Review: The Last Airbender is a Bland, Over-Directed Mess

July 2, 2010

The Last Airbender

M. Night Shyamalan has a lot to make up for. When it was announced he would be writing and directing an adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender, the popular animated series from Nickelodeon, it seemed like a reboot for the filmmaker. He has never directed a film whose story he did not conceive himself, and many were wondering if he could find his way back to the M. Night of old, the man who directed modern classics like The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. Put simply, he hasn't. The Last Airbender is not a train wreck on the level of The Happening, nor does its hokeyness fall to the depths of Lady in the Water. Nonetheless, the stale storytelling, the bland atmosphere, and the abysmal handling of the acting makes The Last Airbender one more notch in Shyamalan's belt of diminishing returns.

The movie is set in a world where certain people can move the elements. Known as benders, they are born into clans such as Fire, Water, Air and Earth, and they learn to hone these specific elements and utilize their powers. The Fire Nation is the controlling entity of the world, and their oppressive nature calls for a hero.

Cue the giant ball of ice that has held Aang, played by Noah Ringer, for over 100 years. He is an Avatar, a chosen being who has the capability of channeling all four elements. He is found and released from the ice by Katara and Sokka, played by Nicola Peltz and Jackson Rathbone respectively. As members of the Water Tribe, they feel the harsh hand of the Fire Nation at work, and they help Aang learn his abilities that can and will bring a balance back to the world.

It's a very intriguing story, one that explains the immense popularity behind the cartoon series. Unfortunately, Shyamalan's first problem in dealing with a feature film is in cramming this story into less than two hours. Everything feels so rushed in the film to the point where it is difficult to tell what is really going on. Thank goodness we have exposition to take care of that nuisance. Shyamalan utilizes (some would say bends) exposition throughout The Last Airbender through the characters. If there is something he feels we don't know enough about or if there is something he simply cannot or chooses not to show us, he just has one of his handy characters tell us all about it. It gets tedious to the point of boredom before the end, and it makes one really wonder how much of the story we are actually shown. It becomes the cinematic equivalent of listening to an audio book. Unfortunately, Shyamalan, a man who once had a gift for telling his audience stories, now feels the need to have his characters do it for him.

It might not be such a bad thing or, more so, it might be more forgivable if the rest of the film is scattered with impressive action and adventure. It's not. He tries his best. He uses long shots during the action scenes, and he pulls back enough to show us the action. Unfortunately, he also uses slow motion and the zoom-in-zoom-back-out technique 300 made so popular. In essence, the action in The Last Airbender seems over-directed, and none of it feels organic. The lazy computer effects used to handle every aspect of the elemental bending has a lot to do with that. Once the final battle sequence begins, it all comes together in a mesh of styles and design. Throw in the fact that the good guys and the bad guys are all dressed exactly the same, and you've got a congruity nightmare.

The awful 3-D doesn't help, either. I know this is a critique on the film that won't matter to those who see it in 2-D, and it's not a critique that falls at the feet of Shyamalan, either. Like Clash of the Titans, The Last Airbender was converted to 3-D after it was shot, and it is a technique that needs to cease to exist right now. Between the lack of useful 3-D (the opening Paramount logo is the only time I thought to myself, "That's kind of cool.") and the color that is sapped from the picture by the RealD glasses (scenes at night are absolutely incoherent), the notion of seeing the film as such should be tossed aside, especially if you want an accurate glimpse at how the movie truly looks.

The acting is middling to poor, as well, with Dev Patel offering up the only, genuine presence in the film as the son of the leader of the Fire Nation who has been banished and feels finding and capturing the Avatar will bring his honor back. He pulls as much sympathy as he does hatred from the audience, and, in comparison, he stands head and shoulders above the rest of the cast. This is particularly true with the kids. Child actors have always been a shaky element in films, but we know M. Night can handle their talents better than most. Unfortunately, no one in this cast is going to be viewed as the next Haley Joel Osment, and most of the line reading hits like a needle scratching a record.

Some are saying The Last Airbender is Shyamalan's worst film. Others are saying it is easily the worst film of the year. I'm not sure if I would go so far, but the film is certainly one more setback in the man's career. The CG is shoddy. The action is poorly directed. The acting is atrocious. The exposition tears through the audience like one of the small tornadoes the airbenders are able to produce. Nothing feels genuine, and, in the end, the only air The Last Airbender is able to achieve is hot, monotonous, and, unfortunately, such that it doesn't rise too quickly.

