Plot Details Discovered for that Riddick Sequel in the Works

February 16, 2010


Just last week it was confirmed that Universal was developing another Chronicles of Riddick sequel with David Twohy back in the director's chair working from his own script. But what was it going to be about? At one point we heard that Twohy had written two scripts, one more PG-13, one more R-rated, but that they would getting back to the gritty character focus of Pitch Black rather than anything in Chronicles of Riddick. Found in a new THR article is a little bit about what the sequel will contain. I don't normally like writing about big plot details, but this time they reveal just enough to make you excited, without not ruin anything.

"Riddick" delivers on both counts. Though billed as a back-to-basics approach to the character popularized by Diesel, the script features the character -- the most wanted man in the galaxy -- left for dead on a barren alien planet, dealing with "trisons" (three-legged bisons) and "mud demons." He must then contend with two squads of bounty hunters, one of which ride rockets called jetcycles.

Okay, so we've got Riddick being dumped on another planet that contains trisons and mud demons and then a bunch of bounty hunters that ride jetcycles? This sounds like an episode of Futurama - which is awesome! I love the Riddick franchise and I'm excited for a sequel but I didn't like Chronicles of Riddick so I'm hoping they stay as far away from that as possible (and that includes going R-rated). So far I like the sound of this. All I want to see in a good sequel is Riddick being more of a badass, escaping capture around the galaxy, and no creepy cult group trying to kill him. Looking forward to hearing more about this! Sound good so far?

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sounds awesome! Riddick fighting three legged creatures, demons, and Bounty Hunters? Count me in! Make it R and we got a badass Riddick movie!

Xerxex on Feb 16, 2010


Chronicles was awesome! Screw the haters!

Jake the snake on Feb 16, 2010


shh. you had me at trison.

Dan on Feb 16, 2010


I thought the sequel would be about him going to the underverse. I wanted to see that. This doesn't really make sense unless it's before the second movie.

JP on Feb 16, 2010


i agree the concept a Chronicles was bad ass! i loved the plot and the whole underverse idea. i like Riddick i think its a good campy sci fi fun. but i do wish it do be rated R. i just dont like toned down films for the sake of making money off of children. give us something good.

D on Feb 16, 2010


Sounds fantastic. @JP: We don't know nearly enough from the few plot details provided to make that kind of judgment yet. Let's be a little more patient.

Dark Fist on Feb 16, 2010


While I'm super excited about another Riddick movie i hope to god they dont abandon the storyline established in 'Chronicles'....I really love the idea of Riddick being in charge of an entire evil empire.

BOOSH! on Feb 16, 2010


This is a plot ahead of its time, and books would sell well, too! I've got my money in my hand. Get this on film! Twohy is GENIUS! For the critics, who are notorious for giving thumbs down to most sci-fi, especially one as sophisticated as Riddick - it is well documented that generally speaking, true fans of sci-fi come from the higher IQ portion of the population. (Most critics drool over movies like Mall Cop or chick flicks, because they don't understand the smart stuff;))

Bob on Feb 16, 2010


I was so happy to not hear "..and must band together with the local people to fight the oppressive aliens on the planet."

Dan W on Feb 16, 2010


I like the way this is sounding very much

Dan W on Feb 16, 2010


Yeah I agree with the majority here.....this sounds freaking awesome. Also #7 hate to stomp on your comment but this article put that idea to rest.

Cody on Feb 16, 2010


really looking forward to this,pitch black was cool & the chronicles of riddick was good can't wait.



this needs to be a hard "R" for me to be excited. and #9 - i agree with your comment 100%.

beavis on Feb 17, 2010


Great to have you back, Riddick. Can't wait to see the final product.

Fisherr on Feb 17, 2010


Chronicles was fun, just cheesy. I don't see how they can do a third movie without involving the Necromongers (I actually laughed when I wrote that). Especially considering the last scene in Chronicles.

YK on Feb 17, 2010


I think this film will be great it's getting Back to the Basics of Riddick, the script Dosen't sound so bad, I all so agree with #13.

Cineprog on Feb 17, 2010


Bring on more Riddickulously good films, you see what I did there? They are definitely worth a watch.

Crapola on Feb 17, 2010


Do the culty galaxy takeover people just "drop him off?" I dont know how they'll put an air freshener on that one. How can he find himself "isolated" after essentially inhereting an entire culture of planet mongers? Hope it works. REALLY like the Riddick Character... Seems too deep into the other storyline, to become a loner again.

jomba joose on Feb 17, 2010


... is this a prequel or something? We left Riddick taking control of a empire of bad ass evil world conquerors, finding his Fuyron powers, having his love stolen to the Underverse.... and we pick up with him fighting 3 legged bison after being dropped off on some planet....? I hope they don't backpedal too much, I don't know WTF you are smoking Alex, Chronicles was epic on all scales. I don't mind them getting back to basics but it better be against bad ass demons or something in the Underverse or something, if they abandon the Chronicles storyline I'll be super pissed off and think they totally pussed out and the real hardcore fans will be really disappointed.

Richard on Feb 17, 2010


Sounds like they're completely forgetting the sequel Chronicles of Riddick and going back to basics, Good cause Chronicles was horrible especially after the great start Pitch black had, I'll forgot Chronicles as long as there isnt a mention of it in this movie. I'll take the producers apology.

Chase on Feb 17, 2010


totally looking forward to this movie. I just hope they somehow tie it in with the first two cause they were both AWESOME!!!

Vold on Feb 17, 2010


This needs to be an "R" for me to be excited. I'm sick of kiddie movies, and funny bad guys.

Armitage on Mar 10, 2010


it should be him as a loner betrayed by th empire he deserved stuck on a planet looking for a way to the underverse to recover kiara ( the girl he swore to protect ) but in the way he dies ( sorta like POTC3 when they rescue jack sparrow ) then he is rescued by other ppl › in the 3rd film but sadly he couldnt rescue kiara : ( thats what i think they should do if any of u start arguing than screw u haters !!!!!!

bacon!!!!!!! on Apr 10, 2010


TCO-Riddick was the best Space sci-fi I have ever seen. Despite the blind critiques, this movie captured everything I want to see in a sci-fi. Forget movies like Avatar, give me Riddick any day. And while I do love the Star-Wars trilogy, compared to Riddick, it's a kids movie. I'd crawl over broken glass to see another Riddick. I'd rather pay to watch re-runs of riddick than sit through Narnia, Harry Pooper, or another one from the makers of Avatar (How much hype did that need to convince us it was worth a look). I think the only thing that let Riddick down in the box-office was a lack of hype. Bring it on...

Crusty on Dec 16, 2010


Chronicles is a good movie $@!% anyone who doesn't agree.

kwp on Mar 16, 2011

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