolls that became our dear friends. Many times sequels are such disappointments; however, I don't think Pixar will allow itself to fall victim to that ... and maybe take a break to rethink the possibilities. At the end of both The Incredibles and Monsters, Inc., I said, "I hope there will be a sequel." Loved Monsters, Inc. message and there has to be more to tell about the energy issue. Who wouldn't want to see Boo again!! If Pixar does not want to "fall" into the sequel category, then I will applaud the company. They have, I am sure, many more ideas just waiting to be on the screen to thrill us and make all of us say, "Wow"!

Nancy on Dec 2, 2010


im so pissed i wanted to watch newt so bad!!! D: and i agree with one of the commenters, cars is one of their weakest movies 🙁

jopera on Dec 16, 2010


newt wasnt cancelled just changed heres the trailer

scott on Dec 18, 2010


No, that's Rio from Blue Sky Studios, the makers of Ice Age and Robots.

Feliciano Mora on Jan 21, 2011


the movies suck every thing sucks fuk u

fully sick on Dec 22, 2010


Everyone says cars was the weakest Pixar movie. I think Up is the weakest Pixar movie. As soon as it started you knew a death was coming and it didn't get better from there. It made the movie depressing through and through. Don't get me wrong, I think Cars wasn't high up there either. It was, however, way better than Up.

Amanda on Jan 1, 2011


When will we see a sequel to the The Incredibles?

Tomdebfeb on Jan 8, 2011


Nooooooo 🙁 My boyfriend has a goofy macaw and we were so looking forward to watching this movie and seeing how they portray the birds in the movie. Im really sad - there are other films they could have deleted as a better choice

Kezdk on Jan 11, 2011


thats a diffrent movie xD

Kreaowem on Jan 27, 2011


I think I know why Newt has been cancelled. There's a movie coming out with the exact same plot called Rio. Instead of blue newts they're blue macaws. This could be the reason since the creators of Ice Age made this I don't think Disney want people people to think they did plagiarism. I think the idea of using newts would be a lot better than using parrots. Then again, using one parrot that's used to being in the wild and another one that's used to being with humans and can't fly makes things funny.

Guest on Feb 14, 2011


I find this post absolutely hilarious.  I was looking for future animated films coming out in 2011, and then I saw this movie Newt.  I have just recently seen the movie Rio, and as I am reading the summary on Newt, I thought I was reading the original script of Rio.  I almost thought that there was going to be an enormous copyright infringement law suit by Blue Sky Studios against Disney Pixar.  After reading that I then looked into it more and found out that they were canceling the whole entire movie.  That is kind of odd though that these two movies are eerily similar, two blue animals, both hate each other, both stuck together, both end up on an adventure together, both fall in love at the end, but then again the love and adventure part is a very common plot in movies nowadays.

Aka_4200 on Jul 5, 2011


guys..all of pixar movies was great!!!!!..not a single movie is weak..Cars is not so awesome but its still pixar,,,,and ITS GREAT

Pixar_lover on Feb 23, 2011


I've never been disapointed with Pixar, we own everyone that has come out on video exept BugsLife. Pixar has gained my trust and until they make a movie I hate i'm going to keep trusting them. I was looking foword to Newt but I'm willing to wait. and about all the sequals, honestly i like them! I'm going to see every one once they get in theaters. in fact me and my brother already have money set aside for Cars2. I FREAKIN' LOVE PIXAR peace!

Sparklesgurl;) on Mar 11, 2011


Well, by now you probably all know Cars 2 is terrible, easily the worst Pixar film by a landslide. Looks like the signs were telling after all.

PixarIsDead on Jun 25, 2011


I'm ammuzed by all the bickering, arguing and whining about which Pixar movie was bad and which was good, even after a couple of people have already pointed out the fundimental point is that they are KIDS MOVIES, some of you people have completely over looked the purpose of these movies... They are there to entertain children, at the same time feed their imagination and teach them morals, sure, Cars may not have had a strong enough story for some of your non-imaginative "adult" minds, but so what you were not the intended target market, I on the other hand loved every single one equaly and have not only watched every single one more then once i have done with the sequals as well you people seriously need imaginations instead of moaning about how un realistic or how shallow the stories are, I can only "IMAGINE" how boring your lives must be

Ryan Dokter on Jul 6, 2011

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