Jeremy's Rating: 4 out of 10

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That bad huh? Man I'm disappointed. I think if he made it longer and with better actors it could have worked.

Daniel Felts on Jul 2, 2010


what is so sad is the material is so good and deep it could been the next star wars or LOTR

nelson on Jul 2, 2010


I thought the movie had potential, but it was so fast paced we couldn't get any substance out of it. I hope they make a sequel, but with a new editor, or writer, or maybe director. I just hope somebody out there can make Avatar as good as it can be.

Heather Cross on Jul 2, 2010


If a movie is shot in 3-D, it *might* be worth seeing that way. Avatar was pretty darned good 3-D. Clash of the Titans sucked in 3-D...but was decent in 2-D. Personally, I will not waste money on a movie that billed as 3-D but not shot that way.

Morlock on Jul 2, 2010


Point of clarification...the "Avatar" I referred to in my post was James Cameron's...not The Last Airbender. I will be taking my son this weekend to the latter.

Morlock on Jul 2, 2010


Wow, not a single positive element in it? Jeremy.

dex on Jul 2, 2010


I didn't think it was THAT bad. The story line is great, but the directing is way over done. I also think the actors did their best, but they were trying to please the director, so then they look like they're doing a bad job. I'm hoping for a better sequal. We'll see...

Sarah on Jul 2, 2010


Do not waste your time or money on this worthless drivel. I used to love M. Knight. WTF happened?

Lerryjee on Jul 2, 2010


Let's face it, the wasn't the faceless haphazzard that was The Happening. And, it certainly wasn't the greatness of 6th, Unbreakable, & Signs - but somewhere, in here, and many times throughout, I saw moments of Night's old school talent. The acting was a bit on the cheese side at times, but overall, there was 'epicness' written all over it. The effects were top notch and the overall buddhist undertone was a great reminder of exactly how much substance this movie had. It's a subtle substance, but nevertheless, a fantastic and fascinating one for him (Night) to try and tackle. I thought this was 10x more watchable than Eclipse..20x more watchable than the last 3 star wars films put together, and a great escape into fantasy. I didn't mind the 'pronuciation of names' aspects that everyone is clammoring about, nor did I even pay attention to the "racial" aspects - nor did I care. I just wanted an entertaining film. And that's what it is.. This is a very unique film - not the best, not the worst. But i'm glad that M. Night will make his comeback from this. And, hopefully, for his next film, he can seal some a list actors (hint hint Bruce Willis, Gwenyth, etc)

The Observer on Jul 2, 2010


Im pissed. HE RUINED IT. AUGH.

Kelton on Jul 2, 2010


Being a fan of the TV show this movie bothered me greatly. The worst part of it more than anything was how they pronounced his name "Ong" his name is Aang with the sound of an A not an O. Also the huge gap between the southern water tribe to the northern water tribe. It's understandable that it had to be cut for time but the secondary characters that it introduces becomes more important near the end of the series in the show. If they plan on following the series finale then I'm not sure how they will explain random characters that haven't been introduced showing up.

Lasers Everwhere on Jul 2, 2010


This is the nicest review I've read so far, but 4/10 is worse than an F I think, so maybe it's not the nicest. 😛

Genre Addict on Jul 2, 2010


This is just what everyone gets for demanding every comic book and cartoon show be brought to the big screen. I can safely say that I'm not a fan of the series or anything. I have been tempted to start it via netflix though...

Eli on Jul 2, 2010


the happening was terrible plants killling everone thats the worst plot of all time

8=D on Jul 2, 2010


That movie was amazing i dont care wht nobody says...there's 3 books to the series book one: two :earth and book three: fire...and each book has about 22 episode and each episode is 30 minutes sometimes even 45!! so in my opinion the movie was great because if you can convert hours of episodes in only book one and convert it in a movie...with awesome effects and at the same capturing audiences!! Shyamalan did a great job!! he's surely going to capture kids around the globe but also adults!! when i went to see on premeire night ..after it ended there were grown men and women excited about the movie..and couldnt wait to see book two and three!! thats how adults responded to the movie imagine kids!!

genesis on Jul 2, 2010


The movie was too short for the content that needed to be displayed; The movie needed at least a 3 hour runtime to be able to truly get the depth of the world and characters for it to work. Seeing as it was probably marketed more towards kids that would make it out of the question, no kid can sit still for that long. Before even seeing the movie I watched the show again, and was wondering how they were going to put 440 minutes of content in to a film. If he was smart he would have shot more and would release a vastly superior directors cut.(which I doubt highly)

JM on Jul 2, 2010


SO from what i've read so far this movie should have its named changed to the "The last Shitbender". Why can't directors ever get a cartoon or anime to film right? I swear the only people that need to make films like these are the people who are actually fans of the show and Know what there talking about. M. Nights kids are the reason he made this and he has no clue whats going on. This is horrible, Same thing happened to the Dragon ball movie. Ugh hollywood.

rooney on Jul 2, 2010


This movie was terrible. It had very poor acting besides Dev Patel who did great. The fight scenes were fun to watch, but it wasn't enough to cover up for the bad writing and rushed plot. Half of the time I was trying to figure out why they gave us 3D glasses. Sad to see the movie turn out like that I was really hoping M. Night would come back to the good stuff. If you want to pay to see a couple cool fight scenes and Dev Patel doing the best with what he was given then give it a shot. The rest of us can continue to count the days until Inception releases.

Lewis Walker on Jul 3, 2010


#17 The problem was that the Dragonball movie looks like shit out of the box. The Last Airbender had a lot of potential. It's sad.

L on Jul 3, 2010


I went to see the movie. It wasn't that rotten. Of course, it's not avatar! Fair: 3 out of 5!!! It's slow, but there were some actions too... The critics should stop dramatizing and be fair in their short-sighted judgement. lesson for Mr. Night: Cast better actors next time...Aang/Ong pathetic. Sokka and Katara are unconvincing. 3D was not really a success. The special effects were kindof dull. But despite all these flaws, I had a good time. The last 10 mins were superb.

Iceprincess on Jul 3, 2010


The movie was short, given, but the movie didn't have to be long in order for it to be good. I was even willing to look past the poor casting choices (The WHOLE fire nation is Indian?) and the bland action sequences that were all out of focus and lacking sharpness. What really tipped the needle for me was that M. Night wasn't even honest to the source material - the Actors didn't do their homework (besides the kids) and they were all misdirected. The story is essentially about a young kid deciding/reconciling what he should do vs. what he wants to do. The movie does this fact no justice. The creators are probably rolling over in their graves after committing suicide after seeing this. What was amusing is the end of the movie where M. Night has one of the characters tell the audience that there are two more "blockbuster" movies coming after this one, and then he plasters his name in hubris all over the credits. What a joke...

baparis on Jul 3, 2010


It is hard to take these critics serious, some say the CG is horrible, some say it is the only thing saving the movie, the same is true for the story, actors, and just about every measurable thing that the movie has to offer. I can't trust you critics anymore, I like the idea, never watched the show, am also a M. Night Shaymalan fan, but can admit his last few sucked and am still interested in the film so I have to watch it and give it my own review. But thanks for your opinions, useless as they are.

MrSammich on Jul 3, 2010


@ #22 : you finally got it! loll! Congrats! I never really pay attention to critics to decide whether to watch a movie or not, I just watch the trailers and that's pretty it! A "review" is nothing but so else's opinion...guess what,we all have one loll! Regardless of what is said here ,or anywhere else for that matters, it really don't affect me. Most of the people complaining haven't even watched the series, for those who did, they did it in a rush just to be able to talk about it, like a trend or fashion. This is not your average movie so whatever you said is just gibberish. It debuted to a SOLID 16.4Mill and I suspect it will take even more over the week end! ( They did the same with Transformers and GI know what, those 2 have taken huge in the box office so...y'all opinions are nothing really

I am... on Jul 3, 2010


There is even more sense in this movie than any other stupid and non sense movies coming out annually. As long as it makes money, it will always make sense and it looks like it is another smash for the director, whoever he is. The same who complain now are the same who said from the trailers that it's pretty cool and s**t I'm sorry don't blame the director if you're having problems grasping the story in itself. The CGI are awesome (it's the same George Lucas' company that did the 2 Iron Man movies so...) This is a deep s**t material, all your superficial movies coming out have absolutely nothing on this... Constantly blaming the acting...these are children for Heaven's sake, they are newcomers...They are even better than you suckers so... I'm sorry haters but IT IS A SMASH and there is nothing that you can do about it now!

I am... on Jul 3, 2010


C'mon guys I mean what was everyone expecting "Hamlet"? It is a good 1st movie for a series and most important of all, it's good for kids! This is one movie that you can take the kids to that does not have gratuitous violence, swearing or nudity! Give me benders over sulky, pouty vampires/werewolves ANY day!!

Weezy1 on Jul 3, 2010


I'll see it when it hits dvd and judge for myself. I actually didn't hate The Happening or Lady in the Water.

Craig on Jul 3, 2010


I kind of wonder if people are considering the fact that this is a kid's movie, for the most part. I thought it was great, but I haven't seen the series.

Chris on Jul 3, 2010


@20: Actually, this movie IS Avatar!

Chris on Jul 3, 2010


i just watched this movie 3d and loved it the only dislike was it turned out to might be sequals it was only book 1 water hope they bring the other ones to theater or straight to dvd movie out becouse i would love to own them

edwina on Jul 3, 2010


F minus!!!! Worst move I've seen in a long time. Too much tai chi, not enough action; horrible (and I mean horrible) acting; choppy, crammed storyline; boring, unoriginal fight choreography. I loved how in the water bending nation, the one old guy was the only person actually doing any water bending. And how the princess, after just meeting my man with the boomerang, poignantly expressed how much she was going to "miss" him. Goodness girl you just met him 15 minutes about easy! I also loved how the protagonists, whose cartoon counterparts are clearly Asian, didn't actually get played by any Asians. You couldn't ever tell what was going on because the story was everywhere. I don't want to hear about the difficulty of cramming 440 minutes of story into 2 hours. If Peter Jackson could make LOTR work, this could have worked too. I don't follow the cartoon that closely but I know it's very well done, and I know the material is deep enough to have easily created a box office trilogy if M. Knight had just taken his time with the plot. Instead I dropped 30 bones on a steaming turd! I won't be going to see the sequel.

Nard on Jul 3, 2010


4 out of 10, thats being generous.

Mac on Jul 3, 2010


M Night is toast. I love all of his movies besides The Happening and Lady in the Water but he is just going backwards. Maybe Bruce Willis and the rest of that star studded cast can save him but I doubt it.

jakethesnake on Jul 3, 2010


I've never seen the cartoon and i thought the movie was pretty good. sometimes a movie can over stay its welcome by being to long, therfore The Last Airbender was just right and i thought Noah Ringer did a great job in the lead role. I can't wait to see what happens next in part 2.

salber on cinema on Jul 4, 2010


I saw the movie today and it wasn't impressive. Entertaining, but bland in most parts. I could do w/ out the (obvious) sequels to-come but in this Hollywood age of CGI-controlled movie franchises, that's impossible to escape. The martial arts moves and slow-mo sequences were the best thing about this overly dramatic movie.

Jared L on Jul 4, 2010


I see dead careers. I wish. Who keeps giving this guy money to make movies?

lerryjee on Jul 4, 2010


Night did the best he could. That's all we can ask for really. This sort of negative criticism won't help him at all.

Para on Jul 4, 2010


I agree with No. 2 so PLEASE someone REDO this movie! How can the creators of avatar and nickelodeon let this abomination happen... I hope they find people who will put the same passion and creativity in the movie as they did in the series! I totally believe that Aang's epic story is better than any book made in to a movie out there (No offense).

Jack on Jul 4, 2010


Twilight is not any better. Twilight just paid more money to hype up their movie.

Tom on Jul 4, 2010


I have watched the whole series that's why I can't accept that this is what came out of the movie. Thanks for ruining it! A wonderful and UNIQUE story just wasted... Sorry I'm just really pissed-off that I have to make 2 comments.

Jack on Jul 4, 2010


He should go to india and make movies there, we don't need his shit here.

Jason on Jul 4, 2010


You know what, I was always saying that M. Night should not be messing with such a great, and established franchise such as 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'. Firstly, before making the movie, I think he should have actually WATCHED EVERY SINGLE FREAKING EPISODE. Secondly, You keep the actual name, AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER. Third, there is so much content and depth in this franchise that making multiple movies is the ONLY way to go. I feel if M. NIght was going to do this movie, he should have done it right, OR NOT AT ALL! I'm quite happy with the cartoon on my dvds. M. f#*ked this thing up!

Andrew O on Jul 4, 2010


You said it No. 41! Continue ruining others happiness M.NIGHT and you WILL NEVER SEE THE SUNLIGHT IN YOUR CAREER AGAIN! This is my 3rd comment, that's how pissed I am! I don't know if I'll ever see this wonderful story in the big screen again thanks to you MR. Shamalan...

Jack on Jul 5, 2010


To all the took an estimated 40MIL @ the NorthAmerican box office over the week end and independence day and that ,in movie parlance, is a SUCCESS! Budget :150MIL so it will smash that with the rest of the world! Can't wait for the 2nd movie !loll! You guys comments are a waste of space!

I am... on Jul 5, 2010


I'll consider it a success if it manages to stay on top next weekend. Opening weekend can be deceiving. I saw the trailer, and though it would be did most people. Its only after you get there, after spending your money, that you find out it sucks. So it still makes the big box office....yet sucks.

GK on Jul 5, 2010


"what is so sad is the material is so good and deep it could been the next star wars or LOTR" Bad directing, poor dialogue, mediocre acting, overreliance on is that NOT that Star Wars prequels?? 😉

Geoff on Jul 5, 2010


@43 - you clearly know nothing about the box office.

Geoff on Jul 5, 2010


#44 and #46 as I said before, your comments are a waste of space! My bad, did I say 40MIL, scrap that, it's even higher...70MIL more like it! loll! And it's abundantly going to get even more!!! Stay tune haters! loll! Matter fact you can still check it @

I am... on Jul 5, 2010


I can't believe how many people thought that Unbreakable was on par with 6th Sense and Signs. It's much closer to The Happening, imo.

DS on Jul 5, 2010


I did not know the story before going in and my niece and nephew loved it. I think they did a great job making it easy to follow. I think some critics need to remember a movie based on a childrens cartoon/story doesn't always have to be written/acted as adults would want it - but appeal to children as intended. I think the director did a great job. Can't wait for the other two.

Marti on Jul 5, 2010


@#47 We know its selling a lot we paid to see it! Your just ignoring the fact that such a large majority of those people expecting to see a good movie ended up being dissapointed. why is everyone acting like the people who didn't enjoy it forgot this is a kids movie. That doesnt mean you let terrible scriptwriting and bad casting/acting slide. Thats just scratching the tip of the iceberg of where they messed up with this one. Yes your little kid will enjoy this movie. But little kids enjoy all kinds of stupid things lol.

Lewis Walker on Jul 5, 2010


OKay.... So i went and saw it this weekend and thought it was pretty halfway decent. I did my dillegence and read the reviews and feedback here first, so I went in thinking ISHTAR, hoping for streetfighter (w/ Van Damme at best)... Now I can validate and see the compliants everyone had going in because I'm a HUGE fan of the show, that said this was somewhat of a doomed project from the get-go because I think Shama had, not only big shoes to fill, but studio execs to & fanboys to please AND make it a family film. But knowing what I knew going in (25-45 mins of footage on the cuttingroom floor, not complete control of the project, under 2hrs, etc...) I used my knowledge of the source material to my advantage and just had fun with it. The sequences were REALLY cool and he did some things well. I liked the casting of the main characters Katara & Sokka looked pretty spot on (as well as "Ong" hehe), as was the veiled goodnature of Uncle Iro. The bad was bad, although i do think some of it was beyond shama's control with the studio and that it was overblown with the fanboys and loyalists to the show ( I know, bc I'm one of em!!). Appa & Momo had more personality in the series and I did wish this was two movies for the sake of character development. all-in-all was it Lord of the Rings? no. I think the disappointment really stems from the fact that if done right that it very well COULD (and maybe SHOULD) have been. Was it Eragon?? God No. Still better (in my mind) than Prince of Perisia & Clash of the Titans... And I was more disappointed with Iron man 2's wasted potential than this one's.

solo calrissian on Jul 6, 2010


Shyamalan should have made a movie that was two minutes long. Thirty more minutes would have made it much better. More character development. And haters are gonna hate. People want to hate this movie, and nothing is going to change their mind! I'm not complaining about it, with the exception of the names. Ong? Sohka? WTF is this? Ay-ng! Sock-ah! And *SPOILER!* the best acting was done when Princess Yue sacrificed herself to save the Moon Spirit. */SPOILER!* (just in case) It really is not as bad as EVERYONE is making it out to be! Granted, it's not masterpiece and Katara and Sokka got some of THE WORST lines, but it's better than that GI Joe shit. And that's fine with me. If Shyamalan gets to do books 2 and 3, which I personally hope he does, I'm sure they'll be much better. ...Or at least a little better.

Lar on Jul 8, 2010


I admit, the movie is awful!!! But my lil' bros and sis loved it. Its really for kids. No good for adults(not all) I'll rate this 5/10.

Marah on Jul 9, 2010


Why did he do it?? Whyyy?

Telltale Twin on Jul 14, 2010


m.night needs to change his career or go in hiding.

ben on Jul 25, 2010


the movie was Fair. I watched the anime show and thought it was not bad but......... The characters was not the same as the show. Katara was suppose to be little older looking and more Tanned then white, and Sokka was too serious when sokka should of been the funny one making the movie a comedy/action. Aang was named ong in the movie which did not make any sense. All the fire nation was all Indian which doesn't make any sense because in the show they are white, not to sound racist but the Indian like Dev patel Should of been sokka. The uncle ( Iroh )should of been little more bigger and wider and with the correct name.. They Did not explain any other character then the main ones, They should of showed mono more, and lot more funny. Toph should of been introduced and talked more,, and should of been blind. The fighting scenes were ok but very short scenes. The special effects was decent but the 3d aspect of it was horrible, should of made it 2d or let James camaron direct it. I doubt any smart kid would of liked this movie. but for little little kids looking at the special effects would of thought it was * cool *. WASTE OF MONEY. Better just to watch a boot leg version.

brad on Jul 30, 2010


I really don’t understand what’s wrong with the Last Airbender movie. It was just a great, wait… the best movie ever made!!! I made posters from the movie, just printing them online and gluing them together. I watched the animated series ever since the movie came into a trailer. I stopped at the last two episodes in the last season because I wont even watch them until they make the third movie! So the people who were leaving these awful and unreasonable messages, guess what? I will never learn what happened to Aang if they don’t make the movie. Plus, Noah Ringer said that “if we followed the animated series, what would be exciting about that? It makes it more fun if we changed some things to make it exciting.” And guess what Noah Ringer I agree. You may be saying these things online which I searched and answered. Why did they say the names wrong?----- Because the director thought it would be best to say the names the way the Asians say it, it would be like saying it was honor or making the names more realistic. Saying that the animated series was related to Chinese people. What about the kyoshi warriors?--------- the director thought the kyoshi warriors took most of the film when he was making it. He is planning to put them in the second movie. If you would give him a chance. “Why is the film messed up? -------------for me it would be pretty much stupid if they made fun of farts or anything else animated series made up. I mean if they made Noah scream PENGUIN! That would be just funny but also a little weird. The director changed some parts because he wants to make it more realistic instead of animated. Why isn’t Katara or Sokka black?----------seriously? Did they have to be black? The director chose the best actors for Katara and Sokka. I’m sure he was looking for one resembling them but there was just no one that looked like them. Is the director making another movie?----- the question is still not answered but there is a slight chance they might make it. M. Night Shyamalan is already working on it and is planning to make it darker. I seriously cant wait to see it, if they make it. He hopes Paramount Pictures will let him make the other movie and so do I. Did M. Night Shyamalan talk to the original directors of the Last Airbender? -------Duh!!! Yes he did, and if you say you hate the movie, it means you hate the directors of the animated series. The original directors were talking to Shyamalan and telling him the plot, of which is important and which is not, what to take out and what to leave, what to change and what not too. See? Even the animated directors changed it not just Shyamalan. I’m actually leaving comments all over the web, It’s probably exposing myself but I cant help it by putting “Anonymous” on them. If you see this comment again? That’s me. I’m leaving them to the good and bad reviews. Any other questions?????????????????????

Anonymous on Jul 31, 2010


to anonymous, I'm sure a lot of the animated serious fans would love to see the same material. Twlight was made from the book, took some scenes out but still took the material from the book and look how popular it came. People get pissed if it's not the same material. Air bender was too serious, in the animated show there was a lot of comedy in which made it great. The majority of people is not chinese , it was an american t.v cartoon so why put Chinese names? Exactly like Dragon ball evolution they made it to a damn romance, not very good action scenes, I'm sure if they copied the material from the animated show and made it better in the moves people would LOVE IT.

brad on Aug 5, 2010

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